Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s12e05 Episode Script

Target: Nine Tails

Good job, Yamato.
No, that wasn't me.
Naruto stopped it all by himself.
But is it okay to leave things like this? Right now, Naruto and Nine Tails are in a confrontation… It better be settled soon.
We want it to meet our hopeful expectations! All this waiting is so drawn out! To pass the time, why don't we work out? This isn't the time to be rapping! Shuddup! Right now, Naruto is locked in an internal battle with Nine Tails.
We cannot help him any further.
If you really care about Naruto's wellbeing, all we can do now… is to have faith in him and wait.
I love you.
What is this? I feel so calm… I love you.
I feel so happy.
Damn you, Kushina! What is this? This is real nice! For now, keeping watch will suffice! My chakra that's suppressing the Nine Tails won't last much longer! This is your chance to do it! All right! Multi Shadow Clone Jutsu! You brat! Just as I thought.
He's really strong! Take this! Rasengan Super Barrage! Don't underestimate me! I can keep going, ya know! That's… Sage Mode! Sage Art! Massive… Rasengan Barrage! One more round! What kind of power is this? Pull! Get out! You did it! You pulled the Nine Tails' chakra out! This is… This is the Nine Tails'… Naruto… You… You have infuriated me, Naruto! You still have that much power… You really are amazing.
This is the Six Paths…?! You watch out, Naruto.
I'm sorry…Nine Tails.
But I'll make it up to you.
So just hang in there for a little while.
You did it, Naruto! Yeah.
Ma, where are you going now? I can finally go and join Minato.
There's something I must tell you before I go.
Naruto… It's about when you were born I'll tell you what really happened.
What really happened… I was the Nine Tails' Jinchuriki before you.
Let's start from there.
Target: Nine Tails You were the Nine Tails' Jinchuriki, Ma? Yes.
Before I can tell you what happened 16 years ago, I need to tell you more about me.
I was chosen as the second Jinchuriki host of Nine Tails.
Truth be told, I was brought here for the express purpose of being the Nine Tails' Jinchuriki… LAND OF FIRE LAND OF EDDIES from the Land of Eddies.
Why? Why did they have to choose someone from another land?! You're right.
I'm from a different land, and village.
But the Land of Fire and the Land of Eddies, as well as Hidden Leaf Village and Hidden Eddy Village, share a deep bond.
The shinobi of the Senju Clan of the Hidden Leaf and the shinobi of the Uzumaki Clan of the Hidden Eddy were distant blood relatives.
Our people lived long.
So the Hidden Eddy Village was also known as the Village of Longevity.
And we specialized in Sealing Jutsu.
We were also a rowdy bunch.
The Tetragram Seal on your abdomen is based on a jutsu from our village.
And Minato, your father, learned various Sealing Jutsu from my mother.
Naruto, the symbol on your back… That is the symbol of the Hidden Eddy.
Even today in Hidden Leaf Village that symbol is a symbol of friendship, isn't it? So the Hidden Eddy Village…? It no longer exists.
During the era of war, our sealing jutsu abilities were greatly feared, so the village was targeted and destroyed.
Those who survived feared for their safety, so they hid their identities and scattered throughout the region.
Still…why were you chosen?! It seems that even among the Hidden Eddy, I was born with powerful chakra able to suppress the Nine Tails.
Do you know about the battle… between the First Hokage, Hashirama Senju, and Madara Uchiha? Uh-huh… The Jinchuriki before me was the woman who became the wife of the First Hokage.
Her name was Mito Uzumaki.
In order to help Lord First Hokage who had obtained the Nine Tails in his battle with Madara, Lady Mito sealed the Nine Tails inside her body with a Sealing Jutsu and became its Jinchuriki.
From then on, the Hidden Leaf maintained possession of the Nine Tails.
But when Lady Mito's days were coming to an end, I was brought to Hidden Leaf as the vessel for the Nine Tails.
You were just being used! When I was first brought to the village, I wasn't told a thing.
It was quite a shock when I was told why I was there.
This was a closely guarded secret.
And the only ones who knew were the Third Hokage and a few of the top officials.
Not even the Legendary Sannin were told about this.
I was nearly overwhelmed by the pressure of being the Jinchuriki and the loneliness I felt.
But Lady Mito, the previous Jinchuriki, summoned me… Come closer.
Like you, I was brought here to become the vessel for the Nine Tails.
I can imagine your shock when you learned of this.
How sad you must have been.
How you have suffered.
You can tell me the truth.
Yes… Now listen carefully.
Indeed, we are the vessels for the Nine Tails.
However, there is a way to find happiness even if you must live as a Jinchuriki.
First… by filling ourselves.
By filling myself with love first, I would be able to live a happy life despite being the Nine Tails' Jinchuriki.
That is what Lady Mito taught me.
So you were happy even if you were the Jinchuriki, Ma? Yes.
Naruto… Now why are you crying? Wait… What is it? That time 16 years ago when the Nine Tails attacked Hidden Leaf Village… Dad said a man wearing an Akatsuki mask was behind it.
So how come you had the Nine Tails, Mom? I see that your father didn't tell you all the details.
Of course.
Back then, there was so much going on and Minato didn't have much time.
It's true.
The fact is that, a masked man was manipulating the Nine Tails that attacked the village.
But moments earlier, I had the Nine Tails sealed and in my possession.
Then why? That masked man.
I don't know how, but that masked man knew… Knew what? He knew about the one chance he had to weaken the seal, which kept the Tailed Beast locked inside the Jinchuriki.
He waited for that moment to steal the Nine Tails.
The one chance to weaken the seal?! What was it? It was childbirth.
During the approximately ten months from the time a female Jinchuriki gets pregnant and gives birth, the Tailed Beast Seal weakens proportionally as the energy normally used to maintain the seal is diverted to the growing baby.
Then… Sixteen years ago…on October 10… HIDDEN LEAF HOSPITAL Congratulations! What? Your due date is October 10! Oh then…yeah! Huh? A baby? I'm going to be a mother, ya know! And I'm going be a father.
A mother, ya know! I'm going to be a father! A mother, ya know! Imagine that, I'm going to be a father! Kushina, there is something I must explain to you about giving birth.
It happened to Lady Mito, the previous Jinchuriki, too.
During her labor, the Nine Tails' seal was nearly broken.
I'm sorry, but as a precautionary measure, we're going to ask you to deliver the child somewhere away from the village, inside a barrier.
We have the seal to think of, so I will be accompanying you.
Minato and Taji from the Anbu Black Ops.
Also I will send my wife, Biwako, to be with you.
This is to be done in utmost secrecy.
Naturally, I will assign bodyguards, but they will be Anbu Black Ops under my direct orders.
I'll go on ahead and prepare everything.
All right.
I will take you there.
Kushina! Oh, yes.
I appreciate it.
We should go soon.
Oh! Oh my… Was it a girl? It's a boy.
So cute… What's your name? It's Sasuke.
Oh, so he was named after father of the Third Hokage! Yes, so that he will grow up to be a strong and fine shinobi.
You will be giving birth soon too, right, Kushina? You should pick a name in advance.
I already have.
His name will be Naruto.
You'll be classmates, Sasuke, so be friends, okay? By the way, does it really hurt? So there's actually something that scares you, Kushina! I'm surprised! Let's go, Kushina! Oh, yes! The details of your birthing are supposed to be top secret.
Until we get to our location, you must avoid any contact, even with your friends.
Yes, I'm sorry.
Also, we are leaving the village secretly.
If your labor pains begin, try not to cry out loud! Oh…right.
It hurts, ya know! BIND I've never seen Kushina in so much pain.
Is she…all right? She's all right! Never mind that.
Just stay focused on the Nine Tail's seal! But she's… You are the Fourth Hokage! Act like one! A man would have dropped dead from such pain long ago.
But women are strong! He's so strong! The Nine Tails is struggling to get out! Hang in there, Kushina! Hang in there, Naruto! I can see his head! You're almost there, Kushina! Hang on, Kushina! Naruto! Come out quickly! Nine Tails, you stay put! Hot water! Why is Nine Tails—? Was the seal released? Do not falter! Even if we can't defeat the Nine Tails, we must concentrate on evacuating the villagers! As Hokage, I will protect the village… my family…right now.
This is what I need to do.
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