Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s09e13 Episode Script

Tale of the Gutsy Teacher and Student Ninja - Part 2

"Record of the Gutsy Ninja Master and Student" Lord Kandachi! It appears our real enemy is finally making his appearance.
We captured the suspicious fellow who trespassed into our village.
Kid, did you catch him? Y-Yes, sir.
You actually caught Jiraiya, one of the Sannin of the Hidden Leaf.
I know that ugly mug.
You're Kandachi, known as Hanzo of the Salamander's right-hand man! What a place to run into you.
Don't tell me you deserted your village? The Hidden Rain village no longer has a leader.
In fact, it's no longer our village.
Oh? If we hadn't hidden ourselves, we'd probably have been killed as rebels too.
Kid! You'll be rewarded for bringing Jiraiya here.
Tell me what you want.
He's not me! He's a fake! Huh?! T-Two Tanishis?! What's going on? Who are you?! Why did you have to show up now, of all times?! You're Yup I figured as much.
Kid, you let Jiraiya enter the village, didn't you? You're gonna pay a hefty price for that.
Mom! W-What are you going to do?! I'm gonna keep my promise! And feed your friends to Conch King! My word Ninja Art! Conch Whip! Stop! Please stop! Damn him! Shadow Clone Jutsu! What an unusual jutsu you use.
Here I come! Rasengan! What?! Naruto! That's why I told you to stay out of this! I beg you! Please spare the lives of my village friends! Not likely.
Because I made you a promise.
Please! Please spare everyone.
You're asking the wrong person.
It made no difference whether we came or not.
Do you really believe that he'll release the hostages one day? Remember your father Sukune! Think about why he chose to fight! If you keep believing that your father died a senseless death, this village will never be saved! Pervy Sage! Get everyone out of the cages! Right, leave it to me! I don't think so! Whoa! I'm your opponent! Fire Style: Flame Bombs! All right! My side's done! Got it! Shadow Clone Jutsu! You're still coming at me? You're a fool who doesn't know how weak you are.
Shut up! I can't sit still until I pulverize cowards like you! You're a glutton for punishment! Conch Spear! Rasengan! Conch Whip! Give it up, Leaf brat.
Nope, not yet.
Until I bring you down, I won't give up! If I went against my word, I wouldn't be who I am! It's useless! D-Damn it Conch Spear! This is nothing.
No, not yet.
Why? Why?! This villagedoes not belong to you! Why?! Desperately charging at a foe you have no chance of beating.
You are such a fool.
Yeah If that's what fools do, I'm a fool.
I'm a giant fool who never gives up once my mind is made up! If you keep believing that your father died a senseless death, this village will never be saved! Damn Damn Damn! H-Hey I I I Tanishi, get everyone to safety! You can do that much, can't you? I'm going to beat that guy! What are you doing? Hurry, go! O-Okay.
Tanishi, what are you going to do?! I'm going to save everyone! You're going to defy Lord Kandachi?! Obeying him only meant he kept us alive.
Now you're talking! Spoken like a true son of Sukune! I'll leave the rest to you! Okay, everyone.
I'll let you out now! Jeez, don't blame me if things get worse! Ready, pull! Sorry to keep you waiting, Kandachi.
I thought I could kill some time with this kid, but I guess not.
Are you all right, Naruto?! Oh yeah I have lots left in me.
Hurry, this way! Ninja Art! Needle Jizo! What?! I'll back you up.
Finish him off, Naruto! Time for your payback.
Right! There's no way he can beat me.
So both of you are fools, eh? Well then I'll take care of both of you with this jutsu! Water Style Genjutsu! Mystic Fog Prison! What is that? W-What? Pervy Sage?! What's going on? Damn it! M-My hand You cannot weave signs, can you? I-It's no good.
I can't move my body at all.
We're almost there.
Hurry, everyone.
What happened to them? They were touched by the breath of the Conch King and are under a genjutsu.
We'll finish them off.
Take it easy.
But We chose this site because the special magnetic field created by the trees surrounding this swamp greatly increases the genjutsu power of the Conch King.
Even someone like Jiraiya cannot break this genjutsu.
Furthermore, these two will be overcome by fear due to their paralysis.
It's just a matter of time before they have a mental breakdown.
Damn I can't move.
Instead, go and get the runaway villagers! Yes sir! They won't find you here.
Stay put until I come back.
But where are you going, Tanishi? You're not going out there! You'll be killed this time! I finally understand that you can't just keep running away.
But against those monsters?! Don't be a fool! A fool? I'm a giant fool who never gives up once my mind is made up! Yeah So I'm a fool.
If I went against my word, I wouldn't be who I am.
That Hidden Leaf fellow taught me.
Dad probably felt the same way.
If we just do whatever they tell us to do, we'll lose sight of ourselves.
Well said, Tanishi! Mom! You're Sukune's son, after all! Please look after the others! You bet! Be careful.
W-What happened?! We were caught inside a genjutsu until now.
Naruto, it's a chili pepper ball.
Close your eyes! Impossible They broke out of the genjutsu?! H-Hot Naruto, wake up! Y-You?! Why didn't you run away?! I decided to become a big fool like you! That's great! Now leave the rest to me! Then you take care of the big one by yourself.
Huh?! A Shadow Clone?! What?! How did you escape my genjutsu?! You see It was just a clone that fell under your genjutsu.
Pervy Sage! Naruto! Do you have any chakra left? Yeah! I have loads and loads of it.
Then we'll start with the big one! But Rasengan won't work on him! That was a failed attempt.
Remember your training.
You should be able to release a huge Rasengan, like the one you created that sent Mr.
Gamariki flying! I get it! All right! Shadow Clone Jutsu! Here we go! Right! Hey, are you serious? That jutsu won't work on the Conch King.
All right Just like the last time, but outside my body.
You don't know when to give up, do you, fool?! I'll get you first! Well? How's it coming along?! Just a little more.
Give me a little more time! All right! I'll confine it! Art of the Raging Lion's Mane! How long do you think you can hang on? Hurry! Getting tired, eh? Naruto What? What is that?! Pervy Sage! Right! Damn it! Repel him! Here I go! Giant Rasengan! Well done! Why?! Why'd you take hostages and try to rule over the village? You could of just asked the village to hide you guys! Like I'd trust strangers.
I'm Kandachi of the Hidden Rain.
I'm no fool.
If you had been one, things would've been much easier.
We did it.
Dad, the village is at peace again.
The power of the trees will protect us again.
Dad I'll protect Mom and the rest of the village just as you did, Dad.
I promise.
Since we found out, I doubt that those Hidden Rain fellows will return to this village.
I've been able to repay Sukune for his hospitality.
Thank you so much.
We're the ones who should be thanking you.
If Tanishi hadn't come that time, we'd have been finished off in the genjutsu.
You're probably right.
Oww! He gets so carried away! Such a fool, this one.
Minato Naruto has grown up.
Far better than I imagined.
He's just as gutsy and tenacious as the both of us.
You were more than a teacher.
You were like a father to me.
Sensei, I know he too will love you like family.
Then I guess that makes Naruto my grandson.
What're you muttering about, Pervy Sage? Oh, nothing.
A grandson like you A grandson like me? What the hell?! Are you going senile?! Now, now, don't say that and come closer, grandson! What? That's creepy! Cut it out! Get away from me, Pervy Sage! Aw Don't say that.
Then I say I'll go this way, and you can go that way, Pervy Sage! What? We're going to catch another cat?! Not quite.
It's actually a Nekomata.
Your mission is to capture its paw stamp.
Whatever it is, it's a D-rank mission so no thanks! Right, Sasuke? You guys don't have to come if you don't want to.
This is an Uchiha No, MY mission.
Next time on Naruto Shippuden: "Sasuke's Paw Encyclopedia" I will complete this mission! Tune in again!