Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s13e08 Episode Script


I'm beginning to lose my patience with these shinobi.
How long do they intend to keep us feudal lords cooped up like this? Now, now… What is the harm? We should decorate them after the war.
What shall we call it? Is this it? How hard the wind blows As we course through the deep and winding road The smell of the wind reminds me of the capital… Officials and we feudal lords are used as hostages in times of war.
It is the duty of the shinobi to guarantee our safety.
Which is why I accompany you, Lord of the Land of Mist.
We will reach your hiding place shortly.
Now then, what is a suitable title for the decoration? Certificate of… Certificate of… Is that the enemy?! I didn't detect anything! Do not let them get close to the Feudal Lords! He fell for it! So, this wasn't it.
Damn! He got away.
Get word to the other hiding place! Stat! Oh! I have the perfect name for the honor! Land of Fire's Hidden Leaf, Land of Wind's Hidden Sand, Land of Earth's Hidden Stone, Land of Water's Hidden Mist, Land of Lightning's Hidden Cloud Allied Shinobi Decoration! It's too long! The Allied Award will suffice! No, that is much too short.
It doesn't sound distinctive enough.
Feudal lords are so carefree.
What's the fuss over getting a decoration? That's their job.
Don't knock it.
If there weren't any medals and decorations, we wouldn't know what honor is.
Someone has to set the standard.
Well… I guess so.
You don't get decorated by just thinking about it! Stay alert.
It's almost time to move.
Feudal Lord of the Land of Frost… We are now headed for the fifth hiding place.
Fifth? Yes… We will be moving you at fixed intervals to five locations to prevent the enemy from finding you.
Your bodyguards are all skilled shinobi too.
That is reassuring.
Yes… They've underestimated me, Black Zetsu! This land is me! Battleground It's drab… But I'll show them why I'm the one guarding the coastline.
I'll launch the opening shot! Then continue! – Yes sir! – Yes sir! Lightning Style, Black Panther! Black Lightning! Captain Darui is the only one authorized by the previous Raikage to get a lightning tattoo! Sorry about that.
Up above! We're not going to allow you to pass so easily! Keep on going! Don't let them break through the barricade! Now go! My worst nightmare has come true.
This is like… No, this is the Great Ninja War.
Choza… What? I see… You're all grown up, Choza.
I have still have a lot to grow.
Release! Eight Trigrams Palm Rotation! Brother… Forgive me… As a member of the branch family, who should be protecting the main family, I'm standing here now as your enemy.
This must be my punishment for resenting the main family long ago.
My body will not do what I tell it to.
As it is, my decision to choose death for the sake of the village has been negated… So please tell Neji.
I wasn't killed to protect the head family.
But to protect Neji, my siblings, family and the land, by my own will, I chose death! This is the fate in store for me, a member of the branch family.
There is no such fate! Your son has fought to demonstrate that! So has my daughter! Neji… And Lady Hinata too… Damn, there's no end to this! Are you all right, Neji?! Yeah… Thanks, Hinata.
It's not about the branch family protecting the bloodline of the main family now.
We protect each other as comrades! That time has actually come to pass? Then Brother… This is all the more reason, by your hand I wish to… Even wild geese know about formation.
That when the leader becomes confused, the entire flock is put at risk.
But I am much too young, too inexperienced to protect this world! So I beg you all to lend me your strength! You got it, Lord Gaara! Although it's a fact that someone young and charismatic must stand at the helm… Hey! All this moving around is making me sick! Talk about being artless, hmm! Shut up.
I'll be happy to seal that mouth shut too.
I'm not into S&M! I'll show you what real art is, so let me outta here, hmm! Damn it… Ouch! We stopped…hmm.
Granny Chiyo… And… Well done, Kankuro.
You seem to have stopped Sasori.
Hmm? That voice… Hey! If you're here to help, get me out of here! It's stifling me and I'm about to explode, hmm! No, you're wrong.
You can't explode, that's the reason you're in there… Explosive Style kid.
Oh…well, that's true.
Hey, don't put it like that, hmm! Both the Akatsuki and the shinobi of the Five Great Nations are enemies to me.
I have no intention of helping you.
I loathe this jutsu.
I have no control over my body.
The Reanimation Jutsu again… As if Granny Chiyo isn't dangerous enough, these guys look pretty scary too.
It doesn't help that we split up our fighting force.
Listen up.
Retreat on my signal.
We just got tactical orders from Headquarters.
We're to transmit this to the front immediately! Get the tactical data to the captains! Captain Kitsuchi! This just came in from Headquarters! Tactical orders! All right! Tell me! Got it.
Sorry, I just got orders to take half this company and join up with the First Company.
Half?! Are they out of their minds at Headquarters?! No, I agree with their strategy.
If everything goes according to plan, things will be okay.
And I'll be back.
But one thing troubles me.
What's the matter, Shikamaru? Supposedly, the enemy has a Kekkei Touta shinobi that surpasses Kekkei Genkai.
Kekkei Touta?! Are you sure about this? Kekkei Touta? What are they talking about? Do you know, Matsuri? I've never heard of it.
But judging from Temari's shocked reaction… It must be a formidable enemy.
You there… How do you expect to defend yourself against the Kekkei Touta with so little knowledge?! – F-Forgive me, Temari! – F-Forgive me, Temari! But exactly what is Kekkei Touta? Damn it, don't you young ones know anything?! Kekkei Touta is… Kekkei… Touta is…? Shikamaru, tell them! Huh? Why me? I'm not good at these things! You explain! Damn it.
I'm the one who's supposed to give the orders.
I want to hear this too, Shikamaru.
Well then, I guess I should start with the properties of chakra.
FIRE WIND LIGHTNING EARTH WATER Generally, we all possess one chakra nature.
EARTH FIRE WIND WATER LIGHTNING That's besides the nature you obtain from training.
WATER LIGHTNING EARTH WIND FIRE There are different natures, so the more chakra natures you have, the better.
WATER WIND EARTH FIRE WIND LIGHTNING FIRE EARTH WATER WIND That's why most jonin possess multiple chakra natures.
I see… I know that much.
You'd better.
However, there are those born with two chakra natures, who are able to fuse the two and create new chakra.
They are known as Kekkei Genkai shinobi.
Captain Yamato's Wood Style is a combination of water and earth.
Isn't that right? Yes.
And Captain Darui of the First Company uses a Gale Style that's a combination of lightning and water chakra.
They're all shinobi with rare jutsu styles.
And topping the Kekkai Genkai, there is the Kekkei Touta in which three chakra natures are fused.
What?! Three? It's almost beyond belief and extremely rare.
In fact, I know of only one among all the shinobi of the Five Great Nations.
Of all the luck, the enemy uses the Reanimation Jutsu… And they've resurrected a long-dead Kekkei Touta shinobi who uses something known as the Particle Style.
Mu the Second Tsuchikage.
We'd better come up with a strategy against him.
Shikamaru… How can we leave when there's such a formidable enemy shinobi? Well, it looks like Headquarters has taken that into consideration.
With the appearance of a rare ally with a Kekkei Touta.
You didn't have to bother stepping up to help.
And who was it that didn't stop me? Then let me ask you this.
When did you all forsake yourselves? This is where I take back my forsaken self!! Super-Expansion Jutsu! This is pitiful… That we're caught in the jutsu of the Second Hokage whom we've beaten before… eh, Kinkaku? My apologies for embarrassing you, Kinkaku and Ginkaku, long revered as the shining light of the Cloud.
Ginkaku, look at his left shoulder.
It's the kid who inherited the Third Raikage's lightning.
He seems to have some skill.
I don't mean to disrespect you, but I'll have to shame you some more.
I may end up taking the shine out of your silver and gold… With one strike of my Gale Style! Even though this is drab.
I don't like that tone you're using toward your seniors.
I'll shut you up! Seems like a lot of time has passed.
No one knows about us anymore.
Let's do this Ginkaku! All right, Kinkaku! So those are the Gold and Silver Brother's Ninja Tools! Next time on Naruto Shippuden: "Forbidden Words" FORBIDDEN WORDS They talk too much.
This is perfect.
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