Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s12e03 Episode Script

Naruto vs. The Nine Tails!

Hey, Nine Tails' brat, thanks for trying to save Motoi.
Naruto has the ability to bring people together.
Just like Bee.
Yes! I totally agree! I think I need to reconsider ya mate.
You're quite a good guy, real top rate.
Octopops, ya got the best rap… I'm so happy to know ya, I'm one lucky chap! It's great that Naruto and Bee share similar traits.
But frankly, I wish he'd stop copying his rapping.
Yo! Keep the beat.
What do you know about Bee? If you keep complaining about him, I won't forgive you, kid! Motoi trusts Octopops.
Did that happen? And Octopops trusts Motoi.
Yo! I'm Naruto, ya know! All right, it's decided! Man, it's "ya know, ya know" all the time.
Shuddup, ya know! Go to the Waterfall of Truth.
You'll pass with flying colors now.
The Next Challenge! Naruto vs.
Nine Tails! So have you come back because you haven't learned your lesson yet? It's going to be the same, no matter how many times you try.
You cannot beat me.
I know.
Trying to defeat you with force isn't going to work.
Because we use the exact same moves.
You won't be able to chase me out either.
I know you better than anyone else.
Then… You already know… What do you want to say? What I decided earlier.
I don't remember.
Don't act like you don't know.
Well, never mind.
This place is supposed to show the truth in your heart, so I'll concentrate on the image and show it directly to you.
HOKAGE CANDIDATE #1 NARUTO This is my autograph.
Why you! Oh hey! Give me your autograph, Naruto! Could you make it out to my kid? He's a big fan of yours.
An autograph? The hero of the Hidden Leaf.
The youth who created a miracle, Naruto Uzumaki.
Give me your autograph too! What is it? You refuse? Oh no, but I'm not used to that sort of thing.
I don't have a clue what to sign.
Back at Ichiraku, I couldn't give them their autographs.
Here it is now.
Who cares if you have it now? What a joke! Everyone in the village is just sweet-talking you.
They don't mean it.
They've been lying to us the whole time.
Making up rules and treating us like outcasts! Don't you remember? It was so hard and painful.
I'm the only one who will ever understand you! Don't trust anyone from the village! The villagers are important, but there's someone else I have to trust first.
I have to believe in myself.
I need to trust the me that the villagers believe in.
Why? After all that they put us through? Octopops made me realize something.
He doesn't doubt himself at all.
He has pride in himself.
Do you… Do you consider me a burden? Just what am I to you? Because you existed, I became strong.
Thanks to you, I've made it this far.
And? And what am I… And what am I supposed to do now? That's simple.
You just become me.
Since you are me.
Thanks for everything until today.
But it's going to be all right now.
It seems… …it all went well? It's too soon to celebrate, fool, ya fool.
Shall we try to control the Nine Tails' power now? From this moment, I'll be your instructor Ya better prepare yourself or else you'll suffer death n' torture.
All right! Come with me, Naruto! Um, may I come along? Okay! What about Motoi? I have to report in to the Hidden Cloud at regular intervals, so I'll take my leave here.
Thank you for your help.
Things won't be easy from here on out.
So there was something on the other side of the waterfall.
Wow! You'll fight the Nine Tails here! Fight the Nine Tails? That's right, fool, ya fool.
This is amazing.
Follow me.
These ruins seem to be quite old.
They must have archeological importance, they should be restored.
No! Those stone statues were carved without heads to begin with.
There's a reason for it.
How am I supposed to fight the Nine Tails here? What's more, how am I supposed to face him? I hope you're not going to do anything excessive! Do you think it's something that can be controlled without doing something excessive? Fool, ya fool.
Since long ago, this has been a sacred place where those selected as Jinchuriki have come to undergo the Purification Ceremony.
It's set up here so you can talk to your Tailed Beast in a special way.
It's right inside this building.
You hear what I say? This is… Only the chosen ones can enter… To be selected.
Go and stick your head into the statue's mouth… Like a good man, respected.
If there isn't any darkness in your heart, the door will open… Fully extended.
Hey, can you explain it normally? I don't quite understand.
No darkness in the heart? I see, so that's why at the waterfall… However… If there's even a little darkness in your heart, the gate will not part.
Do you consent? And the statue will bite off your head and tear you apart.
Are you content? All the headless statues you saw on your way here… are past Jinchuriki who weren't… sincere! I'm your true self.
The real you.
This is too risky.
Naruto, use a Shadow Clone.
This is a sacred place, fool, ya fool.
Generations of Hidden Cloud ancestors guard and protect this place.
Tricks like that won't work! But… Captain Yamato… I came here to learn how to control the Nine Tails' power! This is important to me.
I can't run away! I'm going to believe in myself! Naruto! No! How could this happen! You… Just kidding! There's just a switch in there.
It's a habit.
I couldn't help myself.
I did the same thing too.
Out of habit.
Those stone statues are just broken.
It's just some wit.
I thought you said this place was sacred! Fools, ya fools! This is…? Go inside, close your eyes and focus.
Just like at the waterfall.
Then you'll meet your Tailed Beast.
Before when I was training, I was able to meet the Nine Tails in my mind.
Any Jinchuriki can do that.
But this is a little different, okay? Listen to me very carefully.
I'll give you an explanation.
Naruto, what kind of Sealing Jutsu was used on your Nine Tails? Please answer my question.
It's a Tetragram Seal.
A Tetragram Seal, huh.
That's impressive.
It's even more solid than my Steel Shell Seal.
Do you have the key? I have no choice but to do as you say, Great Lord Elder.
What is this? It is the key left by the Fourth Hokage that locks and unlocks the sealing jutsu on your belly! You're going to undo the seal, after all.
What if he can't control it properly? What if the Nine Tails revives completely? We'll seal him away here.
That's what this place is for as well.
Until we get a new Jinchuriki, this is where we'll seal him in.
You got a problem with this? No booin'.
– But… – That won't happen! Because I'm going to do this.
Okay! I'm going to shut the door.
And I'll show you how to deal with the Nine Tails! Naruto, you really do impress me.
The rules are simple, as you'll soon see.
Greet the Nine Tails in your subconscious mind, then undo the seal.
Hey, evil glare as usual.
Naruto… You… What is it? Where'd the real you go? I don't sense him.
I'm here…right in front of you! You conquered hatred.
But don't relax, do the best you can! The Nine Tails is a mass of true hatred.
That's absolutely true, man! What're you up to? Can't you see my mouth is full? Here I go… When the Nine Tails emerges from the seal, grab the Nine Tails' chakra with your own chakra, and pull it away! Chakra can only be caught with chakra.
It's common sense, son.
Take the Nine Tails' chakra away from him… and you'll be number one.
Touch the Nine Tails directly and stick your chakra onto its chakra, and it'll pull each other.
In other words, it's going to be like a match of tug-of-war.
Okay?! I'll help you in your fight.
But unfortunately inside your head I got no might.
He's strong! Just a word of warning.
When you're trying to take his chakra, there's the risk that he'll pull away yours.
I don't need to explain what'll happen if all your chakra is pulled away and you have zero left, right? I see.
You intend to control my power.
So you teamed up with Eight Tails? You, the Jinchuriki of the Nine Tails? That's pitiful! The risks are high for sure.
But if you take it away, the Nine Tails' chakra will be yours forever! Grab whatever chakra you can from the Nine Tails' will… That will be your payoff! Don't get caught in the Nine Tail's hatred.
Use your strong will.
That's how you'll ward him off! Don't underestimate me ! Thank you, Octopops! I managed to contain the explosion! Naruto, that will be the last of my cooperation to your operation! I'm sitting still just as I thought.
Sage Art: Super Giant Rasengan! Damn it.
The Nine Tails is no joke.
If it weren't for him… I hate him.
What? Don't give in Naruto! Fool, ya fool! No one will ever respect someone like you! What is this? Next time on Naruto Shippuden: "The Orange Spark" Who are you? Tune in again!