Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s13e17 Episode Script

Unison Sign

The Nine Tails' Chakra Mode.
Great for lighting the night road, could cost me my life like a double-edged knife.
Naruto may have learned to use Nine Tails' Chakra Mode, but he hasn't made the Nine Tails his friend.
Nine Tails continues to sap Naruto's chakra.
When Naruto's chakra reaches zero, he'll die.
Oh yeah.
But Naruto's tension's high.
Be a shame to stop that passion… It's okay to use Nine Tails' chakra like a flashlight.
But stick close to him, Bee! You got it.
Naruto… You're always so careless with my chakra.
I've been inside you, watching you for a long time.
Naruto… You are still so naïve.
I will settle this war by myself! I will bear all of the hatred and the pain! That is my duty! Thanks to my chakra, looks like you've put on some weight.
But it's not like you, Nine Tails… to start up a conversation.
I know you're starting to get lonely and want to talk, but I'm busy now! Let's do this later! Do you seriously think you can end this war by yourself? It's impossible.
I'm sure you've sensed how huge the enemy is.
This is Madara we're talking about.
There's no telling what he'll do.
You're welcome to use my power… I'm not falling for that anymore! You've gotten a bit smarter, I see.
That was so obvious! We'll talk after the war.
See ya! If your comrades are killed, hatred will rise.
Are you planning to defeat the enemy before that happens? If you defeat the enemy, they'll bear hatred towards you.
Do you honestly think you can take all of that on yourself? Stop treating me… like I'm stupid! Unison Sign Unison Sign Stop treating me like I'm stupid! You don't understand a thing! You're naïve! Can you honestly take on and erase everyone's hatred?! The war has already started.
There must be a considerable amount of casualties already.
And, the resulting hatred.
First of all, Sasuke, who used to be with you, has been gripped by hatred for a long time.
Have you ever been able to do anything for him? Ever since that day… That's right, you've known it ever since that day.
NINJA ACADEMY Who am I going against? Who's my guy? The kid with the doggy cap? The hooded kid with the shades? Or… Um…Sensei… I don't want to fight my friend.
No, this isn't about hitting.
This is just some traditional Shinobi Hand-to-Hand Combat.
Even the Hokage who came before, trained and got stronger by sparring… Umm… Sensei, you can put me down for going out of bounds.
Please move on to the next ones up.
H-Hey! You might call this training or whatever, but if there's going to be a winner, it's got to be a match.
Since that's the case, wouldn't it save you trouble by just deciding who wins at the start? He really has no motivation.
He'll never make chunin.
No, not necessarily.
Huh? Life is long.
A lot could happen.
Man, you're sure fixated on the minor details! That Shikamaru, he's the most trouble of all! And you, Choji, you've got no guts! Ino, do you know those boys? Yeah well, our parents… Forget it… Shikamaru, Choji… give the Unison Sign.
Oh, I forgot.
I'm sorry, Shikamaru.
Forget it… You were never good at stuff like this.
It's a drag for me, too.
Good, you've done the Unison Sign.
Next, Naruto Uzumaki! Yes! Is he the one…? My parents said not to speak to him.
He's one guy I don't want to be paired with.
And Sasuke Uchiha.
Step forward.
Sasuke! Sasuke! I wish I could do the Unison Sign with Sasuke! Do your best, Sasuke! Pound your opponent! What's with him acting so cool?! Damn it! I'll take down Mr.
Popular and show her who she should be looking at! I'm not gonna lose.
No way! H-Hang in there…Naru… Sasuke! It'll be Naruto Uzumaki versus Sasuke Uchiha.
Come on, you idiot! Naruto! Make the proper Spar Sign! It's part of the etiquette! The heck with all that! Hurry up and let me defeat this guy! I'm going to become popular! What a waste of time… I'll make it quick, just like you want.
Hold on, you two! For crying out loud! Shinobi Hand-to-Hand Combat is a traditional training method passed down through the generations.
It might be stuffy etiquette, but here at the Academy, we start with the basics.
It matters! You always start by showing your opponent a one-handed sign, which represents half of the two hands used when unleashing a jutsu, and displays your intention to fight! This is called the Spar Sign.
After the sparring is done and the victor is decided, both partners present the Spar Sign, then bring their hands together to form the Unison Sign as a show of friendship.
This is the etiquette of hand-to-hand combat.
Are you listening, Naruto?! This is the second time I've explained it! Yeah, yeah.
One "yes" is sufficient, you fool! I get it.
Pound him, Sasuke! Start! – Amazing! – He's so cool! Sasuke, you're terrific! Wow… This guy… That look in his eyes… It's the same look that everyone gives me.
No, it's stronger than that.
But… But it's not for me.
Sasuke wins! Now, both of you make the Unison Sign.
All right, next! Wait! So you couldn't care less about me, is that it, you turd?! No, you piece of crap! Hard and runny! Stupid! Stupid! The guy's so dumb, he can't even swear properly.
I wish he'd make up his mind if he's constipated or got the runs.
The reason is… That's what I mean by you being fixated on the minor details! You got something to say to me, you hard and runny crap-turd?! Ouch! Didn't I tell you that Shinobi Hand-to-Hand Combat is a sacred tradition?! Now hurry up and make the Unison Sign! You too, Sasuke! Damn it… You want a piece of me, you loser?! Hey! That's enough! Both of you! Naruto's the worst! What is up with him? Looks like you remembered.
And then, what happened to Sasuke? Were you able to erase his hatred? No, in fact, just the opposite… Have you snapped out of it yet? You have no siblings or parents.
How could you understand anything about me?! You've been on your own since the beginning! What makes you think you know anything about me? Naruto… You can't change me, no matter what you say to me now.
I'm going to kill each and every person in the Leaf, including you! Sasuke, is that really the only way? Yes.
So your only choices are to kill me and become the hero who saved the village, or to be killed by me, and be known as just a loser! His hatred has grown even stronger! It happened to your closest friend! In other words… regardless of who you're dealing with, you can neither erase their hatred nor take it on yourself! So? Are you finished? What?! Are you trying to scare me into doing nothing? That's exactly what you want, isn't it, Nine Tails? Hey… You're the one who's naïve! Who are you to be so confident… when you couldn't even save Sasuke? Once you question your own beliefs, it's over.
I will help Sasuke somehow, and I will do something about this war! Does he intend to seal me again? On top of which, inside a kid like that?! Hey, you stupid fox! I've been letting you stay inside my body, so why don't you pay me some rent, and lend me some of your chakra? Sage Mode… Rasengan…Super Barrage! Just one more round! What is this power?! This is…the Nine Tails'… Naruto… You've… You've made me angry, Naruto! You still had this much power? You really are awesome! Is this the Six Paths'…?! You'll regret this, Naruto.
The little child thinks he's grown up, does he? Ya know, Nine Tails, I… I'm going to come after all that hate inside you as well, some day! You've put me through a lot of pain, but I know that it doesn't feel good to be at the mercy of your hatred… Are you stupid?! I'm the Nine Tails, you know! Some little child can't change me! I am hatred! Then it's okay! I'm no longer a little child, and it's more challenging that way! Later! Nine Tails… You might be right about me being extremely naïve.
But in my heart, you've always been with me, like a mother and father stays with their child.
You know everything about how I feel and how I've grown up.
You might not have liked doing it, but you continued to watch over me.
That's why… I want you to be there to watch over me just a little longer.
Sasuke, you too… You might never have given a rat's ass about me from the very beginning, but I've always been watching you.
That's right, I'll do something about both Sasuke and the war! Naruto shining bright Looking grave on a full-moon night Try to lighten up…Yo! Did you fight with the Nine Tails again? Tailed Beast mode is a tug-of-war between the Nine Tails and chakra.
When the chakra runs out, it's curtains without a doubt.
So don't be reckless, yo! I know I'm being reckless.
But… I don't go back on my words.
That's my ninja way.
Here we go! Wait for me, yo! I've taken care of all your external wounds.
Please rest.
Are you all right? Seems our medic ninja are being killed.
Neji… It's easy to get discouraged.
We don't even know who we're fighting.
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