Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s12e13 Episode Script

The Artist Returns

All right! I'm going to start on the ecological survey! Hey! Hey wait! Hey Octopops, I can't tell whether this one's a male or female.
Its body's all curled up.
This armadillo's always been shy.
If you're trying to check its gender, I can see why.
The chorus sings out about this super abnormality… Because now we see a human's real pervert personality… I have no choice! This is a top-secret S-rank mission and I have to make the list for the Animal Unit! And checking for gender is crucial! Male, female, it don't matter.
So just report that it's the latter.
But! But! The markings on the back read "Male.
" That's just a pattern.
I just have a bad feeling about this.
Ask the armadillo will ya, old man? You're the boss here, right? Well? It says its, "privates are private!" Oh, is that right? Damn it! How can I do any research? This S-rank mission is living up to its rank…or is it?! Male and female… Some species can switch between both, yo! But heaven and earth can never switch places, yo! Fool, ya fool… What?! Something is approaching at high speed! And it's…not human! What's the matter? You took me by surprise.
I had heard that you were dead, Deidara.
I never expected your clay clones.
So that was… …a stone clone of the Tsuchikage.
We were thinking the same thing.
Hmm! Brother Deidara! I thought you blew yourself up in a big way.
Why are you still alive? So you didn't die, after all? Don't get excited, Akatsuchi! It's Orochimaru's jutsu, called the Reanimation Jutsu.
It may seem as though he was brought back to life, but he's not real.
Damn it.
Still causing trouble, even in death! A youngster from the Hidden Leaf beats you… And then you have the gall to sneak back in amongst the living! Shut up! I killed Sasuke Uchiha…hmm! And now it's your turn, geezer, for mocking my art! Hmm! Seems Deidara doesn't know anything.
Enough! I'll capture you both! Do you intend to get in our way? I knew we would be ambushed.
You didn't think we'd come unprepared, did you? What do you mean? Impossible! They've found out about this place already? Th-There's no way…! Motoi… THE ARTIST RETURNS Seems we found them.
Sorry, but we have to go there.
Why? What? My body won't respond to me! No way! Don't tell me he found them! We're going after him, you two! – Right! – Gotcha! What's going on? I used various drugs to activate the original Manda's cells to create a Second Manda… He surpasses the First Manda in size, power, and intellect! The fact that the island is an animal and is mobile turns out to be its fatal flaw.
What is that? An island? What's that island supposed to be? It's not an island.
It's a giant turtle and it's moving.
And that is where we'll find the Eight and Nine Tails.
A turtle? The Eight and Nine Tails? This is our chance to capture the Eight and Nine Tails! I get it! So that damn Naruto is there! Hmm! What's the plan? In any case, we have to stop that turtle island.
Deidara, give me a big one.
Damn! They're fast! Let's go! Right.
Katsu! Wood Style: Deep Forest Emergence! It flipped over.
It can't move now.
Oww… What happened? Heaven and Earth really did trade places, yo.
Fools, ya fool! I knew it! Even if Heaven and Earth flip over… A male is still a male and… This is no time to be doing an ecological survey! Calm down, Yamato.
Remember, this is an S-rank mission.
Something must have happened outside.
But we have to keep fooling him.
We cannot allow those two to leave this place.
We have to deal with it ourselves.
Kabuto, you search for the Eight and Nine Tails.
Hmm… I'll handle those guys.
I owe them nothing less.
Fine, let's do that.
Deidara! You shall feel my wrath.
Damn it, the geezer's snapped.
You haven't forgotten, have you? This is getting bad! Don't tell me he's going right to his Particle Style?! Hmm! Things are starting to get out of hand.
I won't let you get away! What are you doing, Akatsuchi?! If you do that, you'll end up killing turtle island! Damn! This is complicated! It's so large that it just looks like a landscape! There's my chance! Hmm! Katsu! Old man! Akatsuchi's Golem! Still attached to the Tsuchikage I see… What a nuisance! Hmm! I should get him away from this island.
That damn snake! So that guy over there is the one controlling the snake! The nerve of that wimp.
He was just pretending to be Orochimaru's henchman! I see… So Naruto is inside this turtle.
Now then, how do I get in? Damn it! What's going on outside?! Th-There've been a lot of tremors today… Y-You're right.
Still, this is too weird.
Can the world turn upside down? Well, it seems to be possible on this island.
Although it's an extremely rare event.
Oh really? I think I'm going to take a look outside! No! You're on an important S-rank mission, so stay focused! Yeah, well… I'm just going to take a quick look outside.
It is a ninja's duty to see through his mission until completion! And this is a mission only you can accomplish! That's why you were selected.
Do you understand, Naruto? We will see what's going on outside.
That's about the only way we can contribute here.
However, let me repeat.
You are on a crucial S-rank mission! Even Naruto is beginning to sense something.
We bluffed him into thinking this is an S-rank mission.
But basically, he's just checking to see if an animal has balls or not.
Naruto's not an idiot.
He might have already figured it out.
Okay, I understand! I'm going to focus on my mission! All right! This is going work out! Thank goodness he's so dense! You're too slow! Corrosion Style: Quicklime Jutsu! There they are.
Is that him?! There should be five humans! So Aoba is here too.
Don't come crawling out! Didn't we say that we'd take care of this? Having said that… You're the Tsuchikage's granddaughter… Perfect timing.
You can take me to Naruto.
And that voice.
Don't tell me you're… We meet again, Yamato.
I'll sweep him your way! So get him! Water Style: Water Trumpet! Nice! No good! He had it figured out! I told you guys to get him, but… I got him! This is… I see… Idiot! Now you can't move! My Quicklime Jutsu is like fast-acting cement.
I spread it around an area with water… making it cause a reaction that makes it harden like cement.
Motoi, Aoba! Don't step into that water.
That's for extra insurance! All right! You're ours! I'll extract intel out of you! The geezer is faster than he was in his prime! You've always snuck around and fought from a distance.
I never liked that about you! Shut up! I'll finish him off with my C4… Hmm! They're too fast! I can't keep up! Kabuto, how you've fallen.
You've become just like Orochimaru.
Never mind me.
Just make sure you don't fall off! Aoba, concentrate! Yeah, I know.
I'm okay.
You know that I'm in the Intel Division, don't you? I'm going to take a look and see everything that's happened to you.
He's molted?! He's gone that far? Motoi, get away! Yamato! Damn it! Lucky for me, Kurotsuchi, I knew the hand signs for your jutsu.
I was able to put you all off guard.
Are you saying that you waited for this moment? Damn! Corrosion Style: Quicklime Jutsu! Wait! Damn! He hid inside the nose! This should be high enough.
Don't underestimate me, old geezer! Prepare to die, Deidara! Let's see which one is real art, your Particle Style or my Explosion Style! What?! Right when we were getting to the good part! Hmm! Damn! I can't move! Hold on! When the kid from Hidden Rock returns, she'll free you! You're…Lord Tsuchikage! Deidara got away.
What about you guys? Someone from the Hidden Rock went after him.
Please help me! I'll go after them! Which way did Kabuto go? I can't sense the enemy anymore.
I can't tell which direction… It's useless.
Damn it.
Yamato's been… What happened? The Wood Style user, the Nine Tails' guardian, Yamato has been taken.
He didn't bother going after the Eight or Nine Tails.
We don't know if he wanted a hostage to interrogate… or if the Wood User himself was the target.
But the problem is the intel that can be gleaned from Yamato! Yamato would never break down to reveal intel that easily! That's not what I meant.
If our foe is Madara, he will have formidable visual prowess.
Once someone is caught under his visual prowess, there's no breaking away.
This present you brought is very different from what I expected.
You're right.
But he is the Nine Tails' guardian and he also possesses highly classified intel.
Furthermore, I can use him to make Zetsu and the others much stronger.
Instead of pushing my luck, I decided to settle by just capturing him.
This works out better for you guys.
Then hurry up and do it.
This left eye of mine is itching to battle.
Convene the commando unit immediately! Have the main regiment run through their formations! Make sure the medical units are well supplied with medical ninja tools! Contact Ao and the Sensory unit.
Have them hurry! Tsuchikage, these were finished while you were away.
Take it.
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