Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s12e18 Episode Script


We were waiting for you, Sasuke.
It had already been decided that you would be our leader the moment you left the village.
Please forgive our rudeness up to now.
I don't care about any of that.
Let's go! This is the beginning! Naruto! Hey, Naruto! Shikamaru? Sasuke's left the village.
He's headed for Orochimaru's.
What?! You're lying right? There is a strong possibility that those under Orochimaru are guiding Sasuke.
Our mission is to bring him back.
Give me a minute! I'll change right away! Well, there are five of us, and a dog.
All right! Let's get going! Before that, I want to tell you the most important thing.
Sasuke and I aren't close friends.
In fact, I don't particularly like him.
However, he is also a shinobi from the Village Hidden in the Leaves.
He is a comrade! Therefore, I will put my life on the line to help him! That's the way of the Leaf Village.
To me, Sasuke is a dear friend.
And it's not because we were together on Team 7.
Even before that, I… Sasuke's been our friend from way back.
Yeah… After all, we were in the same class.
I'm certain of one thing: Sasuke's got talent.
And I'm not going to let the enemy take him away.
Everyone! Alll right! Let's get him back, no matter what! Okay then.
I'll explain the formation.
Just you wait, Sasuke.
We're gonna rescue you! Sasuke, Lord Orochimaru has given us one important task.
It will be necessary for you to die once.
Die once, you said? Mind Awakening Pills.
Please take these.
And after I die? You don't need to worry.
That is why we are here.
We will use our Barrier Ninjutsu to suppress the side effects, to ease you away from eternal death into a state of suspended animation.
No matter what happens, I cannot afford to die yet.
I'm in your hands… – Four Black Mists Formation! – Four Black Mists Formation! Black Seal! All right, we're done with the first part.
You are weak.
D-Damn it! PARTING Sasuke! Are you running away from me?! Hey loser… Don't concern yourself with me anymore.
Sasuke… What's with that look? Why…? Tell me why, Sasuke! Why did you turn out like this?! What I've become is none of your business! I walk my own path.
And I'm not obligated to listen to anyone, no matter who it is! "Not obligated"? Let me make it clear! I'm done fooling around with you guys from the Hidden Leaf.
So go home! Choji…Neji…Kiba… Shikamaru…Bushy Brows… We all put our lives on the line to come after you.
You wasted your time! What did you say?! Everyone fought for your sake! Choji… He's mine! I will take care of him! Choji, you're not going to…? Shikamaru, take everyone and go! What are you saying?! He's not the kind of guy you can handle on your own! Why did we all come together on this mission? If we lose track of Sasuke now, we'll end up like he said… A stupid captain and his losers.
Choji, you better catch up with us later.
Let's go, everyone! I'm going to get rid of you quick, and get rid of those guys too! Go, everyone! Neji… Go! I'll take care of this.
Apparently this guy's stronger than the fatso before.
And a whole lot more.
If we're not prepared to proceed with "one kill per person," then our plan's not going to work out.
That's what we talked about earlier right? Yeah, that's right.
Plus, we won't be able to catch up with Sasuke if we stall here.
Your eyes are better than mine.
Sasuke is now in the darkness.
Hurry up and go! I'll catch up with you! Gotcha! Okay! Let's go! You and Choji better catch up with us later! Think I'm gonna let them get away?! Kiba, Shikamaru… Here you go! Nice! Kiba! Shikamaru! Just as calculated! Punks! You trash! Messing around with us.
Naruto! Shikamaru! Let's get out of here! I won't let you get away! They're faster than I expected.
Akamaru! Come quick after you've set the bombs! Don't you bark at me, you mutt! Akamaru! Kiba! Akamaru! Damn it… You punks! We have no choice.
I'll take care of this, so you take the coffin and go on ahead! Shikamaru… Get going already! Kimimaro?! You were taking too long, Tayuya.
Why are you…? I understand this feeling a bit more now… of being information-carrying energy that has escaped the prison of human flesh.
The feeling of experiencing a taste of Lord Orochimaru's dream.
Orochimaru! This vessel is an important vessel for his dream.
You jerk! Quit babbling nonsense! Give Sasuke back! I leave those two pieces of garbage to you.
Naruto, you go after Kimimaro.
Shikamaru? I'll take care of things here.
Bushy Brows… It's about time… I've waited so long.
The first step… in Lord Orochimaru's ambition… Sasuke… Sasuke! What're you doing with these guys?! Come on! We're going home! Sasuke… You can hear my voice, can't you?! Wait, Sasuke! It's futile.
Leaf Hurricane… Who are you? Leaf Village's Blue Beast resurrected! Rock Lee! Bushy Brows? How did you…? More importantly, Naruto, go get Sasuke! Please leave this person to me! Everyone…everyone calls you a friend and…! Sasuke! Sasuke! What do you consider your comrades?! Wake up already! I woke up a long time ago… from my stupidity that dreamed about a peaceful future together with my comrades.
Did you think I'd get stronger staying with comrades like that? That's why I left the village and why I'm going to Orochimaru.
He just wants your body for a vessel! That doesn't matter to me.
My dream is not in the future! My dream is in the past.
That's the only place it exists.
Naruto…You can't possibly understand.
I dream of exacting revenge against my own kin.
You are someone who could be able to use Mangekyo Sharingan just like me.
However, on one condition… You must kill… your closest friend… Itachi, if it's to kill you, I will forge ahead, no matter how dark the path.
No matter what happens, I will obtain power.
Neji, it's just like you said.
it looks like he's in the depths of darkness right now.
He really hit me at full power! Damn it! Yeah, I meant to kill you.
Don't you consider me your comrade any longer?! Don't all those things we did together on Team 7 mean anything to you?! It wasn't meaningless… To me, you've become my closest friend.
Then why…? All the more reason why there's meaning in taking you down! I don't fully understand, but I guess you're trying to take me down for real, Sasuke! Chidori! Shadow Clone Jutsu! Rasengan! Sasuke actually came out and said that I'm his friend.
And that's exactly the reason why I wanted to verify it using this Rasengan.
Damn it! That loser was able to counter my fully powered up Chidori to that extent?! There's no mistake about this.
You really intend to kill me.
You're really trying to kill me, Sasuke.
I thought…we were friends.
I might have been the only one who thought that we were friends.
It's too late now.
Mangekyo Sharingan… To kill my closest friend.
What is this red chakra? Sasuke! I'm not gonna let Orochimaru take you away! I will stop you, even if I have to break every one of your limbs! What the hell are you?! Your friend! Come on! Wake up, already! If you don't come to your senses, I'll break you so that you can't move and I'll take you home that way! Shut up… Why the hell do you think you understand? You have no parents or siblings! What makes you think that you can understand anything about me?! You've been alone from the start! It's because I have the ties that I feel this agony.
How could you possibly understand what it feels like to lose all that?! It's true that I can't understand how it feels to really have parents or brothers… But when I'm with you… I wonder if having a brother feels something like that.
Why? Why is it that you go to this extent for me? For me, it's a bond that I've finally been able to have! That's why I'm gonna stop you.
A bond… That's true, Naruto.
I felt it from the very beginning too.
Come on, Naruto! In that case, I just have to cut that bond! Cut it, huh? Then why did you put on your headband at this point? I'll acknowledge you.
You're strong.
And the reason is because you're someone who knows the pain of solitude like I do… and that pain makes people stronger.
And for that very reason, by cutting that bond, I will be able to obtain even greater strength.
I will fight you now on equal terms.
However… You won't even be able to make a scratch on my forehead.
That's something that won't change in the least.
It seems that whatever I say won't have any effect anymore, huh, Sasuke? I'm done with talking.
From here on out, we only fight.
Come! Hurry! This is bad! The Medical Corps! Please tend to him first.
Are you all right? I'm okay.
Look after the others.
I wonder if Naruto caught up to him? Please let me get there in time! Hey Naruto, how about we bring this fight to a close? – Rasengan! – Chidori! Naruto…I'm… an avenger.
Kakashi Sensei… You're awake! Where's Sasuke? So he's gone.
I'm sorry, Sakura.
I've been waiting for you, Sasuke.
I'm glad you came.
I want power.
Yes, of course.
Just follow me.
Itachi… I will get my hands on power, by my own way! I will surpass you, my own way! I'll never give up on you, Sasuke.
We're friends.
Now and forever… The Akatsuki army led by Madara with their Reanimated Shinobi and White Zetsu troops number 100,000.
The opposing army with Gaara leading the Allied Shinobi Forces comprised of the Five Hidden Villages and the samurai, number 80,000.
The Fourth Great War is about to begin.
Next time on Naruto Shippuden: "For My Friend" FOR MY FRIEND I want to protect Naruto! FOR MY FRIEND Tune in again!