Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s13e10 Episode Script

Golden Bonds

How dare you… How dare you! What?! Hey, he's exactly like the… How dare you do that to Ginkaku! He's just like the Nine Tails' Jinchuriki! What is that? There's more of them?! It's been a while since I've seen that happen to Kinkaku.
So I guess Ginkaku's a goner.
The red and blue balance of your Tailed Beast chakra looks good! Go, Naruto! Here I go, Tailed Beast Rasengan… Concentrate! Didn't work, eh.
You were close.
That's a shame! You lost your focus! And you have yourself to blame! What was that feeling I just felt? Golden Bonds This is really not good.
I apologize! It's too late for that! After all, huh?! What is that? A Jinchuriki? I-I owe you one… But what the hell is that…? Since we're now allies, I guess it's okay to tell you.
Long before Madara Uchiha tamed the Nine Tails… the Hidden Cloud tried to capture the natural calamity known as the Nine Tails.
During the attempt, the Nine Tails devoured Lords Kinkaku and Ginkaku… and then they were expelled.
Expelled? You mean from behind? Don't be ridiculous! Just go and report to Headquarters! Request for instructions! R-Right.
Where are the reinforcements?! What's the status of Darui's First Company?! One of the enemy's strongmen, Ginkaku, seems to have been captured.
But Kinkaku is on a rampage, cloaked in the Nine Tails' Cloak! Go, Mabui! Start preparations! Yes sir! A transformed Kinkaku will be uncontrollable.
Transformed? I get that he has the Nine Tails' chakra, but he's not a Jinchuriki… They were inside the Nine Tails for two weeks.
Apparently, they survived by eating the Nine Tails' entrails.
No one else has ever eaten the chakra-rich flesh of the Nine Tails.
No, I take that back.
There was a fellow in the Hidden Cloud who ate the Eight Tails' legs.
But he died without becoming a Jinchuriki.
Those two brothers must be exceptional.
They must be related to the Sage of the Six Paths.
Then how can we subdue him? There is just one way.
Kinkaku has enormous chakra and power.
In order to seal them, we will take advantage of the last of their Treasured Tools and use it on him.
Follow me.
If I can just seal that one in this gourd too… In order to do that though, I need the Kokinjo to squeeze out his spirit word.
But that rope is on his left arm covered by the Nine Tails' Cloak.
I can't get it.
Captain Darui! We got word from HQ! They are sending the Kohaku no Johei.
I see… That would be better than this gourd.
This is the Kohaku no Johei, one of the five Treasured Tools, that was used to seal the Eight Tails.
It's more like a pot than a bottle.
It differs from the gourd, Benihisago, in that… if the target answers the call of whoever is holding the pot, his voice is immediately recorded and he becomes sealed.
We managed to take this away from Kinkaku.
We will send this to Darui! But the situation is urgent.
Won't it take long to deliver this? Lord Raikage… It is done! We can send this to Darui anytime! Mabui uses the Object Teleportation Jutsu that transports matter at the speed of light.
That is precisely why she is my personal assistant.
But if it once belonged to them, surely they know how to counter this tool? Although it will depend on how you make him answer and seal him.
Then, I have an idea.
Any strategy you come with is sure to work.
I leave it to you! Do it, Mabui! Ethereal Transmission Jutsu! Make sure you get it, Darui.
We are blessed with fine aides, aren't we, Tsunade? You are right.
It's here! That's the Kohaku no Johei that was once in our possession.
I see… You intend to seal me with that.
I'm glad it's here… But Kinkaku knows how this tool works.
How am I supposed to seal him? Well, HQ came up with this strategy.
Until I know what that is, I'll guard it! Sorry, I can't afford to let you catch me.
Protect Captain Darui with your lives! Fire Style Squad! Go! Water Style Squad! Weaklings! Earth Style Squad! Sorry about this… Double Black Panthers! Did he do it? Why you—! I'll tear you all apart! They've all been defeated… by just one man.
A barrage of Fire, Water, Earth and Lightning Styles had no effect.
Forgive me, everyone… Shikaku, this jutsu won't last long.
I know, please do it.
Darui… It's Shikaku from Headquarters! Listen to me.
I've been waiting to hear from you… You have the Kohaku no Johei, don't you? For this plan to be successful, the Ino-Shika-Cho Formation is absolutely critical.
Please hold on until they get there.
Ino-Shika-Cho… That's… But Shikaku and Inoichi are still at HQ… We've lost so many men already.
To hold on is a really tall order.
Where did he go? Kikuchi! Sorry I'm late! Look! Reinforcements! Over here! Now, we can keep on fighting! It's a strategy from HQ! We'll strike Kinkaku with the Ino-Shika-Cho Formation.
Until they get here, we'll have to hold this location! They're coming? Then we can't give up yet… Listen! Shikamaru, Choji, Ino… I am using Inoichi's Jutsu to communicate directly with my thoughts.
Listen carefully to what I say.
I see… So that's the plan.
I understand.
So we're gonna take care of this monster Kinkaku who killed the Second Hokage! What a drag.
I feel a little scared.
Hey, you guys… Don't chicken out on me.
Legends become exaggerated over time.
And when a legend is surpassed, new legends are born.
He may have the power of the Nine Tails, but we have the power of the Ino-Shika-Cho bond.
The Ino-Shika-Cho bond ranks in the top two of ninjutsu legends.
Be confident! Do not back down! We must hold the line! More reinforcements… Sorry we're late.
He… How could he…? Hurrah! Yes! – First Company reinforcements… – Are you serious?! and now, the Fourth Company has arrived! – Do you get the feeling that… – The tide will turn now! there's a lot of hope riding on us? Were we like that? Kinda makes me nervous.
Then, it'll be shameful if I don't live up to their expectations.
Hey! They're the children's version of the Ino-Shika-Cho Formation! – Huh?! – What?! Hey, can they pull it off? Well, I figured they'd say that.
Me too.
Hey, hey… A new legend will be born here.
So let's just do it! Yeah, I know.
Everyone, cover them! Hurl your kunai! You third-rate underlings! How is it going? You're just weaklings… As if you can bring me down! Human Boulder! Why you… Shadow Possession complete! One petty trick after another… What extraordinary power… This is nothing.
I can break it in an instant.
He broke through the Shadow Possession! Die! Nice timing, Ino… Got him! Mind Transfer Jutsu complete! All right.
Kinkaku! Yes! Why you—! Come back, Ino! We, who were touted as the shining light of the Cloud… to be taken down by the likes of them! Gold and silver coins may be shinier and worth more than copper coins.
But pool them together and copper coins will have equal or greater value than a gold coin.
You may be gold, but it seems you were fool's gold.
That is why we won.
I'm sorry we peeled off your gold plating… Ino! Choji! For being scared, you did pretty good, Choji! I feel like I lost a ton of weight from all that cold sweat.
That was just a feeling.
You look fine, the same as always.
It went exactly as planned.
Well done, Choji.
You've gotten good at controlling the speed and release of your Mind Transfer, Ino.
Units 6 through 10, search for wounded! The rest, follow me! The rope that squeezes out Spirit Words has been sealed along with Kinkaku… So he can't use the Ninja Tool.
Now then, one more Ninja Tool… Where is the Bashosen? Let's go, Choji…Ino! Already? C'mon, stand up.
Th-That's…! Long time no see, you Ino-Shika-Cho brats.
You're Kakuzu, right? We took the "Gold.
" As for the "bishop," we know your tricks and how good you are… From now on, we're on the offensive.
The brat who uses shadows.
Your being here means that Hidan has been stopped, huh? Did he get his head chopped off again while he was praying? Or does it mean he's not here because he's still alive? As if we know what he's doing while he's rotting away somewhere! So I don't have a rook, my gold and silver were taken and I'm completely on the defensive.
That's the fifth one.
That's right… That guy has five hearts, so we have to bring him down five times.
Yeah, you're right.
Time to finish the game.
By the way… We have gold and silver too.
Would you be interested in who they might be? Dan Kato… Lady Tsunade's lover.
And… Asuma Sarutobi.
The son of the Third Hokage and your teacher.
Asuma Sensei! On the next Special Episode! Sakura suddenly comes falling from the sky! The shock of a hard landing causes her to lose her memory! Everyone in the village lends a hand to help her regain her memories, but… Just what in the world is happening?! Next time on Naruto Shippuden: "Road to Sakura" I wonder if there's chance for me to make an appearance in this one? Tune in again!