Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s13e04 Episode Script

Secrets of the Reanimation Jutsu

Playing with those building blocks, it's a given I was able to complete it, at my level now.
You're expected to do something like that.
The next one won't be easy, that's a fact.
Oh… So this is connected to that room where I scrambled with Nine Tails.
Take a good look.
This time, it's a statue of the Eight Tails.
This is a drag every time! Here's the entrance to another room.
For the final Tailed Beast training! Now stop complaining! I'm gonna teach you the most powerful jutsu for a Jinchuriki.
What do you say? Preparations okay? Right! I have to know how to control stuff.
So? What do I do first? Transform into a Tailed Beast in Tailed Beast mode! This is number one.
Now it's your turn! Hurry and get it done.
Isn't that dangerous? Transforming into a Tailed Beast is sorta scary.
You can do it now, fool, ya fool.
'Cuz you can draw out pure Tailed Beast chakra.
It's not gonna run wild, ya fool! Well then… Visualize your Tailed Beast, ya fool! Can't, huh? Too bad.
Well, it's not like you're pals with the Nine Tails… Anyway, Tailed Beast Transformation is a dismal failure.
So how are you going to teach him the Tailed Beast Bomb? That's the first trick a Jinchuriki can use after going into Tailed Beast State, Bee.
Man, I'm dead tired.
So I used the Nine-Tails' chakra all for nothing? By the way…shouldn't you tell him that this Tailed Beast mode is risky? Bee, the risk for you and Naruto is fundamentally different.
Look, I'll explain.
Let me out.
I hand over the baton for the mumble jumble Saves me from the verbal fumble… Hey! Naruto! I'm the Eight Tails, not Bee.
Now listen carefully to what I tell you! Man, this is so complicated.
But you don't talk in rhymes, so it's easier to understand.
First, I'll go over the risk when you switch to Tailed Beast chakra mode.
Risk? There's a risk to this mode?! Big time! It's very important, so be quiet and listen.
Y-Yeah… Secrets of the Reanimation Jutsu The risk when you switch to Tailed Beast chakra mode… That's…! Yes? NARUTO NINE-TAILS' CHAKRA OWN CHAKRA Basically, when you're in Tailed Beast chakra mode, NARUTO NINE-TAILS' CHAKRA OWN CHAKRA your own personal Naruto chakra is being taken by the Nine Tails! Because you momentarily shelve your own chakra in order to use the Nine Tails' chakra.
OWN CHAKRA So of course, if your own chakra is emptied out completely… ZERO you're a goner.
Huh?! But how come Mr.
Eight Tails is okay?! Even if you take over the Nine Tails' chakra, you haven't really tamed him.
Bee and I were like that in the past.
We competed for each other's chakra.
Oh and, you shouldn't use Shadow Clones when you're in Tailed Beast chakra mode.
Shadow Clones made from your own chakra will be taken.
They'll be gone in an instant, and you'll die.
But my chakra takes the Nine Tails' chakra that's been leaking and reconstitutes it or whatever… so I have lots.
Fool! Don't underestimate the Nine Tails! He'll wipe out your chakra! Restoring your stolen chakra takes time! So be careful! If you get carried away and use only the Nine Tails' chakra in battle, you'll end up dead.
By rights, you and the Tailed Beast should negotiate how you both use chakra.
But Nine Tails isn't the type to do that.
Also, there's a limit to the chakra you managed to tug out of the Nine Tails.
So much risk… And yet, I can't use a Jinchuriki's ultimate jutsu? Well, forget about Tailed Beast Bomb.
You should just concentrate on polishing up your special moves.
Tailed Beast Bomb? What kind of jutsu is that? Oh, it's simple.
You take your chakra and change its form… gather it up and compress it… Then just spew it out.
Like that time… It's almost like vomiting.
I wanna try it in this mode! Like this?! It's impossible without Tailed Beast Transformation.
Anyway, I've explained it all to you.
I'm gonna switch with Bee.
Oh well, too bad.
It can't be helped.
You just have to do your special move in Tailed Beast chakra mode, is all… Rasengan requires Shadow Clone Jutsu, so it's not suited to this mode.
Chakra release and rotation… plus change in chakra form and compression… That's a two-person move.
Tailed Beast chakra… Your own hands and feet, that's the sensation.
And the real ones, are just an illusion.
I see… Maybe like this? Not bad at all.
Try that special move of yours.
That move you already have.
All right! Rasengan! Huh?! This is…! Change in chakra form with rotation and compression… That jutsu! It's exactly like the Tailed Beast Bomb, fool, ya fool! Hey! Naruto! Who taught you that jutsu, ya dimwit?! Huh?! Well, it was Pervy Sage… I mean, Jiraiya Sensei.
But the Fourth Hokage invented it.
Fourth Hokage…? What a coincidence.
Or maybe fate? Truly not a shame! Rasengan! The method is exactly the same as Tailed Beast Bomb.
It's exactly the same! Created with the Tailed Beast Bomb in mind! That's the Rasengan! It's like he entrusted you with the Tailed Beast Bomb.
You couldn't have been luckier.
It's easy when you're in Tailed Beast mode.
Change in Chakra Form as a human is impossible.
If you add rotation, it makes it more plausible.
Yeah, but… I can't do it as well as my usual Rasengan.
Tailed Beast chakra is a combination of positive blue chakra and negative red chakra.
Their ratio is key.
During compression, if you change the red to blue ratio to 2:8, it will become a ball! Try it! You haven't got it yet.
Your red is at 9.
5 and blue is 0.
5! It looks easy, but it's hard.
All of a sudden, there's talk of positive and negative, red and blue chakra, and numbers… I don't understand this stuff! Besides, this Rasengan is heavy.
I have to use both hands or it'll break apart.
I can't be bothered with all those details.
I'm the type that learns by doing things.
So as for this Tailed Beast Rasengan, I'm gonna keep doing it and doing it… Until I get it right! It's impossible in human form… it's a tougher toil.
Rest a bit.
The wounds on your hands are a type of jutsu recoil.
I told you, I can't worry about the details.
Octopops, you said the ratio should be 8:2.
Keep watching me and tell me when I get it… I want to remember what that feels like! You sure are a persistent guy.
Very well.
I take back what I said.
Looks like that woman is still alive.
Lord Orochimaru's Curse Mark has adapted to this woman… His chakra flows through her body now.
She can't be killed yet.
No, get rid of her now.
This woman knows where the real entrance to our hideout is.
I need to extract Lord Orochimaru's chakra while she is alive and collect it.
You might as well call my body Lord Orochimaru's.
It's crucial in order to increase my own strength.
Then my power to bind the Reanimation Jutsu will increase.
And another crucial thing is… This jutsu requires a live human body.
That is why this woman is being kept alive.
Increasing our battle strength… Doesn't that further your cause? Or am I wrong? Today's friend is tomorrow's foe.
That may be so.
Your benefit could turn into my disadvantage.
You still don't trust me, do you? What do you want from me? Prove to me right now that the Reanimation Jutsu really requires living bodies.
And…tell me all of its secrets.
Including how to stop it! And if I refuse? You will never acquire what you desire and what you desire will become something else… It will be your life! It's not wise to take on someone who uses Rinnegan right now.
Well, I still have a hand to play.
No need to rush it.
Fine… But I don't have any sacrifices here.
As I said, this woman cannot be used.
Those people are…? Danzo's dogs.
They've been under a Sharingan-based genjutsu from the time of their capture.
You don't go easy, do you? All right, I got things ready for you.
I killed this one.
Now use this other one and do the Reanimation Jutsu.
Let me say this first.
This is categorized as a type of Summoning Jutsu.
I summon the soul of the dead person from the afterlife to this plane.
To achieve that, I need a portion of the one I want to revive.
A fixed portion of flesh.
A portion that contains personal identification material.
Without it, the Reanimation Jutsu will not work.
Furthermore, if the soul is not in the afterlife… Namely, if the soul has been sealed somewhere else, they cannot be revived.
In the past, Lord Orochimaru tried to bring back the Fourth Hokage and failed.
That was because the god of death had already taken the Hokage's soul with the sealing jutsu, the Reaper Deal Seal.
And the Third Hokage also used the same jutsu during the destruction of Hidden Leaf Village.
The First and Second Hokage were taken along too… So that means… Reanimation Jutsu can't be used on the First through Fourth Hokage? That's right… I've brought many back to life… But it wasn't easy to harvest their personal information material.
It's basically just grave robbing.
It's hard to identify decaying bodies… I had a lot of failures.
So this is the jutsu formula? This is how you turn a living person into a vessel for the dead one's soul.
Then the Reanimation Jutsu is complete.
Th-This is…?! You can call this jutsu the most powerful jutsu in the shinobi world.
The Second Hokage devised it and Lord Orochimaru perfected it.
It's their greatest legacy to the world! I control his personality with this tag.
And once I assign his orders… All the abilities he had in life will be restored to this decaying man.
And he will become my puppet who obeys my orders and cannot die.
Naturally, even rare abilities like the Rinnegan of the Six Paths and Itachi's Sharigan.
But I could not find Shisui Uchiha's body anywhere.
Jiraiya's body is deep in the ocean where the pressure is too strong for anyone to venture in.
As for weapons like Danzo's right eye and Pain of the Six Paths, I don't have all the materials with their personal information.
Don't get carried away.
Well, no matter.
We have more than enough pawns.
A jutsu this ideal has to have risks.
The most amazing thing about this jutsu is that… there is no risk for the jutsu user.
What? It's true.
The Reanimation Jutsu has no risk.
Well, it does have one.
Because it is such an amazing, powerful jutsu, the name of its wielder will spread to every corner of the world.
In name, I will be more famous than Madara Uchiha.
But an academic like me has no desire for fame.
I'll just become a target.
Don't get ahead of yourself! There is a reaction to every action.
Stay focused.
I appreciate your advice.
If this jutsu has a risk, it's that I've given you information about it.
Well, I must be going.
Academics are better suited to be in gloomy places.
Hold it! You didn't tell me how to stop the Reanimation Jutsu yet.
Oh! That's right.
I almost forgot.
Killing the jutsu user won't stop this jutsu.
So what do you do? It's quite easy really.
You manipulate me, the one who controls the Reanimation Jutsu… into breaking the jutsu by weaving the signs…dog, horse and tiger.
With your Sharingan, for instance.
Otherwise, you can seal away the souls of those under the Reanimation Jutsu.
That's fine and good, if it's true.
I'm not brave enough to lie to you.
Anyway, this conversation is over.
I've told you how to stop it.
I'm going.
As long as I have that other jutsu along with the Reanimation Jutsu, I am invincible.
In time, I will unravel the truth of the Sage of Six Paths.
Is White Zetsu's spore tailing him? Of course.
Then Black Zetsu, you can start preparations for that other thing.
I would have missed this without Muta Aburame's intel.
A large army is approaching underground! We're going to widen our scope! They're going to try to pass right under us! Are they planning to take the rear of the Allied Force? Use Earth Style and dig them up! Notify Kitsuchi immediately.
Intel Unit! Get word about it to Kitsuchi immediately! All right! New intel.
Coordinates: 25 by 30, underground! MAIN BATTLE REGIMENT, SECOND COMPANY CAPTAIN KITSUCHI So that's how they're coming.
Reinforcements… The Reanimation Jutsu… It's more refined than the one the Second Hokage Tobirama used.
To control this many souls at one time… It's quite a feat.
Kiba! Shino! That was fast, Kiba.
I was told to join you here! Is the enemy near? – Earth Style! Erupt! – Earth Style! Erupt! So this is neither heaven nor hell.
You shouldn't be here… Mister Kakashi, please stop us again! I'm already dead.
I died human! Next time on Naruto Shippuden: "An Old Nemesis Returns" Yeah, I know.