Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s13e05 Episode Script

An Old Nemesis Returns

Captain Mifune! We received a message from Headquarters! The enemy force is passing through directly under us, deep underground! Our shinobi in the Sensory Unit couldn't detect them? They must not be human.
All right! Considering our Fifth Company's elongated deployment, I'll send in several platoons DARUI-FIRST COMPANY MIFUNE-FIFTH COMPANY GAARA-FOURTH COMPANY KANKURO-COMMANDO UNIT KAKASHI-THIRD COMPANY closest in proximity to Kitsuchi and his Second Company as reinforcements! Make haste! I'm going to keep releasing them! Zaji, take care of the signal fire! Right! Red smoke, that's the Commando Unit.
Hurry! Right.
Are you all right, Master Zabuza? Looks like we wasted a jutsu, Haku.
This Reanimation Jutsu revives the dead, but they can't be killed.
I don't like this jutsu… You did well to detect them, Haku.
That species of giant bird generally fly in pairs.
They work together to catch their prey.
However, that's only during the winter when they are raising their young… And that looks like a beacon made to look like a cloud.
No doubt, the enemy that attacked is over there.
Leave this to me.
Lightning? A cold air? Secret Jutsu Crystal Ice Mirrors! Owww… H-Hey… That thing… What? They're just kids.
We can't die.
So we can just strike.
They are Kekkei Genkai shinobi! I'm different.
We bear no grudge against you.
We're just not in control of our actions.
They're coming! Kakashi? An Old Nemesis Returns An Old Nemesis Returns Kakashi! You're a lifesaver! Don't start celebrating yet.
These guys are all pesky shinobi.
I knew we would have to fight, but I never imaged it would be against you, Kakashi.
Lightning Blade! That day on the bridge, you were supposed to finish me off and send me to hell.
When I came to, I was in the same place as Haku.
It seems this is neither heaven nor hell.
This is the world of the living.
You are under the Reanimation Jutsu.
Reanimation Jutsu? That's right.
The Akatsuki brought you back from the world of the dead.
What? He knows them? Wait for Captain Kakashi's signal.
Zabuza… Haku… Oh… You've matured, Kakashi's kunoichi.
How is that kid? Huh? Uh-huh… Who're you? Hey! Hey! Is this the one I should pick? Uh-huh.
This one is the medicinal herb? Thank you for helping me.
You've got a lot to do early in the morning, sis… You too… What've you been doing here so early? Training! I want to get stronger.
Oh? But you already look strong enough.
No, no! I want to get even stronger! What for? To become the best ninja in my village! I'm going to get everyone to recognize my strength! And I have to prove something to someone! Is that all for someone's sake? Or is it for your own sake? What's so funny?! Do you have somebody precious in your life? When a person has something precious they want to protect… that's when they can truly become strong.
I know that well enough too! You'll get strong.
I hope we meet again somewhere.
Yeah! We lost because of him… He must be all grown up.
He's probably famous too.
Yeah, that bridge is now called the Great Naruto Bridge.
Everyone in the village calls him the miraculous hero now.
Thanks to you both, Naruto was able to find his Ninja Way.
And he made a pledge at your graves, and he's grown into a fine shinobi since then.
Then he will become even stronger.
Were you able to reminisce a little? Because it's time to get serious.
Power is welling up! The main act starts now! Kakashi… Stop us… Kakashi, these people… I know! There's no doubt! The Demon Zabuza Momochi! And Haku of the Ice Style! Kakashi Sensei! I am your opponent! Haku! Sorry, but this is going to be over in an instant.
Sharingan, eh? Something like that won't work on me! Ninja Art! Hidden Mist Jutsu! You're mine! This is the Silent Killing, which brings down a foe only with sound.
Why?! You were known as the demon of the Hidden Mist, Zabuza! How can you stoop so low and become a mercenary? Don't kid yourself! In the shinobi world, it's either use or be used.
And we shinobi are merely tools! Shinobi don't need ideals! Our world has no use for weak ninja.
Why do you have to serve a guy like that? I want to protect someone special to me.
I want to make his dreams come true.
Naruto, do you know how it feels to be unwanted? Master Zabuza needs me.
When I was old enough to understand things, my father tried to kill me.
People with Kekkei Genkai were hated and feared in my homeland.
And at that moment, what I thought of myself was that… my existence didn't matter to anyone else in the world.
Same with me.
Master Zabuza took me in.
He wanted me, needed me.
I was so happy… I am your weapon, Master Zabuza.
Keep me by you as a mere tool that will heed your every word.
But I just don't get it! The only reason you are allowed to live is because you're strong? I'm losing…consciousness… Damn… The inside of my head… feels so hot… That demonic aura… So this is the Demon Zabuza! On top of that, the Ice Style child! On guard! Stay alert, Guy! No one comes close to him in Silent Killing! Kakashi… Please… Stop us once again… My dream was always to be Master Zabuza's tool and die protecting him… The fact that Master Zabuza is under the power of this jutsu means… that I was not able to protect him from you back then.
Furthermore, not only am I incapable of protecting Master Zabuza, I can't even serve as his tool now.
No, you protected Zabuza.
No, you protected Zabuza.
He died for a different reason.
And…Zabuza never thought of you as a tool.
K-Kakashi, quit babbling nonsense.
Naruto dug deep into Zabuza's heart.
He talked big, and this is how he ends up? What a weakling.
Haku! You…! Naruto, don't be reckless.
We're outnumbered! But… But…! Enough, kid! He's right.
Haku died because he was weak.
What're you saying?! He threw his life away for you! As Gato used me, I was simply using Haku.
I thought I'd told you… In the shinobi world, it's either use or be used.
We shinobi are merely tools.
What I wanted was his skills and not Haku himself.
Do you… Do you really mean that? Stop, Naruto! He… He really liked you! Is there someone special in your life? He liked you that much! When a person feels he wants to protect a person special to him, that person can truly become strong.
Even so, don't you feel anything at all?! You really…honestly… don't feel anything at all? I'd like to make that person's dream come true.
For that, I could completely become a shinobi.
When a person becomes as strong as you, does that person really behave like you? He threw his life away for you! He didn't even fulfill his own dreams and yet… to die as a tool! That's… That's too painful.
Kid… Don't say anything more.
Haku was… He was hurting inside for you while he battled you guys too.
I know.
He was too kind.
I'm glad we could fight with you at the end.
Yes, kid, it's as you say, after all.
Shinobi are human too.
Maybe it's impossible to become an emotionless tool.
It's my loss.
Zabuza… You guys stay out of this.
This is my fight! Snow… At this time of year? Haku, are you crying? You were always at my side.
At the very least, I can be at your side in the end.
If it's possible, I'd like to go to the same place as you.
You will, Zabuza… The two of you together.
Zabuza and Haku, huh.
They're quite tenacious.
I still haven't been able to bind them completely I'll soon turn you into mere killing puppets! You are my tools! K-Kakashi, don't hesitate.
Use whatever means it takes… to stop me.
I died already.
I died human… Yes, I know.
Master Zabuza… Thank you.
Here they come! Captain Kakashi! That Hidden Rock shinobi… A user of the Explosion Style Kekkei Genkai.
He's a former Demolitions Unit captain like Deidara… That's Gari! And that woman is… the Scorch Style Kekkei Genkai user from the Hidden Sand… Pakura! Please be careful! Kekkei Genkai shinobi…all of them.
Ninja Art: Hidden Mist Jutsu.
The fighting unit will comprise mainly of sensory-type shinobi! The rest will take a Manji Formation at 12, 3, 6, and 9 o'clock and provide cover! We will pinpoint Zabuza using only sound! The mist is becoming thicker.
Our field of vision isn't good enough.
Sakura, you don't need to be afraid! I will guard you with my life! The last time, they attacked the dead spot in this formation, the center.
Watch your backs! Leave it to me! Huh? O-Oh, right! After the mist…cold air.
It's begun! It's different from the last time, after all.
To be able to bind so strongly… As one would expect from Lord Orochimaru's chakra.
To be able to overwrite my own control tags… However, I purposely kept their emotions intact to psychologically torment the enemy.
That results in a weaker binding and the soul dies when the heart undergoes a change.
This time, I will kill all feeling.
Right now, I don't know who among the enemy pawns I can do this to.
I'll just gather data from this war.
As for the rest of the pawns, I'll bind them to the point of obeying my orders, and leave them to their own accord.
Some will probably be more beneficial with their emotions left intact.
He was mummified.
This jutsu… Here they come! Scorch Style! Super Steam Kill! My insides…! Explosion Style! Land Mine Fist! No way… Tajiki blew up! You bastard! – Leaf Hurricane Whirlwinds! – Leaf Hurricane Whirlwinds! Guy! Comrades die on the battlefield! That is one thing you must learn to accept! Losing your cool can cause even more comrades to die! Place your comrade's death into the recesses of your mind! Understand, newbie? Y-Yes! Hang in there.
You're going to be all right.
I'm beginning to understand how the enemy is coordinating this.
Now it's my turn! I'm not so naïve as to allow the enemy time to act.
– Summoning Jutsu! – Summoning Jutsu! No way.
Don't tell me… This is… The past members of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist! Haku once told me, when a person has something precious they want to protect… they can truly become strong.
Oh really? So do you feel the same way? Yeah, watching Haku and Zabuza made me feel that way.
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