Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s12e04 Episode Script

The Orange Spark

Sage Art: Super Giant Rasengan! So fast! Do you think you can beat me? Why would I break the seal otherwise? Besides… We gotcha! Wind Style: Rasen Shuriken! Do it now! You…bastard! He's weakening! Now's my chance.
Hatred… Suffering… I want to kill… Help! I hate all this! It's not going to work anyway.
I'll get revenge! What is this? This is bad! Don't give in, Naruto! Fool, ya fool! You cannot control my power! You are just a small portion of my hatred! Is he the one? Get lost! No one will ever respect someone like you! Get lost! Get lost! Get lost! Get lost! Just go away! Shut up! Nine Tails' hatred is greater than I imagined.
This could get bad for real.
This is quite an ordeal! I'll stop him.
Go away and disappear! It's all right, you can stay right here.
Naruto… The Orange Spark The Orange Spark Naruto… What? What are you doing here? And how come you know my name? Oh yes, that's right.
Well then, Naruto, can you guess who I am? No way… Have you figured it out? You're Nine Tails' real form! That's such a crude laugh! You trying to fool me by disguising yourself as a woman, Nine Tails? You got it wrong, ya know! Ouch! Huh? "Ya know"? I couldn't stop myself from hitting you.
I was born impatient, and I talk fast, so I use some weird phrases.
I try to control it, but it slips out when I get excited.
What about you? I hope you didn't get any of my bad speech patterns.
Minato, didn't say anything to you? Shame on him.
Yes… I'm… I've wanted… I've wanted to meet you for so long, Ma…ya know? "Ya know," huh? You really are my child.
The Nine Tails transformation stopped.
Did you do something, Yamato? No, it seems to have stopped on its own.
What happened? There's a ton of stuff I wanted to ask you when I met you! Sure, you can ask me anything.
But first, we have to tame the Nine Tails.
This chakra… Kushina, is that you? Minato imbedded my chakra into the seal formula, so that when the time came for you to take control of the Nine Tails' power, I could be of help.
Are you listening? I'm glad that you're so beautiful, Ma! Well, thank you! Your hair is just like your father's, but I'm sorry you inherited my looks, Naruto.
Why? If I got my pretty mom's looks, that makes me handsome, right? And you have nice, straight red hair.
I wish my hair were like that too! You're the second man to compliment my red hair.
Really? Who was the first? Who else? Your father.
Oh! That's right! What is it? Hey, hey! I always wanted to ask you one thing if I ever met you! How did you and Dad fall in love? What an embarrassing thing to ask, ya know! Hey! You said, "ya know!" You're excited! In this case, it's more like shaken up, ya know! Hey, you said it again! Let's see… It was the first day I came to the Hidden Leaf Village… That's when I first met your father, Minato.
All right.
We have a new transfer student today who will be attending our Academy.
I'm Kushina Uzumaki, ya know! Oh! Look at the color of her hair.
How can anyone have hair like that? How do you get it that red? Her hair's really weird! – I wouldn't go out with hair like that.
– Hey! Be quiet! Settle down! I'm… I'm going to become the village's first female Hokage! I want to become a great Hokage who will be admired by everyone in the village too! A Hokage who is admired by everyone in the village, huh.
Back then, he wasn't very manly and didn't look too dependable.
So I didn't take Minato seriously or believe for a minute that he could become a Hokage.
Why not? Dad looked so strong.
You're right.
But back then, I was young and very ignorant.
But I sure was arrogant, having moved from another village and announcing that I was going to become the Hokage.
After that, I started getting teased by the boys.
They nicknamed me… Tomato! From today, we're going to call you Tomato! You have a fat, round face with red hair.
Just like a tomato! As if a tomato can become the Hokage! I hate tomatoes! Me too! I never eat it in my salad! A tomato that everyone hates could never be accepted as the Hokage! So that's it! I'll bet it was Dad who protected you from those bullies! No, you're dead wrong! Tomato… I grudgingly accepted being called that name.
It was embarrassing, but it fit me perfectly.
You're getting redder and riper! It's the Tomato Festival! It's time to harvest! Who're you calling Tomato? Now you listen… I hate tomatoes too, ya know! Keep calling me Tomato and you're going to get it, ya know! What are you laughing at? I always beat those bullies at their own game and turned them into smashed tomatoes.
The girl with the long red hair who beat the boys half to death.
As expected, I was stuck with a new nickname… The Red-Hot Habanero! Kiba and Shikamaru were always saying that mothers are really scary.
Always fighting.
Naturally, I always won these fights as the Red-Hot Habanero.
But… Are you the one who's always making my kid brother cry? That's because he's always messing with me, ya know! And he‘s such a wimp! I'm a genin! Cool, huh? I have to teach anyone who bullies my kid brother a lesson.
A real kunai? You can't even recognize a Substitution Jutsu? You're still just a kid! Your hair's so red… and it's stiff like thread.
Hair like this is ugly! Serves you right! I… I don't like my hair either! But… Even with hair like this, I'm still me! What choice do I have? It's the Red-Hot Habanero! Outsider! As if an outsider can become the Hokage! You're not going to help me because I'm an outsider? I bet you agree with them too! It's because I don't want to be an outsider… It's because I want this village to be my home… That's the only reason why I said that.
Who would want to become the Hokage anyway?! I used to hate my hair.
But a certain incident changed the way I felt about my red hair.
A certain incident? I'm home! I'm home.
Is… Is anyone home? Someone! Help me! I have a special kind of chakra.
Because of that, the Hidden Cloud kidnapped me.
Hey! At that time, in order to leave a trail behind as I was being taken away, I cut off pieces of my hair and dropped it… without the enemy knowing.
But since I was an outsider, I didn't hold out hope that anyone would come to rescue me.
We had come to the edge of the border and I thought it was all over… Are you hurt? I came to save you.
You'll be all right now.
Hey, wait a minute! That's… Your hair is beautiful.
So I noticed it right away.
But you've always ignored me.
Because I know that you're strong, in body and in spirit.
But this is a fight between two villages.
It's different from your other fights, so… So? I didn't want to lose you.
Even if I'm an outsider? Why do you say that? You live in Hidden Leaf Village, so you're one of us.
At that moment, Minato was a great ninja in my eyes.
He was the man of my dreams.
He changed me.
This red hair that I used to hate brought me the man of my destiny.
And it became the "red thread of fate.
" After that, I learned to love my hair.
And… I fell in love with Minato.
Only men who compliment my hair get to hear these precious words from me.
Naruto, will you accept them? Uh-huh! I love you.
When you put the Yellow Flash of the Leaf and Red-Hot Habanero together… You get the Leaf's Orange Hokage! That's cool, ya know! Hokage… Your dream is the continuation of Minato's and my dream.
Yeah, I won't let your dreams down! Naruto… But…before that… Naruto, listen carefully.
We're out of time.
What do you mean we're out of time? I need to tell you the reason why Nine Tails was sealed inside you.
It has to do with an incident that happened 16 years ago.
Sixteen years ago? That's right.
Sixteen years ago on October 10th… The day you were born.
Next time on Naruto Shippuden, "Target: Nine Tails" Tell me what happened! Tune in again!