Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s13e14 Episode Script

The Complete Ino-Shika-Cho Formation!

The Complete Ino-Shika-Cho Formation I am not… I am not fat.
The Complete Ino-Shika-Cho Formation I'm just pleasingly plump! Why? It's no good.
Choji has totally lost his will to fight.
Why, Choji?! It didn't work! Choji! Move away! Choji! Ino Mind Transferred into Choji.
That was close! Thanks for the Shadow Possession, Shikamaru! Ino… We went on many missions with Asuma Sensei as Team 10.
I know exactly how you feel.
Shikamaru and I don't want to fight him either.
But because we know Asuma Sensei better than anyone else, we can stop him with the least amount of risk to the Allied Force! Choji… Choji, you haven't forgotten what these piercings represent, have you?! Everyone in Team 10 is now a chunin.
That means I'm no longer in charge of you.
Each of you will go on to become captains and eventually lead your own teams.
These earrings are a gift to celebrate your promotions.
Don't ever forget that the four of us were members of Team 10! And these earrings are proof that you have come of age in your respective clans.
Each of you know story behind the Practice of the Piercings.
Now go, and present your earrings to your clans.
And when you do, you will be officially recognized as full-fledged shinobi! Now, get going! Full-fledged shinobi… I…I… Fire Style! Burning Ash! Ino, Choji! Choza! Old Man! That's right… The story about the King… I'll tell you who the King is.
Lend me your ear.
The children who will be taking over the future Hidden Leaf Village… They are the King.
Kurenai is pregnant with our child.
I entrust…my "King" to all of you.
Choji!! Snap out of it! We're not brats who need to be protected! We're the ones doing the protecting! Would you let Asuma kill his own child?! Your idea of kindness is wrong here! Shikamaru is right! Why do you think you have that piercing? Quit pouting, Choji! You're the 16th head of the Akimichi Clan! Akimichi Clan… Um…um… Of those three symbols, the one of the right belongs to the Akimichi Clan, right? The rest are…um… The one in the middle signifies the Nara Clan.
The one on the left is the Yamanaka Clan.
Three clans that use highly unusual Secret Ninjutsu.
We've been combining our powers for many generations and the three clans share a special relationship.
To strengthen unity and protect our clans, the authoritative Sarutobi Clan bestows ear piercings upon all three of our clans.
Generation upon generation has sworn the oath of loyalty on these earrings.
This is it, right? The other clan heads wear one too.
Piercing your ear must hurt though.
The ear is pierced, so that the message goes deep down.
So that one never forgets the oath.
In time, you will pierce your ear too.
What?! Why? When a child becomes a genin, it is customary for the parent to pass on his earring to the child until he attains chunin rank.
It's a practice to teach one's child about one's oaths! I don't like pain.
Choji… I wonder if he's going to be okay… He's a coward.
He finally became a genin, but he doesn't like confrontation.
He'll soon go out on missions and may have to face foes in life-or-death battles.
As it is… As it is, Choji will be killed because he was too scared to make a move.
I doubt if he'll ever become a chunin.
Your son is not a coward.
He's just kind.
In the shinobi world, it's the same thing.
Then let him be kind.
"Be kind"? Yes.
His kindness is a unique weapon which he, and only he, possesses.
Weapon… He's just a boy.
It can't be helped if it's viewed as cowardice.
But some day, his kindness will be a thing of greatness.
The time will come when the Hidden Leaf will need his kindness.
However, he will require strength that rivals his kindness.
He needs the intensity to recognize others' pain, to feel and accept their pain… Or reject it…but still envelope them in kindness.
That boy has those qualities.
Asuma… Choji will experience many things.
This is the shinobi world, the hardships will be many.
But with each experience, he will grow stronger and kinder.
Choza! Please come quickly! Sorry, I'll be right there! If you are truly kind… there is no other time like now.
Or are you merely a coward? Choji! It's all right! You are kind.
But must this butterfly learn to live… by borrowing strength from you? From today on, you are an adult.
You will have a new piercing upon which you make your vow… and it will be your turn to nurture your own child and pass on that earring.
What is it? Do you think… I can really get married? What kind of look is that, Choji?! You know what it is, right? When Asuma always tells you that you lack something.
Even I was able to get married.
Have more confidence in yourself! But I might not be as lucky as you.
Times are different… And it's hard to find girls who are interested.
Choji, the time has come to make your oath! You know the words, don't you? Uh-huh… Human Boulder! I won't hand over this last bite to anyone! With an appetite like that, there's no need to worry about your body.
After I finish eating, can you help me train, Asuma Sensei?! Lastly, Ino, Choji, Shikamaru… There's something I want to say.
Choji… You are kind and considerate of your comrades.
That is why you will be stronger than any other shinobi.
Have more confidence in yourself.
And…you should diet a little.
I don't know if it'll work, but I'll try my best.
I just thought that I'd change naturally.
I thought both my heart and body would get stronger when I got older.
So the war's about to begin.
We have to fight dead people? What do I do? I'm getting scared.
Hey Choji… It's too late to whine, now that you're here.
U-Uh-huh… I feel a little scared.
Hey, you guys… Don't chicken out on me.
This is too much for me! I can't take our Sensei down! Now, Choji! I know you are kind.
But right now, taking me down is kindness! This is the time to transform your kindness into strength! This is the time, Choji! I thought that oath was just part of a ritual.
I hereby swear as the 16th head of the Akimichi Clan, I shall pass on this oath entrusted to me by the 15th head, unto the 17th.
To my child that is to be! Sorry, Ino.
I'm okay now.
You can switch back.
In order to protect the Yamanaka and Nara Clan, and the Hidden Leaf Village… I, Choji Akimichi, swear to transform from a caterpillar… Into a butterfly, and take flight! Choji! It's time to change! So you grew wings, Choji… without using your pills! Choji! That's my boy, Choji.
Yes! That's the look! Choji's skinnier! Did he take that pill he took long ago? This looks like the effects of the Chili Pepper Pill.
Will he be all right? He'll be fine! He didn't use the Akimichi Clan's Secret Calorie Control Technique.
He transformed on his own.
In other words, he'll have no side effects from the pill.
Was the shell of the chrysalis harder than you thought, Choji? Well, you can fly now, right? Oh yeah! I'm going up! Old man Choza! I'm sorry Choji's been such trouble! But that's all over.
He is now worthy of being the 16th head of the Akimichi Clan.
We'll deal with Asuma! Please take care of the rest, old man! Come get me! When you've weakened him, send him over to us! You sure can bark out orders.
We should go and help.
Shut up! That's the Sealing Corps! Like it's that simple! Shikamaru! Your back! Right! Go, Ino! Mind Transfer Clone Jutsu! I'm up next! Shadow Stitching Jutsu! There's no way to counter this.
Nice work, Choji! Choji… That's the look.
As long as you have that look, you will be stronger than any shinobi out there.
Right now, you have the expression of someone who has all the confidence he needs! Choji! To beat me with the memento I left you… I can't move because I'm filled with emotion.
I call it my Shadow Possession Shuriken Jutsu.
That's why you can't move.
All right! Leave the rest to us, the Sealing Corps! Can you wait a bit? What?! We already heard your last words.
Hearing them a second time won't have the same impact.
Then let me add one thing I couldn't tell you the last time.
I have nothing more to say to you three… because your Ino-Shika-Cho formation is complete.
Sensei… Asuma… Asuma Sensei… – Thank you.
– Thank you.
What is that?! I'm ending this battle now! So help me out, Shikamaru! Ino! All right! Choji, I've been with you for a long time… but I've never seen you take charge! Naruto, I'm sorry but I cannot let you pass.
This many guards? Why are you watching me? Enough! Just go back inside.
I'll tell you there.
Why can't you tell me outside? Why can't I go outside? Why are you here? Next time on Naruto Shippuden: "A Message from the Heart" Why? Tell me why? A MESSAGE FROM THE HEART A MESSAGE FROM THE HEART Tune in again!