Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s12e10 Episode Script

The Angelic Herald of Death

You're finally going out.
Well, there have been a lot of changes to our plans.
I wish you wouldn't say it like I'm to blame.
Thanks to you, we had to change our strategy.
Thanks to me, your military strength and variations of attack increased, didn't they? Don't do anything strange while I'm away.
We're comrades.
You should trust me more.
You only look after your own interests.
You won't even tell me where you're off to? The Hidden Rain Village.
The Hidden Rain? They're not even directly involved in the Great Ninja War, so why are you going now? It doesn't concern you.
Wait, Yahiko! Wait! I'm first! It's a toad, a toad! A giant toad! How'd it get inside our hideout? What'll we do? You're so noisy! What's all this ruckus about? Jiraiya Sensei? Well? Does it look good on me? Now that you mention it, I guess so… What's so funny? It's not funny! The Angelic Herald of Death Looking for something? Yeah.
Where did you put Nagato's corpse? You won't find him here.
The Rinnegan… It seems you aren't going to cooperate and tell me where you hid Nagato.
I knew that you would appear before me.
I've been waiting for you.
So I could stop you.
Just because you used to be a comrade does not mean I'll show you any mercy.
The Akatsuki does not put up with traitors.
Understand? I have one question.
Why would such loyal members as you both betray me? You and Nagato both approved of my Project Tsuki no Me.
If you lost to Naruto Uzumaki, then it couldn't have been helped.
But…Nagato sacrificed his life, using the Rinne Rebirth Jutsu, for Naruto's sake.
That jutsu was to be used for my sake.
I never imagined that Pain would be defeated.
We must notify Tobi.
Let's go.
But even Zetsu did not see what made Nagato change his mind.
I have told you my story.
Now let me hear your answer.
TALES OF A GUTSY NINJA But I have faith that there will come a time when people can truly understand one another.
I get where you're coming from now.
But I still… can't forgive you.
I still hate you.
Do you want to settle this, then? But… Pervy Sage believed in me, and left me his quest.
So I'm going to believe in Pervy Sage's belief.
That's my answer.
Don't play with me! It's far too late for me to believe Jiraiya's words! There's no such thing as true peace! As long as we live in this cursed world, peace is impossible! Then… Then…I'll break that curse.
If there is such a thing as peace, I'll seize it! I'll never give up! You… That's… Nagato? What's wrong? Those…words… That's right.
They're taken straight from this book.
The first novel written by Pervy Sage.
Pervy Sage was seriously trying TALES OF A GUTSY NINJA to change the world with this.
At the end of this book, he wrote about a student who helped JIRAIYA provide him with inspiration.
It was you, Nagato.
No… TALES OF A GUTSY NINJA And… the name of the hero in this novel… is Naruto! My name is a precious memento from Pervy Sage! I can't just give up and stain the memento from my master! I will be the Hokage! And I will bring peace to the Hidden Rain! Please believe in me! How? How can you say that you will never change? That you will not change, no matter how great the pain you face.
Can you continue believing in yourself? Can you guarantee it? Can you have such faith in yourself?! And there's a lot of pain nesting inside of me as well.
There's no telling what kind of pain will come after me.
But… TALES OF A GUTSY NINJA If I stop believing because of that… TALES OF A GUTSY NINJA If the hero should change, it'll turn into another story.
from the one my master left behind.
Then it won't be Naruto! I can't write novels like my master did.
That's why the sequel has to come from the life I live.
No matter how great the pain, I'll continue walking.
Because that's who Naruto is! Naruto Uzumaki… You think he's that worthy? He is the light.
That's why we all… can carry flowers of hope! You bare your fangs at me, yet you still continue to wear that cloak.
I see that you are still attached to the Akatsuki.
Yahiko founded the Akatsuki.
The red cloud on this cloak symbolizes the blood that rained over the Hidden Rain from war! You are just riding on its coattails.
These cloaks are our legacy, not yours.
Furthermore, Nagato, a shinobi of the Hidden Rain, awakened the Rinnegan.
And that too, does not belong to you.
His eyes are this nation's… this village's treasure! You are mistaken on two points.
It's all over for you anyway, so I will tell you.
I am the one who encouraged Yahiko to establish the Akatsuki.
And I was also the one who gave Nagato the Rinnegan.
So it's only right for me to ask for it back.
Well, no matter.
As far as I'm concerned, you're just a girl who knows nothing.
Except that, right now, you know where Nagato's Rinnegan is.
Once I capture you, I can do anything I want.
Do not underestimate the visual prowess of the Uchiha, girl! Using a manifold attack, she intends to find a chance to attack when I materialize.
I know she has some strategy to tempt me.
I accept her challenge! Over here! She mixed in Paper Bombs! I will take you with me to the afterlife.
We lost another member in the Seventh Ward.
That place is turning into guerilla warzone.
We'd better deal with it now.
I'll go scout it out in the afternoon.
Nagato, rest awhile.
Don't overdo it.
No, but… No buts.
I will go.
Be careful, Yahiko.
You don't need to see me off! See to Nagato's wound, will you? From now on, save your worrying for him.
Nagato is the keystone of the Akatsuki! He will become the man who changes this nation and this world! The same can be said of you.
Everyone respects and admires you.
Nagato is no different.
Nagato is going to be… the bridge to peace.
My job is to be a pillar that supports that bridge.
This nation continues to weep.
It continues to endure pain.
I used to hate this land that cries all the time.
But now, I want to save it.
It's what I want with all my heart.
It reminds me of the crybaby that I used to be and I can't ignore it.
Yahiko! Be careful.
He is the bridge to peace.
His will itself is the bridge.
Nagato… We believe in Yahiko! Let's go, everyone! Right! I will be a pillar that supports two bridges: Yahiko and Nagato! I didn't take you seriously enough.
I should have remembered that you are a former member of the Akatsuki… The moment I sucked you in, you intended to blow yourself up, and take me with you.
However, you failed.
I sucked in the explosion itself.
I was faster, although I felt a little of the impact.
And luckily, you were spared too.
You should be grateful.
Does this mean your secret strategy is over? Madara, let me ask you one thing.
What is it? Do you know why we betrayed you? Do you know why we have faith in Naruto? Well now… That's your problem.
Besides, Naruto is just a naïve child chasing after an immature dream.
I can see if Nagato was swayed by the thought of true peace and hope.
But you too, Konan? I realized something after meeting Naruto.
You're taking this one with you too? Yes, Tendo Pain was created from Yahiko's body.
He is very precious to us.
So he was…Yahiko? So what are you going to do? I hate to think you're returning to the Akatsuki.
I'm leaving the Akatsuki.
Yahiko and Nagato meant everything to me.
Yahiko's dream… and Nagato's dream… If both of their dreams have been passed on to you, you now embody their dreams.
Nagato put his faith in you.
So will I.
We, the Hidden Rain, will pursue both their dreams with you.
The name Naruto, the guts to never give up, and pain.
That's what I inherited from my master and fellow disciple! This time… I pray that you will be the blossom of hope that never wilts.
You are darkness.
Flowers can only wilt in a world without light! They both fought and died following their beliefs.
Nagato is the one who will become the bridge to peace.
Yahiko's will itself is the bridge to peace.
Their will shall not be extinguished! If there is such a thing as peace, I'll seize it! Naruto Uzumaki will be the one to carry on their will! Next time on Naruto Shippuden: "The Bridge to Peace" I shall be the pillar that supports him! THE BRIDGE TO PEACE THE BRIDGE TO PEACE ROCK LEE'S SILLY CHRONICLES PART 1 Lead…lead…lead… That guy… He thinks he's so hot.
I'm totally going to steal a base.
Lead…lead…lead… Did you call me, Naruto? I wasn't calling you! Out! Huh?! Did I do something wrong? Tune in again!