Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s12e02 Episode Script

Killer Bee and Motoi

How am I supposed to beat that guy? Well that, I do not know.
Octopops trained here too, right? I can ask him… No, he won't tell me.
Not with that attitude.
Probably not.
I wonder if Octopops had a dark half too? Hey, Mr.
Motoi… Can you tell me more about Octopops? Like how he grew up, and his personality.
Maybe I can get some hints from that.
Maybe I can figure out the difference between us.
If you're a Jinchuriki, you can imagine the kind of life he's had to lead, can't you?! I sure can! And that dude should be able to imagine what it's like for me! I don't like talking about other people.
But Naruto, you're a Jinchuriki just like Master Bee.
Being able to control the Nine Tails has a direct effect on world peace.
I'll do it.
Thank you! I told you earlier… Since you're also a Jinchuriki, you can imagine the kind of life he's had.
And it's just as you would imagine… Formidable power breeds fear and antagonism.
Bee has always been shunned and considered a nuisance by the villagers.
But he never got depressed or complained even once.
He was always cheerful… always trying to work the people around him.
More than anything, instead of being ashamed that he was a Jinchuriki, he didn't hide that fact.
To me, he seemed to take pride in himself.
The reason why he was able to take pride in being a Jinchuriki… was probably because of his older brother, the Raikage.
From days past, in order to prevent betrayal, Jinchuriki have commonly been selected from close blood relations of the Five Kage like siblings, or even spouses.
A Jinchuriki is a power used to protect the Kage, the head of the village.
It is also a symbol of the Kage's strength.
I think Master Bee tried to be a fine Jinchuriki for Lord Raikage's sake.
It's said that he mastered his training at the Waterfall of Truth in no time.
I deeply respect the kind of person Master Bee is.
I consider him to be one of the heroes of the Hidden Cloud.
Such a well-loved Jinchuriki.
Master Bee must be quite a person.
And you too.
I know! Can you ask the Octopops for training hints on my behalf, Motoi? I can't do that.
Why not?! I have no right to request such a thing.
I once tried to kill Master Bee! Killer Bee and Motoi Why?! You just said you respected Octopops.
You seem to have a reason.
So what is it? This is a confession.
You're a Jinchuriki like Bee, so I think it's okay to tell you about that incident.
Incident? This took place 30 years ago… Back then, the Jinchuriki's power was not strong enough to completely control the Eight Tails.
The Eight Tails often went on a rampage and wreaked havoc on the Hidden Cloud.
Every time that happened, the Third Raikage, the Kage at that time, and his elite staff would stop the Eight Tails.
Listen! I want you to stop the Eight Tails' movements.
While you're doing that, I will imprison him in a Sealing Urn.
Okay, get to it.
Damn it! The chain forged from the Sealing Jutsu… Don't give up! If we give up, Hidden Cloud Village will be destroyed.
All right, this should… Now! Pin him down! Don't mess with me, lowly humans! They were somehow able to suppress the Eight Tails' rampages and shove him back into the Sealing Urn.
But there were fatalities each time.
However, despite the risk, it was crucial to control the Eight Tails in order to preserve the power balance between nations.
Experiments continued with the Jinchuriki.
Among the many who died or were injured… was my father.
Master Bee killed your father.
That's why… No, that wasn't it.
Master Bee and I used to be friends.
We were only five years old when my father died.
Bee, you did it! The Jinchuriki that killed my father died when the Eight Tails was extracted and sealed.
It was the previous Kage's Jinchuriki.
Right after that, Master Bee was chosen to be the Eight Tails' Jinchuriki.
So why did you try to kill Bee? There is no way to control the Eight Tails.
There would be many more victims.
That's what I thought.
My hatred towards the Eight Tails grew.
I was just a kid, but I kept thinking about getting revenge.
Master Bee was always laughing.
I started hating him more and more because it seemed like he didn't care.
My hatred of the Eight Tails shifted to Master Bee, his Jinchuriki.
I thought if I killed Master Bee, the Eight Tails would also die.
I attacked Master Bee from behind.
But I failed and ran away scared.
My face was masked, but Master Bee might have guessed it was me.
After that, I stopped talking to Master Bee.
Even after all that, how did you come to respect Master Bee? My hatred didn't disappear overnight.
For a long time, I continued to stalk Master Bee and kept an eye on him.
But I wasn't the only one.
Master Bee was shunned by the villagers and despised.
All the time.
Get lost! You're disgusting! Even though he was forced to become a Jinchuriki because of politics, in order to protect the village, people still ostracized him.
Oh yeah? Yo yo yo, check it out, yo! Hey, yo yo, hey c'mon, yo yo!! Check it out, yo! Yo, hey, yo yo! Anyone else would have gone insane.
And for the first time… I realized that Master Bee's suffering was even greater than mine.
Why did you tell us? Truth be told, I'd rather have Master Bee hear this, but I think I'm telling Naruto because he is a fellow Jinchuriki.
I know that I owe it to Bee to tell him the truth some day.
Otherwise, it wouldn't be a confession.
How convenient for him.
Naruto, where are you going? I need to be alone for a while! It's that boy… Remember, stay away from him! Go away! I believed in you! You're a hero, Naruto! Thank you, Naruto! To them, I am now a relic of the past that is difficult to get rid of.
Gaara is the Kazekage, you know.
Don't be so disrespectful! You're nothing but subordinates! Gaara is reserved, cool, strong, handsome, an elite, and… Octopops has earned so much trust.
And Gaara has become the Kazekage, working for the sake of his village and gaining acceptance.
And me, I have Iruka Sensei and my comrades and… Why didn't you give them your autograph at Ichiraku? They changed their attitude pretty quick and tried to get friendly with you, huh? They were disgusting, weren't they? Who are you? The villager treated us like outcasts, but now… I am the real you that exists deep inside your heart.
I am the real you.
The real me.
I never even gave it a thought.
But somewhere deep inside, I'm still… It's true.
I'm still not confident that I have everyone's trust in the village.
Where did Naruto go? Don't tell me… The location of this island is top secret.
There's no way an enemy would… That was old man Motoi.
Damn it! Old man Motoi ! Naruto! We're going to go with Formation C! Why… Why? Naruto! What are you doing?! Stop, Octopops! Old man Motoi really trusts you! It's a squid! That's not an octopus! It's a squid! A squid? What? It's not an octopus? You don't even have to count.
An octopus is round! A squid is triangular! What? I thought Motoi told the truth to Octopops and he got mad at him.
We got worried and went to look for you, but this thing started attacking us.
Let's see, this is the squid that attacked us earlier! Naruto! Save the talking for later! Let's do this! Gotcha! Wood Style! Silent Strangle Jutsu! Old man Motoi! We're coming to get you! I'll tell you how I feel… I'm gonna save you for real.
That's my deal… That's my spiel.
Eight Tails and me retake the stage! Knocking the beat-up squid right off the page! The rest, I won't engage.
Octopops! Bee, why did you save me? Master Bee, you knew, didn't you? That I tried to… kill you.
And yet… Did that happen? What I remember is… Me and Motoi… Me and Motoi.
The times I spent with Motoi, together… We trained hard like birds of a feather, We made mistakes but it was no disaster… The two of us always exploding into laughter.
The two of us laughing, best friends forever… The times I spent with Motoi, together.
Yay! From this moment, I shall be your instructor You better prepare yourself, or else you may suffer death or torture.
It's finally time to start training! This is a sacred place where those selected as Jinchuriki have long come to undergo purification ceremonies.
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