Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s09e08 Episode Script

Naruto: Outbreak

Don't worry.
Lady Tsunade will return for sure.
Yes Hey! I brought you lunch.
Here you go.
Here's your ration of rice balls.
There are only two of us.
We don't need so much.
Then can I take half of them? That was your plan from the start, wasn't it?! You got me there.
You should have some too, Sakura.
Rice balls taste best with salt.
All right then.
Guess I'll go help rebuild Ichiraku in exchange for a bowl of ramen.
You really love ramen, don't you? I need ramen to keep up my strength.
Naruto is always so energetic.
No kidding.
Well, you know the saying, "Fools never catch a cold.
" Fools never catch a cold, huh? What are you doing, you idiot?! This is what I get for coming all this way to pick you up?! It'll be fine if you let it dry.
It's not fine! I'm about to leave on a mission! I hate you, Naruto! S-Sakura ICHIRAKU I can't help but drown myself in food.
That's fine, but this is overdoing it.
I feel sick.
Are you all right? Want us to call the doctor? They can give you an injection for overeating.
Injection?! No, no, no, no! My belly is so heavy.
I can't even take off my shoes.
Oww I have a bellyache.
Oh, Sakura Wh-Wh-What is this? Target confirmed.
What's going on? Seize target.
An injection?! That was close.
Who the heck are you guys?! Another shot?! Don't let him get away! Target found! It doesn't matter how, just stop the target! What's going on?! He got away.
Capture Naruto immediately.
Sakura Haruno, permission to enter.
As you know, the village is very short-handed right now.
Simple missions must be done solo.
Sakura Is something wrong? Noit's nothing.
Don't go near her! Sakura, did someone sneeze on you? N-Narutodid Oh, no! -Leaf's History- Naruto: Outbreak We gave Sakura a sedative to sleep.
And? How is she? I won't get the results of the blood tests until tomorrow.
But her symptoms are stomach pain, fever and a rash on her face.
As I expected.
They're all signs of the chakra virus.
Chakra virus? It's an extremely contagious mystery virus.
It's a nasty thing that turns chakra into a fever.
Turns chakra into a fever?! Yes.
Once infected, you won't be able to mold chakra until you've recovered for at least several months.
To a ninja, it's a deadly disease.
But how did Naruto get infected with this chakra virus? There was an outbreak once in a certain village.
The virus was contained immediately and it was thought to be destroyed.
You mean, the place where Naruto was sent on his mission It was that village.
I think we can conclude that Naruto is the source of the virus.
In our current state, if the virus spreads, inevitably, Hidden Leaf Village will become even more vulnerable.
And if we come under attack, we will be destroyed.
Hence, we must deal with this under utmost secrecy.
Other nations, of course, but even our own people must not find out.
Do not waste a minute in finding Naruto and isolating him! He can't have gone too far.
Those guys Who the heck were they? What were they doing with an injection weapon? Wait, could it be? Want us to call the doctor? They can give you an injection for overeating.
Was it Old Man Teuchi's doing?! ICHIRAKU Old man! Wake up! What? Who is it at this hour? I'm coming, I'm coming.
Don't tell me you haven't had enough ramen? Or did you come to pay your tab? It's you, isn't it?! You told them to give me a shot! Huh? What're you talking about? You told the doctor to give me a shot, right?! Why would I do that? Is that what you're fussing about? Target found! Wh-Who are these guys?! That's what I'd like to know! Capture the target.
Whoa, watch it! What're you doing?! Never mind! Get the targ- What are you doing? After him! Find him, no matter what! This is crazy.
They're making way too much out of overeating ramen.
Well? Did you find him? No, sir! He's not here! What's going on anyway? An enemy attack? If that's the case, no way am I gonna be captured.
Are you saying they can't even capture Naruto?! I'm very sorry.
Naruto is a handful for the Medical Team alone.
I guess there's no time to be choosy about the method.
It's morning?! I must've dozed off.
Everybody's gone.
Sakura Sakura! Even Sakura's gone.
What is this? Wh-What is all this?! Damn Target lost.
Damn it! Where are they shooting from? Target located.
A Shadow Clone?! Now you're gonna spill it all.
What nation are you from?! Stop! The Hidden Leaf crest? Why are people from my village after me? W-Well The Fifth Hokage ordered it.
Granny Tsunade?! But why? I don't have the details.
Our orders are to capture Naruto Uzumaki.
But what about the rest of the villagers? They have all been evacuated to a safe location.
Evacuated? There's no need to worry.
This is just an emergency drill.
It will be over by sundown, so please be patient.
In any case, tell me everything you know! All right! Shizune! Submit quietly, Naruto.
I won't let you get away.
I guess I'll just have to confront Granny Tsunade.
Naruto! Come to me! But you won't be able to run away anymore! Wh-What's that?! I'm not going to run or hide.
Multi Shadow Clones I see you used your head, Naruto.
However I've already anticipated your actions! This wall is nothing! There's a trap at the top of the wall.
- Whoa! That way! - This way! That way! What's going on?! This is the Hidden Leaf's Eight Trigram Trap Formation.
No matter how massive the force, before this formation, they are totally at our mercy.
Damn it! This is a dead-end too! Choji?! I'm in trouble! Help me out! Naruto I don't know what you've done, but orders are orders.
Huh? Expansion Jutsu! Human Boulder! Wait, Choji! Hear me out! Stop! Stop! Roll out! Huh? Looks like the real Naruto wasn't in there.
This side has Tenten?! Sorry, but I'm putting you to sleep.
Will you please listen to my side of the story? Sweet dreams! Umm Only Shadow Clones on my side too.
Now it's Kiba?! Akamaru, let's put an end to this.
Beast Mimicry Ninja Art! Why is everyone after me?! Fang Over Fang! Stop! Only Shadow Clones here too.
The only side left is north.
Huh? What? No! HIDDEN LEAF HOSPITAL That was a close call.
You should realize that it's too soon to let down your guard.
That's because one never knows where one's foe may be lurking.
That annoying way of talking Shino! You're the one who's open! An Insect Clone?! As I said One never knows where one's foe may be lurking.
Stay still.
It'll be less painful that way.
So he still had Shadow Clones? He's laying low somewhere.
Find him.
Jeez That was close.
What're you doing there? Sasuke?! Is that you, Sasuke? Naruto Thank goodness! I didn't do a thing, yet they're after me.
I was wondering why it was so noisy this morning.
It was hell, I tell you.
Huh? Why? Don't take this personally.
This is so mean.
G-Granny Tsunade Leave it to you to give us such a hard time, Naruto! Seize him! Target captured! What?! He's not infected by the virus?! Neither Naruto nor Sakura had evidence of the virus in their blood.
Then what about Naruto's sneezing? Well, we found a vial of pepper in his pocket.
We believe this is the cause.
Then what about Sakura collapsing? Plain fatigue, it seems.
And the redness of her face? How do you explain that? It was an allergic reaction to Naruto's sneezing.
In other words, it was never the chakra virus? Yes, that is the case.
HIDDEN LEAF HOSPITAL Well, I won't be satisfied until I get a personal apology from Granny Tsunade.
Naruto She may be the Hokage, but that doesn't excuse her from owning up to her mistake.
It wasn't a mistake.
This was an emergency drill.
EMERGENCY DRILL This was an emergency drill.
EMERGENCY DRILL And I'm grateful for your cooperation.
Wh-What did you say?! All's well that ends well.
It didn't go well at all! Hey, hey, hey, Choji, passing through.
Honestly Fools never catch a cold, but Oww! Oh, sorry.
Watch where you walk, will you? Ow! He knows how to stir things up.
I'm the team leader for this mission! I don't know I still think Neji should be the leader.
Silence! I'm the chosen leader for today's mission! Calm down, Tenten.
It's only a D-rank mission.
Don't worry.
I'm going to do this! I'll make sure this mission is a success! All right men, let's go! Next time on Naruto Shippuden: "Deploy! Team Tenten" I think you've got it all wrong.
Tune in again!