Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s09e10 Episode Script

Animal District

Back when I was a bit younger and a bit more feisty, my greatest rival was a kid named Naruto.
- Naruto? Naruto? - Naruto? Naruto? A terrible brat who threatened my freedom.
Time was passing him by while he stood helpless.
It must have been one of his lowest times.
Sasuke had left the village and he was questioning his own strength.
That's right! Tsunade was named the Lady Hokage, and it was before he had set out with Jiraiya.
Now keep quiet! Hear the story about Naruto and me! What?! Look for a pet? That's a mission for a rookie! No thanks! There's a reason why you must go.
Hey, this is He ran away again? Furthermore, that ostrich has trained himself to become a ninja ostrich.
Wait, what? A ninja ostrich? You're dead wrong if you think this mission is simply about finding a pet! Excuse me, Lady Hokage.
What sort of odd job do you have for me next? I'm appointing you as team captain.
Team captain? Did you say team captain?! Me?! Kotetsu Hagane.
You will lead a specially formed team to capture an ostrich.
Yes, ma'am! Huh? An ostrich? The ostrich escaped into the Hidden Leaf training grounds.
Training grounds? You mean where the Chunin Exam was conducted? Where we saw those giant centipedes? We used Training Ground 44 for the Chunin Exam.
You're going to Training Ground Zero.
There's a Ground Zero? Yes.
However, it's not used for drills anymore.
In fact, it's become a preserve for fierce and unusual beasts of prey from throughout the world and entry is prohibited.
That was when I was a kid.
So it's a complete mystery how the ecology has changed.
It's also called the "No Hunting Area.
" CLOSED DOWN So this is Training Ground Zero.
That ostrich Why'd it have to escape here of all places? The way I figure, it came to this place because My arms are itching for action! And so are my legs! No matter who we're up against, I'll beat them! By the way, have you three teamed up before? Now that you mention it No, that is because I All right, fine! Let's go.
Curse you, Lady Hokage.
She just assigned any genin who was around.
What?! Kotetsu, is a team captain?! Huh? What's the matter, Izumo? You sent just him on a mission? It's not that I felt there was a difference in your abilities.
Kotetsu was available, that's all there is to it.
So don't let it bother you so much, Izumo.
Why didn't I get to go with Kotetsu?! Stop whining, you cry baby! - Leaf's History - Animal District We'll proceed in a single-line formation.
Naruto, you're first.
I'll go next.
If anything happens to the first in line, I'll back him up.
Then Shino.
Stay alert to your left and right sides.
Finally, Lee.
You bring up the rear.
I should be the rear guard.
What?! That's because someone with eyes in the back of his head is perfect as the rear guard.
I admit I don't have eyes in the back of my head, but do you? Not literally.
But my vision is similar to seeing with compound eyes.
Just get to the point, Shino! You want to say that your insects will watch our backs, right?! Don't rush to a conclusion.
That's because, unless the captain agrees, we can't change positions.
You take the rear, Shino.
And you'll also be my lieutenant.
What?! If there's a lieutenant, I should be the one! I'm the only one who's familiar with the ostrich! That's why you're in the lead position.
Now, start walking.
By the way, Captain.
Where's the ostrich supposed to be? Huh? I thought you knew.
Lady Hokage said so.
I only know what he looks like.
I don't know where he is.
Lady Hokage! Why didn't you assign sensory-type ninja on this mission?! Like a Hyuga or an Inuzuka They're all gone.
Lady Hokage Sowhat'll we do? I'll find it.
Shino? So you're from the Aburame clan.
I'm counting on you! Did you locate it yet, Shino? It's a huge area.
Calm down.
This is like a tropical jungle.
Don't laugh! It's your fault that I got assigned to this silly mission! It's useless talking to it.
No Keep distracting him.
Wh-What is it? I'll surround him.
Go for it, Shino! Of course.
That goes without saying.
All right! In that case, leave this one to me! Your pa's belly button is an outie! What's with that laugh?! And why shouldn't he laugh? He's taking you for a fool.
Wh-What?! It's certainly true that he has a father.
But you can't say that the father has an outie.
You are such a pain! Get to the point, Shino! That's because ostriches come from eggs.
Damn! Making a fool of me! Enough! Well, Shino, are you done? Strange What is it? My insects are not reacting.
Don't tell methose are insectivorous plants? Kofura, Kopushi, Komure Kononoka, Komiruwa, Konomo, Kogure, Kokoko, Koeoku Hey, calm down! My insects Half of them were eaten.
You're not getting away.
Hey! Let's go, Shino.
I can't go any further.
That's because I risk losing more insects.
Then take another route and meet us! Hey! Hold it! So fast! It's an ostrich, all right.
Leave it to me.
My leg strength has Guy Sensei's seal of approval! Just get going! Yes, sir! Bushy Brow sure is fast! Get ready! This foreign taijutsu, it's boxing! Huh? Hey, what happened to Bushy Brow? Here I come, Naruto! Bring it on! Huh?! Did he just talk?! I knew someone would come after me, but I never expected you.
It must be fate.
However, fate ends here, Naruto.
I'll defeat you and become truly free! Hey ostrich.
Don't get too excited just from defeating Naruto! I'm still here.
The captain! Captain? Then you go down first.
Don't underestimate humans! Ostrich Aerial! I-Impossible Captain! Sorry But this time, I'm serious! Ostrich Hurricane! What's wrong, Kotetsu? Wh-What was that just now?! Ostrich Rising Dragon Kick! We make a pretty good team.
That couldn't have been Shining Ostrich Kick! Let's also become jonin some day.
It's a flashback.
A vision you see before death.
Am I going to die here? Against an ostrich? Don't get too carried away! 'Cuz I'm your opponent now! Wait, Naruto! Let's retreat for now.
So, you throw a variety of speedy punches.
However, you can't win with punches alone.
I use my legs, do body throws, as well as locking techniques.
That punch is old news.
You are just an animal, after all! What was that just now?! A tail?! One, two, three.
That tail came as a surprise, but it's a monotonous combination.
One, two, three That's as far as you'll get! Where did that come from?! Let's fall back for now! We took them too lightly.
We thought they were nothing more than animals.
But they're not.
They have the intelligence to lure and separate us.
They can talk, and fight with skill.
We can't go easy on them.
Our mission is to capture.
But I'll look the other way if you overdo it a bit.
Go Captain! That's such a relief to hear.
It's better than getting beaten up by an ostrich or kangaroo.
Listen up, humans! Get out of here now! This land belongs to us, the animals! If humans domesticate us, we'll end up losing our fangs and claws! You don't have fangs! Silence! You can never capture me! For I am codenamed, Condor! Don't call yourself "Condor" when you're nothing but an ostrich! Who cares! We won't stand for anyone who takes away our freedom! We'll show you the power of the Four Ninja Animal Warriors! Four Ninja Animal Warriors? What a laugh.
You can't even count! Let's attack! I already am.
Wh-What?! An anteater?! It's an insectivore! My insects - Let's go, Bushy Brow! - Right! You again? Well, it won't go like the last time.
You're not getting away! Shadow Clone Jutsu! Clone Jutsu! An ostrich who does Clone Jutsu?! They're just clones! There's only one that's real! An ostrich that can do Shadow Clones.
I get it, Captain! They're all real ostriches! He even had them waiting for an ambush? Damn you! I'm serious this time.
Leaf Hurricane! Wha-?! Four Ninja Animal Warriors I get it now.
Lee! Guess it's either do or die.
Bring it on! Here I come! You're mine! Substitution Jutsu?! Captain! Behind you! What?! What's wrong, Kotetsu.
Not again We make a pretty good team.
Th-That really was Let's also become jonin some day.
You and I.
A-A flashback.
I'm going to die after all.
Sorry, Izumo! I can't keep my promise.
Kotetsu, dodge! I'm even starting to hear his voice.
Don't give up! Stand up! Ostrich Meteor Blast! Reinforcements, eh? Izumo! You! We'll use that attack! R-Right! I'm counting on you! Water Style: Syrup Trap! You're mine! W-Wait! I don't think so! Let's go! Crushed It's finally over.
My side too.
I also managed somehow.
Izumo Thanks for coming.
You were a lifesaver.
If you hadn't come, I'd be There's one problem, though.
I came without finishing up some business for Lady Hokage.
When we get back, it'll be my turn to help you out.
Hey Damn it! Don't try running away again.
I'm sure you would understand, but What is it? You jerk! It's sticky! Don't think I'm going to give up! This is the fate Naruto and I share.
He'll keep interfering with my freedom.
Hey! Condor! Did you run away again?! We'll continue this next time! Hey, wait! Idiot, idiot, idiot! Condor! You idiot! Idiot! The Special Youth Drink I make for Lee requires a necessary ingredient: the Jofuku Flower.
It's a mystical plant that only grows at Mount Jofuku, near the borderline of the Land of Fire.
It is said to glow in seven colors, and cures all sort of illness! But because of it's rarity, it cannot easily be picked or Then I'll go get them for you! Next time on Naruto Shippuden: "Ah, the Medicine of Youth" Will you let me finish my sentence?! So this is Lord Jiraiya's secret code? From what I heard, Shikamaru and the Cipher Corps are working to decipher it.
Jeez! Why didn't Lady Tsunade come to us? We can't keep our fans happy with boring duties like gate-keeping and archiving data.
Back then, we were proctors for Shikamaru and the others.
Now, he's the same rank as us.
IZUMO: KOTETSU: No, he's higher than us.
Well, there's only one thing to do! We'll just have to decipher this code before they do! - And leave them speechless! - And leave them speechless! Izumo, Kotetsu, I have a job for you.
Sorry to interrupt.
- Wait! No, no! - Wait! No, no! - It's not what you think, Lady Tsunade! - It's not what you think, Lady Tsunade! Tune in again!