Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s09e07 Episode Script

Gaara's Bond

This is quite a challenge.
All the more reason why it'll become a good puppet once I fully master it.
I wondered why you were cooped up in here.
New puppets? Yeah It's a bit complicated to assemble.
And I wasn't cooped up! Getting ready for war? You heard what happened to the Leaf Village.
At this point, nothing would surprise me.
The Leaf Village belongs to our alliance.
We can't shrug it off as someone else's problem.
And rebuilding a village that's been destroyed is no easy task.
Above all, they must fill the void created by an absent Hokage.
From a political and psychological standpoint, being without their Hokage, their leader and pillar, has got to hurt badly.
Damn, I screwed up.
Do you think they can overcome the damage the Akatsuki caused without a Hokage, Gaara? I don't know.
Butthat village has him.
I don't want to say this But you're nothing but a frightening weapon to the village.
It'll just be a struggle for you to join a regular unit at this point.
The superiors don't think well of you.
And a majority of the village is scared of you.
- But - I know that.
But I will be overcome with an even greater suffering if I just wait around.
I just have to work hard and carve out a future for myself.
And I must not run away from my path of solitude.
If I do that, then someday I can be like him.
Huh?! A joint mission with the Hidden Sand?! We can handle this without them! Now don't say that.
There's trouble at the borderline we share with the Sand Village.
If a request went to one side, the other side might be offended, right? So wouldn't it be better if the two allies cooperated and worked together on this mission? Besides, that makes it easier.
This alliance was formed right after the attack on the Leaf Village.
So there's bound to be problems at the start.
The first step is to build trust in our relationship, and that's what this mission is.
Wow, Sasuke! You are amazingly sharp! It takes all the fun out if you explain it so bluntly.
What? What? What do you mean? It's too deep for you to ever understand! This is about nations and villages and important people.
Come on Sakura You don't have to sound so mean.
Anyway, it's a joint mission.
So let's do our best to get along with them.
Okay, enough talking.
Let's head to the rendezvous point with the Sand.
All right! Let's race to see who gets there first! Hey Naruto! No fair! I'm the first! You're so immature! Jeez This should be our rendezvous point.
Maybe we got here too early.
They're late? What jerks! Those guys in the Sand Village You can never tell what they're thinking.
They're sorta scary.
If they expect to be friends with the Leaf Village, they should be more prompt! Sorry we're late.
GaGa Gaara?! Of all people He's the one we're doing the joint mission with? Oh Don't worry, Gaara.
You're right on time.
We got here a little early, that's all.
No P-Pardon me! I'm sorry! We were a little late.
My apologies.
He's lost much of that bloodthirsty look and gotten mellower.
The Sand's Ultimate Defense! Ow ow ow! Hey, what's the big idea, Naruto?! Oww Just a way of greeting him.
Throwing rocks can't hurt No Brows anyway, right? Huh? Where are the other two? H-He made Lord Gaara use his Ultimate Defense.
How scary is that?! I guess he can't get accepted that easily.
Cripes, what's with them? They're such wimps.
Say, why aren't make-up dude and fan lady with you? You mean, Kankuro and Temari.
I'm currently enlisted under the regular forces.
Let me introduce you to my subordinates, Yaoki and Korobi.
I'm Yaoki! I'm Korobi! I'm Hatake Kakashi, the one in charge of this mission.
And this is Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke.
What's up! Nice to meet you.
Oh, hello! Pleased to meet you! They're still rookies.
Please be patient with them.
Now that we've joined up, Gaara's team will approach from the western side of the mountain.
My Team 7 will approach from the east.
And we'll simultaneously attack the bandits who are based at the summit.
The assault will commence at midnight.
Does that sound okay? There's no need to wait that long.
We can take out those bandits by ourselves! The bandits are made up of rogue ninja.
Word has it that chunin-class ninja are among them.
He's right, Naruto! You might end up putting us all in danger! Fine, I got it.
We'll go with your strategy.
There's something I need to discuss with you.
Why's Gaara acting all secretive? The two captains probably want to go over details.
Captain? He's so full of himself! Someone tracking you? Yes Hopefully there's no interference.
But I thought you should know.
You seem to have someone in mind.
The higher-ups of my village hate me.
I may cause you trouble, but That's fine with me.
This mission will only be meaningful if the Leaf and Sand Villages complete this mission and tighten our bonds.
The more problems we face together, the stronger our bond will become.
All right.
Naruto, Sakura, Sasuke! We're leaving now! Yes! Don't be late this time, Gaara! We're leaving too.
Can you believe he volunteered for the regular forces? It makes our mission that much easier.
The higher-ups will be very pleased.
And our reputation will grow as well.
Gaara of the Sand! We're taking your head! - Leaf's History - Gaara's Bond I had heard rumors that Lord Gaara had changed.
However The Ultimate Defenseof the Sand It's a fact that countless ninja have become victims of his wrath.
I hope nothing goes wrong.
A foe?! Is it the bandits?! No Their targetis me.
The superiors don't think well of you.
And a majority of the village is scared of you.
I've decided to move forward.
I can't afford to be stuck here like this! What's wrong, Kakashi Sensei? How long do you intend to tail us? Show yourself! Huh? What? No wonder they call you Kakashi of the Sharingan eye.
I thought I had hid my presence.
Please continue on your way.
We have no intention of interfering with the missions of allied nations.
An ally nation? Do you belong to the Sand Village? Please think of us asauditors.
Auditors? As in inspectors.
They're probably here to observe the outcome of this mission from behind the scene.
And they need to wear masks for that? I don't trust them.
Actually They don't trust Gaara.
Isn't that it? To the Sand Village, Lord Gaara's power Rather, because we are the Sand Village, Lord Gaara's power poses a serious threat to us.
You have also seen Lord Gaara's jutsu.
Don't you agree that it is a power that shouldn't exist? They're even thinking of eliminating Gaara.
So an assassination squad has been dispatched.
It's not a bad proposition for the Leaf Village either.
After all, your neighboring village will have one less powerful weapon.
How cruel.
He's a ninja from your village.
You understand, don't you? Lord Gaara is a serious threat to both our villages and cannot continue to exist! I am a dangerous tool to the village.
I'm a past relic that they would prefer to see disappear.
Back then, that's what I thought about myself.
Rather, I couldn't help but believe it.
And that was the harshest thing to bear.
The thought that my existence didn't matter to the world.
Then why do I exist? What's the point of me living? Lord Gaara cannot continue to exist Don't let them go! Surely there are those who are sympathetic towards Gaara among the Sand Village.
You people were not able to accept Gaara.
And I can understand your point.
But don't jump to the conclusion that we feel the same way.
- Huh?! - Huh?! Wh-What's going on?! Why are the puppets?! Lord Gaara! We'll be killed! That's right! That guy is a killing machine who thinks nothing of human lives! He's a monster who enjoys killing! L-Lord Gaara Who would've thought he would fall for our trap so easily? This makes our mission much easier.
Puppet Water Style: Mystic Rain Dance Jutsu! D-Did we get away? Run? From what? Huh? Back there, didn't Lord Gaara Did he tell us to get away? Are you all right?! You guys, did you abandon your friend?! Friend You and me and Lord Gaara? The rain your sand absorbed is molded with our chakra.
It had dampened your sand, making it less cohesive.
Your jutsu is sealed.
Die! Gaara! We've come to rescue you! NarutoUzumaki! That's just a Shadow Clone.
Don't get nervous! Only one of them is real! He's not alone! We're not gonna run anymore! Lord Gaara is our friend! Lord Gaara! We're sorry we ran off without you! We're going to fight too! Alongside you, Lord Gaara! Those two Damn small fries.
The higher-ups have taken my power lightly.
It'll take more than this to kill me.
This is more than enough for you guys.
Show off.
What an unfortunate incident.
The ones we encountered have been restrained.
I've caused you trouble.
Forgive me.
These are the ones who caused trouble.
Don't! I know perfectly well what they're like.
Butstill they are my people from the Sand Village.
I see.
Well then Shall we get back to our mission? This is where it all starts for me.
Starting with this small bond.
I, too, want to become someone who is needed.
Instead of a weapon that is feared.
And as the Kazekage of the Hidden Sand Village.
You realized your dream.
To forge a bond with your people in the village and be accepted by them, and to become the Kazekage.
He was the one who taught me to deepen my bond with my people.
Thanks to him, I was able to regain my true self.
That village has him.
The one who cherishes a friend's bond more than anyone I know.
Naruto Uzumaki Knowing him and the friends he holds so dear they'll overcome this disaster and grow even stronger from it.
Tell me again.
Tell me what you said back thenonce more.
We're sorry we ran off without you.
Not that! What you said before that.
- Oh! - Huh? - We're your friends! - We're your friends! What is the meaning of this? After all this time, you still haven't captured Naruto?! I'm sorry, Lady Tsunade! He's more troublesome than we had expected.
The Medical Unit is not enough to contain him! If we're to consider the danger he poses, we must take whatever means necessary! Next time on Naruto Shippuden: "Naruto: Outbreak" You won't escape this time, Naruto! Tune in again!