Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s09e16 Episode Script

Kakashi's Love Song

People of the Leaf Village.
I am here to offer you a moment's respite with some song and dance.
Hanare - Leaf's History - Kakashi Love Song Hey.
Good job on another mission.
Now I can finally eat Ichiraku ramen! Sounds good.
You're treating, Naruto.
Huh? Oh, fine already.
But you know How about you treating us for a change, Sasuke? I'm off to train.
Then, maybe Kakashi Sensei can Huh? Wow She's beautiful.
Was she arrested? I'm told she's a kunoichi who disguised herself as a street performer to gather information about the Land of Fire.
What's going to happen to her now? Well, she'll be interrogated to see just what she found out.
They'll use whatever means necessary.
Until she starts talking.
To the "Honesty Room.
" She is well trained to be able to resist your interrogation.
Not even a single moan, sir.
Only the sound of her gritting her teeth.
What an impressive kunoichi.
Well then We'll have to reach into that silence and find her inner voice.
I understand.
Then please summon Inoichi.
They looklike clouds.
Just like the ones from that day.
We're done with the pain.
Time for a more humane approach.
Hanare Infiltrate the Land of Fire and investigate the state of affairs in the Hidden Leaf.
The Hidden Leaf Village? Our nation has survived through the years not with military might, but espionage.
We use the information we gather to plan strategies and gain the advantage in diplomatic negotiations with other nations to avert conflict.
The fate of our nation rests in your hands, Hanare.
Yes sir! I will not fail you.
What's that? That headband It belongs to the Hidden Lock Village in the Land of Key.
She was captured before she had infiltrated the Hidden Leaf.
She didn't learn anything of importance.
Sorry, but now it's my turn to get some information about your village.
What's going on? She has no memories about her village at all.
Was it my imagination? What? Memories of me as a kid? Yeah, do you remember anything? No, I've never met her.
I see.
Did you learn anything else? Nothing significant.
And she had no memory regarding the Lock Village.
She probably purged it.
Purged? But, something is bothering me.
Just something Part of it is the fact that she had memories of you.
But she's hiding something.
Something that even I can't dig up.
And that, Kakashi, is what I want you to find out.
Huh? Me? But I'm not a member of the Intel Division.
With your Sharingan, you may be able to see further into her psyche.
Are you a fool? You're showing me around the very village I infiltrated for espionage.
You won't find anything different here than in any other village.
And besides, I thought you could use some air after being in that stuffy place.
Which flower should I choose? What? Uh-huh What? No way! What?! Kakashi Sensei?! Kakashi? Are you curious too? It's not like that.
It's that lady! You know, the one we saw at the gate.
The one accused of being a spy.
Oh yeah! That pretty lady! What's Kakashi doing with someone like her? Hey! Come over here.
It's not like I'm trying to draw out information from you.
I was just asked to spend the day with you.
Once the day is done, so is my duty.
What will happen to me? Who knows? That cloud resembles Naruto.
And next to that is Sasuke maybe? I seemy mother and father, who gave me life.
Although I never met them.
When things got hard, when I was sad, I always looked up at the clouds.
I'd stare at the clouds and imagine.
Life in the village And my parents who supposedly live there.
Otherwise, I couldn't have endured.
Not knowing who my parents were, and not knowing about my village.
Or my fate of being born simply to become a spy.
I can't hear them.
But they seem suited for each other.
How silly.
I'm going to get closer.
I don't know my village.
I was raised outside the village, so that I couldn't divulge any information in case I was captured.
And to this day, I risked my life to carry out missions for a homeland I've never even seen.
That's why it meant everything To have a home.
To have people who would accept me.
Why tell me? You've remained silent all this time.
That's because you taught me.
I knew the moment I saw you.
That you were the boy from back then.
I wanted to see my parents and I set out for the village.
But I got lost and was feeling helpless.
You told me to look up at the clouds whenever I'm feeling lonely.
Because clouds change their form so you can envision the things you wish for.
You said as long as you have hope, the clouds will always answer your call.
I always searched for your likeness in the clouds.
So I recognized you immediately, even though you've changed quite a bit.
Because you've always been in my heart.
You were my hope.
Whoa Things are starting to heat up.
Wait, Naruto! You'll Hey, you three! Huh?! Uh You see, this is Give me that! Give me that! C-Congratulations! Huh? Thank you.
The Lock Village has captured Riichi, one of our jonin.
The Lock Village? You mean the village where that kunoichi is from? Yes And the other side has proposed to exchange Riichi for Hanare.
Fortunately, it seems Hanare holds very little information about the Land of Fire and the Leaf Village.
So releasing her would be harmless.
No, you can't! I'm opposed to returning Hanare to them! It's not a Transformation Jutsu.
That is definitely Riichi.
All right! One man from each side will accompany their prisoner, and the exchange will be made at the center of the bridge.
Agreed? Agreed! Kakashi Sensei I never thought it would turn out like this.
I won't let you go.
Hanare! Bring back information on the Hidden Leaf without fail! Retreat! It's begun! Old man, give up! Don't underestimate us Lock ninja.
Once a key is locked, not even death could open it! How did you know? That day You were weaving a sign with your eye.
Without realizing it, my Sharingan read ahead of your sign and I learned your jutsu.
With that jutsu, I was able to see inside my own brain.
Your right eye does not look at the outside world.
That eye sees your inner world, inside your own brain and it can look deep into the thoughts of anyone who infiltrates your mind.
You purposely let yourself be captured and lured your interrogator into your brain.
And you were secretly gathering information from the interrogator's mind without him knowing it.
Every bit of knowledge that Inoichi had about the Leaf Village.
And you would take the information with you during the prisoner exchange.
At first, I was opposed to the swap.
But I wanted to rescue Riichi.
So we planned to recapture you immediately after the prisoner exchange.
That wasn't necessary.
The information I stole has already been deleted from my brain.
You expect me to believe you? See for yourself with that eye.
It's what I wish, so I know you will believe me.
The Leaf Village was just like what I had imagined of the home I have yet to see.
As I walked with you through the village, I felt so at home, even though it was my first time there.
When Naruto and his friends gave us their blessing, I felt like I was accepted in to the village.
I truly believed so.
Andthat's why I can't betray my home.
You Even if I go back now, I'll probably be charged for erasing the information I had, and be executed.
If that is the case, then I choose to die at your hands! I'll be able to die believing, for the first time in my life, I was able to do something good for my home.
For my birthplace I cannot kill someone who has lost her pride as a ninja.
A ninja never allows their emotions to get in the way of the mission.
I wanted to fight you as a ninja until the end.
So that's your answer.
Kakashi Sensei! Where's Hanare? I guess she felt cornered and gave up.
She jumped off the cliff.
An admirable ninja.
- No - Are you okay with this, Kakashi Sensei?! What if that lady really did love you? Enough! Hey, Neji! Can you help us out with our interview? We want to make a newspaper about Naruto's achievements! Sorry, but ask someone else.
That's mean of you, Neji.
All the younger students are looking forward to this! Please! Oh, fine.
Then let me tell you a very special story.
Next time on Naruto Shippuden: "Neji Chronicles" Now listen very carefully Tune in again!