Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s09e05 Episode Script

Inari's Courage Put to the Test

Hey, over here.
Don't you think we can still use this timber? I think you're right.
But There's nothing left of what was built by generations of Hokage.
Who could have imagined this would happen? This village isn't the only thing the Hokage left us.
You're absolutely right.
Yamato We're all still here! Wood Style! Row Houses Jutsu! At this rate, the Leaf Village will be rebuilt in no time! Easy for you to say.
Is Granny Tsunade still in a coma? Yes.
I have so many things I want to tell her.
Don't worry.
Lady Tsunade will wake up soon! She's a strong woman.
Our Hokage! She'll be all right! What am I encouraging Naruto for? I'm the one who needs convincingNaruto.
It's been a super-long time, Naruto! Sakura! It's great to see our hero again, Naruto! Is that? Inari and Old Man Tazuna?! Inari, you've grown up! Old man, you've gotten even older.
Shut it I'm a carpenter now.
That's why I've come here, at the request of the Hidden Leaf.
And I thought I'd say hello to you guys.
Sakura, you're so pretty.
You think so? Man, how long has it been? Two years? Three? Longer? Imagine, that little kid is now - Leaf's History - Inari's Courage Put to the Test I can't find it! It's gone! Cripes.
Stop making such a fuss.
But it's gone! Teuchi gave me a free coupon for Ichiraku.
I had it on me the whole time.
I probably forgot it at Old Man Tazuna's place.
Hey! Hold on! I'll be right back.
Jeez He's so impatient.
What a loser.
That boy We need to hurry back after this drawn-out mission and make our report.
Kakashi Sensei, let's just leave him.
We can't do that.
Sasuke, go and bring him back.
Why me? Now now.
This is all part of teamwork.
I found this in the room where those Leaf kids stayed.
Huh? I always eat ramen there after a mission.
Really? Is it that good? Of course! I'm not exaggerating when I say that my blood, body and soul are made from Ichiraku's ramen.
When you come to my village someday, I'll treat you.
This belongs to Naruto.
I'll be back! My, my Watch out! What're you doing, jerk?! That's because you screw up our teamwork.
Huh? Don't waste any more of our time.
Come back now.
Okay, I get it.
Butafter I finish my business! Like I'm going to obey your orders, stupid! Why you Look, it's Inari.
He's been acting cocky.
Ever since he took the spotlight in that Gato incident.
Oww What's the big idea?! You're cocky.
You're supposed to be crybaby Inari.
I'm not a crybaby.
Move, I'm in a hurry.
Trying to sound tough, huh? As if you can do anything alone.
What'll you do? Your ninja friends already went home to their village.
Oh yeah? That's good news.
You guys! It was worth the wait.
Cripes, you're so persistent! Well then Hey, wait.
It's just for a while.
Not! You jerk You did that for real! Give it up already.
What are you two doing here? Old Man Tazuna! Perfect timing! See, I forgot something at your place.
Do you mean a super-tiny piece of paper? Yeah, yeah.
Inari was determined to take it to you and he ran off a while ago.
Huh? How come you're still here? And the rest of you too.
I thought Naruto kicked you out back then.
Kicked us out? We were just waiting until those troublesome guys left.
With them gone, our land has no more ninja.
And no one else to interfere with us.
What're you going to do? Calm down, kid.
We're going to be the next Gato.
Inari! Hey, where are you?! Strange I was pretty sure he'd be on this road.
Hey, Sasuke! Help me look too! Inari went looking for you.
I have nothing to do with this.
What?! Hey, whatever happened to teamwork?! That's why I'm here with you.
Be grateful, you loser.
Hey, where are you going? Shut up! I need to take a leak! What's my ramen coupon doing here? Hey, look.
What's this? It's slightbut I detect signs of a fight.
Did something happen? Inari How about ransoming the kids to make money? In any case, turning into the next Gato is a great plan.
Alcohol and money We'll take it all.
Man, I feel like cutting into something.
Like that kid back there.
Cut it out.
That's a bad habit of yours.
I wonder what's going to happen to us.
We finally got rid of Gato.
And now Crying won't help.
Crying won't solve anything.
Naruto taught me that.
Inari? We fight.
Otherwise, we can't protect the things that are dear to us.
This is bad.
It's only a matter of time before all traces are washed away.
Then we've got to find another way before that happens! Please be safe.
Everyone ready to go? Yeah.
We've got to run back to town and notify the grown-ups.
- Yeah! - Yeah! What? The kids' room! Hey! The brats are running away! These marks are fresh.
From a sword? I'veseen this before! So the culprits are Gato's remnants? Up ahead Let's go, Naruto! Gotcha! Find them.
They must be close.
Those brats made fools of us.
Hey, at this rate, we'll be found.
I'll distract them.
D-Don't be ridiculous! If you try that, they'll Otherwise, we'll all be killed.
BesidesI have an idea.
Cripes, where'd they go? Found them! Over this way.
Let's go, you two.
It's do or die.
Please protect meDad! Inari is late.
I wonder where he's gone.
You're right.
What is it? The kids who went out to play haven't returned yet.
Akane's not back yet.
Neither is my son.
Yamabuki hasn't returned either, it seems.
They were seen earlier today with your Inari.
You're a bundle of trouble! We can't have you running off again.
Maybe we should just cut off a leg, eh? Ready to give up? What? He jumped?! Below! Go down there! Dad, you swam through those rapids to fix the dam, right? I guess I did, among other things.
You're amazing, Dad.
I can't even swim.
Then that's one of the things you must do your best to learn.
ButI'm scared.
Don't worry.
You have those two arms.
You can do anything.
Just move those arms! Paddle hard.
I can't, Dad.
The water's so cold.
This way.
Hang in there.
But I'm not moving forward at all.
Why can't Wait! Please wait! It's all right.
You can do it! Come on, Inari! Inari! Inari! Grab on! All right! How come you guys are here? Good job, Inari! You helped your friends escape.
That's what led us here.
Akane and the others? Looks like we don't have time to chat.
You're the brats from the Hidden Leaf.
You've got some nerve, showing up here! It's just two kids.
Get 'em! - Yeah! - Yeah! Yeah! We won't be outnumbered! Let's go, everyone! - Yeah! - Yeah! You stay here.
Okay! You guys So weak, so weak! You're nothing against me! As long as I'm not taken by surprise, this is easy.
Demon Wind Shuriken! What?! Why you I'll pulverize you! No, don't! Such simpletons.
Underestimating us I'll kill you! You're no match at all.
Here we go! Damn! They may be kids, but they're still ninja! This isn't going to work.
We'll be back.
First, let's regroup! What?! As if we'll welcome you back! This is the end of the road for you.
Grandpa! Everyone! We'll never allow thugs to have their way in our land! Remnants of Gato's group were up to no good, eh? We'll turn you in to the authorities so you can never do evil again.
And I thought you were just a bunch of cowards.
Thanks, Inari.
Akane I misjudged you.
Not "heh heh heh"! Oww! Cripes, you made us worry! You are such a Naruto I I'm sorry! He's crying.
It's okayat times like this.
Oh yeah, I forgot to give you something.
Don't worry.
I have that coupon It's gone.
You probably dropped it in the river.
Forget it already.
Akane and the others too.
They're carpenters like me.
See? They're working over there.
What a surprise.
Back then, and that time with Gato.
Thank you for everything.
Because of you, the Land of Waves has become very prosperous.
So this time, we're going to return the favor! And first, Narutowill be Ichiraku! Just you watch.
I'll build an amazing one! Inari Thanks.
What's with that pathetic stance? He can try a hundred years, and he still won't get his revenge if he's like that! Huh? Hey, where do you think you're going, Naruto?! I'm going to help train that man from scratch! He's gone Are you just going to let him go like that, Kakashi Sensei? That's fine.
There's not much to do until tomorrow's departure anyway.
Next time on Naruto Shippuden: "Naruto's School of Revenge" All right! Let's start our lesson! Tune in again!