Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s13e15 Episode Script

A Message from the Heart

In order to protect the Yamanaka and Nara Clan, and the Hidden Leaf Village, I, Choji Akimichi, swear to transform from a caterpillar into a butterfly… and take flight! I have nothing more to say to you three… Because your Ino-Shika-Cho is complete.
– Thank you… – Thank you… I'm putting an end to the battle now! So help me out, Shikamaru! Ino! Choji, I've been with you for a long time… But I've never seen you take charge like this! A Message from the Heart You haven't been getting it for a while.
Half-hearted attention, not enough preparation.
Something's been bothering me for a while now.
What is it? Earlier… I thought I sensed the Nine Tails' chakra.
But there's no way someone besides me has the Nine Tails' chakra, right? You probably just imagined it.
Chakra here is cut off, both inside and out.
Nine Tails is only inside you.
It's a bad joke, no doubt.
Naruto's beginning to sense things.
The only ones with Nine Tails' chakra besides Naruto, are the Gold and Silver Brothers.
Which means, they've been resurrected with Orochimaru's jutsu.
However, he has the power to perceive the chakra more intensely in this room.
We won't be able to fool him much longer.
What'll we do, Bee? Do what? What do you mean, "do what"? Weren't you paying attention to the plan? We're not supposed to let Naruto out of this space! That's what you're here for, Eight! What a…! Damn it.
Where's the bathroom? Go outside.
It's the door to your left.
You idiot! Naruto's gonna escape! Follow him! Oh! Don't panic.
Contact HQ.
What? Nine Tails is attempting to go out? What is Bee doing?! Actually, Master Bee wasn't paying much attention to the instructions… However, we've taken measures.
Lady Tsunade, please issue the order.
Why are there are so many guards?! Something's not right.
Naruto, I'm sorry, but I cannot let you pass.
Please go back to that room.
Okay, but why is Shino's pop here? Why are you watching me?! Enough! Just go back inside, I'll tell you there.
Why can't you tell me outside? Shibi, I'll talk to him.
I-Iruka Sensei! What're you doing on this island?! We now have a secondary mission on this island.
And we're here to back you up.
We heard this place is dangerous.
So why can't I go outside? There's an unidentified creature that we're trying to confirm.
That's because… I sensed the Nine Tails' chakra.
Is that related somehow? He was able to perceive Kinkaku and Ginkaku's chakra even in here? A place where all chakra is blocked out? Letting him out would be dangerous.
We must stop him.
Do your best to convince him, Iruka.
O-Oh, yeah.
The creature seems to possess the Nine Tails' chakra.
I guess there were others like the Nine Tails here.
We can't afford to let you out and rile up the Nine Tails inside you.
That's why we want you to stay inside and lay low.
Is that why Captain Yamato hasn't come back? Yes.
The Wood Style works best to suppress the Nine Tails' chakra.
You know that.
Come on, let's go back inside.
Master Bee stands at the top of this island's hierarchy of beasts.
That feeling I had when I exchanged punches with old man Bee… That was for real.
If those animals are running amuck, I'll suppress them.
Let me check them out! Do not let Naruto escape! Right! All right! I have him restrained with Shadow Possession! W-What's going on? He sensed it all with Sage Mode.
Why is this happening?! It's war… Madara is waging war on us.
Hey, Iruka! You… Shibi, let's stop lying.
Naruto isn't stupid.
We should tell him the truth and try to make him see where we're coming from.
My comrades are fighting, and going through hell… Why are you keeping all this from me? This is a war to protect you.
Madara launched a full-scale assault.
In order to capture Nine Tails and Eight Tails inside you and Lord Killer Bee.
If he succeeds in getting both Tailed Beasts, his jutsu will be complete, and this world will end! Protecting you means protecting the future, and protecting everyone.
Everyone is putting their lives on the line.
They are fighting to protect you.
Naruto, your battle is with yourself.
This is where you must endure it.
There's no such thing as true peace! As long as we live in this cursed world, peace is impossible! Then…I'll break that curse.
If there is such a thing as peace, I'll seize it! I'll never give up! No matter how great the pain, I'll continue walking.
Because that's who Naruto is! War inflicts death, injury, and pain to both sides.
You may try to find meaning in death, but there is only pain.
An unbearable hatred… Senseless deaths… Eternal hatred… and pain that does not heal.
That's what war is.
Naruto… This is what you will be facing in time.
My work ends here, Naruto.
I believe you can bring true peace.
Nagato… What you said to me… Is this what you meant? Now, let's go back in.
I'll stop this war by myself.
I'll take on all the hatred and the pain.
This is my duty! Haven't you been listening?! You have the Nine Tails inside you! This isn't only about you, Naruto! You were the very first teacher who recognized me, yet you're only concerned about the Nine Tails! Why can't you have faith in me?! Don't act like a spoiled brat?! To me, you are… Taking on a parental tone like that won't work.
There's no way that monster fox won't take advantage of his power.
You just don't know how he… That's true… if he's the monster fox.
But Naruto is different.
He's… He's someone I've recognized.
He's an excellent pupil.
He always gives a hundred percent and yet, because he's clumsy, people don't acknowledge him.
He already understands what human suffering is.
He's not a monster fox anymore.
He's the Village of the Hidden Leaf's… Naruto Uzumaki! To me, you are… An important student.
And… I think of you as my little brother.
The enemy leader is targeting you with everything he's got.
How can we allow you to face such danger? And besides, there is no reason for you to shoulder that burden alone.
I'm different from before.
I've become stronger! And Sensei, you're the one who gave me that headband.
Hey…Iruka… No! I still can't let you go! Sensei, didn't I tell you I'm stronger now? A barrier like this is… He broke through! I won't let him! The Nine Tails' chakra is too strong.
The Parasitic Insects are useless! Temui! Notify the Barrier Corps up ahead, that Naruto is heading their way.
Right! The rest of us will pursue Naruto! Let's go! Why, Iruka Sensei? What's this? Knowing you, you will rush to the battlefield.
That's how determined you are.
If you are reading this letter… it means I wasn't able to stop you.
Ever since Lady Tsunade ordered me to detain you on the Cloud's secret hidden island, I've had this letter ready, just for this purpose.
I'm disappointed in myself for failing my mission.
I don't know if I'll even be able to get you this note, but there's something you need to hear from me.
You've gone off, so this is the only thing left to say.
Come back alive, no matter what.
I'm sorry, Naruto.
I'm weak.
I act like your older brother, but I've never been able to protect you… So he's gone…fool, that fool.
Killer…Bee, right? I need to ask you a favor.
I'm not sure, but I've seen you someplace Every time, I can't remember the face.
Please protect Naruto! That's not the way to appeal, you see.
You have to raise your fist at me.
L-Like this? Gotcha! Fool, ya fool! It's you… Should you be making a promise like that?! You're Naruto's guard! If he couldn't stop Naruto, no one can.
That's because… You're always in Naruto's heart.
You are his state of mind.
Me? In Naruto…? I don't know what you did to Naruto… But to him, you are something special Even tho' my rap is scornful.
Naruto listens to all you say.
Naruto's kept it securely inside him, to this day.
What has protected Naruto all this time…were your words to him.
You really intend to leave this place to go after Naruto? We're still in training, you fool, ya fool! You're gonna get Raikage's Iron Claw afterwards, that's for sure! You learn faster in actual battle, you fool! We're taking the shortcut, ya fool! What is the meaning of this, Tsunade?! The Nine Tails couldn't be stopped! That Iruka… We'll just have to use force.
What's the status of the Barrier Corps? They've put up a 36-layer Self-Regenerating Barrier around the perimeter.
Even a Jinchuriki will not be able to pierce through it.
Please rest assured.
It's Naruto! He's approaching! It's time for us to show what we, the Barrier Corps, can do! This is the reason why we went through all that hardship, to put up this multi-layered barrier! Do not let him pass! The only message HQ will receive from us is… "Mission accomplished!" Do you understand?! Wha—?! What's this?! There's a barrier beyond that.
You and me are gonna break it, stat! Octopops! I'll break the barrier, fool! Naruto, you get the Tailed Beast Bomb in, ya fool! Right! Not Bee the Eight Tails too?! What?! Here we go, ya fool! It's no use! The barrier isn't regenerating fast enough! At this rate… Chief… What do I tell HQ…?! We couldn't stop him! Yeah, I figured.
– D-Damn it! – It's no use… But there were two of them breaking it.
No one mentioned there were two of them! Incredible chakra! An immense chakra field has appeared on the battlefield near Darui's First Company! What is it? It appears to be some sort of humanoid monster! It's ravaging our troops! And it seems to be controlled by… Who is it?! We believe it's Madara Uchiha! Next time on Naruto Shippuden: "Attack of the Gedo Statue" Go! Gedo statue! ATTACK OF THE GEDO STATUE ATTACK OF THE GEDO STATUE Tune in again!