Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s12e01 Episode Script

Land Ahoy! Is this the Paradise Island?

They should be getting there soon.
Are you talking about Naruto? Yes.
The Raikage wouldn't disclose the exact location, but he did say it was the ideal place to lay low.
If only Naruto will do as he's told and stay hidden.
Knowing his personality, once he finds out that war has broken out, he'll want to rush out onto the battlefield.
I told Naruto that he was going on a highly classified S-rank mission.
I'm sure the others will follow along and play their parts.
Octopus, octopus, octopus! An octopus is supposed to help guide me.
Remember? Giant Gramps Sage foretold it.
Listen, Naruto… I have seen a prophecy involving you.
You will soon be meeting an octopus.
Where is this octopus? Can't you give more clues? It's not clear, but it's an isolated island.
People don't go near it.
It's like a paradise for creatures.
To me, it looks like it would be a fun resort.
And there, the octopus should be of help to you.
In any case, you will find your way.
That's right, it was an octopus.
He was right about this being an isolated island paradise.
I'm sure there's no mistake about meeting someone to guide me.
Naruto hasn't figured it out yet.
Please start preparing to disembark soon.
Oh, I can see the island! No kidding! An…island paradise? It's like the Hidden Leaf's Forest of Death.
But this is a bit more extreme.
This is a resort? Don't worry it's safe.
As long as we don't provoke them, the creatures are quite docile.
Except for one… "Except for one" what? What part of this place is a paradise?! You're a fool, Giant Gramps Sage! For one that lives along the shore… Huh? Octopus tentacles! Okay, octopus! Come and guide me! Naruto, this is actually… a squid! Land Ahoy! Is this the Island of Paradise? It's here! I was just about to warn you that he's the one you have to be careful about, but he appeared before I could! – What?! – What?! One, two, three… It's obvious without counting its tentacles! Naruto, come on! But we should make sure.
A squid has ten legs.
An octopus has eight.
If this is the octopus who's going to help guide me… Naruto?! Squid go deviate… The rest I abbreviate! What the—?! Here comes another one saying weird puns! This is so confusing! It's an octopus! This one is an octopus! Is that really an octopus? Master Killer Bee! Killer Bee? Then this octopus is… Y'all are late, ya fools, ya fools! It changed into a human? Hey, ya know Octopops, thanks! Ya know… RHYME NOTEBOOK What? KILLER BEE THAT'S ME…YA KNOW! Will we clash or be a smash? If I dare say, it'll be a no-go, whee! I'm a brat-hatin' outlaw… What's up with this beefy guy in shades, singing lame puns at the top of his lungs? Is this geezer the octopus who's going to guide me? They're not puns.
It's his original style, a combination of Enka singing to a rap beat.
Enka Rap! Enka rap? Welcome, everyone! I've been waiting for you.
I am Supervisor Motoi and I'll take care of your needs.
I'll take you to your lodgings, so please follow me.
Oh, we're finally here? We're standing on solid ground, Guy.
Get a hold of yourself! Is Bushier Brow Sensei all right? He never got over his seasickness, did he? We were at sea for a long time.
It sure was long.
It sure was painful.
Is this really a paradise? I still feel woozy.
Hey, King, no need to panic! These guys are okay.
It's a gorilla! A gorilla! Is this a gorilla? Master Bee stands at the top of this island's hierarchy of beasts.
He's tamed them all.
So as long as he is around, it's safe here.
Furthermore, preeminent Hidden Cloud shinobi maintain a barrier around the island.
We'll know immediately if anyone suspicious approaches.
Which is why this place was chosen to detain them.
Who the heck is that shades-wearing pops? He is the Hidden Cloud's hero among heroes.
Hero? He's someone who not only tamed these wild animals, he is a Jinchuriki who can control Tailed Beasts.
He is a Jinchuriki like you… of Eight Tails.
The Eight Tails' Jinchuriki? And he can control it? That old guy? He's Master Killer Bee.
Yo! This island is also where he trained to gain control over the Eight Tails.
The Hidden Leaf can use this floor.
There are ample rooms.
Eat all you want in the great dining hall on the first floor.
Choose whatever rooms you want.
We'll adjourn until the meeting tomorrow morning at seven.
I'm going to rest for awhile.
This island is also where he trained to gain control over the Eight Tails.
And there, the octopus should be of help to you.
Ahh, it's the "ya know" brat.
What's up? You want an autograph from me? Train me! Train you? I'm the Jinchuriki of the Nine Tails.
But I can't control it yet.
So please teach me how to control a Tailed Beast.
No way.
I came here because my brother, the Raikage, ordered me to take a vacation… Why should I give up a rare vacation for that reason? Ya fool, ya fool! Because we're both Jinchuriki! Why won't you help me out? Your big attitude is suspect.
And now you're trying to change the subject.
Old man, your shades are so hip.
And your facial features are so thick, but you're just so sick.
Whee! Hey kid, you've got good style.
Yes! He's starting to like me! First comes the greeting! We start with fist bumps, while we keep rapping.
Hey fuddy-duddy… Those shades sure look funny, ah… Shouldn't have said that! Oh well, what the heck! Harem Jutsu! I've been begging for so long on my knees.
Come on, my dear.
Teach me control.
Please… How's that? All men fall for this jutsu! Hey old man! Old man! You're stingy! What's with that guy?! All he does is talk in rhymes.
Whoever heard of an octopus that raps?! What do you want? Show me how the old man wearing shades trained to control the Eight Tails.
He trained here, right? Oh, you're talking about Bee.
He won't give me the time of day, so I came to ask you instead! Me? I don't care if he's the hero of the Hidden Cloud or what… He's stingy and stubborn, and talks only in rhymes.
We're both Jinchuriki, so why can't he be more understanding? – I mean… – What do you know about Bee?! If you keep complaining about him, I won't forgive you, kid! If you're a Jinchuriki, you can imagine the kind of life he's had to lead, can't you? I sure can! And that old man should be able to imagine what it's like for me! So why won't he give me a break when I need his help? Even I… Bee has been watching you all along.
There's a reason for his actions.
Did you introduce yourself to Bee? Introduce? First comes the greeting.
We start with fist bumps.
We did…fist bumps.
Naruto, right? Follow me.
I'll take you to Bee's training spot.
All right! Then I'll join you.
Captain Yamato?! I'm a Wood-Style user and if something happens, I'm supposed to look after him.
Oh? You're the Wood Style user.
Fine then.
Here's some water.
Oh, thanks.
Still not feeling good? Well, I feel like I'm recovering.
But I can't shake the feeling that I'm still at sea.
Could it just be my imagination? Yes.
It's just your imagination.
Is this the place? Yeah.
This spot is known as the Waterfall of Truth.
The Waterfall of Truth? He learned to control the Tailed Beast here? No, it's the first step.
Sit here and close your eyes, Naruto.
You will see your true self.
My true self? Yes.
Why? Why didn't you give them your autograph at Ichiraku? What? Those guys suddenly got nice and tried to get friendly with you, huh? They were disgusting, weren't they? This guy looks just like me! Everyone in the village used to treat us like lepers.
Oh hey! Give me your autograph, Naruto! And address it to my kid.
He's a big fan of yours.
Autograph? The hero of the Hidden Leaf… The youth who created a miracle, Naruto Uzumaki.
Can I have one too? What is it? You refuse? Oh no, but I'm not used to that sort of thing.
I don't even have a signature.
Who are you? Can't you tell? I'm you.
I don't remember doing Shadow Clones.
I'm the real you.
The real you that exists deep inside your heart.
What are you saying?! I don't know you.
Stop making stuff up! Naruto, hey… Quiet! This place is called the Waterfall of Truth, right? I never figured I'd be able to come out like this.
What a great place.
Anyway, I'm your true self.
The real you.
The real me? Yeah.
I'm the precious hatred inside you.
The dark part of you! The only difference is… the Nine Tails has taken a real liking to me.
You… The Nine Tails' will is a mass of hatred that binds itself tightly to chakra.
No matter how hard you try to shield yourself, it will find some hatred that you have buried deep inside and try to take you over.
Until now, the Nine Tails and this guy… You got that right.
I'm the real one.
You can't kick me out, you fake! Is that how it is? You're the fake one! Come on anytime.
On this island, I'm top dog.
Taking y'all down Like a whirlwind clearing the fog.
You still have a ways to go, Kintoki.
Hey Bee… If you had time to play around, why couldn't you have taken a look at the Nine Tails' kid? You're both Jinchuriki, why not give him a break? I don't like Nine Tails myself, but that kid has promise.
I was a confused mess back then, but I met you and look at me now.
He sort of reminds me of you.
My style is rap And I say shut yer trap! I ain't acknowledgin' no rap-mockin' "Ya know" fool Besides, he… Damn it! Our strength is identical.
There's no end to fighting him.
You can't beat me.
Then I'll put my bet on numbers! Shadow Clone Jutsu! Shadow Clone Jutsu! What the hell?! Is that how it is?! Even the numbers of Shadow Clones are the same! You're pretty smart, figuring that out.
Damn it! Go! Go! What is going on? When you sit before the waterfall and focus, you are able enter your subconscious.
And the waterfall becomes the mirror that reflects your true self.
It is really a mystical place.
Right now, Naruto is battling his other self.
– Rasen… – …gan! Naruto, are you all right?! What happened? Someone exactly like me appeared.
And he… What is it? He was my dark self.
We're evenly matched and he keeps attacking with the same strength as me.
Our jutsu, our fighting style, everything is identical.
It's an endless battle! How can that be? You must defeat him or you will not be able to control the Tailed Beast's power.
I told you.
The Waterfall of Truth is just the first step.
Bee and I used to be friends.
Well then, can you ask the Octopops for training hints on my behalf, Motoi? I can't do that.
Why not? I am not worthy of such an errand.
I once tried to… Next time on Naruto Shippuden: "Killer Bee and Motoi" I wonder what happened between these two? Tune in again!