Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s13e11 Episode Script

Road to Sakura

Man, it's my day off, so how'd I end up getting sent on an errand ? Was that lightning? No way! Is that Sakura? Sakura! Hey, you okay? Sakura! Hang on! I'll get you down in a second! From what I see, it's nothing serious.
Her bones are fine.
Internal organs too.
Considering the heights you fell from, you're tough, even for a student of mine.
However… Hey, do you know who I am? Uh…? It's not her body, but her head.
Lady Tsunade, what's wrong with her? She has amnesia.
I knew it.
But it's temporary, right? It's hard to say.
I've had all sorts of patients, but I haven't seen symptoms like these before.
You mean she might be like this forever? Don't worry.
She's only 16 years old.
She has so much more of her life ahead of her.
Anyway, I'll check the literature on the condition.
Beyond that, we'll just need to keep an eye on her.
What're you doing? Were these like this from the start? They seem so unnatural.
Did they get bigger just recently? I was… blessed with these by Heaven! O-Ouch! Lady Tsunade, not her head! You mustn't hit her head! Sometimes the shock will fix it.
Sakura isn't herself right now.
Try to go easy on her.
Sakura, are you okay? Underdeveloped… They're average! Hey! Not the head! Shizune, easy…easy! You can only go so far with that reckless fearlessness of yours.
Because of you, I got caught in the crossfire.
You really don't remember a thing? No.
This place looks vaguely familiar.
I sort of know that this is the village where I used to live.
But beyond that, everything is foggy.
I'll take you to your house.
Behave yourself for a while.
Wouldn't you know it? Nobody's home! Good grief! I can't just leave Sakura here in her condition.
Hey, Ino? Is this really my home? Yes, it is.
Ever since you were born.
It's where you grew up.
Since I was born? Okay, let's go ask you-know-who for help.
He's not home either! Where is he when a friend needs him? Ino, what is this place? It's the home of your fellow teammate.
You've been together forever, so I thought this might help you remember.
What kind of person is he? Well, let's see… He's blonde, dopey-looking, wears orange clothes, forgetful, scatterbrained and loves ramen.
Did you remember something? Is his name… Char Siu [BBQ Pork.]
¸ Wakame [Kelp.]
, Corn? Nope.
Nitamago [Boiled Egg.]
? You're so close… It's Naruto.
Sorry, I felt like I remembered something.
That's okay.
It won't come back all at once.
Another person you've known a long time would be… Sasuke.
Sasuke? He's not here in the village right now, but… He's a totally cool guy with black hair and good looks, and on top of that, he's… A playboy? Huh? Why'd I say that? I had this powerful image in my mind just now.
What the—? If this is her reaction to Sasuke… It's pretty serious.
Sakura! I will make you better, I promise! Really? It's the first time I've ever seen someone with amnesia! Did she forget me too? Stupid question.
You're the first one she'd forget! This is horrible! The bittersweet days of our youth…gone! That's so cruel! We were together? Ignore him.
He's like "that," you know.
So, how is she? Will she get better? Lady Tsunade said she'd do some research.
But worst case, Sakura might stay this way.
That's not good.
Right! This is when we, as friends, have to help her! C'mon, do you remember anything at all? We'll help you all we can! It's like I remember all of you, but… not quite the important things.
What does that mean? Well, she seems pretty confused.
Poor Sakura… Okay then, here's what we'll do.
What if we all matched ourselves to Sakura's memories? So well, we all agreed, but… I'm the Hidden Leaf's top canine handler.
I realize this is for a friend, but getting demoted to a cat handler? I never imagined I'd face such psychological torture.
Hang in there, Shino.
We're all in the same boat.
But we're doing this for Sakura.
Hinata… Poor thing.
But why are we separated from everyone else and tied up tightly like this to boot?! I don't know.
Apparently we, especially you, Neji, give Sakura the chills if we're near her.
What have I ever done? This is absolutely outrageous.
Sorry about this, Neji.
But we were asked to do this.
It's mortifying.
Now what were these two like? Hey, Ino.
Is this really going to help her regain her memory? Everybody's looking pretty weird.
But if this helps her regain her memory, it'll be worth it.
So be a good sport and go along with it.
Got it! Choji, put this on! But this is… What's going on? And Shikamaru… Sorry to do this, but would you act sort of stupid? Huh? Why me? With a smile, if you can.
Come on, Shikamaru! I don't get it.
I feel like my memory is just about to clear up, but… You tried hard.
It's all you could do… But it feels sort of strange, you know.
Like, why did I suddenly show up there? And I can vaguely remember everyone in the village, and yet… It's just this house that I totally can't remember.
It's as though… I'm coming here for the first time.
What is it? If it isn't Ino… Glad we caught you! Auntie, Uncle, where were you? They were having a sale across the bridge, so we ended up buying too much.
But we got the spoils! These things were heavy, and it was a long trip, but we can't let good spoils spoil, right? Get it? Something bad happened… What is it? Was there a battle? Well, a bath'll help you forget! That's enough already! Look, you're scaring Ino away! Your parents are as intense as ever.
But now that they're back, I don't have to… Why? Huh? Sakura? Why're you crying? I don't know.
The moment I saw them, I… I'm sorry! Hey! Where're you going?! What's going on with those two? You don't think my jokes were too much for her?! I see, I see… Huh? Hey, wait up! Sakura! Sakura, c'mon! Listen, I don't know what made you cry, but why'd you run away?! Did you hear me? I don't know.
But it hurts bad right here.
I really don't know what came over me.
Anyway, we can't leave things as they are.
Let's go back.
I could stay with you if you'd like, until you calm down.
Ino… It's gone… Huh? My pendant! Pendant? Come to think of it, you were wearing some jewelry I'd never seen you with before.
How could this happen?! I've never ever taken it off! It's something I mustn't ever lose! Sakura? Oh… There you are! Auntie! Uncle! I've had enough.
You ran all the way here at top speed… Sakura, are you looking for something? You're at that age where you lose things.
Oh dear, it's not like you to not needle Dad and his bad jokes.
Apparently, it was very important to her.
I see.
Was it this that you lost? You dropped it in front of the house earlier.
Surprised me, though.
It's exactly like the one I have.
Our third line of defense has… I see… Sakura! Thank you again.
Don't mention it.
Your parents helped me a lot.
Here… Buying the same thing— like father, like daughter.
This time, be careful not to drop it.
So that's what's happening.
C'mon, we chased after you.
Don't you have something to say? Uncle, Auntie, you see, Sakura's not… What's that for?! Thank you… C'mon now, it's nothing to get all teary about.
Sakura's losing it? It's because I'm so happy.
I love you both! Be sure to come home by suppertime! I don't know what just happened, but… I assume you remember everything? Yes, everything, finally… Then tell me… Why'd you fall from there? That day, I was dispatched with orders from Lady Hokage.
Okay, it's just ahead.
I don't know what it was.
Just that a powerful force reeled me in.
And when I came to, I found myself in this world.
I'm probably not the Sakura you know.
I'm not from here… This world, you say… I guess your memory's still affected.
Ino! Don't worry.
I'll stay with you for the long haul.
I'll even study the literature on amnesia! What the—?! Sakura? You're… Thank you… for being my friend here, as well.
Huh? What're you talking about? Hey! She just faded away? What just happened? Was it a Summoning? But I don't see any jutsu formulas.
I'm probably not the Sakura you know… Impossible… If that's true… Where did the Sakura I know go?! NINJA NETWORK NEWS NINJA NETWORK NEWS Ninja Network News! Good evening, I'm Mabui from the Cloud.
I'm Shikaku Nara.
On the first day since the outbreak of the Fourth Great Ninja War, various campaigns are unfolding.
The battlefields are split into three main groups.
Darui's First Company and Kitsuchi's Second Company are deployed to the Coastal Front.
Gaara's Fourth Company is facing the late Kage in the Desert Front.
Kakashi's Third Company and the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist are engaged in the Frontline.
Mifune's Fifth Company is en route to provide support for the Commando Unit.
Late breaking news: On the Coastal Front, the formidable enemies Kinkaku and Ginkaku have been successfully sealed.
Now, for a live report from the scene.
Samui, from the First Company! Oh, it seems Darui is on camera right now.
It seems we don't have any audio.
What happened to Samui? Well, let's go back to the Desert front.
The enemies are the Second Mizukage, the Second Tsuchikage, the Fourth Kazekage, the Third Raikage… To be honest, it's hard for us to make a connection between them.
They all come from different time periods.
Let's try to go on scene.
Temari from the Fourth Company? Temari? Temari? The Desert Front is definitely engulfed in a sandstorm.
I wonder how the Frontline is doing? The Third Company has succeeded in sealing Zabuza Momochi, one of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist, as well as his subordinate.
Tajiki, who's on scene? Tajiki? We can't seem to get a hold of Tajiki.
Onto the issue at hand in this Fourth Great Ninja War.
The Jinchuriki of the Eight Tails and the Nine Tails, Lord Bee and Naruto.
In order to hide from Madara, they have been isolated inside Turtle Island.
Seizing this opportunity, Naruto is currently undergoing training for the Tailed Beast Bomb.
Fool, ya fool! Don't send it my way.
I'll just send it back to you…hey! But hey! Even if you say that… I gotta teach you balance! Just count it out properly! Fool, ya fool! For a fool, you're quite the right triangle.
I'm trying my best you know!! What kind of training is that? Well, let's talk to Naruto.
Nar— Stop right there! Naruto doesn't even know that war has broken out! Oh no! I'm sorry! You're right! Well, we'll leave it at that for tonight.
We'll see you again next time! All right! We're out! – Thanks, everybody! – Did I do okay? Why are you with the shinobi? You are staunchly samurai.
To be serving the shinobi… How can you call yourself samurai? We do not serve the shinobi.
The one master that we follow has never changed since the olden days… It is peace! Next time on Naruto Shippuden: "Mifune vs.
Hanzo" We pledge ourselves to peace, and act upon that conviction! MIFUNE VS.
HANZO Tune in again!