Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s09e06 Episode Script

Naruto's School of Revenge

- Leaf's History - Naruto's School of Revenge Cripes.
So I'm great, huh? It's hard to take your compliments seriously, Old Man Tazuna.
Oh, come on.
You've really grown up to become a fine young man.
You really think so? Amazingly so.
You're such a sucker for compliments! I'm dead serious.
He's right! Naruto is the hero of our land! Did you hear that, Sakura? Maybe you are now, but Huh? What? Back then, you got caught up in all sorts of mischief.
It was fun, wasn't it? Team 7.
You're right.
Yeah, it sure was fun.
Hey, remember that man? The one out for revenge.
Oh yeah, Tsukado! That brings back memories.
That was also when you got carried away and caused us trouble.
Today you shall meet your doom! Katazu, the man who killed someone in my family! Now fight me! Seriously, those eyes.
They look like they want to devour me.
Oh, come on! I think it's kind of cute.
Anyway, you got the luck of the draw.
So you have to take care of it.
Don't worry.
You two make quite a pair.
I don't know how you can say that! Ow! Hey, cut it out! Ow ow ow! A stray cat, a stray dog, a stray pig And now, a stray ostrich? We may be going up in scale, but I don't see how these silly missions will improve our skills.
Missions, eh? The purpose for this isn't to improve skill.
You're not undergoing training.
Although I understand why you're impatient.
In that case, use this ostrich to improve your skills! Hey, what're you doing?! - Shut up and improve your skills! - That's your responsibility! I'm letting you have it! Oww! Oww! Oww! Oww! WELCOME We'll find an inn for the night.
Ostrich looks worn out too.
Jeez If it were just us, we'd be able to make it back to the village by nightfall.
Huh? What's that?! I'm gonna take a look! Naruto! Not again! Oww! Let's go.
What could it be? Not you too! Huh? A fight? No, it seems to be a vendetta.
A vendetta? You mean like when someone fights for revenge? Revenge Revengeon a busy street in the middle of the day? Is that okay, Kakashi Sensei? VENDETTA PERMIT A vendetta permit, huh? Depending on the land, if someone is murdered, the family members are given permission to seek revenge.
As long as he has an authorized permit from that land, other nations will allow the vendetta.
I heard that man Tsukado had a distant relative.
And the killer over there called the relative out late at night.
Then he ruthlessly hit him from behind with a rock, and killed him.
Awful story, huh? The killer escaped and the family wanted revenge.
And that man was chosen for the task.
What a villain.
Boss Kanabun, it looks like a vendetta.
Now this is interesting.
Who do you think will win, boys? Well They say the hunter is usually stronger than the hunted.
Nah, I'm not with you there.
The hunted one has a pretty mean look.
He's going for it! No! Whoa Huh?! Hmm Looks like he won't be getting his revenge.
What?! Hey! Hold it! Hey! You bastard! Damn you Here! Oh, thanks.
I almost had him.
It didn't look that way.
Amateurs can keep their opinions to themselves.
I may not look it, but I am a veteran of 34 vendettas.
Oh What?! You mean you've failed 34 times?! Next time, for sure! I think not! I must complete my vendetta! I must avenge old Shikazo of my clan! For the cowardly and tricky way he was killed.
If I don't avenge him, I I Mister Your words are too cruel.
There is no way to know that unless I try.
Next time, on my 35th attempt, I may just successfully complete my vendetta.
Isn't that so? All right, I understand! Huh? I'll help you! I'll mobilize every ninja skill there is and help you become a vendetta pro.
Huh? Stupid Naruto! Getting carried away like that! Well, let's leave Naruto to handle this.
We'll take a break at the inn.
Mister, leave it to me! Lesson One! You don't have enough anger towards your enemy! You have to be able to explode with anger at any moment.
Then you'll never be caught off guard for a vendetta! Right Hey, you there! Watch it, old lady! Cripes! Hurry up and get on my back! Huh? So where're you headed? Cripes! Huh? The next town? Cripes, that's close! - I don't care if it's far.
- Um That's not what I meant.
Lesson Two! Take all vendettas seriously, even the easy ones.
Get used to taking revenge! Uh-huh.
Hey I shall assist! Huh? This one's for the shoulder! - The shoulder! The shoulder! - S-Stop it! - The shoulder! The shoulder! - That's not what I meant either.
Lesson Three! Fill your mind with images of your enemy until it's ready to burst, then manifest your anger on paper.
Uh-huh How How come your hated enemy looks so nice? You know, I don't think you're cut out for vendettas.
And you're not cut out to be a coach.
Do you have to carry out the vendetta? Yeah.
I can't return home unless I do.
I want to finish this and go home.
To my aging mother and father.
An ostrich is running wild! M-Mister? That guy Was he hiding his skills? Right! Sorry.
The ostrich bit through his rope leash.
As I had suspected, you are a master swordsman.
What's going on? If you're that strong, how come you can't finish your vendetta? I don't know.
It's just that, when I look into his eyes the strength drains out of me.
It's those eyes.
It's those eyes that Mister I wonder what happened to that man.
He probably set out in pursuit of his enemy.
Will he be doing that the rest of his life? What's going on?! How's that, Mr.
Vendetta? Your tenacity won me over.
I want you to get your revenge, so I brought your enemy to you.
Now, let's see you pay him back to your heart's content.
Mister Whoa! However, we of the Kanabun Gang will oversee this vendetta.
All right, one and all! Who's gonna win this vendetta?! Place your bets now! Who's the stronger one? It's gotta be the one taking revenge! He looks so hopeless.
No way he'll win! I bet 500 ryo on his foe! Me too! If you're short on cash, the Kanabun Gang will place a bet for you! If that guy uses his real strength, this fight Yeah.
We'll make a tidy profit.
That's terrible.
Making a buck off of his vendetta.
It all ends here.
Well I can't die yet.
What?! He's going to fight without looking his opponent in the eye! He just might win! Don't tell me Naruto's lessons helped.
II don't like this fight.
I wonder why It's him.
Just like Mister said.
That guy's face His eyes Those eyes again! How can you be like that?! You could be killed by me, so why?! Why doesn't that guy try to kill Tsukado? Well then Wait! The reason why you couldn't kill this guy Deep down, you know why, don't you? Yeah I realized it just now.
I see The blade has been dulled.
This man can't kill anyone.
I have a twin brother named Kageki.
A twinbrother? Kageki had loaned money to Shikazo, a member of your family.
But then, my brother had a child and he needed money.
So he went back to ask to be repaid.
Shikazo ignored my brother and tried to go back on his loan.
A scuffle broke out and they both fell to the dirt floor.
At that moment, Shikazo hit his head on a pickling stone and died.
Are you saying it was an accident? Kageki said he was going to turn himself in.
But there were no witnesses.
Considering the circumstances, he'd probably have been accused of murder.
So I offered to switch places with him.
What? I took his identity and sent him and his wife, who had just given birth, into hiding.
In order to buy them time, I purposely attracted the attention of his pursuers.
I couldn't let a great guy like him ruin his life.
Whereas I've been a scoundrel who's caused nothing but grief to my family and to society.
I figured it was a way to make amends.
I only have my kid brother's word for it.
There's no way to prove it, but I trust him.
Mister It's up to you whether you believe me or not.
If you don't Then kill me.
Well then, I'm going to believe you.
- You - Mister! Actually, I'm sick and tired of this thing called revenge.
If you've pretended all these years to be my foe Well, starting now, I'll just pretend that I'm on a vendetta.
That won't do! You're going to fight, no matter what it takes! Otherwise, we'll hurt you real bad! I'll assist.
We will too! Allow us to assist! I have no choice.
I want to get back to the village quickly and resume training.
So count me in.
Get them! Oww! Oww! Oww! You'll be sorry! The way this ended It was okay, right, Kakashi Sensei? Well That's for those two to decide.
Revenge is a hard thing, isn't it? What would you know? Huh? Sometimes, a vendetta must be carried out, no matter how hard it is.
Back then, we I mean, I was such a kid.
Sasuke Huh? You're already here? Kakashi! Oh, Kakashi! We rushed over after hearing the Hidden Leaf Village was in a crisis! I see.
Huh? What is it? Where is Sasuke? I want to talk to him too.
Oh Well, actually Sasuke isyou see Sasuke and I had a small fight and he's out of the village right now.
Don't worry, I'll go bring him back right away! When I do, please say hello to him.
I know Sasuke would be happy.
Right, Sakura? U-Uh-huh.
Don't tell me It's over some love triangle, eh? No, that's not it! Thank you, Naruto.
Sasuke Where are you right now? You have no siblings, or parents! How can you understand anything about me?! You've been alone from the start! What can you understand about me?! Having a bond is what makes it painful! And how could you know what it feels like to lose that bond?! Now I can understandhow Sasuke felt.
About what revenge is.
Have you come to understand a little of what pain is? Unless you know the same pain, you cannot truly know another.
I thought I knew Sasuke.
But I didn't understand him at all.
No matter what I said to him back in the Final Valley, it wouldn't have reached Sasuke.
Naruto I didn't know Sasuke's pain, so how could I laugh with him? Why should he give me the time of day, let alone fight with me? It'll probably hurt like hell, but next time, I want to have a serious fight with him.
Because some day, I want Team 7 to all be laughing together again with Sasuke back with us! This should be our rendezvous point.
Looks like we got here first.
Cripes, it's hard to tell if the Hidden Sand really wants to make up with the Hidden Leaf when they're running late for our joint mission.
Sorry we're late.
You're Of all the people He's the one we're doing the joint mission with? Next time on Naruto Shippuden: "Gaara's Bond" We're allied nations, so let's try and get along, okay? Tune in again!