Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s12e12 Episode Script

Super S Rank Top Secret Mission

Lost sight of my target.
That spy pulled one over me.
Should have figured out their intent… Are you all right, Guy Sensei? I'll help you out! Hey! Do not touch Guy right now! He'll be experiencing the after-effects of the Eight Inner Gates soon.
Even the slightest touch will cause him intense pain all over his body! What? Really? I'm sorry, ya know! Quietly, quietly! Because of the Water Prison Jutsu, I wasn't able to send a message about the intel leak.
I think we can conclude that the enemy knows about this location.
Which means we must act quickly to relocate Bee and Naruto! The enemy will figure that out too and take immediate action! I understand, but… We will relocate them, but not by ship.
They will remain on this island.
What? Leave him alone! Bee! How did it go? Not good! Fool, ya fool.
What do you mean when you say you'll relocate them, but they'll remain on this island? You can't even find this island on a map.
Even if they try to find it, it won't be that simple.
The reason is because this island… Y-You're huge! But I am still a very, very small turtle.
Impossible! I've never seen nor heard of any turtle larger than you! What did you say?! Yes, a mobile stronghold, an island that can move.
This is a colossal turtle reared by the Hidden Cloud since ancient times.
Ouch! We can say for sure that the enemy knows about this.
However, this island is much safer than returning to the Hidden Cloud Village by ship.
Besides, hasn't Naruto been told that he's here on this island for a top-secret ecological survey mission? He'll get suspicious if we tell him we're already leaving.
It seriously hurts! The Super Secret S-Rank Mission The Five Great Nations face an extremely critical situation.
And as they prepare for the Fourth Great Ninja War, there is concern that the shinobi and samurai units will not be sufficient.
Hence, a third military unit, made up of animals will be formed.
To this end, it has been decided that a Jinchuriki who is able to communicate with and understand animals… One who loves animals like Naruto Uzumaki will be given the task of selecting and organizing this animal unit.
He will start by analyzing the biology of the animals, – Can we pass off… – then ascertain their strengths… – such a childish trick? – and categorize them… – We have to.
– by gender and physical attributes.
This is a top-secret S-rank mission! Work diligently.
Fifth Hokage Tsunade of the Hidden Leaf Village.
This… – This?! – This?! This is the kind of brainy mission I've been waiting for! It's kind of like the ones that Shikamaru always gets… where you coordinate people! We're talking animals.
Leave it to Naruto… He didn't notice.
They say that Jinchuriki are odd people.
And that's putting it mildly.
Granny Lady Tsunade understands! She wants to test my leadership skills! All right! I'm raring to go on this mission! While you're doing that, I'll work on a new rap.
I don't owe you anything anymore, not even a scrap! Yeah! Don't "yeah" me! You have to help me! You know all about the animals on this island, don't you? Ask King! He's the boss of this island! King? Hey! Can you help me out here? I'm looking for the strongest ones on this island! I really can't understand a thing you're saying! Master King is saying to show him your proof of loyalty.
Proof of loyalty? Hey! That voice! Condor the Ninja Ostrich?! Did you run away again?! Actually, I stowed away on your ship.
Now I'm free! Freedom! Unfortunately for you, the animals on this island are going to serve in an animal unit.
Looking forward to working with you! You've got to be kidding! I don't want to go to war! Really? Then listen up… If you serve as my animal translator, I'll let you go.
Damn it… This is his proof…his kiss of love.
Come on! Give me a break! Master King says he understands.
Besides him, the strong ones on this island are… Don the giant koala.
DON THE KOALA Chuji the giant penguin.
CHUJI THE PENGUIN And the giant lame-o… I mean hippo, Hippo Boss.
HIPPO BOSS Keep them apart! He says if they come face to face, they'll destroy the island.
They're scary animals… Yikes! They're already confronting each other! King is totally the fiercest! What are they saying? This seems to be a four-way love affair involving one female.
What did you say?! Each one is claiming their affections for her and won't budge.
Master King is demanding that she be brought here… to choose among them.
Are you sure about this? What's that? Huh? What the—? This is mayhem.
What? What's going on? He's saying, "Armadiko is my girl!" Huh?! "Stop fighting!" "Don't fight over me," she says.
"I am not your commodity," she says.
"I belong to this one," she says! Huh?! They said they're going to beat you to death! This is perfect! Now's my chance to slip away.
No way am I going to war! I'm free! Freedom! Wait… I will go to the Eight and Nine Tails' location.
What are you up to? It's a good chance to build trust and solidify our relationship.
Furthermore, Naruto, the Nine Tails, always has someone close by in the form of Yamato, the copy of the First Hokage.
I want him for my experiments.
If I can't go, I'd settle for Zetsu's body.
If you'd let me have some of him.
Also, the revival of the Ten Tails isn't far off, is it? You seem to be very well informed.
I knew Orochimaru was secretly checking around, but… According to intel that Kisame sent, the Allied Shinobi Force is 80,000 strong.
We also know what their military formation is like.
But the key military power for this side is Zetsu here, right? Just how much do you know?! With the data I have gathered and my knowledge, I can maximize Zetsu's strength.
On the condition that you take me there.
What are you going to do, Tobi? Will you trust a guy like him? If you bring me the Nine Tails, I will give you one of Zetsu.
Follow me.
This is… the Gedo Statue.
It's down here.
This is… Yes, he's alive.
That's Hashirama Senju, the First Hokage.
Well, he was merely cultivated from living cells harvested from Senju during that battle.
He's not conscious.
But what you're interested in is down below.
This is amazing.
Since when? However, there's a risk.
I used a considerable amount of chakra from the Tailed Beasts inside the Gedo Statue to create this.
I want to preserve it as much as possible.
If the revival of the Ten Tails is delayed, it means my plans are delayed as well.
How many are here? Roughly 100,000.
To arrive here to find that intel has been leaked… We'll have to rethink our strategy.
But as long as they know that the Allied Shinobi Forces are aware of the leak, they will watch the situation.
Perhaps it will be easier to lay some traps.
What about the island? Even if it's mobile, we can't let our guard down.
Those two are their targets.
They are sure to come in search of them.
I established an escape route just for situations like this.
In addition, the clouds hide it.
The enemy will not be able to find it.
If they come searching, the enemy will probably send a small reconnaissance team first.
They won't infiltrate and try to divide our troops, will they? There's no doubt Kisame put the coordinates of the island on the map.
Even if we move, they will search the area thoroughly.
We can't lose focus.
In any case, send reinforcements.
But it will be meaningless if the enemy spots us mobilizing large groups.
Send a few of the elite.
I will go! Lord Tsuchikage! Old Ohnoki? Then I have no complaints.
Same here.
Someone who can fly through the air will move swiftly.
Is it really all right? Don't worry, Kazekage! I am the Tsuchikage, feared as the Fence Sitter of the Hidden Stone! My back! I will go, after all.
I can ride my sand and be there in no time… Fool! I said I would go.
Well, you guys relax.
We're off.
It's the ocean from here on out.
We'll have to fly.
Yay! It's been so long since I flew! This is going to be fun! Don't get so excited, Akatsuchi! We could be entering into a battle! Yay! I said to quit playing around, you brat! You're so embarrassing! Damn it! It does looks like fun! But I can't get excited right now.
Damn that Akatsuchi! You're up next Kurotsuchi.
Guess I have no choice… Looks like you're awake at last.
It's a different seal from Lord Orochimaru's.
I won't bind you completely…Deidara.
I don't know anything about art.
And I know little about you.
Well, my ninjutsu art isn't easy to understand… Hmm! But I'm grateful to you.
I once perfected the ultimate art.
So now I can even go even further… Speaking of which, that last explosion of yours… It really didn't create a lot of buzz.
I just told you! My art is not easy to understand! These things take time… Hmm… I said to line up straight! Hurry and get into the tunnel! Listen up! The ecological survey will start once you're inside.
Cut it out! You want to fight again? Damn it! It's tough moving all these animals.
I win again! Rock, Scissors, Paper! And I'm going to win again forever and ever! Hey you there, octopus and crab! Line up! Hey! As long as there is a risk of the Akatsuki coming, taking refuge inside the giant turtle shell is a wise move.
Plus, Naruto is really taking this mission seriously.
It will be disastrous if Naruto finds out about the war.
He won't take the news quietly, he'd rush to the battlefield instead.
We must prevent that at all cost.
After all, this is a war to protect Naruto.
Based on Kisame's intel, these are the coordinates.
But they've already moved out.
That was a light punch.
I'm certain this person is… Of all the people to ambush me, it's none other than the Tsuchikage himself.
I was just testing you out.
Judging from your response, you're a clone! It wasn't Madara, after all.
And… What's going on with bird and Deidara? Let's just say, they're almost real.
However, you are… a clay clone.
Hey, Old Man Ohnoki.
Long time no see! You too, huh? So what's going on with that Turtle Island?! The Eight Tails and Nine Tails are there.
The Eight and Nine Tails? So that means that damn Naruto is there! Hmm! Isn't he the perfect opponent to "exhibit" your art to? First, stop the Turtle Island's movements.
Deidara, make me a big one.
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