Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s13e06 Episode Script

The First and Last Opponent

It seems like there are a lot fewer guards around.
We could make a run for it now.
Let's look for Sasuke.
You go on ahead.
I'm going to look for my blade.
I found the key right away, but my blade is nowhere to be found.
They confiscated it, right? Then look in their armory.
Let's go.
What? You're going to help me? You're all right, Jugo.
Unlike that Karin.
Speaking of which, where'd she go? Want to look for her? Without her around, it's a little too quiet… What should we do? I'm beginning to understand how the enemy is coordinating this.
Now it's my turn! I'm not so naïve… as to allow the enemy to act.
– Summoning Jutsu! – Summoning Jutsu! No way.
Don't tell me… That's… The past members of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist! Among the legendary Seven Ninja Swordsmen… they've chosen the strongest ones! The Seven Ninja Swordsmen… Nothing on the Ensui Platoon? They'll be here shortly.
Maki of the Hidden Sand, what about you? We're ready to roll! All right, buy some time for Ensui's platoon.
Everyone, attack together! It's not here either.
You said you're gathering all the lost Hidden Mist Blades.
Why are you so obsessed? What? You said you'd help me.
Don't tell me you're giving up? You're the one who gives up.
Except when it comes to the ninja blades.
I need one thing to keep me going.
Resurrecting the Seven Ninja Swordsmen and becoming their leader is my dream.
Resurrect? Yeah.
Right now, the Seven Ninja Swordsmen consists of a single brat named Chojuro.
Traditionally, the ninja blade is passed down from generation to generation.
Right now, there is only one blade, known as the Hiramekarei.
Nothing else.
The great blade, Samehada, is in Kisame's possession, but he's a rogue ninja.
I finally got a hold of the Executioner's Blade, only to lose it.
So officially, that unit doesn't exist today.
For now, anyway… The First and Last Opponent The First and Last Opponent It's no use.
No matter how many times we attack, it has no effect.
What do we do against guys like that? They're the Seven Ninja Swordsmen! The longer we keep this up, the greater our disadvantage.
Don't worry so much! The Reanimation Jutsu can be stopped by sealing away the soul or immobilizing their body.
And other than Zabuza, no one is wielding a sword.
That cuts their strength in half.
It seems they brought their swords.
Not all of them have one.
The mist is getting even thicker… We can't see through this.
And there's no sound with Silent Killing.
We can't even hear them.
We must do something about this mist, or the Allied Forces are at a disadvantage.
You have a plan? I'm preparing it now.
Then I'll leave you to handle it! Lee! Go after the Scorch Style! I'll take the Explosion Style! Understood! Captain Kakashi! I'm ready with my Shadow Possession and Shadow Paralysis! All right, fasten it to me.
Ensui, reduce the strength of the Shadow Possession, and stay focused on my movements.
Santa Yamanaka, use the Mind Transfer Jutsu to trade places with me.
With your sensory skills, you will be able to track and find Zabuza in this mist! Once you perceive Zabuza, since I'll be under Shadow Possession, guide me to a location where I can see him.
Get me behind him as close as you can.
When I have a clear sight of him, immediately release the Mind Transfer Jutsu and return me to my body.
I will grapple with Zabuza and step on his shadow and get him into position.
At that point, Ensui, immediately increase the power of your Shadow Possession and Shadow Stitching Jutsu and bind him! Then Maki, completely immobilize Zabuza with your Cloth Paralysis Jutsu! Yes! Right! Mind Transfer Jutsu! We're going to guard Captain Kakashi! Right! Anyway, there are lots of other blades.
Among the Ninja Swordsmen throughout history, there were super masters besides Kisame, Zabuza and Chojuro.
First… there's the wielder of the Lightning Blade, the Fang, a blade swathed with lightning with the ultimate cutting edge… Ameyuri Ringo.
The wielder of… the Blunt Blade, Kabutowari, that smashes through any defense… Jinin Akebino.
The blade that stabs and pierces everything and sews them together… the Long Blade, the Sewing Needle.
Its wielder is Kushimaru Kuriarare.
The blade that adds explosive power to one's swordsmanship… the Explosive Blade: the Splatter.
And its wielder, Jinpachi Munashi.
And the one who, like Kisame Hoshigaki, wielded the Great Blade, Samehada… Fuguki Suikazan.
And the one who could handle all seven blades.
The one known as the second coming of the demon, my older brother… Mangetsu Hozuki.
And I am going to be the captain of the new generation of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen, and… Enough.
You're talking too loud.
Hey, I was coming to the climax.
The sword you broke in two, right? Shouldn't you just make a new sword? You don't know a thing.
That blade has a certain power.
The Severing Sword, the Executioner's Blade, cannot be chipped or nicked.
No, a better way to put it is, the blade repairs itself.
It cuts into humans, then absorbs their blood.
It regenerates itself with the iron present in blood.
All right! Found him! Mind Transfer Jutsu, release! Good luck, Captain Kakashi! All right! He hasn't noticed me.
Splendid, Haku.
I didn't expect him to jump in to save Zabuza.
The boy… is already dead.
Zabuza's Hidden Mist style is necessary in order to battle many.
So I knew that Zabuza would be their target.
To protect him, the rest can be mere shields.
And Haku will protect Zabuza with his life.
Even though he is simply a puppet now.
It must be quite a performance out there on the battlefield.
He intends to slash me along with the boy?! Captain Kakashi! Damn it… If we can't hear them or even see them… Isn't Captain Kakashi here yet?! I put a shadow on one enemy! There hasn't been enough contact time with the second shadow! I can't stop his movements! Contact time? Don't tell me Zabuza cut down Captain Kakashi?! Give me another A-rank mission?! No way! Zabuza and Haku… I can't believe everyone came out unscathed against such strong ninja.
Huh… Well, learn more jutsu and train to become stronger.
Then you can tackle A-rank missions.
You're right about learning more jutsu.
But I've also got to find other things that I want to protect.
Haku said to me… when a person has something precious they want to protect, they can truly become strong I see… So do you feel the same way? Yeah! After watching Haku and Zabuza, I started to believe that.
Hey, hey… Kakashi Sensei, what do you think about this? About what? I'm glad you were Naruto's first adversaries.
Maki, stay behind me and stand by with your Cloth Paralysis Jutsu! Why? Why can't I keep up? Damn it! You can't possibly defeat me the way you are now.
What was that?! You still don't realize… Zabuza… That time, you hesitated killing Haku and you couldn't hide the unrest in your heart over Haku's death.
But it's different this time.
You're just a tool with no feelings.
Let's put an end to a fight like this! Hey, hey… Kakashi Sensei.
What do you think about this? About what? Well, those two were enemies… I…liked those guys.
Is that weird? No.
I feel the same way.
Ensui! Bind him! That's my signal! Okay! Shadow Paralysis Jutsu! The way you died and your tears… demonstrated your bond to each other.
I have many things I want to protect as a shinobi.
Zabuza and Haku… Protecting the way they died is one of those things.
Especially since I am their final enemy.
Naruto… What do you think? Now, Maki! Damn it! This is… The mist is clearing… All right! Now we can see the enemy! If these tags remain, they cannot be summoned.
I will keep an eye on these two bodies.
All right… The Reanimation Jutsu… This is an unforgivable jutsu! Sai, next we'll use your Sealing Jutsu from the Foundation! You're up! But…But I still haven't mastered that jutsu… Isn't it a fact that you were highly regarded by Danzo? There's no need to suppress your emotions anymore! Well… It takes me a while to get upset too… But this time, my boiling point was low.
Copy Ninja Kakashi has copied a thousand jutsu… And I'm going to use them to their fullest extent! Attack! Fang Over Fang! Hidden Jutsu! Beetle Sphere! Eight Trigrams Air Palm! Eight Trigrams Palm Rotation! Neji! There are too many of them… So they absorb chakra… Gentle Fist Technique… Body Blow! One after another… There's no end to them! Stop whining and move! Each one is strong and persistent! This is attrition warfare.
Captain Kitsuchi! We have word from Headquarters! Several thousand have gotten past us! Dad! Quiet! I know! Here they come.
Who are these two?! They're bathed in Nine Tails' chakra! It's incredible! There's no mistake! It's the Gold and Silver Brothers of the Hidden Cloud.
And even Dan is with them? Well, now that it's come to this, I guess I'm the only one who can face him.
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