Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s06e31 Episode Script

Eight-Tails vs. Sasuke

Let's get to it and silence this irritating rapper.
I intend to.
It's not irritating It's cool rhythms and rhymes.
You fool! Ah! Yeah!! He's reallyirritating! He's got zero rapping talent! What?! You fool! You jerk! Will you shut up?! The pain in my chest, baby! Is like from your kicking, yo! You're not running now, come on! We're settling this score 'til I'm kicking, YEAH! RHYME NOTES I'm feeling good right now.
Just came up with the greatest rhyme.
Thank you.
That's why I'll play with you You foolish baby! Watch out, Sasuke! This guy's used to handling blades! He's no ordinary ninja! I'll give you a taste of my hook.
The Eight-Tails vs.
Sasuke Wha--? What's with that stance? Sasuke! Are you all right?! What's with those moves? I can't read through his line of attack.
Chidori? He plans to use his indefensible Chidori Blade! What?! He countered it?! He can stream his chakra too?! Float Float like a butterfly! Eight-Tails! Sting like a bee! Sasuke! And this is the finishing sting! He also uses Lightning Style, which is my weakness.
Sasuke! Sasuke! This is bad Here, Sasuke Hurry up and bite me! Do it now! He funneled the Lightning Style through his body and shifted the course of my attack.
He avoided a fatal injury Andthat woman possesses the ability to heal others by letting them suck her chakra.
Thanks, Karin.
Sure Sasuke! Let's do this together! The fact is this guy is super strong.
We should go at him as if we are trying to kill him, instead of not.
That way we can probably take him down without killing him.
Looks like this battle is gonna drag on Check it out, yo! Got you! Sasuke, now! Just do the both of us! Chidori! Gone! Where is he? So weak, yet so persistent I'm done playing, now go home for some drinking! Yeah! - Karin! - I know Over there! That woman's also a sensory-type, eh? Can't be helped Going with the eighth tail.
Here it comes It's the same as back then.
Hmm He's the first to dodge my eight-tails form since my brother.
Damn, he's going after the others! First, you guys will be torn apart! Are you all right? Yeahmore or less He definitely has speed and power.
But he only moves in a linear fashion.
My eyes should be able to make them out.
Karin! Read his chakra and predict his movements! Stay on him and keep me informed of his location at all times! That's if you can really keep up! Sasuke! Those eyes The Sharingan! Is this genjutsu? I can't move my body.
Lariat! Sasuke! Wha--?! What is this? His neck and chest portion have been blown off, organs and all.
He's beyond our He is like my reincarnation.
Hang in there! Karin, it's all right.
I'll do it.
The chakra you have now can't deal with it.
What do you intend to do? I'll distribute my body and chakra to Sasuke by merging with him.
Since his body was compatible with my curse mark, it should work.
In order to release the genjutsu, I need a partner to disturb my chakra and awaken me.
My partner is the Eight-Tails inside me.
A genjutsu has no effect on the Jinchuriki host, which controls a Tailed Beast.
Your illusions I obliterate, then you all I shall annihilate.
My true form of the Jinchuriki It's a monster, so watch it now, Host Transformation, yeah Eight-Tails will pee your pants, you lil' ants! Such chakra Is this even possible? That's the Eight-Tails? An ox-octopus monster That's his true form? To spear my foes, my glorious longhorns! His chakra is off the scale We'll die if we stay here! Jugo, are you done yet?! Thank goodness Sasuke You're conscious.
Come on, get up! All right, Jugo Huh?! He turned into a child?! Why?! Jugo I won't let you die You're a memento of Kimimaro.
Come on! Hurry! We gotta run! A Water-Style ninja I knew it.
You have the advantage of the terrain! I'll take over from here! Run while you can! Suigetsu Let's go, Sasuke.
Who would've thought that I'd end up sacrificing myself to save their hides this often? As if I'd let you get away after what you've done, you fool, you jerk! Th-That really doesn't look good.
Could that be Lord Killer Bee's?! Wh-What is it, Senpai?! - Let's go! - Yes, sir! Th-That's! Lord Killer Bee Why has he transformed into the Eight-Tails?! And after all that lecturing from Lord Raikage Look closely! He's battling someone! Those robes Are they the Akatsuki? The ones who kidnapped Yugito? Suigetsu is wasted Damn it! We can't get away What'll we do?! Here, Sasuke.
Hurry up and bite me! I won't let you die You're a memento of Kimimaro.
I'll take over from here! Run while you can! He's coming! Amaterasu! S-So those are the inextinguishable black flames Sasuke spoke of! A-Awesome! Karin, run! Damn! The black flames! It's too late for Karin.
We need to get away before we get caught too! - Wait, Jugo.
- No! Karin! Wh-What? Jugo! Get Karin! Hurry! The black flames are extinguished What's going on, Sasuke? I was able to extinguish the black flames of Amaterasu.
Are these the visual powers of my Mangekyo Sharingan?! In which case The Eight-Tails It seems he's barely alive.
Thenwe managed to take down the Eight-Tails without killing him.
Let's grab him and go.
No way Lord Killer Bee has been defeated? I-It must be some mistake Shall we rescue him? They're Akatsuki members.
Don't be hasty.
Huh?! That's The Uchiha crest! Uchiha? Rather than taking action ourselves, we'd better get word to Lord Raikage! If he hears what happened to his younger brother Knowing Lord Raikage, he won't be pleased at all.
You seem quite affected, physically.
Especially since, in addition to losing Orochimaru's curse mark, you haven't quite healed from your battle against Itachi.
Yeah Though I really didn't expect we'd have such a fight on our hands.
But now I've been waiting for you all.
Lady Katsuyu! What are you doing here? It's an emergency.
The barrier to Mount Katsuragi has been broken! What?! Of the Tsuchigumo clan? Time is of essence.
Under the secret treaty made by the Third Hokage, Team Seven will immediately head out to the location with Yamato as team captain.
Next time on Naruto Shippuden: "Wanderer" It's an all-new mission! Tune in again!