Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s12e17 Episode Script


How strong am I? You are weak! You are naïve.
Shut up… Because your hatred is weak.
Shut up! The power of hatred is the power to kill! The power to kill is the power of revenge! Your hatred is weaker than mine! Enough! Sasuke! Damn it! Naruto, Sakura… You two get out of here! I lost everything once… I don't want to see the friends I cherish die right before my eyes.
I was helpless.
Na-Ru-To! Barrage! Naruto keeps growing unbelievably strong.
I can tell just by watching him.
He has some kind of enormous power inside him… And once in a while, it even makes me scared.
How…? How can I become strong? How can I get my revenge? RIFT He's returned to the village?! But he's after Naruto? What's going on?! It's been a long time, Sasuke.
Huh? Itachi Uchiha… I will… kill you! Oh…the Sharingan.
Just who is he? My little brother.
I had heard that the Uchiha Clan had been annihilated…by you.
So this is the man Sasuke was talking about… The one he wants to kill! There is no value in killing you now, my foolish little brother.
If you wish to kill me, resent me, hate me, and survive in obscurity.
Run… Keep running and cling to life.
It's just as you've said.
I've hated you and resented you.
For the singular purpose of killing you… I have lived my life! Sasuke! Damn it! Maybe I should cut off those arms! Master Jiraiya… So your target is Naruto, after all? To take Naruto is the overriding mission we have been assigned by the Akatsuki.
I can't let you have Naruto.
I wonder about that… Perfect timing.
I will get rid of both of you right here.
Don't interfere.
If anyone is going to kill him, it will be me.
I have no interest in you right now.
Sasuke! Damn it! Naruto! I said not to interfere! This is my fight! Revenge… Fine! Why? I haven't closed the gap at all.
What is this difference? I've trained for so long, just to kill him.
For so long! What have I been doing all this time?! Just what…? You are weak.
From now, for 24 hours… Go back to that day.
That's enough… outta you! Ninja Art: Toad Mouth Trap.
Too bad, Itachi…Kisame.
You are in my belly now! I've summoned the digestive tract of the Giant Toad of Mount Myoboku.
You are wanted criminals anyway.
I'll just feed you to the rock toad.
You are weak because you don't have enough… hatred.
Come, Kisame! Damn! Wait! Why you—! No one's ever escaped this jutsu before! What's the matter, hey?! They're gone! Sasuke! Sasuke! Are you all right, Sasuke?! Sasuke! Damn it! What's going on? What did that guy do to him?! It's Itachi's Sharingan.
He used his visual prowess to weaken his will to attack.
He's hurt quite badly.
Sasuke… I guess we'll just have to find her.
Tsunade, the Queen of Slugs and Elixirs, who's a Sannin like me.
Hang in there, Sasuke.
I swear I'll find this Tsunade who can heal you.
What is it? Pervy Sage, why did they come after me? It's not you they're after, but what's inside of you.
Just what is this thing anyway? This thing's a monster that attacked Hidden Leaf Village, right? That's why everyone's so scared.
So why would they want something like that? It's a fact the Nine Tails has appeared, and caused havoc, generation after generation at critical points in history.
That's why people have feared this apparition as a natural disaster.
Perhaps they feel that if you have the Nine Tails sealed inside you, they want to have its power under their control.
It's a nuisance to have them coming after you relentlessly.
But that's your fate.
And I am here to protect you.
Then… Then I'd better not waste time and get strong quickly! Where am I? Good, you're out of the woods.
I…? Sasuke! Sasuke you…! You're pretty thoughtful, aren't you? I didn't do anything! You're a good friend.
You are weak… because you don't have enough… hatred.
Sasuke, have some apples.
Sasuke? W-What is it? Naruto, fight me now.
Huh?! What're you saying? You're not even completely healed! I don't care.
Just fight me! And you think you're helping me? The Fifth Hokage or whatever… She should've minded her own business! What?! Sasuke, what's wrong? Naruto, do something… Sure, this is perfect.
I've wanted to fight you.
What is this I'm feeling? I feel tightness in my gut… and something thrilling… What's so funny? I'm not laughing.
I'm happy… Just thinking about how I'm gonna get to beat you.
What? To take Naruto is the overriding mission we have been assigned by the Akatsuki.
Losers shouldn't ramble.
I'm not a loser that gets in everyone's way anymore.
I have no interest in you right now.
Why you loser! Don't act so high and mighty! Aren't you supposed to be cool? Quit making such a fuss.
Or maybe, you're a little scared and regret challenging me, Sasuke? Come on! Before that, put your headband on.
I don't need that thing.
Just do it! I'm saying this is a testament to fighting on equal terms as Leaf Ninja.
That's exactly why I'm saying you're acting high and mighty! No, he's already… Do you really think that we're equals? Can I keep up with him? Yeah, I do! No, I don't.
I've never once thought that I was inferior to you! You're what I strive to be! You're an embarrassment! I have to stop! That's because you're still weak, Little Sasuke! I have to stop! Naruto! Sasuke! Stop it! You jerk! Stop it, you two! Damn! I can't stop completely! What are you guys doing up on the roof of the hospital? You two went a bit too far just for a fight.
Sasuke, why are you standing there gloating? The size of that Chidori was not the size you would aim at a comrade from the Leaf Village.
Did you intend to kill Naruto, Sasuke? That hole! What happened?! Naruto, how far will you go? Was it you who taught him that technique? Even if it were a means to resist the Akatsuki, to think that you would teach Naruto the Rasengan.
If he slipped up, he would have killed Sasuke.
Right back at you… That Chidori was also considerably risky.
But I didn't think Naruto was the kind of kid who'd fire that jutsu at his comrade.
To Naruto, Sasuke is a comrade and a rival at the same time.
Well, someone he considers an equal.
Most likely, he couldn't take Sasuke's cheap provocations.
He's been chasing him since the Academy days.
For him, it's neither you nor me now.
More than anyone, he wants to be recognized by Sasuke.
On the other side of the coin, Sasuke feels the speed of Naruto's growth at close range and feels inferior.
Naruto has gotten strong.
To the extent that he thinks he isn't growing at all.
Revenge, huh? I wonder if Itachi is the one frustrating him.
That's why Sasuke doesn't want to acknowledge Naruto.
If he acknowledges him, he might deny himself up to this point… Rivalry is a difficult thing.
On top of which, they are both burdened by a dark past.
One that neither had control over.
Damn it… Damn it! We're the Sound Ninja Four.
We're here on orders from Lord Orochimaru.
I'm in a bad mood right now.
If you want to fight, just know that I won't go easy on you.
You stop your babbling, weakling.
He called me…weak? Hey, come over here.
I'm going to play do-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti-do on your ribs until they crack.
Are you saying that Orochimaru left a Curse Mark on Sasuke's body? Yes.
He said, "Sasuke will come to me without fail, in search of power.
" I see.
I didn't know such a thing happened.
Orochimaru… I ran into him again a little while back.
What?! He was one of the Sannin and he's ridiculously strong and dangerous.
But, everything will be okay! Sasuke wouldn't fall for that guy's enticement.
He's already really powerful, so he doesn't need to do that kind of thing! I guarantee it! Come with us.
If you do, Lord Orochimaru will give you power.
What is your goal? Are you and your comrades just going to comfort each other in a mundane village like this and try to forget all about Itachi Uchiha? Don't forget your goal.
A village like this does nothing more than shackle you! Just cut your stupid bond with this place.
If you do that, you'll be able to obtain amazing power.
Don't forget your goal.
My goal is to kill Itachi! For that, I need power! I might have been the only one who considered us friends.
But it can't be helped… I don't know, but… I just don't want Orochimaru to take you away! Next time on Naruto Shippuden: "Parting" PARTING I'm definitely bringing you back! PARTING Tune in again!