Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s13e01 Episode Script

For My Friend

FIRST COMPANY CAPTAIN: DARUI I-I'm starting to feel nervous.
I-I'm starting to feel nervous.
SECOND COMPANY: CLOSE-RANGE BATTLE UNIT In war, stay calm… and composed! Hold on…my dad's Captain?! It's finally time! SECOND COMPANY CAPTAIN: KITSUCHI With Kurotsuchi beside me, I'll turn the tide of battle! SECOND COMPANY CAPTAIN: KITSUCHI Are you all right, Guy Sensei? The fighting hasn't started! What did you do? The fighting hasn't started! What did you do? THIRD COMPANY: INTERMEDIATE-RANGE BATTLE UNIT THIRD COMPANY CAPTAIN: HATAKE KAKASHI I'd better eat while I still can! FOURTH COMPANY: LONG-RANGE BATTLE UNIT Gaara is the captain of our Fourth Company, but he's also the commander-in-chief.
As his deputy, you're essentially the captain of the Fourth Company.
Stay sharp! What a bothersome assignment! COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF AND FOURTH COMPANY CAPTAIN: GAARA Maybe I'll make a name for myself in this war and become the Hokage! FIFTH COMPANY: SPECIAL BATTLE UNIT You fool… Don't make light of war! We have to avoid showing off.
You don't have to worry about that, Shino… FIFTH COMPANY CAPTAIN: MIFUNE Now then, Gaara.
You are the commander-in-chief.
Please address everyone when you're ready.
For My Friend They're on the move! And there's a large amount of them.
Join up with the main forces and inform them of this! I will remain here and investigate the hideout! It's too dangerous by yourself! Quiet! Just go! I'm aware of the risks! But if we don't get word to them, our comrades will be in greater danger! Zabuza… I know… This isn't the next plane.
I'm totally conscious, yet my body is moving on its own.
This is the Forbidden Jutsu… the Reanimation Jutsu.
Someone summoned us back to this world.
It means we're going to be fighting from now on.
Someone's taking advantage of dead people, eh… I don't like being used by any such person! You will be our Commando Unit.
Go by air! Sasori and Deidara will lay traps and conduct enemy raids.
Chukichi of the Hidden Mist and the Leaf Foundation Ninja, your job will be sensory intel and support.
What is…this? You guys are with the Akatsuki.
Let me make this clear.
If you try to control us… If Akatsuki has to rely on a wimp like that to order us around, they sure have fallen on hard times.
Not only that, the only survivor is Zetsu and Tobi, the one who replaced me… You're quite brash for being dead my good man.
And you used to insist that eternal beauty is art… Hmmm! And it's all because of that humongous weak spot stuck on your chest, hmm! Deidara, do you want me to kill you? I'm already dead.
And so are you, hmm.
Is this really going to work? There are too many reanimated shinobi and it's difficult to control them all.
Right now, I'm just focusing on the mobilization.
Ultimately, I will direct everything.
When the fighting begins, I will erase their personalities and turn them into killing machines.
There's no need to worry.
Of course, it will depend on their characteristics.
Sometimes, it's better not to change them.
Leaving their sentiments intact will cause the enemy turmoil… We'll aim for that weakness.
Aren't you Master Dan? What we share in common is that we're dead.
We have been resurrected by a Forbidden Jutsu… summoned to inhabit the bodies of living sacrifices.
What is going on anyway? I have a bad feeling… Aren't you taking Two-toned Zetsu? I'm leaving Zetsu to keep an eye on Sasuke.
I wouldn't put it past you to look for the chance to take him away during the battle.
I'm having the 100,000 White Zetsu travel underground… Such a large army would only attract attention.
Then we shall set out too.
Now then, first… Forgive us, Captain Anko! Please stay alive! This sensation… is it Orochimaru?! No, it's not! – Multiple Striking Shadow Snakes! – Multiple Striking Shadow Snakes! Just because you have a Curse Mark, you think you're like Lord Orochimaru, Anko Mitarashi! I could say the same about you! Have you taken over as the leader, Kabuto Yakushi?! Taijutsu from a bookworm will not work on me! Wha—?! I have no intention of fighting you with taijutsu.
I'm a bookworm.
Poison? Me? With all antibodies that I have? So who is the lord now? The antibody that Lord Orochimaru developed will not work against this poison.
It's…over…there… Kabuto was right.
At two o'clock…I see three.
What's wrong? Muta! Ranka! You two, hurry on! I will stall them! The intel! Get the intel to Headquarters! Can a young man manage as the Commander-in-Chief? Lord Gaara is not your average young man! How dare you make such ignorant assumptions! How am I supposed to know? Until recently, we were on opposite sides! Right back at you! It's not like we trust you either! So watch what you say! To be honest, I feel the same way.
Right! Huh? What did you just say, Hoheto? Even if Orochimaru deceived them, the Sand were behind the plot to crush the Hidden Leaf.
If it weren't for them, Lord Hiruzen would still… Look… We were lucky enough to be named to the Commando Unit… Things are just about to start… I know that! I'm a shinobi too! I'm not about to oppose what our nation and village have decided… That was just my personal opinion! You Hidden Leaf don't have the right… A rogue ninja from the Hidden Leaf attacked Lord Killer Bee, as well as the Five Hokage at their summit! Are you willing to take responsibility for the loss of Lord Raikage's left hand? What?! No one completely trusts each other yet.
It can't be helped.
After years on opposing sides, you can't expect them to bond in a day or two.
Especially the Sand and the Stone.
– Why you—! – You jerk! That's why the Hidden Stone are… Hey you from the Hidden Mist! What did you just say? Since you overheard me, what the heck.
I said that the Hidden Stone are ruffians who ignore protocol! What did you say? We have not forgotten the Hidden Stone's treachery in the Tragedy of Yosuga Pass! Yosuga Pass? You're bringing up ancient history.
We agreed to this unit's formation to honor Ganryu, who wished for peace from his solitary prison.
But the Mist and Stone can never become allies! You Leaf bastard! Want to do something about it, Hidden Cloud?! You're gonna betray us again anyway, right, Hidden Stone? Are the Mist just all talk? If you have a complaint, say it with your fists! You're the one who needs to watch what he says! What?! Wanna fight? Sure! You Sand killed my father! I'd be glad to kill you right here! Hey, stop! In the name of gain and profit for one's nation and village… Shinobi have hated and hurt each other for many years, from the First to the Third Great Ninja Wars.
That hatred cried out for power, and thus, I was born.
In the past, I too was hatred and power… I was a Jinchuriki.
And I hated this world and the humans in it and thought about destroying them.
This is exactly what the Akatsuki is trying to do now.
However…a single shinobi from the Hidden Leaf stopped me.
I know how you feel so well… I know it hurts.
Gaara… Naruto… Putting us through all this trouble! He cried for me, his enemy! We wounded each other in battle but he called me his friend! He saved me! We were enemies, but we were both Jinchuriki… When we share and experience the same pain, there can be no bad blood! No one is an enemy here! Because we all bear the pain of having been hurt by the Akatsuki.
The Sand… The Stone… The Leaf… The Mist… The Cloud are no more! Now, there is only… …shinobi! If you still cannot forgive the Sand, after this war is over, you can have my head! The look in everyone's faces has changed.
The enemy is now after my friend who saved me! If he falls into enemy hands, this world is finished! I want to protect my friend! And I want to protect this world! But I am much too young, too inexperienced to protect this world! So I beg you all to lend me your strength! You got it, Lord Gaara! Sorry about that… No… I was wrong too.
Sorry… I said too much.
I apologize too.
Ganryu! How did you? It's time for all shinobi who have felt the same pain to come together.
I was told that my help would be welcome, if I held no grudges.
It means this war is so important that they'll accept help from even someone like me.
We are all one shinobi… Yeah.
Let's be one and beat some Akatsuki! Damn right! Uh-uh! The more passionate they are, the stronger the bond that is forged… Right, Gaara? You have to hand it to Lord Gaara! Lord Gaara! You've become a fine man… Gaara! So now, we're all comrades.
It's a nuisance, but I guess we have to learn all their scents! The reputation of the Inuzuka nose is on the line.
All who feel as I do! Follow me! I did it! Not bad.
Next up is the final lesson.
Sad, but true, it's hard to proceed… But we must move forward with the deed.
BACKUP MEDICAL UNIT SENSORY UNIT COMMANDO UNIT The Fourth Great Ninja War… We will win! That goes without saying! We will! We will unite as one and fight until our last breath… for the sake of our friend and this world! We're already in enemy territory.
Omoi! Go set Paper Bomb traps.
Sai, you'll be on aerial surveillance.
Ittan, use Earth Style to make a trench.
Tango, set up a Chakra Communication antenna! Zaji and Hoheto! You two will be on sensory and watch duty.
Next time on Naruto Shippuden: War Begins This is war.
Never let your guard down.