Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s12e08 Episode Script

Battle in Paradise! Odd Beast vs. The Monster!

Thank you for letting me be your mom.
And thank you for letting Minato be your dad.
Thank you for being… born to us! Thank you… Thank you so much.
Mom… From now on, I promise I'll eat vegetables and not just ramen.
I like taking baths, so don't worry about that.
I go to the hot springs a lot too.
And I get lots of sleep.
In fact, I sleep too much, ya know! As for friends, I have lots of good ones.
I wish you could have met them.
There's one that I'm not getting along with though.
As for studying… Well, you feared right, Mom.
But I don't get depressed over that, ya know! A lot happened with my teachers and upperclassmen during my Academy days, but we respect each other now.
Master Jiraiya taught me about the Three Shinobi Prohibitions.
You were right about him, Mom! But he's the one who taught me how a shinobi should live! He was a great shinobi.
I'm Naruto Uzumaki, a ninja of the Hidden Leaf! My dream is to become the Hokage! And I'll surpass all the Hokage who came before me! And I'm going to be cooler than Dad! And I'm going to be a stronger shinobi than you, Mom! Battle in Paradise! Odd Beast vs.
The Monster!" All right! Did it go well? A lot of things happened.
I see! I get it! Understood! Your expression now is looking good! What about the Nine Tails? Did you get it under control? That's real good news.
Especially when you used it, in that situation, yo! Whoa, Naruto! Don't tell me that by that, you mean… Yup! That's right, ya know! So tell me what happened! This, that… How am I supposed to understand?! This is all on purpose! You're talking like that on purpose! That much I know! Naruto's going through harsh training like that?! I can't ignore a young man struggling during the springtime of his youth! Take me to Naruto! He…is a bit eccentric.
So I apologize.
Relax, Captain Yamato.
I have the Nine Tails' chakra safe in a separate place inside me.
So that I'm not using it all the time.
This is how it is when I use the Nine Tails' chakra.
Amazing… It's overflowing with life energy.
I can't believe my Wood Style is affected by it.
What? You really think… you're hidden? Do you sense some other chakra? He senses another's proximity… That I couldn't, was hasty of me.
Impossible! My chakra is the same as Samehada.
There's no way anyone could sense it! It's not chakra! It feels hazy…something sinister.
That's it! That thing! The sword? It seems that you can sense hatred and feelings of evil.
The limitations of Sensory-Types don't apply.
Is that the power of a Jinchuriki who has mastery over the Nine Tails? You're the shark guy of the Akatsuki! How? I thought we chopped his head off a ways back… Let's do this! Okay… Brother! Water Style: Super Shark—! – Double Lariat! – Double Lariat! How did you manage to escape our tag-team attack? I simply switched out while we battled inside the bubble of water.
Ink… A smokescreen.
You are an octopus, after all.
However… With my body merged to Samehada, I can detect chakra through my skin.
You cut off my clone's head.
Don't you think you're overdoing it? Don't you think that was just right for the Eight-Tails? I guess it's my turn now.
I leave it in your hands.
Clones disappear when they're struck! The corpse remained post-mortem…no question.
And if someone else had transformed into you, Cee would have sensed it.
So it's a perplexing consternation.
It was a special kind of clone.
A Parasitic Clone that I can manipulate remotely.
Anyway, enough about this subject.
Now then, two Jinchuriki and a Wood Style user… I am in a serious predicament.
What? How did you know the way to open the door to this room?! That's a silly question.
I came here to spy.
Was that the Teleportation Jutsu? The first smash… Just like the Yellow Flash! So fast… I didn't expect that.
My foot! I had so much force, I hit it too hard! It seems you're not up to the Fourth Hokage's level yet.
Bee! Please go after him! I'll see to Naruto.
Right! Leave the chase to me.
I'll catch him in a jiffy.
What? Your true self appears from inside the waterfall? Is that for real? Yes.
Naruto faced and defeated his true self at this very spot.
Guy, why don't you try it out for yourself? Don't be stupid! We have to go and help Naruto first! I came here as a teacher to protect Naruto! Don't get so upset.
Are you afraid to face your true self? Is that it? What did you say? You think I'm scared? No problem! No, I was just joking.
I have a feeling your true self isn't human.
Don't take me so seriously.
Honestly, you really shouldn't be going on about "youth," should you? Overdoing things can hurt a man past his prime like you.
I know you have to keep up appearances for Lee's sake.
But no one expects you to force yourself to stay youthful.
Show yourself! You can say what you like to my face! Fine.
You can take a long, hard look at your true self.
Is this my true self?! An Odd Insect? I'm sure this is… the Odd Beast! Hey me! The one who has forgotten what youth is! I'll beat some sense into you! That's not your true self! Watch out! Leaf Rock… Crushing Square! It's not my true self.
Take a good look! It's not you, no matter how you look at it! The moment you open your eyes, you leave the Waterfall of Truth! This is… I'm certain it's… the fish they call puffer fish! No… Maybe it was a porcupine fish? This region has lots of strange creatures, so… Is that really a puffer fish? It's supposed to be real tasty.
Are you all deliberately playing the fool? I see that you are still dumber than a beast.
He's an Akatsuki agent! If he escapes, they'll get Intel on us.
And that would be a huge abasement! Damn you, Samehada… He's the shark fellow of the Akatsuki who was teamed up with Itachi.
He looks weakened.
How did he get in? I see, I see… He forced you.
That must've been pretty tough.
That's kind of creepy.
Hey, hey! Don't play too rough! But what can I say, I got the right stuff! Darn it! He's underwater! He's a Water Style user! I'm aware of that.
Bee, watch out! He's taking your chakra! Huh? Why do strong people tend to be pretty dense, damn it?! Cut it out STAT… But you're so cute that… I'm getting weak in the knees… Guy! Please assist me! I'm going to get data from him instead! Hidden Jutsu! Stone Needles! All right! A jutsu where chakra is poured in to stop my movement.
Now that's perfect! Is he absorbing my chakra instead? So much pull! Leaf Hurricane! You got all your chakra back.
Water Style! Shark Bomb Jutsu! Damn it, he got away! He's fast! If he gets past the barrier around this island, it's all over.
We must stop him before that, because my sensory powers won't work then.
I'll stop him! The Eight Inner Gates! The Sixth Gate of Joy: Open! Let yourself be captured by the arms of my Eight Tails… Odd Beast! Far, far away you'll go… In the direction of ten o'clock I'll throw.
Don't sacrifice the truth just for a rhyme! He went towards two o'clock! Are you all right, Bee? I'm okay.
I'll be good right away.
You got a lot of chakra taken away from you! We may be able to stop him.
Naruto and Yamato are behind this waterfall, right? I twisted my ankle.
Be careful about keeping your power under control! All right.
Let's go! Yeah! I'm counting on you! I was going to say it's been a while… but really, midair? I'm going to borrow your back! Ouch!! Damn it, Guy! Using me as a stepping-stone! Up we go.
H-Hello… Looks like I gave them the slip.
Summoning Jutsu… You're persistent! So… That scroll you gave to that shark contains Intel on us.
I won't let you get away! I wouldn't be so sure.
I have the geographical advantage.
Water Style! Thousand Hungry Sharks! I don't know which shark is which.
In that case…! Asakujaku! Where's the scroll? Damn it.
There are too many of them.
It can't be helped.
I have to cover a wider area.
He won't let the sharks in the water go either.
I'll just let them tear you apart! The Seventh Gate of Shock! Open! I see… A taijutsu that crushes opponents with a shock wave of air and flames created from the friction of punched air! An Odd Beast indeed.
A shinobi with taijutsu this powerful is truly rare.
This will be the third time for me.
The next taijutsu will be nothing like the previous ones.
It's a special single-blow attack.
It's something you'll rarely see… The blue chakra is pushing the water away.
Water Style! Super Shark Bomb Jutsu! Hirudora! This Super Shark Bomb is no ordinary jutsu.
The jutsu itself absorbs chakra and becomes even stronger.
And the stronger the opponent's ninjutsu, the stronger it gets.
What's going on? I exhausted his jutsu… but my Super Shark Bomb isn't getting stronger?! I know I absorbed his chakra! Was that not a chakra Energy Bomb?! Roar, my youth! In the Hidden Mist, here is a great obstacle one must overcome to be a true shinobi… The sensation of killing your own comrade is indescribable.
I will say that I felt I was trapped in a false existence.
Next time on Naruto Shippuden: "The Man Named Kisame" This world really is full of lies.
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