Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s13e13 Episode Script

True Kindness

Long time no see, you Ino-Shika-Cho brats.
You're Kakuzu, right? We took the "Gold.
" As for you, the "Bishop," we know your tricks and how good you are.
From now on, we're on the offensive.
The brat who uses shadows.
Your being here means that Hidan has been stopped, huh? Did he get his head chopped off again, while he was praying? Or does it mean he's not here because he's still alive? As if we know what he's doing while he's rotting away somewhere! So I don't have a rook, my gold and silver are taken, and I'm completely on the defensive.
That's the fifth one.
That's right.
That guy has five hearts.
So we have to bring him down five times.
Yeah, you're right.
Time to finish the game.
By the way, we also have gold and silver pieces too.
Would you be interested in knowing who they might be? Dan Kato… Lady Tsunade's lover.
And… Asuma Sarutobi.
The son of the Third Hokage, and your master.
Asuma…Sensei! I guess you're not the only ones who took game pieces.
We have a few others as well.
Ironic, isn't it? Why you—! Choza! Why is the Four Flames Formation taking so long? Hurry up and shut me inside the barrier… before I use my Ghost Transformation Jutsu! It's not that simple.
Not when you're the target! A weird black thing has appeared! Watch out! Let's begin our counterattack.
We owe you something.
I hope you haven't forgotten, you stringy mess! Sorry, I don't remember anyone who can't make me money.
They say that money talks, even in hell.
Was that true for you? Masters! Izumo, Kotetsu! Shikamaru! Choji! Ino! Help us seal him! – All right.
– Right! Izumo, Kotetsu… You two and Darui will be left to deal with Kakuzu.
Kakuzu uses Earth Style.
Center your battle on Darui's Lightning Style.
Shikamaru, Choji and Ino will take on Asuma.
But…that's too harsh! Master Asuma is their teacher! You can't do that! They were Asuma subordinates, the former Team 10.
They know Asuma better than anyone else.
They have the best chance of winning.
But… No complaining! This is war! One that must be won! But… I… True Kindness Watch out! Hey Choji! This makes it seem like Shikamaru is my only opponent! But it's gonna hurt, you know.
I'm strong and I don't wanna hurt you two.
What makes you think you're better? Go ahead, try and hurt us! C'mon! Cry! Scream! Stop! You're hurting me! Damn it… What a drag.
Choji, are you being gentle because they're your friends? Asuma Sensei… If that's the case, you're wrong.
Sparring with a stronger partner will only help to make them stronger too.
You don't get it? Then I'll show you.
We're going to spar right now.
If you're able to strike me, you pass.
But if you're not able to hit me within one hour, Choji… Not just you, but Ino and Shikamaru will be sent back to the Academy.
Huh? No fair! Think of me as the enemy and charge, for their sake too.
Transform your kindness into power.
Are you all right? U-Uh-huh… What's the matter with you guys? Go to Asuma now! If you truly care about your comrades, instead of running away, you need to set your mind on improving yourself! That's what true comrades are, you coward! I'm counting on you, Shikamaru.
I'm going.
Shikamaru! What'll you do, Ino? Choji! Take a good look around you, at your comrades! Go! Come at me! Choza! I know! Choji… Do you remember Asuma Sensei's dying words? Choji… You're a kind man who cares for his comrades… That's why… you'll become a shinobi who's stronger than anyone else.
Be more confident in yourself.
You're strong-willed, and dependable.
Both Choji and Shikamaru, they're clumsy.
So please take care of them.
Let's go, you guys.
U-Uh-huh… We're counting on you three! All right! The kunai were to distract us.
This is what they were after.
Did they succeed?! Not yet! Asuma, I have to stop you! Nice move, considering how hastily it was formed.
Keep cornering me like that.
Right! Once more! But this time, our aim is to restrain, not destroy! Understood.
Damn it! What's keeping the Sealing Team?! So strong! Damn it! Fire Style! Burning Ash! What is this…?! A smoke screen?! It's you guys… It took time to find that important sword.
Now then, where's that damn Kakuzu? I picked this up earlier… What? I'm pretty good at using it! You're not getting away! All right! I got the one that produces thunder! This thing is great! But I wonder who lost it? I feel like this uses an enormous amount of chakra.
But I can't worry about that now! Did you think I'd stay put? Captain Darui! I got the orders from HQ… But! Captain, we should use the Lightning Style in one blow.
I'm sorry.
I went overboard earlier.
Black Panther! Laser Circus! – Double Black Panther! – Double Black Panther! I don't have enough chakra.
Can you give me a moment? We're going after him, Kotetsu! Right! I'm really sorry.
We're prepared for the inevitable.
So Sensei, please be prepared too.
Choji…Shikamaru…Ino… You've become fine shinobi.
That's all thanks to you! Show me what you've got, Ino-Shika-Cho! We'll cut him down in one sweep! A Substitution Jutsu! Your movements are slow, Choji! Pull yourself together! Shikamaru! Cast your Shadow Possession to lead me towards Choji.
That's just what I plan to do! Shadow Possession Jutsu! One more move! Even if it's a bluff, if he knows Mind Transfer Jutsu, he'll ward it off! If he dodges the Shadow Possession and makes a run for it, he'll be in Ino's blind spot.
Exactly what I hoped for! And there… Partial Expansion Jutsu! Checkmate, Asuma! Now, Choji! All right! What're you doing, Choji! Snap out of it! We prepared ourselves for this! Choji…! This is… This is too much for me! I can't take our Sensei down! Choji! Move! That's…! Wind Style! Dust Storm Jutsu! Damn it! He countered it! Are you all right?! Barely.
Why? Why does it have to be like this?! It's too late to whine! We agreed to stop Asuma ourselves! What's with that look on your face, Choji? Right now, I am your enemy, plain and simple! I'm already dead! Don't hesitate! I know.
I know that, but… Even back then, Sensei, you… What's the matter, Choji? Do you want the three of you to go back to the Academy? I wonder if he'll do it? Fight, Choji, you coward! That's not the way.
It'll only backfire.
It's not because Choji's scared.
He doesn't want to hurt Asuma Sensei the way he's hurting now.
He's very kind, down to his very core.
But as it is… We have no choice.
Hey Choji! Enough already, you fatso! Shikamaru… Did you just say "fatso"? Yeah…I said "fatso.
" That's what Asuma Sensei said.
Really…Sensei? Y-Yeah… Yes! He said that a fatso like you wouldn't be able to punch him! You're going overboard, Ino.
I don't care if you're my Sensei.
Anyone who calls me "fatso" is gonna get it! I'm sorry… I can't hit you after all, Sensei.
But…but, please just send me back to the Academy.
Please don't punish Shikamaru and Ino.
I understand, Choji.
It's my loss.
No matter how angry you are, you are able to suppress it, and think of your opponent.
You have true kindness within you.
I want you to continue nurturing that kindness.
Someday, it will become your strength.
But you know, when you are sparring… I know! I don't want to beat people like you or Shikamaru or Ino or my friend's from the village.
But if I'm up against anyone who hurts them, I'll fight them.
Even if Shikamaru and Ino keep calling me "fatso.
" By the way, Shikamaru and Ino, Choji isn't fat.
He's just pleasingly plump.
Asuma Sensei, you said it's okay if I'm like this.
Now, Choji! I know you are kind.
But right now, taking me down is kindness! This is the time to transform your kindness into strength! Now is the time, Choji! Please! You must stop me! Enough is enough, fatso! Just try and take me down! Did you call me "fatso"? You just said "fatso," right? I am not… I am not fat… I'm just pleasingly plump! I thought that oath was just part of a ritual.
I thought both my heart and body would get stronger when I got older.
But now, I… I have to change! Next time on Naruto Shippuden: "The Complete Ino-Shika-Cho Formation!" From a caterpillar into a butterfly… THE COMPLETE INO-SHIKA-CHO FORMATION! I'll take flight! THE COMPLETE INO-SHIKA-CHO FORMATION! THE COMPLETE INO-SHIKA-CHO FORMATION! Tune in again!