Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s09e02 Episode Script

Iruka's Ordeal

- Let's go! - Okay! Hey guys.
What're you all doing? What? Stay away, Naruto.
Why? Why can't I? Let me play with you guys too.
Why should we?! No way will you join us in tonight's test of courage.
Test of courage? Ow! What're you babbling about? Wow, sounds like fun! I'm coming too! We told you, you can't! Get this! Don't you dare follow us! Come on! Get this! Don't you dare follow us! When you say something like that, Naruto here will follow, no matter what it takes.
Hey, is that the boy? Yes That's the one.
Now then How can I scare them? You brat! Huh? Go away! What's the big idea?! What are you doing here?! You plague! What? I was only I was only looking at the masks.
Naruto? You want this?! Well, you can have it.
Now get lost! Jeez What?! Why are you all looking at me like that? Sheesh, you're all wimps.
No one's brave enough to go all the way in? Don't say that Well then, I'll go.
This is easy.
All I have to do is take that branch.
A fox demon! Huh? What's going on?! A fox demon! What?! Serves them right.
Everyone got scared and ran off.
You better hurry and run, Sensei.
Or else, I'll eat you to death! Dad Mom Is everything okay? It's all right.
You must follow the guide and evacuate.
Don't worry.
We Advance Troops won't let the Nine-Tails set a single step into the village.
Go beat up that Nine-Tails.
You got it.
Please look after him.
Bye then.
Good luck! Bad news! The Advance Troops have been defeated! What?! Then the Advance Troops are all dead?! The Advance Troops All dead? It's not true I-It can't be true.
My mom and dad wouldn't die! Huh? What's up, Sensei? Naruto Do you realize what you're doing? Why? Why?! Why does everyone, even my homeroom teacher Why do you all look at me like that?! I'm not a nuisance and I'm not some kind of germ! I'm I'm Naruto Uzumaki! Naruto I'll never return to the Academy again! Hey! Damn it! What did I really lose that day? ano hi honto ni ushinatta monotte nan dattakke For the life of me, I can't remember.
tou ni wasureteshimatta yo We slowly lost sight of each other in the twilight yuugure de futari sukoshizutsu mienakunatteitte And yet we're stuck here - unable to go home.
sore nanoni bokura kaerezu ni ita Weak, frail souls lost in the world dokoka ni kowaresou na moroi kokoro We act strong to hide their fragility.
tsuyogaru kotoba de ootte kakushiteru Hide their fragility ootte kakushiteru So farewell, but even forced apart sayonara aenakunattatte Our stories go on.
bokura wa tsuzuki ga aru kara Even in a world without you, I run.
kimi no inai sekai datte hashiru yo To someday get past the pain.
itsuka no itami mo koete koete Someday -Leaf's History- Iruka's Ordeal Good morning, everyone! - Good morning! - Good morning! All right, let me take attendance.
Naruto's not here? Sakura.
Do you know? Oh I didn't notice.
Oh yeah, I don't think I saw him this morning.
Kiba, have you seen him? Huh? Nope.
Besides, I have no interest in him.
Right, Akamaru? Fine then.
Let's begin our class.
But, why? Lord Hokage is performing official duties right now.
Why won't the Third Hokage agree to see me? That's not our concern.
We have our orders.
No one is permitted to enter.
Hey, hey! You know, this is my special seat.
I can't concentrate on my reading when someone's making such a loud sigh next to me.
OhI'm sorry.
I'll move away now.
No, wait.
I was just about to leave.
Be seeing you What's wrong? You look so depressed.
If you feel like talking, I'll listen.
- Kakashi - Hmm? is your name, right? Well, I happen to be Naruto's you know the one Naruto Uzumaki's homeroom teacher.
I see But I went to ask the Third Hokage to relieve me from being his homeroom teacher.
Lord Hokage wouldn't see me.
I just don't know how I don't know how to deal with Naruto.
I'm not qualified to teach Naruto! I see.
So that's why you look so dead.
What? I'm talking about your eyes.
Kakashi How is it that you were there and yet? Forgive me.
I made a formation error.
I should have kept him with me.
Ah Iruka, how are your wounds? Yes It was just a minor injury.
Thank you for your concern.
You worked hard.
Take some time off to recuperate.
Lord Hokage I was responsible for this incident.
The team leader is not I fully understand without you telling me.
Yes sir! Iruka You've always been a kind person.
I believe that kindness of yours proved detrimental during a crucial moment against the enemy ninja.
There may come a time when that trait puts your comrades' lives in danger.
I thought I was well aware of my own personality, but Well, what's done is done.
For your next mission Lord Hokage! Actually I'd like to speak to you about that.
What is it? Speak freely.
I wonder if you recall After I lost my parents, you spoke to me in front of the stone monument of heroes.
You told me about the Will of Fire.
Yes, I remember it well.
Because of your words, I was able to concentrate on my training and my duties.
The lesson you taught me about the Will of Fire I'd like to pass it on to the next generation of ninja.
What? You want to become an instructor at the Academy? Yes, if I may sir! Well then, starting tomorrow, you shall be an assistant instructor at the Academy.
Really, Lord Hokage?! Your eyes were full of life back then.
Now they're dead.
Perhaps you've forgotten a basic rule of teaching.
"You cannot open the mind of another unless you yourself have an open mind.
" Or perhaps you're trying to forget.
The Nine-Tails sealed inside of Naruto is responsible for the death of my parents.
I'm fully aware that Naruto is not to blame.
But whenever I see him, I can't stop remembering the Nine-Tails hiding deep inside of him.
I don't think Naruto would open up to someone like me.
You are the only one who can reach Naruto's heart.
That That is your personal ordeal.
Ordeal?! Yes, one that Lord Hokage has given you.
Just hang in there a little longer, and you will find the way.
Rise up to his expectations.
See you.
Third Hokage sure made a bold decision.
Koji! Time to go home! - Daichi! Dinnertime! - Okay.
Let's go home, everyone.
Mom! What are you doing? I told you not to play with that boy.
Come on, let's go! Shikamaru, let's go! Oh, Dad Choji's with you? We'll walk him home.
Let's go.
- See you, Naruto.
- Bye.
Dad! Let go of my hand! What's there to be embarrassed about? Thank you for the food.
Let go! Mom and Dad are still fighting! Damn it! Ow Who is itso early in the morning? What?! Iruka Sensei?! What's he doing here?! Naruto! Naruto! I'm coming in.
This is all he eats? Thank you for the food.
You're going to stop at Choji's house, aren't you? Hurry up and eat, then.
Yeah Say Dad? Can I ask you something? What is it? Why does everyone avoid Naruto like he's the plague? Did he do something wrong? Shikamaru How do you feel about that boy? H-How do I feel? Well, I never thought about it.
He's stupid, but he's a funny guy.
It's not like we're gonna be buddies, but I wouldn't avoid him either.
I see Then you should do what you want to do.
Yeah, I guess so.
I have so much time now that I'm not going to the Academy.
Huh? What do you guys want? Hey.
That's Naruto, right? Naruto, you can join our group.
Huh?! Are you serious? Yeah.
But in order to be one of us, there's a condition.
What is it? Yesterday, my dad's patrol unit had a fight with enemy ninja in the back hills.
He said they left the corpses out there.
Find that corpse and bring back one of its belongings.
If you do, you can join us.
Is that for real? Yeah.
All right then! I'll bring back something for sure.
You can bet on it! He's such an idiot.
Dad said the enemy might still be out there.
That's mean Hibachi, you're still upset about the test of courage incident, aren't you? Never mind that.
Did you see his happy face? He didn't have a clue that it's a trick.
NINJA ACADEMY Has anyone seen Naruto? Nope, didn't see him.
Naruto went into the back hills.
Shikamaru?! What're you talking about? In the back hills? To look for corpses Right, Hibachi? Your tricks are annoying.
We're having study hall today! - What? - What's going on? I'll finally get to have friends! When the fireworks suddenly explode in the air fui ni agatta hanabi wo futari de miageta toki I couldn't keep my eyes off from your face muchuu de miteru kimi no kao wo sotto nusumimita no I gazed at you quietly It'd be so much easier if I was able to hate you kimi no koto kirai ni naretara ii noni Because I always remember you, in situations like this kyou mitai na hi ni wa kitto I can't help but think about the times we spent together.
mata omoidashiteshimau yo I'm ready to forget you mou wasureyou kimi no koto zenbu It just tears at my heart too much.
konna ni mo kanashikute I wonder why did we meet each other? doushite deatteshimattan darou When I close my eyes me wo tojireba It's like you are here.
ima mo kimi ga soko ni iru you de Iruka Sensei, did you hear? Last night, a battle broke out in the back hills.
Battle? It seems enemy spies appeared.
The patrol unit killed one of them and collected its corpse.
Then it's best not to let the students go near the back hills.
There still may be enemies looming around.
Next time on Naruto Shippuden: "Iruka's Decision" "- Leaf's History - Iruka's Decision" I hope nothing happens Tune in again!