Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s09e12 Episode Script

Tale of the Gutsy Teacher and Student Ninja - Part 1

If you intend to pursue Sasuke, then forget about training.
Anbu Black Ops will watch you, and depending on the situation, you may be forbidden from leaving the Leaf Village.
You are not an ordinary kid.
You have the Nine-Tails inside you.
The situation being what it is, if you ignore my words and act willfully, I won't have a choice.
In time, you will be forced to deal with someone more troublesome than Orochimaru.
So you must forget about Sasuke.
This was bound to happen sooner or later, it's fate.
Don't suffer anymore.
Put it behind you.
It's not just jutsu and power.
A ninja must also hone his judgment and his ability to make the right choices.
If you are a ninja, become wiser.
Fools cannot survive in our world.
That is the reality.
So I'll stay a fool for the rest of my life.
Even if I have to do it alone, I'll figure out some amazing jutsu and save Sasuke, no matter what! And, and If someone like you tries to do it alone you'll probably come up with some silly Pervy ninjutsu.
But maybe, a big fool like you might be able to manage something.
Be ready when you're discharged, you fool of fools.
So long.
Just watch me.
What're you doing? Let's go, Naruto! You got it! - Leaf’'s History - Gutsy Master and Student: The Training Why do I have to train to break free of genjutsu now? Don’'t you remember what your goal for training was? Sasuke! I won't let Orochimaru have you! Even if I have to break every bone in your body, I'll stop you! Just what are you anyway? Your friend! That's why I'm telling you, Orochimaru can't have you.
I'm weak.
That's why I couldn't stop him.
I couldn't bring him back! That's why Yes.
Then why?! He has the Sharingan.
Someone who possesses the Sharingan and can manipulate ocular power will obviously be good at genjutsu.
It goes without saying that Sasuke will have mastered genjutsu.
If you cannot defend yourself against it, how do you expect to bring him back? Okay, I get it.
The enemy takes control of your inner chakra.
That is genjutsu.
If you can create a disturbance within your own chakra, the genjutsu itself cannot work.
I don't know if I can do such a thing.
You've already had experience doing it.
Huh? I did? During your Rasengan training, you learned to release chakra and rotate it in your palms.
All right! Just watch me! So Yes.
Instead of releasing chakra into your palms, you disrupt it inside your body.
That's easy.
All right then.
Let's get some real practice! Summoning Jutsu! Oh, if it isn't Jiraiya Honey! Thank you for coming so far, Mr.
Oh come on, no need to be so polite.
I-I can't breathe.
Oh, who is this cute boy? He's Naruto.
Huh?! What is this guy?! Hello, Naruto boy.
He's I have a favor to ask, Mr.
I want you to teach him how to break a genjutsu.
What should I do? Well, since none other than Jiraiya Honey is asking me.
– Naruto! Come on, you must ask him too! – H-Hey, stop it! What're you doing? So cute.
Let's train right away, Naruto boy! What?! I'll be very gentle.
What is this place? Where exactly am I? Huh? Pervy Sage? Hey, Pervy Sage! Where the heck is this? You are in the genjutsu world, my boy.
D-Don't come near me.
I’'m not letting you escape! I'm gonna break this genjutsu quickly and get out of here! Let's see Disrupt the chakra inside my body.
These dumplings are awfully good.
Oh? Jeez! What are you releasing? I told you, disrupt the chakra inside you! No! You fool! Release! Huh? What happened? You tried to disrupt chakra inside the genjutsu world, but in reality you released it and set it off.
Oh, This means it's back to basic chakra control, rather than actual combat training.
I don't think Naruto boy and I are compatible.
Disrupt inside my body.
Once more! This is harder than doing the Rasengan.
Rotate it inside my body.
Yes! That's the way! You keep releasing it.
You've got a ways to go.
Well Pervy Sage Let's just call it a day.
Say! Say! Why did you choose me? I guess when it comes to amazing Sage Jutsu, only someone with my level of talent can inherit it, right? Long ago, I taught the Fourth Hokage.
And you have an uncanny resemblance to him.
I guess that's the only reason.
I resemble the Fourth Hokage? Naruto is Minato's son and precious keepsake.
He's like a grandson to me.
If Naruto could carry on my dreams, then Good! I guess we can move on to the next step in training.
Say, say Is there a decent genjutsu master someplace else? A sea of forest surrounds the village where we are headed.
A special magnetic field exists in that area that affects a person's chakra flow in the brain.
Hence, if anyone traveling through the region takes the wrong path, he could end up in a situation similar to being under a genjutsu.
It's the perfect location to wrap up your genjutsu training.
Wow! Sounds like fun! All right! Let's go! Let's do it! Pervy Sage! When are we gonna reach this village? We're almost there.
Huh? I don't see a thing.
If you wander, you'll end up in a genjutsu.
Oww! Cripes, what the hell? What's this? I don't know! There was nothing like this the last time I came.
Hey! Chili pepper? That's powerful.
Go away! What's the big idea?! We're not enemies.
Aren't you Tanishi? It’s me, Jiraiya.
Your parents provided generous hospitality when I last visited here to do research on my novel.
You're Tanishi, after all.
I remember that mole on your forehead.
What’'s going on? You know this kid, Pervy Sage? How are Sukune and Yone? Shut up! Don't come near here! No one can come near this village! Why not? Shut up! What's wrong, Tanishi? Did something happen? There'll be trouble if they see you! Hey! What's going on? Let's take our leave for now, Naruto.
Jeez, what's up with that? It was a peaceful village when I last came.
But something made those once friendly villagers put up a wall to keep strangers out, and even arm themselves.
This isn't something we can simply ignore.
I'll take over guard duty.
There are two suspicious characters hanging around.
Be careful.
Got it.
You must be tired from all-night guard duty.
Go and get some rest, Tanishi.
Don’'t make any noise.
We just want to help.
Tell me what's going on in the village.
Okay, okay.
Just put that down.
But I didn'’t want to start a commotion.
Where is Sukune? Please leave.
If they find out you're in the village, the other villagers will get killed.
What do you mean? We've come to borrow the power of this area.
In order to perfect our genjutsu! You villagers can live inside my genjutsu.
Mom! Dad! Our village has been protected by illusions and we have lived in harmony with illusions.
We discovered a way to get out of illusions using these red balls made from chili peppers.
Don't worry, everyone! I, Sukune, promise to protect you! You guys! Get out of our village! It would be smarter to help me.
The illusions made by the trees are blessings from the gods to protect our village! They are not for your protection! – He's right! Get out! – Get out! Change! What? Starting now I, Kandachi, will rule this village.
The women and children are hostages! If any word about us leaks out of the village, consider the hostages dead! Don't kid yourself! As if we'd let you have your way with us! Dad! This is nothing.
Defying me is useless.
Dad, stop! Don’'t fight anymore! This village Don't be stupid! Stop! Stop! Dad was murdered.
The women and children were taken hostage.
So there's no way the men can fight back.
So that'’s what happened.
Your dad was a great man.
Shut up! Dad was a fool.
What are you saying? He's a brave man who tried to save the village! I'm not going to be a fool like him! He threw his life away against someone he couldn’'t beat! Hey, you If we don't do a thing, we won't get killed.
That’'s our only option! So please Don't do anything more.
Just leave before those guys find you! And you call yourself— Understood! Pervy Sage?! I can understand his reasons, but I can't just leave the villagers I'm indebted to.
That's more like it! Tanishi! Is he one of the two suspicious men you mentioned? Damn right, he And they call me the Great Jiraiya.
I was so careless.
Let's take him to Lord Kandachi right away.
The other one should be wandering around nearby.
So stay on the lookout here.
– Right.
– Right.
That island is Looks like the hostages are being kept there.
It’'s all your fault.
You guys ruined everything! You'’re wrong.
Do you really believe that he'll release the hostages one day? Tanishi, remember your father'’s actions! Think about why he chose to fight! If you keep believing that your father died a senseless death, this village will never be saved! Next time on Naruto Shippuden: “Record of the Gutsy Ninja Master and Student” We won'’t let you guys have this village! Tune in again!