Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s12e14 Episode Script

Assemble! Allied Shinobi Forces!

I can't believe it.
I know.
I never knew that Lord Tsuchikage could be so crazy.
Damn it I'm going to strain my back again! Are you sure about this? Wouldn't it be better to go by sea? Also, we don't have to fly so high, do we? Don't be ridiculous, Akatsuchi! That giant snake might sense us again! We're almost there.
ASSEMBLE! ALLIED SHINOBI FORCES! The world flipped over again.
What's happening on this island anyway? Captain Yamato went to check what's going on outside, but he hasn't come back.
Don't you think something happened? We're already looking into that.
You don't have to worry about it.
My mission here is done! I'm going back to the Hidden Leaf Village to wait for Sasuke! He and Imade an oath.
Not yet? Not yet.
Just sit still.
The next time you use your eyes, you'll see a completely different world.
This is going to be fun! I could care less about your war.
The one who will destroy the Hidden Leaf will be me.
Anko, please rest a little.
You've been working nonstop.
War is at our doorstep.
So we have to gather as much intel as possible.
Especially if our intel can save our comrades.
They're here! You're kidding, right?! The white snake that crawled in earlier That chakrais Kabuto's.
This is the hideout, after all.
I sent my insects to investigate.
They've sensed significant signs of life underground.
Tokuma, down below! Towards four o'clock! Your Hyuga Byakugan will be able to perceive what's down there! Please, Tokuma! Byakugan! Th-This is What do you see, Tokuma?! Ranka! Prepare to contact Headquarters! So many of them How come the animals get to go outside, but I can't?! Impatient Naruto Haste makes waste You still haven't mastered Tailed Beast Chakra control.
So your training, I shall personally patrol When we we're done, Tailed Beast Chakra will feel like an extension of you They'll feel like your arms and legs, it's true Yeaaahh! Whoa With your Tailed Beast Chakra Catch them! Stack 'em up like building blocks Using your chakra and the Tailed Beast's Balance those rocks! He took the bait! Nice work, Bee! Try it out.
All right.
I have to use the Nine Tails' chakra, right? I have to stack up these rocks so that they don't tumble, right? All right! I'll do it! Don't be reckless there.
Your control is fair.
But you don't have fine-tuned control.
He pulverized the rock.
Is it too hard to grasp? Damn it! One more time! Gentlythis time More gently Put spirit inleave power out.
All right! Don't get all satisfied with just one Or you'll never get done! The first one is always easy The next one is key and it won't go so breezy.
Great, Bee! This will buy us plenty of time.
The time has come.
It seems that old Fence Sitter brought them here safely.
We'll hide Turtle Island along with Bee and the Nine Tails at the rear of our headquarters.
Any objections, Princess Tsunade? Fine.
I will go and welcome Lord Tsuchikage.
Don't fall.
Stay putstay put.
– That was so close! – Damn it! – Turtle Island just shook.
– One more time! Does that mean we've reached our destination? We're finally here, old man! Ouch! My back! That's because you overdid it! Welcome back, Lord Tsuchikage.
So what is the situation? Both the Eight and Nine Tails are fine.
But the Wood User that was guarding the Nine Tails was taken.
Taken? Not taken down? Then the enemy will learn everything about us! At any rate, I'll go over the details inside! Will you hurry up and start making Zetsu stronger? Before that, extracting intel from Yamato takes priority.
But please don't kill him.
If you want Zetsu and the others to get stronger.
I could use the jutsu of the Ningendo's Rinnegan and easily extract the intel.
But that would kill him.
So it's better to keep him alive to make Zetsu stronger? Yes.
Poison, huh? So that's how he's suppressing the power of the Wood Style.
Damn that Kabuto.
He has researched the cells of the First Hashirama quite thoroughly.
It's a drug I made to curtail Hashirama's power.
Don't worry, I won't use it on the Zetsu.
Without a doubt, he cultivated all those Zetsu from Hashirama's cells.
If he were to use this poison on them That Orochimaru He really looked deep into our organization.
I can't move.
Damn it! I can't even execute my own decisions like this! At this rate Damn it! Forgive me, everyone! We don't need the power of the Rinnegan.
With my truth serum and your Sharingan, we can glean all the intel we want.
If we learn who the enemy is, we can strike them by sending out their worst enemy.
There's no need to waste chakra.
SEALED Huh?! That's the Hidden Leaf's! It must be new intel! Retrieve it! The X marks the enemy's hideout.
It's known as the Mountain Graveyard.
If we go by land, we'll pass through the Hidden Steam Village and the Hidden Frost Village.
Advise both nations that possess the Steam and the Frost villages to evacuate! According to reports by the Infiltration and Recon Unit, the enemy is roughly When one considers mobilizing a regiment of that size, I think only a fraction of them will come by sea.
We'll be in a bind if they surround us.
Then it'll all comes down to who makes the first move! Convene the Ambush Unit immediately! Have the main regiment run through their formations! Yes sir! Make sure the Medical Unit is well supplied with medical ninja tools! Shikaku, help the Intel Unit check their chain of communication.
Contact Ao and the Sensory Unit.
Have them hurry! Y-Yes.
Tsuchikage, these were finished while you were away.
Oh! So they're done! Take it.
SHINOBI Headbands for the Allied Shinobi Forces, eh? Nice work! I came up with the design.
Former enemies who once battled each other are now one shinobi force! Furthermore, shinobi and samurai have joined together.
The time is near! – Next! – Yes! I am Kankuro of the Sand, appointed captain of the Ambush Unit.
Kankuro, you say? What should be your nickname? Huh?! Is that wise? Naming someone so young the captain What ifwhat if Because of his inexperience, he messes up and panics and forces me to become the acting captain… Oh man, what'll I do?! The headbands have been distributed! Medical supplies have been checked! Provisions have been checked! Who is in charge of the livestock?! A pig's escaped! The Captain is here! Everyone, fall in! My name is Shizune and I have been named to lead this unit.
Good to meet you all.
First, there is something I want all of you to remember.
This one is not food! You're Inoichi, right? And you are? I'm Tenga! I've heard so much about you! Please let me put you on videotape and I'm sorry I'm late.
I heard What a rough time you had, Aoba.
Yes, Yamato was But put that out of your mind now.
We, the Intel Unit, will oversee all communication between units.
Intel must be transmitted accurately and quickly! In order to do that, we must maintain calm at all times, no matter what we hear! Understand?! – Yes! – Yes! A war, huh? Your name was Cee, right? Is this your first war?! Yes We are the "eyes" of the Allied Shinobi Force.
Our unit's performance can greatly change the tide of battle.
Stay focused and alert.
I understand, Captain Ao! Everyone, don't let down your guard! – Yes sir! – Yes sir! I heard they were going to split us up into five units.
So I figured they'd group us by village.
That's not going to happen.
This is a war.
He's right.
This is no time to be competing with other villages! Yeah The main regiment is made up of five units, each specializing in warfare.
The First Company: Mid-Range Battle Unit comprised of shinobi who excel in mid-distance combat.
Made up mostly of shinobi who are weapons users.
The Second Company: Close-Range Battle Unit specializes in close combat.
The shinobi of this unit will be fighting on the front lines.
The Third Company: Intermediate-Range Battle Unit will be stationed to provide support up close and at mid-range.
To be part of this unit, one must have speed and physical strength.
This is the Fourth Company: Long-Range Battle Unit.
We will provide the link with the Intel Unit to support the front lines.
In addition, we must act as the shield for the support units behind the lines.
And finally, the Fifth Company: Special-Range Battle Unit with their specialized ninjutsu and attack tactics! A Special Unit? Yes In war, anything can happen.
Even if we're broken up into units, it's wishful thinking to believe that each team will operate without a hitch.
Depending on the situation, some units will find themselves in good battlefield position, while others will be at a disadvantage.
This is where we'll rely on the shinobi who possess secret ninjutsu.
Can't say that all preparations have been made, but considering roughly into units this quickly You've got to hand it to the brains behind the Hidden Leaf, Shikaku Nara.
You'd better not embarrass your dad.
So the war is about to begin.
Captains! The captain of the First Company, known as the Raikage's right-hand man, Darui of the Hidden Cloud.
The captain of the Second Company, Kitsuchi of the Hidden Rock.
The captain of The Third Company is Kakashi.
The captain of The Fifth Company is General Mifune of the Land of Iron.
And… the captain of our Fourth Company, and the Commander-in-Chief of all the battle units Gaara the Kazekage.
It's time.
Summoning! Reanimation! First, the former members of the Akatsuki Itachi, Sasori, Deidara, Kakuzu and Nagato.
Then the former Jinchuriki Yugito the Two Tails, Yagura the Three Tails, Roshi the Four Tails, Han the Five Tails, Utakata the Six Tails and Fuu the Seven Tails.
And the former Five Kage The Second Tsuchikage, the Third Raikage, the Fourth Kazekage And Explosion Style Gari, the Demon of the Mist, Zabuza Ice Style Haku, Hanzo of the Salamander Granny Chiyo of the Sand, Kimimaro of the Kaguya Clan And from the Hidden Leaf Asuma Sarutobi, Dan, Hizashi Hyuga and a host of others who had some skill.
And that's not all.
I used Yamato who has cells from Hashirama.
He adapted quite nicely.
by the best ninja of all time.
Magnificent! Let's go.
The Fourth Great Ninja War Begins! That look in his eyes It's the same look that everyone gives me.
No, it's stronger than that, but it's not for me.
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