Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s13e02 Episode Script

War Begins

I really didn't want to experience war in my lifetime.
What if… What if we suddenly come under a surprise attack and I'm the sole survivor… and…I'm captured and tortured? And then, after that… What if the enemy messes around inside my head… and I'm forced to fight Karui and Lord Raikage? Omoi! Hey, Omoi! Are you listening? We're going to descend now into the airspace above enemy territory.
Stay alert! Sir… Can I ask you something? What is it? You and I aren't too far apart in age, Captain.
This is your first war, right? Are you nervous? Listen up! The outcome of this war will depend on the effectiveness or ineffectiveness our Commando Unit.
The number of casualties also depends on us too.
Think only about success! If you want to protect your family and friends! War Begins! And how should we evacuate? Continue heading south from the Land of Steam into Hidden Leaf territory.
The north will likely become a battlefield.
Hey, someone… Yes, my lord.
It's taking quite long.
Please be patient for just a while longer.
They've been bombing indiscriminately with the detonating clay.
We have to put more distance between us! They're still coming after us.
I'll increase the power of the jutsu.
You irritating bugs, hmm! Stop hiding all over the place.
Such a pain.
The insects are disrupting my sensory chakra.
It's a jamming jutsu using insects.
They're good enough to be an infiltration and reconnaissance unit.
However, don't underestimate this artful duo! If they're attacking with insects, we'll answer with this.
They are swarming! I got separated from Ranka… I'm counting on you.
I must join up with the main regiment.
Gather round.
We're in enemy territory.
We're going to set up a base camp here.
And we'll conduct surprise attacks and set traps! Keep a ten-meter radius! The exit points will be at two and six o'clock! Omoi! Lay traps of Paper Bombs in every other direction.
Right… Sai! Continue aerial surveillance! Roger.
Ittan, create trenches with your Earth Style! Will do.
Tango, put up the antenna for the Chakra Communications.
Zaji and Hoheto, you two will be on sensory and watch duty.
Got it.
Kiri and I will review our plan of action.
Well, you've got me, a Sensory Type, so you can all relax.
Never let down your guard in times of war, Zaji! It can cost you your life.
Stay focused.
I know.
I may not look it, but I was picked for this unit because of my elite skills.
So anything else we should be wary about? Kabuto uses one of Orochimaru's ninjutsu known as the Reanimation Jutsu.
According to the reports, corpses are brought back to life, their souls held in bondage.
And they cannot be killed, no matter how many times you attack.
Jutsu to seal the souls or stop their movements seems to be the only solution.
Furthermore, even if we manage to kill the jutsu user… the jutsu itself can't be broken.
The goal of every unit will be to find Kabuto and restrain him.
After that, we will break his troublesome jutsu with genjutsu.
That's what I understand.
First Company, with me! This is a jamming jutsu.
What's wrong? I can't sense for sure because of a jamming jutsu, but… Something's coming.
Is it the enemy?! That's Muta! I can tell by his chakra.
The one from the Aburame Clan who was with the reconnaissance unit.
Hey, wait! It's booby trapped out there.
I'll bring him back.
That guy! Muta, are you all right? Hoheto! I know.
Byakugan! Get away…from me! The insect bag on his back… They're not insects of the Aburame Clan! What?! Zaji, get back here! Be careful! They saw through it instantly.
Muta! I'm so sorry! Everyone get out of here.
No one can help me.
Those movements… He can't be…! That's why I said to stay alert! He's using Zaji as a shield and running towards us.
W-What'll we do? – Do it, Deidara.
– I know.
There's a white clump that's packed with chakra in the insect bag on Muta's back! That's suspicious! It's got to be one of Deidara's clay bombs.
Ittan, do it! Earth Style: Mobile Core! Now that's art… The Hidden Leaf in bits and pieces, hmm.
Make sure.
They're still there.
We couldn't save the guy from the Aburame.
Damn it.
Kiri, tend to Zaji's wounds.
Can't we even take a moment to mourn our dead in war? Hey, don't move! Here they come again! Stay alert! We don't even get some time to think?! What the heck! Cloud Style! Crescent Moon Slice! They are… Tokuma! Ranka! Our comrades again?! Are they being manipulated?! Again! Above us! Nice, Sai! We're keeping these guys alive.
You damn… Now…what will you do, hmm? You're playing dirty.
I won't forgive you! Sasori, I know you're there.
Come on out.
Hmm… You're a puppet master, after all.
You're also a Commando Unit, I take it.
It's unusual for two Commando Units to engage each other like this.
The one who wins here will succeed in a surprise attack.
We started this war.
And a victory here will determine the course of the entire war, hmm! Then we'll win.
Is that so? Well, we cannot lose.
It's because… we're invincible, hmm! What's wrong? Impossible… Run away, little brother.
Our bodies are indestructible.
There's no way you can win! Brother Shin.
Brother? What an emotional reunion, hmm! They're intentionally pitting people we know against us? How dirty! Can't waste time feeling anxious.
Trying to hurt our comrades…? Well, I won't stand for it! This is war! There's no room for niceties here, hmm.
Hoheto, Tango, go! You're next, Ittan! Deidara, you…! Brother, snap out of it! Nice moves.
But even if you make contact, nothing will happen.
I must hand it to my good man, Sasori.
There's no need to counter this, hmm! Cloud Style: Back Slice! Well done, Omoi! No effect.
He pretended to swing directly at me, but actually slashed back! So stupid! Cutting my chakra thread… What fine swordsmanship.
Over here! Ittan, raise us up! Earth Style! Mobile Core! What?! This unit was hastily assembled, but we're pulling it off quite well! Why you—! It's the first time I've seen you in that form.
Attaching your threads to mine and reeling me in… Your thread-handling skills have improved since last time, Kankuro.
Frankly, it's nice to get praise from a Red Secret Technique Master.
But my Black Secret Technique is now superior to yours.
I never imagined you'd still be alive.
So there was an antidote to the poison I used the last time.
Fate deemed that I would fight you again.
Hold it! I've never forgotten about that day, not for even a moment.
You've got solid talent.
However, you picked the wrong opponent.
Your puppets with the hidden and poisoned weapons… I can see through them all.
How? This is the first time my hidden weapon attacks have been read like this.
That's to be expected.
Black Ant… Salamander… The one who created these three puppets is none other than me.
Then… you're the celebrated master craftsman of the puppet unit… Sasori of the Red Sand?! The poison's circulating, huh? I won't finish you.
However, that poison will kill you in less than three days.
I owe you one for last time.
SASORI Sai, run away.
I don't want to fight you.
Brother Shin… I don't want to hurt you, so I… This jutsu that toys with peoples' lives and feelings… I'll…I'll—! Next time on Naruto Shippuden: "Sai and Shin" SAI AND SHIN I'll never forgive you! SAI AND SHIN Tune in again!