Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s09e09 Episode Script

Deploy! Team Tenten

We finally made it.
It's been over two years since we last came here.
Do you think he'll comply with our request willingly? I'm sure he'll help us if we tell him it's for the sake of restoring the Leaf Village.
I hope you're right.
Ninjutsu is all about challenge! It seems he hasn't changed a bit.
As you know, the village is facing a personnel shortage now.
So teams dispatched on D-rank missions will be made up of genin only.
But Guy Sensei With Lee in the hospital, we can only form two-man cells.
And that's where we shuffle! We're going to fiddle around a bit with our current team formation.
Now come on out, new face! A new face? Who is it? Naruto? I'm not sure what's going on, but I'm the new face.
What? He's the new face? I was anticipating someone really cool.
Me too.
Well, sorry to disappoint you! With Naruto added to the three-man cell, you will now be assigned a D-rank mission.
I see.
I'm taking Bushy Brow's place.
Lee will be fine! I'll keep checking on him at the hospital.
So rest assured, young one! Oww! So what's our mission? The details are in here.
You'll be the team captain for this mission, Tenten.
Huh? What?! Ordinarily, Neji would be the captain, but Tenten is the ideal one for this mission.
Me? Well, I must get going.
Good luck, all of you! Huh?! Guy Sensei! He's just going to leave us?! So? What's next, Captain? Oh, that's right.
I'm the team captain.
Maybe Neji should take over, after all.
Be quiet, newcomer! I'm the captain - for today's mission! - I-I can't breathe.
I'm going to do this! I'll make sure this mission is a success! Calm down.
It's only a D-rank mission! All right then! Let's go! Right! I think you've got this all wrong.
- Leaf's History - Deploy! Team Tenten We're here.
That's the hut? Yup.
The Leaf Ninja Tool Research Lab.
Originally, this research lab was situated inside the Leaf Village.
Our mission is to procure and if available, new ninja tools.
Why so many?! The three of us can't possibly haul them all! No wonder Tenten's the ideal captain for this mission.
Huh? Tenten's scroll uses the Transportation Technique which allows her to store and summon various ninja tools when needed.
T-Transportation Technique? You're familiar with the Summoning Jutsu, right? Yeah.
It's the ninja tool version of that.
Which means we don't need to carry anything on the way back! Exactly.
New ninja tools What's up, Captain? I wonder what these new ninja tools are like.
Ninjutsu is all about challenge! Let's go! Wait up! Hey! What about the new ninja tools?! I wonder what went wrong? Are you Sir Iou? I'm Iou.
Who are you? We're here on village business! Oh, welcome.
Umm The fire! H-Hey - Do you have new ninja tools? - Hot, hot, hot, hot! New ninja tools, you say? Yes! Don't the other tools come first? Never mind! This is a captain's decision! Shoseki, bring that to me.
Yes, sir.
Here they are.
First, this! Double-Bladed Kunai! Double-Blade Kunai? It is double bladed to make it deadlier.
Oww! Oh, by the way, the blade is coated with poison, so be careful.
Too late.
This is too risky for the wielder.
Precisely! And so, I made this! The Double-Handed Kunai! That serves no purpose.
What?! Then how about this?! Thousand-Bladed Shuriken! For starters, you can't hold it! Instead of a Chain-Sickle, it's the Sickle-Chain! Not what I'd expected.
There's nothing we can use.
What?! Do you have any other ninja tools? Well, if these little pieces don't interest you, I have something big! Something big?! Please show us! Now this is what I call a Ninja Shuriken! Why me?! Neji, switch with me! And this is? It's a shuriken that can steer left to right with the ninja as its pilot.
You just turn this lever to the left or right.
Fire! Naruto! The lever! Pull the lever! What?! Is there anything else? Right now, that's about it.
Old man! You were kicked out of the village because of your explosions and failures.
Isn't that so?! Don't say failures.
These are challenges.
You don't deny it? We've seen enough of the new tools.
Please supply the village with and 1000 regular shuriken.
I don't want to give regular ones.
Get them ready please! A-All right.
How boring, right Shoseki? Yes, so boring, Sensei.
Please get those regular ones ready, okay? Oh, what a disappointment.
What's disappointing, Captain? Well, I was looking forward to the new ninja tools.
Like those? Three members of Team Guy specialize in close-contact battles, so I often render aid from a distance.
Oh? I don't mind providing back-up, but I was hoping to find new ninja tools that would enable me to fight on the front lines.
Don't even think about that.
Just step up and fight! You're so simple, aren't you? Huh? I am? But I guess you're right.
Neji The fish is ready to eat.
Oh Then I'll go call Sir Iou and Shoseki.
No way! They ran away.
What?! Those guys are useless.
What now, Captain? Are we heading back to the Village? It's true that their inventions are useless.
But their passion for their invention is genuine! Is that so? I don't think Sir Iou would abandon this research lab.
Neji, can you search the area? Byakugan! That's You found it! What is this place? They seem to be up ahead.
This trap is so obvious! I'll destroy it! Whoa.
What's the deal, Captain?! That.
Which means That one.
What?! That was a close call.
Neji, I'll take over.
Now! Here they come! You hit them all.
This is Wow! Amazing The brilliance of the blade the design.
They're all beautiful! I want to take them all home! All right! Neji, Naruto! Bring each one here! I wonder if they'll all fit in? I-It's heavy.
What's going on? It won't budge.
Hey Do not try to take my masterpieces without permission! Please share these ninja tools with our village! No way! Huh? Why not?! The user is essential when it comes to honed weapons.
I do not want my ninja tools handled carelessly.
Still, I'm impressed that you bypassed those traps I set.
I've trained with many kinds of ninja tools.
That was nothing.
Hmm Then let me test your skill once more.
There's a ninja tool I just developed.
What is it? Here Now this is my finest masterpiece.
Jidanda! Jidanda?! What was that? Oops, I did it.
I stepped on a stupid trap.
Like it had an affect on you, Gameru.
Who are you two?! Oh, we just came to get some of your ninja tools.
I belong to the Leaf.
There's nothing for you here! The Leaf is in chaos right now.
Thanks to that, we were able to easily slip past the border.
Sir Iou! Hey, you were right, Kusune.
A three-man cell made up of kids.
The Leaf must really be short of personnel.
Neji, take the left.
Naruto, the right.
I'll provide back-up while guarding Sir Iou.
- Scatter! - Scatter! - What's that?! - It's nothing! Damn! What? That's impossible.
Those are my prototype ninja tools, Dako and Tsuru-Kame.
Why do they have it? Forgive me! What's wrong, Shoseki? Funding from the village was not enough to sustain the research, so I sold a few of the ninja tools without your knowledge.
You sold them?! The men were just collectors of ninja tools, and you told me both were only prototypes.
All weapons are ultimately used in battle! And even if they were just prototypes, they were my inventions! Take that! Naruto! Dako is a cross-shaped spear that can stretch, contract, and bend! Neji! Tsuru-Kame has a built-in firing mechanism for ninja tools.
Did I get him? What?! Leave him to me! Eat this! What are its weaknesses? There's no such thing.
I thought they were prototypes? I referred to them as prototypes only because I used its data and developed an even more powerful ninja tool.
Then please let me have that one! That isJidanda! They seem to be good at close combat, so just keep your distance.
Don't get too carried away! I'm your opponent now! This is Jidanda?! Wow! That looks cool! But it's huge.
It's heavy.
It's not about using strength! Use your technique to maneuver it.
Technique So that's Iou's new invention? If you hand it over quietly, we'll spare your life.
This is mine! Then we'll just take it from you! Damn.
Neji! I'll take you out first! Multi Shadow Clone Jutsu! Let's go! Rapid fire! Neji! Naruto! I must do something! I'm the team captain.
I'm out of bullets.
Reload complete.
No fair! What was that just now?! Like I know! It's about time we end this.
Neji! Naruto! Out of the way! She attacked with the handle?! It stretched like my spear! Can you do it? Yes! Guys! Let me handle them! R-Right! Explode! Explode! Explode! Explode! She intends to control it through the recoil of the explosions! Explode! So the blast isn't just to move the steel ball! It also acts as a defensive shield.
Go! I'll stop her! Right! We did it! We stopped her! Explode! Wow! Well done! You mastered Jidanda admirably! Sir Iou Then you'll let me have Jidanda?! No! Huh? I found a few adjustments that need to be made.
Shoseki, let's get started.
Please give it back.
Huh?! You can't do that.
You are quite adept with ninja tools.
Take all the first-rate weapons you want.
Mission complete, Tenten.
Don't be so disappointed! You were so cool, Captain.
You two Oh well! Shall we get going? Huh? Okay.
I hope they're done making adjustments on Jidanda! So this is Training Ground Zero.
Let's hurry up and catch that ostrich! The way I figure No matter whom we're up against, I'll beat them! By the way, have you three teamed up before? Umm Nope! I'm really not sure about this.
But in any case, let's start our mission! Next time on Naruto Shippuden: "Animal District" What the hell are these guys?! Tune in again!