Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s12e16 Episode Script


Why're we so different? How come I'm always the one…? Damn it! I'll never let myself get into a situation where I need to be rescued.
And I won't get scared or run away.
I swear it…on the pain of this left hand.
Damn it… It's because you're so impulsive.
He's such a nuisance.
Why that—! Sasuke, what did you just say? If you act up again, I'm going to make you stop! Sakura… Your teamwork has been questionable lately.
Yeah, you're absolutely right! If the teamwork is off, it's your fault, Sasuke! You're always showing off! Speak for yourself, you loser! If you don't want to owe me anything, get stronger! Damn it… Damn it! I'm going to make him admit that I'm a worthy rival! I'm gonna catch up to him in no time… and become stronger than him! Take that and that, and that, and that…! Hey! Be quiet! What time do you think it is?! I'm sorry! RIVALS ENTRY FORBIDDEN RESTRICTED ZONE All right! I'm going to start explaining the second exam to you.
Simply put, it's an extreme test of survival.
A no-holds-barred, contest for the scroll! The Heaven Scroll and the Earth Scroll.
You will fight to obtain one or the other.
There are 78 of you, in 26 teams.
Half the teams, or 13, will be given Heaven Scrolls.
The other half will be given Earth Scrolls.
Each team will have one of the scrolls.
The objective is… to take possession of both scrolls and make it to the central tower as a team.
I see… So none of us can drop out.
It'll be a test of our teamwork as a three-man squad.
This is the day I'll pay Sasuke back! All right! Let's go! Sasuke, are you all right? We have to get away quickly, or we'll be discovered.
How do we make our escape? How do we get away? Sasuke is so shaken up.
I've never seen him like this.
Sasuke, a snake! I was so distracted; I didn't even notice the snake.
Stay away! You mustn't let your guard down, not even for a second.
When you're the prey, you become extremely tense before the predator.
Sorry, Sasuke… I forgot the password.
Naruto! You may think you're paying me back by coming here to rescue me… But mind your own business! This is way out of your league! His coming here doesn't help the situation at all.
What do I do? There's no other way! I'll give you the scroll.
So please, take it and go.
What?! Sasuke! Have you gone crazy?! What's the point in giving the enemy the scroll?! I see… Well, in order to escape a predator, the only choice the prey has in order to save himself, is to offer the predator another prey.
Take it! You jerk! Stop interfering! Don't you understand the situation?! What the hell are you doing?! I forgot the password.
So there's no way I can confirm it.
But you're a fake Sasuke, aren't you?! You loser… I'm the real one! Don't lie! The Sasuke I know isn't as stupid and cowardly as you are! I don't know how strong this guy is.
But where's the guarantee that he'll let us go after we give him the scroll?! You're the one who doesn't understand the situation because you're too scared! Naruto… You are right.
A scroll can be easily… Obtained by killing for it.
Quit joking around! Stop it! Get out of here, Naruto.
Summoning Jutsu! Naruto! Naruto! For now, stay put.
Damn it! Take this! That's Naruto? This brat…impossible! This is getting interesting.
Sasuke, you're next! What will you do?! Hey, are you hurt, scaredy cat? Naruto… Hey, are you hurt, scaredy cat? The Sasuke standing there scared and weak is not the one I know! I have to survive so I can kill my older brother.
That's what I used to think.
But it seems I overlooked something crucial.
If I can't risk my life here, how can I ever hope to defeat my brother? I can't go on.
Sakura! Are you all right? It seems we stumbled into an enthusiastic welcome.
They're here.
Perfect amount for a handicap.
There's quite a few.
And…they're clones.
You're trapped like rats.
Shut up! Who are these guys? I'll see through them! Sharingan! Naruto! What are you doing?! Damn it! It's useless! Forget it! They're illusions! Genjutsu created by the enemy! But Kabuto's wound is real.
No, Sasuke is right.
No doubt, the enemy is hiding somewhere and attacking from a different location coordinating their "Genjutsu Shinobi" attack.
And they're making us think that these Genjutsu Shinobi are the ones who are attacking.
Then I'll find the jerk that's hiding and throwing the kunai and kick his butt! The real enemy won't appear until we're completely immobilized.
For now, we have no choice but to defend ourselves against their attacks! Well then, if we crush these illusions all at once, they'll go back normal.
And the enemy won't be able to throw their kunai knives.
We'll find out where they're hiding.
Shadow Clone Jutsu! Shadow Clones! Damn it! Damn it! We've worn them down.
All that remains are just their bodies.
Lucky! You really gave me a hard time.
You're the one who hurt my left shoulder, right? It's time for payback! You're trapped like rats.
It worked, Naruto.
Impossible, when did… Stupid! You jerks finally came out! This kid…no way.
The Shadow Clones were just props.
So that I could pretend to be the entire team by myself! At the same time that Naruto released his Shadow Clones, the three of us went into hiding.
You Genjutsu users just got a taste of your own medicine.
Now, it's our… Naruto, you used up too much chakra! I'll take care of the rest! Yeah right.
Like I'm going to let you take over and steal the spotlight.
Is this really the Naruto I know? What is with this amount of chakra? Right after his Multi Shadow Clone Jutsu, he had the skill to transform three of them into us.
And he can still move.
This is the fifth day.
Congratulations on passing Stage Two of the exams.
And now, Lord Hokage will explain the third part of the exam.
When did he grow so strong? Without him, we wouldn't have made it out of the Forest of Death.
I can't ignore him anymore.
Please stop this.
I'm afraid.
You're in no condition to fight right now.
Shut up.
I know.
I know that you've been in a lot of pain.
Sasuke! Just mind your own business.
Sakura, I told you once before.
I am an avenger! This is not just a test for me.
And it has nothing to do with becoming a chunin.
Am I strong? That is the only answer I seek.
The only thing I want is to fight those who are strong.
And they happen to be right here.
So I won't let even you stop me.
Why you! Why are you putting on airs? Sakura is so worried about— Naruto… I want to fight you too.
Hey… So you've finally come.
Kakashi! Make me stronger! This determination of Sasuke's… He's dead serious.
Naruto got to that level so quickly.
I can't waste any time.
I see, so that's what it is.
He finally took notice of Naruto's immense power.
I have a goal.
I want more power.
That's fine.
Sasuke, you know about the Change in Chakra Nature of the five types of chakra, don't you? Yeah… The Uchiha Clan possesses the Fire Nature and specializes in the Fire Style.
Why are you bringing that up now? There are superior shinobi who possess more than two Change in Chakra Natures.
My Change in Chakra Nature is lightning.
Sasuke, for a long time, I have sensed that you are similar to me.
I want to verify what your Change in Chakra Nature is.
I may be able to pass on my jutsu to you.
The one-of-a-kind jutsu of Kakashi the Copy Ninja.
What happened to the next match? Where is Uchiha? Anyway, what is that idiot doing? Isn't he here yet?! Sorry we're late! Your name? Sasuke…Uchiha.
Sasuke… You're really late! I thought you chickened out and weren't coming! It's too early to celebrate, you loser.
Judging from that smirk on your face, I guess you won your first match? Damn right! Oh well, we made such a grand entrance.
Sasuke hasn't been disqualified, has he? Not at all.
We pushed Sasuke's match until later.
He's not disqualified.
That's good news.
I'm glad! Don't lose to someone like that! I know… I want to fight you too.
I want to fight you too.
I knew nothing.
I didn't know that Naruto fought Orochimaru and the others.
Or that he learned a new jutsu.
Or that he's gotten even stronger.
Next time on Naruto Shippuden: "Rift" RIFT Naruto, fight me now! Tune in again!