Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s12e09 Episode Script

The Man Named Kisame

What is that? That's… Guy's Eight Inner Gates attack… Hirudora! Hirudora? That's a lame name for a jutsu.
Considering Guy Sensei's obsession with youth.
There's no time to nitpick! The Hirudora has a wide blast radius, and it hits instantly.
Brace yourselves! Don't move.
That jutsu… It wasn't an Energy Bomb, was it? And your blue aura… Hirudora is not a chakra-based ninjutsu.
It is taijutsu.
It's just an ordinary punch, but it's a super fast punch.
A focused thrust of air pressure right at your opponent.
That compresses and spreads in an instant.
And this aura that envelops me is not chakra… Those who open the Seventh Gate of Shock, perspire blue sweat! That's what I'm evaporating with my hot-blooded passion.
I thought that looked too small to be an Energy Bomb.
This is my third time fighting you.
But you still had something like this up your sleeve.
You probably don't remember me.
I thought I told you not to move.
The Man Named Kisame I got to hand it to Bushier Brow Sensei for bringing this guy down! You're capable despite your thick looks, Bushier Brows… But that blue sweat of yours, packs some pows.
If this goes well, I'll be able to extract Intel about Akatsuki and its plans, as well as the identity of its leader.
I'm not as good as Inoichi, but I'll give it a try.
Here I go.
Now then… Here comes the hard part… Hoshigaki… Won't you eat with us? There's no need to be nice to me.
Hey, you heard him.
Just leave him alone! He doesn't like to rub shoulders with Cipher Corps eggheads like us.
We're on a joint mission.
Things like that don't matter! Besides, we wouldn't have anything to talk about.
We're the brains.
He's the brawn.
W-What's the big idea? We need to set out immediately.
Hoshigaki… About earlier… How about after the mission? About having dinner.
Now listen, Kisame.
Guard the Cipher Corps and protect the encoded missive.
However, you must not allow our any member of the Cipher Corps to fall into enemy hands.
Your mission is to guard the code, whatever it takes.
Do you understand what that means? Run! Surrender! You're completely surrounded.
There's no way you can win.
I know you.
You're that brilliant guy from the Leaf Anbu's Torture and Interrogation Corps… Want to fight? Capture them alive! There are just too many to protect.
Keep going! Do not stop! Help me… What are you doing? Hoshigaki, what do we do? Hoshigaki? W-What are you doing?! However… You must not allow any member of the Cipher Corps to fall into enemy hands.
Your mission is to guard the code, whatever it takes.
Do you understand what that means? Yes, I do.
I shall not hand over any of the Cipher Corps shinobi alive.
Why? Because killing my comrades is my special mission.
What a terrible life… Your comrades…why? Why? You, of all people, should understand.
We cannot let our code fall into enemy hands.
Besides, they would have talked right away.
If we both survive, let's meet again.
Kisame… You…! Good work, Kisame.
I had a feeling he would let his guard down with his subordinate.
And I was right.
He was collaborating with the enemy.
From this moment on, you are the master of the great blade, Samehada.
And my subordinate as well.
That is, until you eliminate me too, Lord Fourth Mizukage.
I can trust you because of who you are.
You have executed dirty missions for the sake of the nation and village.
You've undertaken missions of betrayal.
You are well aware that this world is full of lies and deceit.
I knew that from the first moment I killed a comrade.
Killing a Hidden Mist ninja despite being one myself.
So what am I? Am I an enemy or an ally? What is my purpose? Where do I stand in this world? Where must I go? And where can I go to find inner calm? There is one thing that is clear to me… I am trapped in a false existence.
Then I shall release you from the pain of those falsehoods.
I will create a place where you belong.
Who are you? First, we'll start with this nation.
You have toiled to dispose of your comrades up until now.
From now on, work with me as my comrade.
You seem to have trust in me.
But I still don't know who you are.
Those eyes… that gleam in the dark! I see… The one I thought was the Fourth Mizukage… was actually you.
To think the Fourth was being manipulated by the Sharingan.
This world really is full of lies.
You have the visual prowess to be able to control the Fourth… who is also the Jinchuriki of the Three Tails.
Just who are you? I am…Madara Uchiha.
He is supposed to be dead.
I don't believe you.
Show yourself.
You can decide whether to trust me or not.
I'll find out who Madara really is! His tongue… He bit off his own tongue! He woke himself up to prevent me from extracting Intel.
Are you serious? Yes… That is my plan… Project Tsuki no Me.
That is a true world free of lies.
I needed to get in there.
I was using my Wood Style to suppress his chakra, but he still has so much power left.
He just doesn't know when to give up.
Capture him alive! We'll never have another chance like this! I want to extract more Intel from him! I know that! Water Prison Jutsu! I can't reach him because of this wall of water! It's the guy with the Water Prison Jutsu! Summoning Jutsu! What do we do? No need to panic.
Even if he is who he is, look at the situation he's in.
He can't do anything.
I'll get him! Itachi… It's just like you said.
I'll be teaming up with you from now on.
I'm Kisame Hoshigaki, formerly of the Hidden Mist, and an ex-member of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen.
Pleased to meet you.
And you are Itachi Uchiha, formerly of the Hidden Leaf.
I've heard the rumors… You slaughtered all of your fellow Uchiha clansmen.
I understand you well.
That's the reason why I decided to team up with you in Akatsuki.
The sensation that comes from killing your comrade is indescribable, isn't it, Itachi? You talk a lot.
You may know a lot about me, but what about yourself? You got lost in the mist and ended up here.
You're just a thug who couldn't figure out where to go.
Isn't that so? Do you want to know something interesting? Some sharks are ovoviviparous which means the eggs hatch inside the female's body, then are born.
However, with some kinds of sharks, the numbers of eggs that hatch don't match up with the number of pups born.
Do you know why? Cannibalism.
When the eggs hatch, the pups resort to cannibalizing their siblings in the mother's belly.
From the moment they are born, the fratricide begins.
Other than itself, every other pup is fodder.
From today, you and I belong to Akatsuki.
Please be wary… of me.
That goes for you too.
Anyway, let's have fun together.
And hope that we're not the last two facing each other.
Anyone who has raised their hand against a comrade, even once, never dies a decent death.
Remember that.
Which means you and I are both worthless.
We aren't fish, we're human.
No matter who you are… you do not know what kind of human you are until the very end.
One realizes their true nature at the moment of death.
That's the way to view death.
Itachi… Did you realize the kind of person you were… at the moment of your death? Itachi… It seems I wasn't such… a worthless human, after all.
Feeding yourself to the shark you just summoned… He was already quite weak.
He figured out that he couldn't escape us.
The Akatsuki member who was paired up with Itachi himself… The one who was feared as the scourge of the Hidden Mist.
It's hard to believe this is the way Kisame Hoshigaki met his end.
Is he really dead? This fella's downhearted Looks like it's for real this time.
The guy's already departed.
But… He did this so that we, his enemy, wouldn't get any Intel.
Even in the Akatsuki, there was someone who put his comrades first.
He may have been a foe, but he died admirably.
The measure of a shinobi's life is determined by the manner of his death.
Kisame Hoshigaki! I will never forget you! In any case, no Intel was leaked to the Akatsuki.
He intended to put down Intel about us onto this scroll and get out of here.
Let's check the contents of the scroll.
If we know what kind of data he was after, it will make counter-intelligence easier.
You're right.
The water is so heavy… This is the Water Prison Jutsu! It was a booby trap! Watch out! Sharks! Damn, it's making its way towards the ocean! The water pressure is making it hard to move! Fools, ya fool! I used up all my strength on the Eight Inner Gates… Guy, hang in there! Watch where you're biting! Damn it! It's getting away! What do we do?! Just as Yahiko believed in Nagato, Nagato believed in Naruto.
Since he is carrying on their wishes, I will believe in Naruto.
If you're telling me to sever those feelings, I will… Next time on Naruto Shippuden: "The Angelic Herald of Death" I will kill you! Tune in again!