Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s13e07 Episode Script

The Brilliant Military Advisor of the Hidden Leaf

Here they come… Mu is not moving.
There's no sign of him or his chakra.
Seems the Second Tsuchikage has been detected.
Even though he was known as the "Null Man.
" It will soon be ripe for war.
The real fight is just beginning.
With that class of shinobi, I anticipate bigger results by not killing off their thoughts and emotions.
I'll let him do as he pleases after the Summoning Jutsu.
The Brilliant Military Advisor of the Hidden Leaf The Second Tsuchikage… The Third Raikage… The Second Mizukage… The Fourth Kazekage… Too bad we don't have a Hokage.
Still, four Kage from history are here.
I'll just let the Kage and their progeny kill each other off.
Where am I? My, my… What a gathering of former enemies! Well, well.
I don't know this guy.
This is a foul jutsu of the Second Hokage.
The dead are summoned back from the afterlife and then bound.
You were summoned here by force.
The dead?! What do you mean? Have you forgotten? I killed you myself.
You died ages ago, Second Mizukage.
Oh…back then… Hey wait! You also died that day! In fact, I killed you.
Was that so? Well, no matter.
Let me continue… Where was I? Where is the Second Hokage? He's the jutsu user who resurrected us? I detect someone several kilometers ahead.
One with the same chakra as this new face… along with a huge army.
No doubt you are… I am the Fourth Kazekage.
My predecessors have told me about your exploits.
So this means the Sand has continued through to the fourth, no, the fifth generation.
It feels strange being in the future.
Listen, this is not the future.
We're just beings from the past.
And don't interrupt me, or I'll kill you.
But I was killed.
And I killed you! I was just telling you the story of the Second Hokage who resurrected us… The Second Hokage was long dead by my time.
But there was a shinobi capable of using the Reanimation Jutsu.
A shinobi named Orochimaru.
Four…and among them… is Father.
That's all.
It's a message from Headquarters.
Our Commando Unit has skirmished with the enemy's Commando Unit.
Our predictions about the enemy were correct.
But they are raising the dead with a jutsu known as the Reanimation Jutsu and sending them onto the battlefield.
Who knows what kind of shinobi we'll see on the battlefield.
So everyone, be prepared.
That's the signal.
The enemy is near.
But there's no word from Headquarters that they detected the enemy.
What's going on? It probably means there are guys that even Headquarters cannot sense.
After all, the enemy will only revive the strong ones.
We have to fight dead people? What do I do? I'm getting scared.
Hey Choji, now that you're here it's too late to whine.
U-Uh-huh… We just received word from Captain Gaara's Fourth Company.
Four of the enemies have been spotted.
They are the Second Mizukage, the Second Tsuchikage, the Fourth Kazekage and… And who's the other?! The Third Raikage.
What?! My old man too?! Damn the Akatsuki! The numbers don't match up with our own sensory readings.
Are you sure this data is accurate? Princess Tsunade… It's the Second Tsuchikage that has appeared.
Huh?! It's no wonder we could sense three, but couldn't detect one.
The reason sensory detection was futile is the doing of Lord Mu.
There's someone who can evade detection from even the Headquarters' Sensory Radar Jutsu?! What is he? Captain Ao! There are far too many of those white monsters.
It's impossible for me to detect the ones with special characteristics.
Darui's First Company will soon encounter several thousand enemy troops! Please distinguish the white ones from those under the Reanimation Jutsu! You take charge of the broad-range scan! Huh?! This is not good! Darui's First Company will be facing too many who are under the Reanimation Jutsu! Furthermore, they're all powerful shinobi! They're coming.
Give the signal to get into position for battle.
There are so many… It's not just their numbers.
Headquarters was right.
I can distinguish the adept ones with my Byakugan.
Lord Hiashi! Look towards 10 o'clock.
Th-That's… N-No way.
That can't be… What's wrong? What about them? That's… They're…Lords Kinkaku and Ginkaku… What?! These two are bathed in the Nine Tails' chakra! Incredible chakra! There's no doubt! They are the Gold and Silver Brothers of the Hidden Cloud.
What? Even Dan is among them? The Fourth Company is facing my old man.
And the First Company is looking at Kinkaku and Ginkaku.
Now that it's come to this, I have no choice but to go out there myself.
Please wait… Lord Raikage… You are the Supreme Commander of the Allied Shinobi Forces! The Supreme Commander must remain safe in order to give orders to the troops until the final stages of the war.
That is your duty towards your charges.
But an enemy force of enormous strength is converging on Darui's First Company! The tide of battle is like a living thing.
It changes second by second.
To discern those changes is why I am here! Bring me the map! First, let us verify every company's status.
At the forefront is Kankuro's Commando Unit.
KANKURO COMMANDO UNIT At the forefront is Kankuro's Commando Unit.
However, they defeated the enemy! Presently, they are moving forward towards the Akatsuki hideout.
Among the combat battalions, Kakashi's Third Company is leading the charge.
SEVEN NINJA SWORDSMEN KAKASHI THIRD COMPANY SEVEN NINJA SWORDSMEN KAKASHI THIRD COMPANY They are in the midst of battle now, but they have taken the advantage.
Right now, the main battle is being waged here KITSUCHI SECOND COMPANY by Kitsuchi's Second Company.
WHITE ZETSU UNIT KITSUCHI SECOND COMPANY And Mifune's Fifth Company is standing by MIFUNE FIFTH COMPANY And Mifune's Fifth Company is standing by MIFUNE FIFTH COMPANY to assist in any battle.
Now then, it begins right here.
The enemy unit that came by sea.
COASTLINE WHITE ZETSU UNIT Darui's First Company will take them on.
COASTLINE WHITE ZETSU UNIT DARUI FIRST COMPANY Darui's First Company will take them on.
Let's call this Battlefield A.
And facing the previous Kage who suddenly appeared… REANIMATED FOUR KAGE And facing the previous Kage who suddenly appeared… GAARA FOURTH COMPANY REANIMATED FOUR KAGE GAARA FOURTH COMPANY REANIMATED FOUR KAGE is Gaara's Fourth Company.
We'll call this Battlefield B.
When you look at it like this, we seem to be evenly matched in strength.
It's unwise to think that.
The ironclad rule of warfare is to take the advantage by mobilizing troops! ENEMY ENEMY The enemy advances from two directions.
You counter that by attacking from one direction with full force.
We are dealing with two battlefields here.
A and B… First, we must deal with A.
We will concentrate our troops with Darui's First Company.
So, we will deploy Mifune's Fifth Company in belt formation as support to reinforce the ranks from the rear.
Then we will move Kitsuchi's Second Company to the side and box the enemy in from the sea.
Kitsuchi's Second Company may be stretched thin.
But, the Fifth Company's deployment in belt formation will serve as a barrier.
Meanwhile, Gaara's Fourth Company will break up and make a slow retreat to the opposite side of the village as if to lure the enemy.
From there, half of the company will join up with Darui's First Company as reinforcements.
And after the enemy is crushed in Battlefield A, Darui's First Company and Gaara's squads will turn back towards Battlefield B… and the enemy that Gaara's Fourth Company had kept occupied will be crushed from the rear all at once.
Why start with Battlefield A? If you split Gaara's Fourth Company into two, won't the enemy seize that opportunity to attack? Don't underestimate those four.
They are former Kage! With Battlefield A, Companies Two and Five are in close proximity to Battlefield A and can move quickly.
Also, Kitsuchi's Second Company has engaged the white ones before and is familiar with them.
Attacking the white clones from the rear will ensure a high rate of success.
As for the enemy in Battlefield B… The former Kage cannot launch an attack.
If the troops suddenly break off into two, the enemy will assume we're up to something and will not charge.
The war-savvy former Kage will not be so foolish as to attack… I see.
And even if they were to attack, Gaara's Fourth Company is a long-range battle unit.
They specialize in fighting from a distance, which means it would take longer to engage them in a short-distance battle.
In other words, it is a company that could buy us time.
What will you do, Supreme Commander? No wonder we could not take down the Leaf.
You are blessed with fine shinobi, Tsunade.
Save the compliments for after the war.
So? What will you do? All right! Let's do it! Inoichi, you've been listening, right? I'm already on it.
Also… We've already sent word to Mifune about the Commando Unit.
They are on their way.
And Shizune is allocating her people evenly to provide medical attention.
A unit resurrected from the Reanimation Jutsu is part of the army.
War is finally beginning.
Shikaku is thinking about strategy at Headquarters.
That guy is an amazingly clear thinker.
He comes up with brilliant tactics that I could never dream up.
Oh… And Inoichi will pass that on to us without fail.
I have faith in them and we will battle right here.
Yes! Have faith in our comrades.
You're right.
We have to hold back the enemy, for our comrades' sake.
Thank you, Choza.
All companies have been notified! All right, it's been a while since Ino-Shika-Cho went into action! I have one question, Nara from the Hidden Leaf.
What is it? In order for your strategy to be foolproof, you must add in one thing.
Which is? The Second Tsuchikage is no ordinary shinobi.
The only one who can stop him is the old Fence-Sitter.
His name has come up often in our discussions.
What kind of shinobi is he? From the time I heard that his chakra could not be detected, I knew he would be a problem.
He is known as a Kekkei Touta shinobi… which is a considerably higher level than the Kekkei Genkai.
Kekkei Touta?! I thought you, Third Tsuchikage, were the only one… The Second Tsuchikage too? The ability to activate the three chakra natures of wind, earth and fire, all at once.
He was my teacher who taught me the Particle Style.
To have to battle my master at this age… It does not pay to live a long life.
Will you go? Yes.
What choice do I have? Nara… I'm not going just because Lord Mu of the Particle Style is there.
Your tactical plan is brilliant.
And while all the resurrected Kage who stand before the Fourth Company know war, they will not make unnecessary moves.
You are probably right in your battle assessment.
But the opposite is also possible.
The one who united the Allied Forces is Gaara.
His youthful passion was the primary catalyst.
And you are saying this can have the opposite effect on the battlefield? I appreciate your insight.
Well then, I guess it's time to leap into the war and show these young brats what fighting is all about.
Especially that brazen young kid.
A jutsu that controls the Second Hokage's corpse… The user doesn't seem to be the Second Hokage, but this Reanimation Jutsu… There are times when your body won't do what you want it to.
Movement is restricted.
Seems that way.
I thought about killing you earlier, but my body wouldn't let me.
I would have enjoyed battling you all.
Such a shame, such a shame… Gaara, eh… I'll show them why I'm the one guarding the coastline.
I'll launch the opening shot, then you all engage! Continue! I won't let you pass! You didn't need to get up.
Who's the one who lifted me up? Next time on Naruto Shippuden: "Battleground!" BATTLEGROUND! Next time on Naruto Shippuden: "Battleground!" BATTLEGROUND! BATTLEGROUND! I'm going to retrieve here, what I previously forsook! BATTLEGROUND! Tune in again!