Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s09e15 Episode Script

Naruto and the Old Soldier

Quite fascinating this boy, Naruto Uzumaki.
He managed to save our Village from danger.
I am Hayama, the team leader for today's mission.
Nice to meet you all.
I've been dying for a mission, Captain Hayama.
Yeah! Say, old man, we're having a strategy meeting before the mission.
You're in our way, so scoot! Naruto He's a member of our team.
Huh? This old man is a ninja?! Haven't you heard of Kosuke, the Eternal Genin? Eternal Genin? How long have you been doing this for? It'll be fifty years this year.
Fifty years?! I guess that's amazing, in a way.
Captain Hayama, isn't there someone a little better? I personally asked Kosuke to join us.
From what I understand, he is very helpful to have around.
And me? What about me? I didn't ask for you in particular, but I needed another genin and you happened to be the one.
Our mission is to patrol the northern border.
Patrol? Talk about an easygoing mission.
If nothing goes awry, it's an easy C-rank mission.
However, we can't take anything for granted right now.
Hence, we're being dispatched.
The destruction of the Hidden Leaf just took place.
So the ninja of other lands won't let this opportunity pass.
Is that it? Exactly, Tekuno.
And so, our mission is to keep our enemies in check.
We will show our enemies that the Hidden Leaf ninja are as vigilant as ever.
I don't see anything around here! I found mushrooms! Hey old man You shouldn't scatter the area like that! Captain Hayama ordered us to track enemy footprints, remember?! No traces of the enemy in this area.
I agree.
You agree? All you were doing was picking mushrooms, old man! I'm done laying traps.
Kosuke, is there somewhere suitable to set up camp? Oh yes.
The Second Hokage's cave is near here.
The Second Hokage? It's a cave I found when I came here in service to the Second Hokage.
H-How long ago was that? When you've been a genin for fifty years as I have, chances are you've worked with many who became great masters.
I remember teaming up with Lord Jiraiya, one of the Legendary Sannin, as well as Lord Sakumo, known as the White Fang, back when they were still young.
They sound like pretty tall tales to me.
Say, Naruto, would you mind catching some crabs or fish with that? Can't! I've been assigned to examine whatever floats downstream! So while you're at it No way! Captain said to watch if any evidence of the enemy floats by.
Not bad! I laid the traps.
Man, that smells good.
Yum! It sure tastes good! Well then, I'm going to prepare our beds.
See? Kosuke is good to have around.
He sure is useful.
I'm the one who caught the fish.
You Do you intend to spend the rest of your life as a genin? How is it? Oh Nothing suspicious.
If no enemy shows up, then that would be ideal.
I'll take over the watch.
Don't fall asleep.
I'm not sleeping! - Leaf's History - Naruto and the Old Soldier Hey! Come on, old man! There are no enemies in this area.
How would you know such a thing? See these birds? They were completely off guard to human presence.
This tastes great! It's so good! Oh, is it? I'm glad you like it.
I'm sure it was around here.
It's a spring that the Third Hokage and I discovered long ago.
Just how long ago was this anyway? This is where I received a harsh lecture from the Third Hokage.
From Old Man Third Hokage? How come? He questioned if I had the Will of Fire.
Will of Fire? Captain! There's a change in the air.
Be on your guard.
What ninja are you? If you don't answer, we'll take this as trespassing into the Land of Fire and Tekuno, blow them up! There are still about twenty of them.
This is more than a small scouting party.
Captain Hayama! They got us hemmed in! The left and right are diversions! Up above! Shock Blade! We're changing strategy.
One of us must get away and make it back to the Leaf Village to report this.
Captain?! Tekuno, take charge.
Yes, sir! Let's go.
Come, Naruto.
Earth Style?! I am Hidden Leaf Jonin, Hayama Shirakumo! Don't think you'll get out of here alive! Will the captain be all right by himself? I have faith in him! The enemy seems to be quite strong in numbers.
The captain acted as a lure, and they still have enough men to split up and pursue us?! What'll we do, Tekuno?! If we can buy some time, we'll be able to reach our second line of defense.
You need time? Leave it to me! Multi Shadow Clone Jutsu! Go! What's the matter, Naruto? They already wiped out my clones! The enemy is right behind us! You two, go on ahead.
But You guys will only be in my way! Tekuno! Go! Come and get me! They've recruited some awfully swift ninja.
Leaf Ninja Art Yanagi.
So strong.
Old man.
What kind of jutsu was that? When you've been a genin for fifty years, you pick up a few tricks.
No way! No way was that a genin jutsu! Well, neither is your Shadow Clone Jutsu, right? That's I had my reasons.
I also had my share of reasons in the past.
It was It was my fault.
I'm Being a ninja means you risk death.
It wasn't your responsibility alone.
They died because I gave a careless order! I wanted to become a chunin and was thinking only of success.
Say Naruto, will you report back to the village alone? Huh? What about you? We must demonstrate to them that the military strength of the Hidden Leaf remains intact.
Then let me help! Someone must go back to report this! Please go! I'm counting on you, Naruto.
Earth Style: Landslide Jutsu! Explode! If you are determined to spend the rest of your life as a genin, so be it.
However, I will not allow you to slack off.
Follow me.
I will beat my jutsu into you! Water Style: Water Barrier! Avalanche Formation! Shuriken Shadow Clone Jutsu! A-An artificial leg?! Having trouble, old man? You sure made it difficult for us.
Difficult? Difficult, you say?! You sacrificed your genin like they were nothing.
Is this your way of doing things?! If ordered to give your life, you obey.
Isn't that what genin are supposed to do? Didn't you use two of your subordinates as diversions? The two who stayed behind to buy us time were the jonin.
They did it so we genin could escape! What?! There isn't a single ninja among the Hidden Leaf who would sacrifice the lives of genin! Y-You mean genin took out so many of us? Unforgivable It's absolutely unforgivable! Don't think for a moment that you will have a swift and painless death! I'll cut your body up into little pieces.
You've done enough to atone for your comrades' death.
Enough, Kosuke, become a jonin.
But Third Hokage, I'm still Otherwise, from now on you'll only be assigned the light missions of a genin.
As long as I'm alive, I won't let you go to your death on a mission.
If you are a Hidden Leaf ninja, find your Will of Fire! Do not burn away your life senselessly.
Second Hokage Third Hokage Did I also have a Will of Fire? Naruto Why? I don't need to run away! What? Because I'm not gonna die in a place like this.
What are you saying? I'm gonna be the Hokage! And a guy who plans on becoming the Hokage can't allow a comrade to die for him! You are so rash.
Of course it hurts.
Please try not to do this ever again.
I will not allow a comrade to give his life for me! As long as I'm alive, I won't let you go to your death on a mission.
Make amends after you come through alive.
O-Old man? I don't think I can die just yet.
Hey! Are you two done? Behold, the Hidden Leaf Ninja! Huh? I won't allow the Hidden Leaf to be destroyed by the likes of you! Just die, old man! I will not! Earth Style: Earth Dragon! Water Style: Water Dragon! Naruto Yes? Like father, like son.
How true.
I'm gonna be the Hokage! We have to go back for Captain Hayama and Tekuno.
Right! And the enemy ninja attacked! And I turned to the hero who saved the Leaf Village and shouted, "Go! Leave them to me!" Sounds like a pretty tall tale to me.
Captain Hayama! Say something.
Yeah, sure.
Jeez! You left behind a fine son, Fourth Hokage.
Hey, did you see that Sakura? That woman walking with Kakashi was beautiful! Could she be Kakashi's So you're interested too, eh? Idiot! It's not like that.
Stop acting like you're not.
Hey guys! They're going.
So what are we going to do? Isn't it obvious? We'll secretly follow them! Next time on Naruto Shippuden: "Kakashi Love Song" This is big news! Tune in again!