Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s12e11 Episode Script

The Bridge to Peace

THE BRIDGE TO PEACE I won't let you get away! Your teleportation failed.
I've been paying attention to you all this time.
When you suck in yourself, you always materialize yourself.
And it takes longer to suck yourself in than another person or object.
If I didn't stop teleporting and shift to the side to evade the explosion, things would've turned nasty.
Furthermore, you are only able to pass through objects for five minutes! What are these? They're all Paper Bombs… I amassed 600 billion Paper Bombs in order to kill you… And they will continue to explode for ten minutes! I am the one who encouraged Yahiko to establish the Akatsuki.
And I was also the one who gave Nagato the Rinnegan.
Both Yahiko and Nagato were acting on their own free will.
They were not your pawns! You and Konan must do everything you can to survive! Whichever way they chose… They both fought and died following their beliefs! That is why their will is connected! I will not let you interfere! My Sacred Paper Emissary Jutsu has come undone.
I didn't expect it to take this much chakra.
At least… Madara is… …Is dead? How? You should be dead.
I ran the simulations over and over.
I was sure this sequence would work.
The Izanagi… In exchange for losing sight in that eye, a user can tie the illusion and reality together.
It's a Forbidden Jutsu of the Uchiha.
Only those who possess both the powers of the Uchiha and Senju can use this Forbidden Jutsu! Uchiha and Senju? Both powers? But that's the power of the Six Paths.
You do not have that power… Since you are a dear and former comrade, I will tell you a little about my jutsu and myself.
The Izanagi jutsu is simply the practical application of what you already know as the Sage of Six Paths' Creation of all Things.
Originally, the Uchiha and Senju were one and the same.
The Sage of the Six Paths was their founder and he passed on his blood and power to these two.
He also created many things.
The Power of the Shadow Style, based upon mental energies that control imagination that can be used to create form out of nothing.
And the Power of the Light Style, based upon physical energies that govern life that could be used to instill life into those forms.
The Tailed Beasts are one such example.
He used the Powers of the Shadow and Light Styles to create the Tailed Beasts from the chakra of the Ten Tails.
The incarnation of imagination into life… that is the jutsu known as Izanagi.
Just who are you? The world knows Madara Uchiha was the one who lost to Hashirama Senju.
However, what is the real truth? The victor is the one who can gaze into the future.
The real challenge begins from now.
The previous battle was merely to obtain his power.
I am Madara Uchiha and I possess the power of Senju Hashirama.
I am the second Sage of the Six Paths.
I am unique.
Unable to master Hashirama's power, some have tried to use an imperfect Izanagi, and failed.
In the afterlife, the two of you can commiserate… about being fooled by Naruto's nonsense.
There is no such thing as true peace! There is no such thing as hope! Nagato only believed in Naruto because he wanted to find solace within his pathetic existence.
This can't be… Nagato is going to be the bridge to peace.
My job is to be a pillar that supports that bridge.
He is the bridge to peace.
His will itself is the bridge.
I guess this is as far as it goes for me.
Naruto…I know you can truly— The rain in the Hidden Rain is never ending… What's going on? Yahiko! Nagato! Your will shall not be extinguished! I too believe in Naruto! It's his turn now! He is the bridge to peace! And I shall be his pillar! Thank you, Nagato.
You death has made my dream even clearer to me.
I am expendable, a mere flower.
I shall take you with me.
You called me darkness.
Well then, I shall make you wilt.
And I shall also make your rainbow, this seven-colored bridge of peace, fade into the darkness as well.
When this genjutsu is over, it will be the end of you too.
After I make you tell me where the Rinnegan is.
So this is the place… You are the third Sage of the Six Paths.
The red hair that was once proof of your Uzumaki lineage… turned white from exerting a power so strong.
You betrayed me, and still you laugh at me? That took some time.
I should go.
NAGATO YAHIKO KONAN NAGATO YAHIKO KONAN The one on the right is Konan's.
NAGATO YAHIKO KONAN The one in the center is Yahiko's.
Nagato's is on the left.
What are they? These are flip tiles.
Flip tiles? Yes.
The top is red and the bottom is white.
And you flip the tiles over like this! Anyway, when we're at the hideout, the tile will show red.
NAGATO YAHIKO KONAN When we're going out, flip it to the white side… NAGATO YAHIKO KONAN then set out.
Furthermore, this picture is a signal that you'll be returning shortly.
Man, what's with all this anyway? We're only listening to this flip stuff because you're the Toad Sage.
But why is it necessary to do all this? This area is still politically unstable.
There's no telling when it will be targeted.
Actually, being at the hideout makes us easy marks.
If we're all scattered, we can counter, with a surprise attack, for example.
So if the tile is red, but someone's not at the hideout, it could mean the enemy has kidnapped them.
But if they're here and it's white, could mean it's a transformed enemy.
It's so we'll be able to recognize things like that right away, correct? Something like that.
You're very sharp, Konan.
Unlike Yahiko.
I figured it out too! More or less… Anyway, this will be a secret code between the four of us to make sure we're aware of each other at all times.
Even if we're at the hideout, we must be vigilant! Furthermore… I constructed a hidden underground room that has an escape route outside.
Wow, that's so shinobi! If anything happens, use it to get away.
Oh, and by the way… The tile behind you is… JIRAIYA …is my tile.
Now then… Shall we begin our "Water in a Frog's Face" training? This will hone your ability to completely become a frog and stay absolutely still, no matter what happens.
All right! Let's get going, everyone! I wonder if Yahiko is getting all this? Sensei just showed us what to do.
I want to become stronger! And then… And then, I'm going to change the world! Before you change the world, you must change the side on the flip tile! Did I look like that earlier too? That's embarrassing.
NAGATO YAHIKO KONAN Oh? She used the Wind Style to speed up her Paper Shuriken.
However… Damn it! No good.
You have get quicker with timing your coordination! NAGATO YAHIKO KONAN NAGATO YAHIKO KONAN Let's eat! – Let's eat! – Let's eat! Hey! No fair, Sensei! Oh yeah, is that so? That's mine! JIRAIYA Thank you, Sensei.
NAGATO YAHIKO KONAN Are you the Akatsuki? Who's that? The chief of the Hidden Rain, Hanzo of the Salamander… Who's the leader? It's Yahiko! Yahiko of the Akatsuki! I shall remember you.
Yahiko? What does that mean? Hanzo just acknowledged us.
NAGATO YAHIKO KONAN NAGATO YAHIKO KONAN Our organization is getting larger.
We need to move our hideout.
It's our last day here.
This place changed us.
We became strong.
Everything began right here.
We are leaving this place in order to make our dreams come true! And… Where did they go? To think the secret room would come in handy at the very end.
What a way to set out… But I guess, it's appropriate for this country.
Let's go, Nagato! Konan! We are leaving this place in order to make our dreams come true! And once that happens… Even if we are split apart, let's meet back here one day… And the three of us will celebrate together! Yes.
Then we should invite Jiraiya Sensei too! I guess you're right! That took a lot of trouble, but you got yourself a nice eye.
It was always mine.
By the way, this arrived too.
What is it? Intel from Kisame.
We've learned the whereabouts of the Nine Tails.
Everything is going our way.
So this is from Kisame.
Let's go collect the Nine Tails! I can't believe the enemy knows our whereabouts! We have to get Naruto out of here, but we can't let him know about the war.
We have to fool him somehow.
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