Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s13e03 Episode Script

Sai and Shin

Fate deemed that I would fight you again.
I owe you one for last time.
My own puppet, huh… That body is worthless to me now.
Because now, I'm finally a real doll that will never rot away! This is the body that I had always wished for! Run… Captain! The guy from the Foundation… He's got that clay inside his belly! I once heard that Deidara's detonating clay is weak against the Lightning Style.
I still have a little… Take Kiri and the injured behind that rock! Kiri, focus only on healing them! Too slow! Now! Secret Black Technique! Salamander! Brother! Sai and Shin An explosion?! In any case, our reinforcements will crush the enemy.
Zaji! What's happening out there?! It's okay.
I can still read their chakra.
Everyone is alive! Owww… We're lucky to be alive.
The Salamander, eh… So he surrounded the bomb with a defensive puppet he had hidden.
Because of that, the blast didn't have much force, hmm.
You called him…a bomb…? You're gonna complain about that? You're trash.
You can never be Sasuke.
So shut the hell up, weakling! As long as his soul clings to this world, I can revive him as much as I want.
I'll turn him into another bomb! Brother…Shin… I… don't want to hurt you.
I died… and was liberated from the Foundation.
I've heard about the Foundation of the Hidden Leaf.
You're raised together from the time you are young, like siblings… Then in the end, they pit you against one another in a death match.
It is a training system designed to destroy your emotions.
Where there is no feeling, there is no doubt.
That makes a truly powerful shinobi.
Deep down, you are just like me.
Don't act like an artist just because you can draw a little! Art is an explosion! I think it's time for another big blast! Just try it! I have a drawing I want to show you, Brother.
Really? Let's see it.
What is it? I'm not finished yet… so can you wait a little longer? Secret Black Technique… Damn! I should have just detonated myself earlier! It's so tacky to exhibit one's ultimate art over and over! But I guess I have no choice! Hmm! Lightning Style?! Triple Iron Maiden! Nice job, Omoi! I'll use my Puppet Jutsu and keep these two tied up! Do something about Sai's brother! Right! I knew that if I remained in the Foundation, I would have to face you in battle.
So let's settle now what we couldn't back then.
That's my kunai.
I guess I win.
I'll bet it collided mid-air and was knocked off course.
I have no luck… Luck is a skill too.
It's decided.
You're on meal duty today.
Are you all right? Stay away! It's nothing.
Okay…then it's okay.
Hey… How long has it been since we came here? Why? I was just wondering if we're going to keep on living here.
You and Lord Danzo are the only ones I see.
So I'm starting to lose track of time.
Not that it matters to me.
I want to stay here forever with you, Brother Shin.
That's right.
What is this? Open it.
It's…a sketchbook.
You've wanted one for a long time.
I bought it the last time I went into town.
Thank you, Brother! I know.
I'm going to draw pictures of you and me in here.
Huh? It'll be a picture book that tells about you and me.
Show it to me when it's finished.
Promise me, man to man.
I'm not kidding! What did you say, Lord Danzo? I'm ordering you two to fight to the death.
That's… This will be your final test.
And it is also your fate, as ones in the Foundation.
And after three days, if you two are still alive and attempt to descend from this mountain… You will die.
Understood? That's impossible… I can't fight with my own brother.
Then…I will kill you! Brother! Are you serious?! Brother! You are much too gentle to make it out alive.
Brother… But you are the one who will live.
I'm sick.
We must get you treated.
It's useless.
I've already looked into my illness.
It's incurable.
That's…! Lord Danzo doesn't know about this.
Report to him that you dealt with me.
I can't… I knew all along that the final test of the Foundation… is to kill a comrade.
So I didn't tell you that I was sick until this day.
I tried to live with this secret.
So that I could lose to you in a swordfight.
However, I don't even have enough strength to pull that off.
Brother, I also knew that I would have to fight.
But I never expected it to be you… Is that so? You must kill your emotions.
Otherwise, duty will destroy you.
Now go… And live my share too.
Brother… I'm still capable of ending my own life.
Go! Don't cry! Didn't I tell you to kill your emotions?! I wish I could have seen… your finished drawing.
Settle that last match…huh? Are you all right, Sai? Sai… I see, so that's your name now.
However, it won't happen.
Brother… So you finished it.
I finally got to see the picture I longed to see… It's as though… your drawing has freed my soul from its bindings.
Sai, these comrades who call you by your name… Cherish them.
Thank you… What's going on? The strings are slack… Sasori… Sakura told me how you fight.
Back then… The girl who was with Granny Chiyo.
Cha! This is a jutsu I personally sealed.
I didn't think I'd ever use it again.
But it seems it won't work out that way.
Now let's put an end to this! There's so many… I'd expect no less from you, Granny.
It's said the number of puppets they can use measures the ability of a puppet master.
Granny Chiyo's secret "Number of Fingers.
" I'd heard rumors about it.
The device you used to bring down a castle by yourself… The Secret White Move: Chikamatsu's 10 Puppets.
The ten masterpieces by Monzaemon, the first puppeteer of the Puppet Master Jutsu.
It's a great collection of puppets.
However… I used this to bring down a nation… Secret Red Move: Performance of a Hundred Puppets! The source of your power lay in your soul.
You once turned yourself into a puppet, and tried to erase your soul, but you couldn't do it.
I can feel it inside this puppet that you made, where your undying soul dwells inside.
But now, you are living flesh, but that's merely a human shell that has degenerated into a puppet.
You were a first-rate shinobi puppet master.
Not some lowlife that allows someone else to manipulate you.
If I'm not mistaken, you used Kabuto as a spy back then.
Now, he's the one using you.
It's over when a puppet master is the one being manipulated! And whether it's you, or Kabuto, the one who is controlling you… There's no way I'm gonna lose… Because I am the ninja puppet master of the real Sasori puppet! Your techniques and the puppets you created will never decay.
As long as there are future puppet masters to inherit the soul that resides within them! So that is precisely the true form of art I sought… Quit joking around! My man Sasori! Don't pay any attention to this jerk, hmm! Art is a single flash of light! Art is an explosion! Are you listening, Sasori?! The soul of the creator resides within, eh… You're right… Kankuro… What is it? I entrust you with the "Father" and "Mother" puppets.
And when you die, bestow them upon another… Those two are… Yeah…of course, I understand.
Hey! My man Sasori! This is a sacrificial victim… What's going on? I heard that one couldn't die under the Reanimation Jutsu.
Maybe Kabuto released the jutsu? Let me out, you bastard! It doesn't seem that way.
– Hey, can't you hear me? – Sasori is gone, but the loud one is still here.
We thought the Reanimation Jutsu had been perfected, but it seems to have a flaw.
It's not that easy to control emotion.
Looks like it's over.
Nope…this is just the beginning! Sai, Omoi, Zaji! Head out for immediate ambush.
What is it? Oh, nothing.
The Reanimation Jutsu… There are still so many mysteries behind it.
But I have a good idea of how it works now.
Madara, head out to the battlefront.
I'll hide and focus on the jutsu.
This woman… She had gotten this close to our hideout.
And Kabuto was aware of it.
So he purposely lured her here? That damned Kabuto… Since the beginning, he's planned for the Allied Shinobi Force and us to destroy each other.
But that won't happen.
I'm the one who will use you.
Prove to me right now that the Reanimation Jutsu requires living bodies… And, you will tell me all of its secrets.
And if I refuse? You will never acquire what you desire and what you desire will become something else… It will be your life! Next time on Naruto Shippuden: "Secrets of the Reanimation Jutsu" SECRETS OF THE REANIMATION JUTSU Very well, I'll explain… SECRETS OF THE REANIMATION JUTSU Tune in again!