Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s09e01 Episode Script

Rookie Instructor Iruka

Iruka Yes, Lord Hokage? I agree with you to a point, but he is just like you.
He never knew parental love and because of that incident, people avoided him.
So in order to get attention, he resorted to mischief.
In whatever shape or form, he desperately wanted to validate his existence and his worth.
The Fourth Hokage wanted the villagers to regard Naruto as a hero.
He placed the seal and died hoping for that.
Third Hokage Fourth Hokage There is a hero right before our eyes.
I never imagined that Pain would be defeated.
We must notify Tobi.
Let's go.
What'll we do? What, tired already? We just left the village.
That's not it I was thinking about Lord Raikage.
We'll save Bee, no matter what it takes! We will save him! - Lord Raikage! - Lord Raikage! What if Lord Raikage is still crying and his tears are forming into a pond, and then into a lake? What if, by the time we return to the village, the place has become humid like the Hidden Rain? What'll we do then? Huh? That's impossible.
Tears can't create a lake, no matter how hard one cries.
But we're talking about Lord Raikage.
He has so much power, creating a lake is probably a piece of cake.
In fact, forget a lake.
He could probably create an ocean.
And if a giant wave from that ocean swallowed us up What'll we do-? Shut up! Enough already.
Your imagination wears me out! I can understand Samui getting tired because of the weight of her giant boobs.
But how can you get tired, Karui? You don't even have boobs.
Shut up! Come on, you two, we're just starting our mission.
It'll take us at least four or five days to get to the Leaf Village.
Do you plan on keeping this up the whole trip? We can't afford to waste any time! So let's move it! Right! What did I really lose that day? ano hi honto ni ushinatta monotte nan dattakke For the life of me, I can't remember.
tou ni wasureteshimatta yo We slowly lost sight of each other in the twilight yuugure de futari sukoshizutsu mienakunatteitte And yet we're stuck here - unable to go home.
sore nanoni bokura kaerezu ni ita Weak, frail souls lost in the world dokoka ni kowaresou na moroi kokoro We act strong to hide their fragility.
tsuyogaru kotoba de ootte kakushiteru Hide their fragility ootte kakushiteru So farewell, but even forced apart sayonara aenakunattatte Our stories go on.
bokura wa tsuzuki ga aru kara Even in a world without you, I run.
kimi no inai sekai datte hashiru yo To someday get past the pain.
itsuka no itami mo koete koete Someday - Leaf's History - Rookie Instructor Iruka Look at the devastation.
I guess class will be held outside for quite a while.
Let's see if we can salvage anything that can be used in class.
Yes, that's something we can do.
All right, let's split up in each direction.
Scatter! This area is totally destroyed too.
This tree It survived.
Here I go! Bombs away! Bull's eye! Red-nosed Hokage complete! He is incorrigible.
Third Hokage, please let me think about this.
About becoming Naruto's homeroom teacher.
As you can see, Iruka, everyone is troubled by Naruto's mischief.
And his pranks are getting worse each day.
No one wants to take him.
I believe a teacher's job is to enhance a student's virtues.
If Naruto does not graduate from the Academy, he will not be able to become a ninja.
He will remain an outcast to this village for the rest of his life.
Just a minute I'm sure there is someone else fit for Naruto.
If Naruto cannot get a teacher, then I have no choice but to have him leave the Academy.
Don't let it bother you.
No one can blame you.
And even if that happens, it certainly isn't your fault.
Please wait.
What? Then you'll accept? Uh ErrYes.
Oh Is that so? This is a lifesaver for Naruto.
Keep wiping until every speck of graffiti is gone! Oh look It's that thing.
Why do we let that boy stay in this village? I wish Lord Hokage would have more consideration for us.
Shut up! Hey! Come back! I'm not "that thing"! I'm Naruto Uzumaki! I'm gonna be the Hokage one day! It's just a dream That's right! I'm supposed to get a new homeroom teacher today.
The first impression is important.
I should give him a proper greeting.
I'm gonna raise hell again today! NINJA ACADEMY - 'Morning! - Hi! FACULTY ROOM Iruka Sensei.
I understand you'll be Naruto's homeroom teacher.
I had no choice since the Third Hokage requested it.
You got the short end of the stick, didn't you? Frankly, I don't know how to go about this.
Well, he certainly is a handful.
Just treat Naruto appropriately.
Just do what works.
What works? Yes.
Just go about your way, without making a fuss.
If you don't bother with them, kids tend to go away on their own.
What works, huh? Who did this?! Of all the mischief Gotcha! Gotcha! The eraser was just a decoy.
Naruto! Just do what works.
Naruto I know, I know.
I'll go stand in the hallway.
No, go and take your seat.
Huh? What a letdown.
I was looking forward to seeing Naruto get scolded.
Sheesh! How boring 'Morning! First, let me introduce myself! I'll be your homeroom teacher starting today.
I'm Iruka Umino.
My favorite food is Ichiraku Ramen.
My least favorite food is mixed rice.
I was born on May 26, so I'm a Pisces.
My hobbies include going to the hot springs NINJA ACADEMY Therefore, one's chakra is greatly influenced by their mental energy.
Just go about your way, without making a fuss.
Huh? Sensei Class time is over.
See? Look.
Oh, it's that time already.
Well then, that's all for today.
How's that for Naruto's third prank? See! You found out already? Return to your seat.
Let's continue the lesson.
Okay then Instead of self-introductions, I want each of you to demonstrate your ninjutsu skill! You're not going to be graded.
This is just so I can assess how to proceed with our lessons.
So We'll do a basic jutsu.
Clone Jutsu.
Umm First up is Sasuke Uchiha.
- Go ahead and try it.
- Sasuke! Clone Jutsu is child's play.
You always act so smug! Shut up, idiot.
Don't interrupt Sasuke's focus! That's right! You're in the way! Not you too, Sakura.
Okay, Sasuke.
Try it.
Clone Jutsu! Hmm Amazing! That was a perfect Clone Jutsu.
I can't tell which one is real.
It's so obvious to me! This one! Wrong.
H-Huh?! - Stupid! Hey, that's the real one.
- What are you doing?! Wrong again.
Sasuke! Amazing, two clones in an instant while the real one moved elsewhere.
Humph! I can do Clone Jutsu too! Clone Jutsu! This guy's such an idiot! Damn it I don't know what your problem is, but quit lunging at me.
He's right.
I say that because every time you do something, you hold up our lesson.
And that is an annoyance.
What?! Yeah, you're an annoyance! You're a germ for just being alive! That's cruel, Hibachi.
But he's right! What?! Everyone! Quit making fun of Naruto! Sensei! Don't botherwith this kid.
Huh? C'mon, everyone.
Let's continue our lesson.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- Let's go.
- I'm gonna do my best.
I'm gonna show all of them! I swear! Clone Jutsu! Wha-? Damn it! Once more! N-Naruto ICHIRAKU RAMEN What's the matter, Naruto? Nothing Want some ramen? No thanks I got no money.
You can pay me back when you're rich.
Besides, the stove's still on.
Really? Yeah All right! You seem depressed.
Something wrong? No, it's nothing! I'm my usual self! NINJA ACADEMY All right.
Today, we'll do hands-on practice of Shuriken Jutsu.
Let's have someone demonstrate it for us first.
Let's see - Me! Me! Me! - I can do it! - Leave it to me.
- I'll do it in one try! - Me! Me! Me! - I can do it! Shino, go ahead! Iruka Sensei, you chose the wrong person.
The reason is, for all forms of warfare, the Aburame Clan relies greatly on the parasitic insects we house in our bodies.
And the Shuriken Jutsu is simply not in our Okay, enough! Sasuke, show us the basics.
- Sasuke! - Do your best! Go for it! Sheesh! That Sasuke always acts arrogant! So how come he's so popular?! Hmm Well done, Sasuke.
- All right, Sasuke! - You're so cool! Hah! Show off! I can do that too! Then Naruto, you're next.
All right! I'll show you! I'll do it in one throw, and make everyone take notice of me.
Go! Are you kidding me? Every one of them missed! I was just fooling around! Sensei! One more! Just let me do it one more time! I'll get serious this time.
No, that's enough.
Okay, who's next? Say Shikamaru, want to go to the candy store after class? No way.
You're okay because your mom's nice.
But if my mom finds out that I had a snack before dinner, I'll get it.
Did you hear? Everyone in the Uchiha clan got killed.
Yeah I heard my dad talking.
He's the only one who survived.
When the fireworks suddenly explode in the air fui ni agatta hanabi wo futari de miageta toki I couldn't keep my eyes off from your face muchuu de miteru kimi no kao wo sotto nusumimita no I gazed at you quietly It'd be so much easier if I was able to hate you kimi no koto kirai ni naretara ii noni Because I always remember you, in situations like this kyou mitai na hi ni wa kitto I can't help but think about the times we spent together.
mata omoidashiteshimau yo I'm ready to forget you mou wasureyou kimi no koto zenbu It just tears at my heart too much.
konna ni mo kanashikute I wonder why did we meet each other? doushite deatteshimattan darou When I close my eyes me wo tojireba It's like you are here.
ima mo kimi ga soko ni iru you de The Nine-Tails sealed inside of Naruto is responsible for the death of my parents.
I'm fully aware that Naruto is not to blame.
But whenever I see him, I can't stop from remembering the Nine-Tails hiding deep inside of him.
I don't think Naruto would open up to someone like me.
Next time on Naruto Shippuden: "Iruka's Ordeal" "-Leaf's History- Iruka's Ordeal" Third Hokage sure made a bold decision.
Tune in again!