Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s06e30 Episode Script

Battle of Unraikyo

Kakashi Senpai If there is even a faint scent that lingers from Sasuke Yeahthat's right.
No way can we give up after coming this far.
We'll see this through until the end.
Until there's absolutely no trace of Sasuke's scent.
Byakugan! Nothing Please, find him.
Sasuke YeahI know.
There's no trace of Sasuke's scent.
Dammit Where did you go? We've done what we could Let's go back to the Hidden Leaf Sasuke Battle of Unraikyo What are you doing? The preparations are already complete.
When I look upon the full moon, it takes me back to that night.
As well as the memories I've been trying to forget.
Now I can finally recall things about Itachi Faint memories buried deep in my heart are floating back to the surface.
Runkeep running and cling to life.
Then one day, come before me with the same eye that I possess.
Wait! He was crying at that moment.
I thought I had imagined it.
I didn't realize It seems what you told me was true.
So what will you do? Are you going to transplant Itachi's eyes? No What Itachi wanted to see, and what I will see hereafter, will be completely different.
I can't do as Itachi wished me to do.
I will restore the Uchiha clan in my own way.
Umm I need to talk to you, Kisame Senpai.
First Zetsu, now you come bothering me? I actually thought you were dead.
It turns out that you will be the last to know.
I'm sorry that I had to deceive you, the person closest to me.
Hmm? So that's how it was.
I never would have guessed that Tobi was you.
But I'm relieved If you're the one pulling the strings, that makes it easier for me Former Lord Mizukage I mean, Madara.
I shall continue to count on you, Kisame.
The same goes for me.
Itachi is out And now, his little brother joins.
What an interesting turn of events.
We, Taka, will destroy the Hidden Leaf.
You say that, but how do you intend to go about it? We're going to kill the Elders.
The others are not our immediate concern.
If you aim high, the ones below will shield them.
It won't be that easy.
You so-called "Taka" don't have enough strength for that.
Kisame Senpai You shouldn't underestimate us.
We still haven't settled that last game of ours.
This time, I'm serious Stop it, Suigetsu! Sasuke! You haven't trained them well.
He stopped it with just his arm! Suigetsu! Are you stupid? This isn't the place to My objective is his Shark Skin Sword! I've been hanging with Sasuke only so I could get that! Sasuke What'll you do? All right Go for it if you want to, Suigetsu.
You probably can't beat him yet anyway.
Yet, huh? Ohthanks a lot, Sasuke.
Just hold tight.
I'll treat you to some tasty shark's fin soon enough.
The Akatsuki is also low on manpower.
I'd like to avoid unnecessary skirmishes.
Then you shouldn't criticize others, you guys.
We share common interests.
From here on, Taka will work together with the Akatsuki.
And what's in it for us? We'll give you a Tailed Beast.
Tailed Beast? You don't know about them? I know! It's like the Nine-Tails, with chakra physically manifesting as tails, they're mon- In other words? They're chakra monsters.
Originally, the First Hokage collected several of them and kept them under his control.
Each time a Great Ninja War threatened, the Hokage Hashirama used them to maintain the power balance and distributed them to other lands, starting with the five great nations, as proof of alliances or agreements.
You could call them the ultimate chakra weapons.
It's not a bad preposition.
That's quite generous.
However, if you betray the Akatsuki, you will die accordingly.
Humph There are nine Tailed Beasts in this world.
The Akatsuki has collected six so far so there are three left.
The Akatsuki and Taka will split up to hunt the remaining three.
That is our immediate goal.
You don't have the Nine-Tails yet, right? Taka will capture the Eight-Tails.
The Akatsuki will hunt the rest.
Which includes Naruto How did it go? It went well That's good.
Itachi is dead So our eyesore's finally gone.
And now, we need no longer keep our pact to stay away from the Hidden Leaf.
We've waited so long All so we could proceed according to plan.
This is fine.
But Itachi had placed insurance in Sasuke.
The Amaterasu.
Itachi believed that no one knew the truth about him.
So why go so far? True intentions aside, he probably feared I would try to recruit Sasuke.
Butwho would have thought that the Akatsuki would lose so many members to get to this point.
We had problems at every turn But everyone made a valuable contribution in their own way.
Deidara Sasori Hidan Kakuzu Without them, we could not have gotten this far.
Thanks to them, the scenario is playing out just as I planned.
Most importantly I've won Sasuke over.
So? Where is this thing called "the Eight-Tails"? Don't take us lightly We have no intention of telling you a thing.
We, the Yotsuki clan, never betray our comrades.
Doubt existsin a fearful heart.
Suigetsu, enough.
He's under Sasuke's genjutsu.
Shucks I was just getting to the fun part.
Tell me where the Eight-Tails is.
He is trainingat Unraikyo, Storm Cloud Ravine.
Any distinguishing features? Hewields eight blades And has bull horns tattooed on his left cheek.
Sheesh Those eyes of his have improved.
Now he's even more difficult to deal with.
Oh wow Sasuke's gotten even cooler.
This is a nice place I think I could control my impulses here.
It's calming UNRAIKYO You make my eyes hurt Light Noon already? Damn it, bastard! Screw you, man! Training from mornin', stomach so starvin' I'm just a rap-lovin' guy and just decided on sukiyaki for lunch! Yay! Are you the Jinchuriki host of the Eight-Tails? No, it's Lord Eight-Tails.
Okay? Say, "Are you Lord Jinchuriki?" Okay? I'm here to capture you.
You have to say, "Please allow me to capture you, sir.
" Okay? Right? Suigetsu, you take the right.
Jugo, you take the left.
Karin, get behind me.
Hmm Let's see.
Right in the middle of our conversation Here's some serious advice! You're fools! Fools.
We can't kill the Jinchuriki.
Isn't that what the Akatsuki told us, Suigetsu? It's all right.
I can feel his chakra.
Geez, talk about a showy diversion.
Why you! The only one who gets to dig me is me So scram, you fools, or I'll blast y'all! You fools Yeah! Suigetsu, get back.
I'm peeking through And see you alive But y'all are so brainless! Stop joking around! My thirst for blood is my courage Making me so optimistic.
My blades are swirlin', but my store's a closin'.
Making for a blow-out sale for my performance! Yeah I've got spare power and my appeal is glowing, Eight-Tails the bridge.
Killer Bee, that's me! Ah! Yay! Start fighting and you're gonna be embarrassed.
'Cuz you'll be torn apart Bit my tongue Wh-What's with this guy? He's totally crazy, but that Jugo He keeps dodging my Executioner's blade What is this guy?! You made me bite my tongue Fools! Are you all right?! Yeah I'll go.
Who the heck are you all? Fools You fools! This guy's getting on my nerves! Who are you? Why would you capture me? Huh? We don't owe you an explanation.
A guy who talks in weird verses is such a pain to deal with.
It's to obtain power as quickly as possible.
If you don't like it, leave.
Tsk That's your prerogative I also want to confirm whether the Akatsuki's verbal promise is true or false and get it over with.
Either way, we're the ones who are going to use the Akatsuki.
Keep that in mind.
The Akatsuki? That goes without question.
Y-You are so cool, Sasuke! I knew he wouldn't let himself be used as a pawn.
Well then, let's get to it and silence this irritating rapper.
I intend to.
Your illusions I obliterate, then you all I shall annihilate! My true form of the Jinchuriki It's a Monster, so watch it now, Host Transformation, yeah.
Eight-Tails will pee your pants, you lil' ants! To spear my foes, my glorious longhorns! Wheeeee!!! Such chakra Is this even possible? Next time on Naruto Shippuden: "The Eight-Tails vs.
Sasuke" That's histrue form?! Hinata Huh? Y-Yes?! That episode where you said, "N-Naruto" I heard it was quite a hit.
Especially among the guys.
Huh?! R-Really? You know, that's cool how you can boost popularity just by saying names, Hinata! Right?! Sakura Why look at me when you say that? Huh? Well Why this difference in the treatment of heroines? If I get down to business, even I can - You're embarrassed.
- N-Naruto - When you're happy - Naruto.
- Sexy.
- Naruto - Cry.
- N-Naruto.
- Panicked.
- Naruto.
- Scream it out.
- N-Naruto! How was that? That's good Is what I'd like to say.
But Sakura won't be saying lines like that.
So we won't need them.
Huh?! Quit joking around.
Cha! STUDIO Tune in again!