Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s12e06 Episode Script

The Fourth Hokage's Death Match!

He's born! The Fourth Hokage's Death Match! I'm a father today! He's a healthy babe.
Naruto! Don't touch him! The mother sees him first.
Naruto… I finally get to see you.
You'll have lots more time later.
There, there.
How are you feeling, Kushina? Okay.
Thank you.
Minato… All right! I know you've gone through childbirth, but I'm going to completely seal the Nine Tails! Lady Biwako! Taji! Fourth Hokage Minato, get away from the Jinchuriki.
Otherwise, this child's life will end in one minute.
How did he get past the barrier? This guy… Who the hell is he? The Nine Tails Seal is still… Get away from the Jinchuriki.
Don't you care what happens to your kid? Wait! Calm down! Speak for yourself, Minato.
I'm as cool as can be.
Naruto! Well, I must hand it to the Yellow Flash.
But I wonder about this next one.
Minato! Naruto! Thank goodness… Naruto isn't hurt.
I was forced to use the Flying Raijin Jutsu.
His target is Kushina… and he succeeded in separating us.
I must hurry.
Just what…do you want? I'm going to pull the Nine Tails out from you and destroy the Hidden Leaf.
What? Minato's Teleportation Jutsu allows him to move instantly between locations marked with Jutsu Formulas.
He made sure to mark your Sealing Formula with it too… in order to protect you.
However, I managed to put a distance between you.
Furthermore, the Nine Tails' Seal has been weakened from childbirth.
Do you know how long I've waited for this moment? You'll be safe here.
Naruto, just wait awhile.
I have to go and save your mother.
You are… Now then, come out Nine Tails! Good.
Now I'll go straight to Hidden Leaf Village.
Hold it.
Uzumaki Shinobi are amazing.
You don't die right away after the Tailed Beast is extracted.
You were the Jinchuriki of the Nine Tails.
I'll use him to kill you.
I must say, you're as quick as your nickname.
But you are too late.
Minato… Is Naruto…Is he safe? Yes, he's fine.
He's in a safe place for now.
Thank goodness.
Minato, you must stop that man and the Nine Tails right now.
He's heading for Hidden Leaf Village.
He flew off again.
Well, never mind.
We're heading for the Hidden Leaf Village.
Why? Never mind that.
Just stay with Naruto.
Naruto… Minato… Thank you.
Good luck.
Oh, another falling star! Did you make a wish this time? Oh, I forgot.
What do you mean you're going out now? Well, the guys are getting together.
I have to go out sometimes! "Sometimes"? It's been every night lately! I'll be sure to come home early.
Thank you! Thanks, I'll come again.
Hey! Watch where you're walking.
Why don't we just do Rock-Paper-Scissors again tonight? Not that again! Think of something more exciting! How can you call yourself my rival? We have an early start tomorrow.
So let's pass for tonight.
Don't use a mission as an excuse! I have all this pent-up energy inside me! Now is the time for diligent training! Honest-to-goodness discipline and hard work lead to success in future missions! Are you listening to me?! Say Guy… Do you sense anything weird? There's been a chill in the air.
It's your attitude that's causing it! We're only young once! What is this feeling? There, there… It's a strange feeling.
Of all times for Mom and Dad to be out.
Don't cry, Sasuke.
No matter what happens, your big brother will definitely protect you.
It can't be… Summoning Jutsu! – What happened? – Is it an accident? That's…! N-No way…! The Nine Tails! – Run! – It's the Nine Tails! – Help! – We're done for! Go, Nine Tails! Lord Third Hokage! The Nine Tails is…! The Nine Tails has suddenly appeared in the village! I'm aware of that.
I will suppress it.
You and the others protect the civilians! Yes sir! Was Kushina's seal broken? Despite all the precautions, did we fail? Biwako… Damn you, Nine Tails! This is the moment I release my pent-up power! Don't be hasty, Guy! Come on! I'll be your opponent! – Wait! – Huh? Gather immediately in the guardroom! Why? It's the Third Hokage's orders! Lord Hiruzen? You heard.
Let's go, Guy! Now's our chance! Evacuate the civilians! Are we ready? Yes! Over here, Nine Tails! Over here, Nine Tails! Where are you looking?! Over here.
Do not falter! Even if we can't defeat the Nine Tails, we must concentrate on evacuating the villagers! Do not take action on your own! Assemble before Lord Hiruzen! Carry out the orders! As Hokage, I will protect the village, my family, right now.
This is what I need to do.
I won't allow it to do as it pleases anymore! So you've taken notice of me.
You won't get your way here! For this large a scale, I'll have to be careful where I send it.
The jutsu that stopped the Nine Tails' attack must be the Teleportation Barrier! It's Minato? All right! We're going too! I must report all that's happened to Lord Third immediately.
I'm your opponent… and it's all over.
He flew away.
He's fast.
Next time, I'll get him faster.
The instant we make contact.
My attack missed.
But he materialized and instantly tried to drag me in.
What is that jutsu? I won't let you get away.
He uses the Teleportation Jutsu too? Is that how he took Kushina and moved away so quickly? A shinobi who outmaneuvered the Anbu assigned under Lord Third's direct control… who slipped through a top-secret barrier… and who knew that the Nine Tails' Seal would weaken during childbirth.
Furthermore, he undid the Nine Tails' Seal, tamed it and… went in and out of the barrier set up by the Hidden Leaf without being caught.
I know of only one shinobi capable of this.
Are you Madara Uchiha? No, that's impossible.
He's dead.
I wonder about that.
At this point, it doesn't matter who you are.
But why are you targeting the Hidden Leaf? I could say I did it on a whim, or that I planned it, or that it's war, or that it's for peace.
Whatever the case, he's no ordinary man! He can control the Nine Tails and his Teleportation Jutsu surpasses both Lord Second's and mine.
And he has some dangerous ideology.
I must deal with him now or he'll be even more trouble than the Nine Tails! If I transport myself to the village now, he will follow and the battlefield will become even more chaotic.
If he's anything like Madara, I can't keep the Nine Tails under the Summoning Jutsu for too long.
I just have to entrust the village to Lord Third.
As for me… I must take this guy down right here! Now that I have freed the Nine Tails, you people have no hope left! His flesh… My physical attacks have no effect on him, but he makes himself materialize to attack me.
Namely, I can only aim for him when we both strike blows! But his risk lies during the moment of attack.
And considering the time remaining on the Nine Tails' Summoning Jutsu, he doesn't relish a long battle either.
The one who attacks an instant quicker than the other… will win this match! I win.
Damn it! He flew to that kunai from earlier! That was my Flying Raijin, Level 2.
You got me.
This is what is meant by "elusive.
" I should never have let down my guard.
Flying Raijin Jutsu! So that's it… He marked my body somewhere! A Contract Seal? He intends to separate the Nine Tails from me? With this, the Nine Tails no longer belongs to you! Naruto, our newborn son! I wish I could've been with you.
But our family is shinobi.
We must sacrifice our lives to protect what we believe in! Don't forget us Naruto.
We love you forever.
Next time on Naruto Shippuden: "Thank You" I'm going to seal the Nine Tails in Naruto! Tune in again!