Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s13e16 Episode Script

Attack of the Gedo Statue

There it is! Huh? Wasn't this an island? How come it's connected to land? Minor stuff you don't need to know… Now, are ya ready? 'Cuz here we go.
Attack of the Gedo Statue I'm bored with playing cards.
How else can we amuse ourselves? We have no choice.
Found them! This is it! So before I can get the Feudal Lords, I have to get through you first, huh.
Get through us.
It's noisy outside.
How am I supposed to concentrate? Lava Style! Chojuro… I won't let you…! The Eight and Nine Tails' chakra! They've appeared at last! I must send word.
Looks like the Eight Tails and Nine Tails have appeared.
So the Eight Tails and Nine Tails are out.
But what about the Feudal Lords? We should capture them to use as bargaining chips, right? No, we don't need the Feudal Lords anymore.
If we capture them, the nations would pressure the Allied Shinobi Forces.
But from the very beginning, those lords were mere tools to lure the Eight and Nine Tails out.
Now that the Eight and Nine Tails have emerged, there's no need for indirect measures.
We're dealing with the Raikage.
He's aware that in this war, the Feudal Lords have no value.
If Project Tsuki no Me succeeds, it's all over.
What, really? So Black Zetsu is fighting Mizukage for nothing? No.
Shinobi still cannot disregard the Feudal Lords who hired them.
Tell Black Zetsu to continue his guerilla assault.
By stalling the Mizukage and her men there, we'll be able split up the enemy's battle strength.
You're right.
And what about you, Tobi? It's finally time for me to join the battle.
First, I'm going to steal the substitute.
– Ninja Art! – Ninja Art! – Four Flames Formation! – Four Flames Formation! Well done! Once inside this barrier, even those controlled by the Reanimation Jutsu are helpless.
Yes… Right.
This is… the last one! I'm dying.
Help me… You used too much chakra.
Don't use this Ninja Tool anymore! But, I'm so good with it.
Thanks, big guy from the Leaf! It's far from over.
This is just…the beginning.
That's some assessment.
We're the victors here.
We've defended the coastline to the end.
Your amphibious operation is a failure.
Summoning Jutsu! Y-You're… No way! What is that?! It's bigger than Choji.
I have a bad feeling about this.
I-It's not just big… That's some assessment on your part too.
Come! Choji! Please deal with Kakuzu and Hizashi! I'll handle that one! Sealing Corps! Go, Gedo Statue! It's there, eh… Choza… Dad! Yeah! Now, Choji! He stopped me?! What happened? What's happening up there?! Now then… Incredible chakra! An immense chakra field has appeared on the battlefield near Darui's First company! What is it?! We reached the First Company.
It appears to be some sort of humanoid monster! And it seems to be controlled by… Who is it?! We believe it's Madara Uchiha.
If that's true, we must revise our battle strategy.
The leader joined the battle? For what reason? We don't have enough data for an assessment.
Naruto, preserve that mode for the fight ahead.
Use up your strength, and you'll end up seeing red.
I can't waste anymore time! Incoming message! Killer Bee and Naruto have both broken through the barrier, and escaped.
What?! That barrier is supposed to be impenetrable, even to Jinchuriki! No one foresaw two Jinchuriki coordinating an escape! Two of them?! It seems Master Bee is helping out.
Damn! Now what are they up to? I will personally stop the Jinchuriki.
Tsunade, you come too! Who will manage Headquarters? Shikaku of the Leaf! Understood.
You can leave this to me.
All right! Follow me, Tsunade! Lord Raikage! Please don't break down any walls.
Let's go.
I can't believe this.
Get back! Everyone, retreat to the coastline! Earth Style! Mountain Jutsu! What is that thing? What power… It's extraordinary! Taking into consideration all the data gathered so far, and the data Temari of the Sand gave to the Allied Forces Council, I wonder if that's… According to the Kazekage's intel, a Jinchuriki's powers are sealed inside a giant humanoid statue used for the ritual.
Bee's octopus leg clone most likely has been absorbed into it.
A humanoid monster… Don't tell that's it?! My reserved special move had no effect at all.
Sealing the Jinchuriki powers into that thing… means… Why you—! Damn it! You can't have that Ninja Tool! I don't want the Ninja Tool! I want what's inside.
I'll return the Ninja Tool later.
If you want it that badly.
You took advantage of the Gold and Silver Brothers, who possess the Nine Tails' chakra, by utilizing them on the frontlines.
Now that you're through with them, you want to seal their chakra inside that monstrosity… Seems the Allied Forces have a shrewd one in their midst.
Am I wrong? What a shame that you're my enemy.
Don't tell me that giant is… No way… Damn it! Shikamaru?! Are you all right, Shikamaru? You're a lifesaver, Choji! Sorry to bother you twice.
Don't stress over it.
I apologize.
So what happened to him? He disappeared with the Ninja Tool.
They retreated? Choza, seal me! Hurry… Hurry and seal me! Don't be afraid! Surround him! The tide of the war has suddenly changed in their favor.
Darui, we must contact HQ secretly and regroup.
I know.
It's almost dark.
We have to be prepared for a night invasion and keep our eyes open.
Losing this war is not an option.
Make no doubt about it.
My long-standing desire… Project Tsuki no Me… shall be realized tomorrow, at long last… He's already sealed Kinkaku and Ginkaku? He only has part of the Eight Tail's chakra… one part of his tentacles.
I think you're rushing into this, but I'll go along with your plans tonight… while I keep some of my pieces in reserve.
Good work, Sai.
Get as much rest as you can.
Kakashi… Those who are fit for guard duty, gather around! I can't see the enemy.
What'll we do? Retreat? Or advance? Right now, this company is without captains.
We'll just have to stand our ground and wait for orders.
Luckily, we have a bunch of Sensory-Type ninja… who are ideal for this.
They're not coming… I don't sense anything in the sand either.
We can safely assume they've retreated.
I should think the wiser move with the Reanimation is to keep raising the dead and fight hard.
So are you saying they have a better plan than that? Lord Gaara, please use this! You must conserve your strength.
Give that to him first.
Huh? To this puny old man? I am the Tsuchikage.
– Huh?! – Huh?! We have no idea what they may be planning in the dark of night.
Stay on guard at all times.
– Yes, sire! – Yes, sire! Where is my Ninja Tool?! I want it back! You were told not to use it anymore! I don't want to! I'm really good with it! It's such a waste! I notified HQ that Madara has taken a Treasured Tool.
And that he got the Tailed Beast's chakra.
I'm very sorry.
This was my fault.
If only we had realized it sooner… No, you responded well.
It can't be helped that he was unstoppable.
In any case, we were able to repel the enemy for one more day.
Nearly 40,000 out of 80,000.
That's how many the Allied Shinobi Forces lost today.
That's how many Akatsuki we got today.
Each side lost nearly half its force.
But our side consists of living flesh.
While the enemy… I'm coming now, everyone! Sasuke, who used to be with you, has been gripped by hatred for a long time.
Have you ever been able to do anything for him? Ever since that day… That's right, you've known it ever since that day.
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