Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s13e09 Episode Script

Forbidden Words

My apologies for embarrassing you, Kinkaku and Ginkaku, long revered as the shining light of the Cloud.
I don't mean to disrespect you, but I'll have to shame you some more.
I may end up taking the shine out of your silver and gold… With one strike of my Gale Style! Even though this is drab… Calm down, Raikage.
You are the Supreme Commander.
You just don't know how frightening the Gold and Silver Brothers are.
I can't believe I just heard you say the word "frightening.
" It's not that I'm scared… They are the most reviled criminals in the history of the Hidden Cloud.
The brothers staged a coup d'état during the alliance ceremony with the Hidden Leaf and attacked the Second Raikage and Second Hokage.
It is said they use four of the Treasured Tools of the Sage of Six Paths.
They left the Second Hokage near death.
I know that much.
What?! These two are bathed in the Nine Tails' chakra! Incredible chakra! The Nine Tails' chakra… I didn't know they possessed it.
Long ago, it seems the Hidden Cloud made an attempt to capture the Nine Tails… and the Nine Tails apparently devoured the Gold and Silver Brothers.
But the brothers kept thrashing around in its belly, forcing the Nine Tails to vomit them.
Ever since then, they have been infused with the Nine Tails' chakra.
Not surprising, considering they were inside the Nine Tails' belly for two weeks.
It's hard to believe, but what about the rumors that they are able to wield the Treasured Tools of the Sage of Six Paths? Normal humans cannot handle the Treasured Tools.
They absorb massive amounts of chakra from its user that would kill the average man.
Except ones who harbor the Nine Tails' chakra, like those two monsters.
They are shinobi with monstrous chakra who wreak havoc and fear nothing, not even the Nine Tails.
What scares me is the thought of our subordinates who must face them… Forbidden Words I don't like that tone you're using toward your seniors.
I'll shut you up! It can't be helped.
Seems like a lot of time has passed.
No one knows about us anymore.
Samui, Atsui.
If you're really the Gold and Silver Brothers we read about in our scrolls, don't talk to me like we're comrades.
It's not cool.
Well, well… For someone who's always cool, you're quite hot right now.
I sense that you guys are pretty formidable.
Let's do this, Ginkaku! All right, Kinkaku! What is that?! No doubt about it, those are the ninja tools of the Gold and Silver Brothers that were described in the scroll! Four of the five ultimate ninja tools, which the Hidden Cloud collected long ago.
The Kokinjo binds its victim and squeezes out the victim's spirit word! The Shichiseiken severs and curses that spirit word… The Benihisago records the spirit word and seals the speaker with in! And the Bashosen conjures up all five chakra natures: fire, water, lightning, wind and earth! Sorry to interrupt your lecture, Sis, but… Let me handle this! Cloud Style! Flame Slice! Those ninja tools look nasty, but ultimately, they're just mere tools! They're no match for our ninjutsu that's imbued with our hot souls! Atsui, wait! Stay cool until I finish! Damn it! He's too hot-headed! They talk too much… This is perfect.
I'll take the one in the back! Got it, Ginkaku! Leave the others to me! The nerve of the guy… Avoiding someone like me, with a hot fighting spirit, to go for Darui! Did you think you could avoid my hot-spirited attack with a crowd of bodies!? Pay attention, Atsui! Stay cool and look around you! That punch was pretty hot! Damn it! Atsui, Samui! Are you all right? Don't look away, kid! Change places, Kinkaku! Right, Ginkaku.
Can't I even stop one foe? Forgive me, Samui, Atsui… Whoa… I'm your opponent this time! That Kinkaku fellow packed a pretty hot punch! And this time it's Ginkaku, eh? Squeeze them! Kokinjo! What is that?! The Kokinjo in my left hand squeezes out the Spirit Word of anyone that touches it! Curse them! Shichiseiken! HOT COOL Record them! Benihisago! All right.
My side is done, Kinkaku.
He's been struck… That's what you think, you jerks! It's our turn now! Didn't I tell you to let me finish? Now listen.
Don't say another word.
What do you mean? A Curse Mark Jutsu and Sealing Jutsu have been used on us.
Our Spirit Words have been taken hostage.
The word we've uttered the most since our birth.
HOT COOL If we say that word… We'll be sucked into that gourd and sealed away.
You know a lot, don't you? It seems the passage of time revealed a lot of things.
The word we've said the most is now forbidden? We're not playing some silly word game… HOT COOL We're not playing some silly word game… HOT COOL So drab… HOT COOL I see.
Bashosen! What? What is the hot word I love to use the most?! You probably don't have to think too hard to figure it out.
Scroll of Fire! Hot! Damn it! Stupid… Atsui! There's an old saying, "Silence is golden.
" The mouth is the source of calamity.
Right, Ginkaku? Yeah, Kinkaku! This is what happens when you can't keep your mouth shut.
Words are used to lie.
They're merely tools for deceiving people.
If you make fun of words, Bee will let you have it.
Bee? Never heard of him.
If you move, the girl dies.
And I'm not lying.
I'm sorry, Samui.
Just as I expected.
I must say, you're both true Hidden Cloud shinobi.
Gale Style! Laser Circus! He's fast.
And to top it off, it was a Precision Ninjutsu? Don't take us lightly, brat! Owww… Kinkaku did a good job of applying the Kokinjo.
This one's first.
What's going on?! She didn't say a word, but Samui's been sucked in?! Curse him! Shichiseiken! His arm has already regenerated! Record him, Benihisago! I can figure out what my forbidden word is.
This is drab! That was pretty drab.
DRAB DRAB My forbidden word… The word I've used most often in my life is without a doubt, DRAB "drab.
" As long as I don't use it… I won't be sucked into that gourd.
However…Samui didn't say a word but she was sucked in.
Which means… If you stay quiet for a fixed amount of time, you can get sucked in… Am I right? Sharp of you to notice.
It seemed no one had figured that out yet.
You're pretty smart.
"Silence is golden"? As if… They also say that, "speech is silver"! Especially when spoken with a forked tongue! In this case, silence is the most forbidden taboo.
Didn't I tell you? Words are tools with which to fool others.
In the shinobi world, trickery and betrayal are fine military tactics.
The spoken word is also a ninja tool.
Is it any wonder that you two are symbols of disgrace among the Hidden Cloud? How dare you say that, you third-rate underling?! You're just another pawn for the Raikage… A mere ninja tool.
A mere ninja tool! So you can cut the drivel! What the hell is wrong with the ninja of today? Boss… I'm sorry.
I was chosen to be your bodyguard and yet you lost your left arm… Don't worry about it.
But… I don't miss my left arm.
After all, I have two right arms.
Two? This and… you.
How about including Cee and making it three? Well, all right.
You can never have too many.
I am the Boss's courageous right-hand man… Not some timid rabbit! Hey, Ginkaku… What, Kinkaku?! Get ready for Benihisago.
I see.
Why? I didn't say "drab.
" I am the Boss's courageous right-hand man.
Not some timid rabbit! I am the Boss's courageous right-hand man… Not some timid rabbit! Timid rabbit is… Drab! DRAB Damn it! Darui… I want you to be lead one of the Allied Shinobi companies… as my right-hand man! My apologies, Boss… I was so proud to be your right-hand man… My apologies, Samui…Atsui… My apologies, everyone… My apologies… My sincerest apologies… Ready to move on, Ginkaku? Right, Kinkaku.
Why?! Damn it! I touched the Kokinjo! Why didn't he…? DRAB APOLOGIES APOLOGIES I… I apologize about the desks and the wall… My apologies for embarrassing you, Kinkaku and Ginkaku, long revered as the shining light of the Cloud.
Apologies, Samui… I guess that means I'm a pretty humble guy.
That's not so bad.
I'm certain it was "dull.
" My apologies, Boss.
My apologies, everyone… My apologies, Samui…Atsui… I'm so sorry.
Don't tell me… While he was being sucked in, his most-used word switched places with his second-most uttered word? Curse him! Shichiseiken! Record him! Benihisago! I think that's the way it goes! Why you… This uses up so much…chakra… I feel like I'm gonna drop first.
It's true…words can be used as tools to trick people.
But when it really counts, the spoken word… After all, I have two right arms.
This… and you! The spoken word is… is a precious thing that conveys the truth that's right here.
Help me…Kinkaku.
KINKAKU That's why I'm going to seal you now.
Kinkaku! Samui… Atsui… It's all thanks to you.
I swear I'll save you later.
But now…there's one more.
Why you… How dare… How dare you! What?! Hey! Hey! Hey! This is…! How dare you do that to Ginkaku…?! He looks exactly like the Nine Tails' Jinchuriki! It's a strategy from HQ! We'll strike Kinkaku with the Ino-Shika-Cho Formation.
Until they get here, we'll have to hold this location down! – All right! – All right! He may have the power of the Nine Tails, but we have the power of the Ino-Shika-Cho bond! Next time on Naruto Shippuden: "Golden Bonds" Next time on Naruto Shippuden: "Golden Bonds" GOLDEN BONDS GOLDEN BONDS Please hold on until they get there! GOLDEN BONDS GOLDEN BONDS Tune in again!