Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s13e18 Episode Script

Medic Ninja in Danger

Hey! Neji, are you all right?! Yeah… I'm okay.
Don't overdo it.
Your eyes aren't the only things that can track the enemy.
I have my nose.
Leave this to me and get yourself checked out by the Medical Corps.
There's a medic tent in the rear center of every company.
The coordinates are… How much did you know about the Akatsuki? I thought I knew more than you did, but… Ultimately, we're both shinobi who were used.
Thanks to our powerful Visual Prowess.
This time too… The user of this jutsu is using us.
Pain… With your Six Path's Rinnegan and my Mangekyo Sharingan… we could do anything.
The jutsu user intends to take advantage of my genjutsu power when the time is right.
Itachi, you have always been wrapped in darkness, even when you were part of the Akatsuki.
Medic Ninja in Danger I need two Jonin Medics over here, please! We have to resuscitate now! Quickly! – Right! – Right! Are you sure you can carry this much? Halt, please! Under orders from HQ, we Sensory-type shinobi will have to verify your chakra! We will not allow you to pass until this is done! Sure, I understand.
Hurry and get it over with.
I'll bandage it… Okay… That should do it.
Thank you… Take care.
Okay, next please.
Neji! I've taken care of all your external wounds.
Please get some rest, while you can.
Especially your eyes! You shouldn't overuse them.
That's easier said than done.
My job is to discern things faster than anyone, and notify HQ, in order to improve our chances in battle.
To do that, I have to put my eyes to work.
I know that.
But while you're here… All right, the next tents on our rounds are F5 through G3.
Is something the matter? If you're still in pain… B-Bad news! Toyosa, Takemaru, and Hino are dead.
Someone has assassinated them! What?! What's going on? A spy has infiltrated us.
They're targeting Jonin Medics.
But how? In order to get here, everyone's chakra undergoes strict verification.
It's impossible with a simple Transformation Jutsu.
And you cannot get through here unless you're a shinobi of the Allied Forces.
Which means… that an Allied shinobi is being manipulated by a jutsu.
It's highly probable.
It's a formidable jutsu.
What happened here? Neji… I see… If there are only Allied Force shinobi here, they'll be hard to distinguish.
We can't tell who the suspect is.
We're all standing around right now, and it could be any one of us.
And this is sure to breed suspicion among us.
That's what the enemy is hoping for.
We Medical Ninja are critical for our battle strategy to succeed.
There's no way you can confront the undead from the Reanimation Jutsu without our back up.
If we're paralyzed now… It will ruin our chances in the battle, that starts at dawn.
I'll find the killer with my own eyes! In any case, no matter what happens, we cannot ignore the wounded.
We'll continue our treatment.
But we must be extra careful.
Especially the Jonin Medics.
Now then… I-It's time to go on rounds.
Y-Yeah… W-Where did I…first meet you? No… Listen, it's not like I'm suspicious of you.
Of course not.
It's just…just… You are suspicious of me! Oh, it's you.
Don't scare us like that.
Say, have you seen Sakura Haruno? Is something wrong? I got suspicious about someone.
I was tailing him, but lost him… Thinking back, I get the feeling that he was hanging around Sakura.
Sakura is in Tent 3.
What does this suspicious guy look like? Well… I could've sworn… Well, it's me.
Oh! It's you.
Is your wound still bothering you? Oh, no… It's fine.
A-Actually, ever since you treated me… I haven't been able to stop thinking about you.
What is this? I-It's…what they call a "love letter.
" When I go into battle again, there's no guarantee that I'll come back alive.
So… Thank you.
But…I'm already in love with someone.
Oh, I see… I guess he's probably…a Leaf.
Well, a rejected man has no right to pry into who you love.
I understand.
I'll go now.
I'm sorry… I hope it all works out.
If you love him… he must be a great man.
What's going on? Why is the jutsu user going through such pains to prevent us from encountering the enemy? He's not going to use your genjutsu, after all? It's night.
Before he uses us to break the silence, Madara has something up his sleeve.
This Reanimation is the jutsu of Madara's new ally.
It did not figure into Madara's original plans.
Is that it? Probably.
You all right? Neji… It's easy to get discouraged.
We don't even know who we're fighting.
I know, we must be careful.
Yeah… Are you sure you don't need to go to the Medical Corps? Cut it out, Kiba! I said I'm fine! You overused your Byakugan and can barely stand! So don't bother showing off in front of your subordinates! Shut up, Kiba! What the hell? You're so weak, you can't tell the difference between a dog and a man! And your Visual Prowess is supposed to be your specialty! Hinata, don't overdo it either.
That's because I have spread my Parasitic Insects throughout the area, to look out for the enemy.
Shino, I appreciate your concern.
But I want to give it my all! This is a war to protect Naruto! We cannot lose! By the way, Sakura… Where is Captain Shizune now? Huh? Did you figure something out? Yeah…a little.
We need to be in contact to report anything, no matter how trivial it is… Until we find the suspect.
Well, I think she's in Tent B-2.
Shizune is treating Tonton.
Seems like a bad leg sprain.
Well, that's better than injuring a hand.
Will they be able to rejoin the battle? I think so… Tonton can still weave signs, since the hand is uninjured.
I see… That's good.
By the way… Sakura, would you mind taking a look at my arm one more time? It hurts a little.
Sure… You can sit over there.
How did you know?! Pigs don't have hands! Cha! Tonton can still weave signs, since the hand is uninjured.
Tonton…is a pig?! She tricked us! Smart alec! So, you're the murderer! Tell me… How were you able to recreate Neji's chakra?! What kind of jutsu is it?! Explain or you'll get another one! My Transformation Jutsu is the best.
I may not be the only who has infiltrated this place.
If this is just like Captain Yamato's report… Note… Regarding Parasitic Clones.
Kisame Hoshigaki was originally thought to have been taken down by the Raikage and Killer Bee… But it appears he survived, having switched places with a parasitic clone or something that is a type of Transformation Jutsu.
Because this transformation also replicates the target's chakra, it is difficult to detect.
At the Five Kage Summit, Zetsu of the Akatsuki suddenly emerged from other people's bodies.
He had absorbed chakra… And this guy's transformation… I get it! You are able to manipulate the chakra that you absorb.
You can transform your chakra into your victim! Isn't that right?! There's too many of them! You're absorbing chakra! She's a smart woman! W-Well…I wonder about that… You may be able to camouflage yourself, but you're not very good at lying, are you? What happened?! Did you hear that loud sound just now?! Who's that?! I have to contact HQ immediately! Please take care of this guy! You've hauled too many heavy loads, Tonton.
What happened? Sakura has an emergency! Lady Shizune, reporting! Empty it all out! We're on guard duty next.
I must have a bigger bladder than you.
Look at the big ripples I made! The ripples are… Don't forget to piss either, Tetsu! It's going to be a long night.
Hey Tetsu! Don't stand behind me.
You're distracting me, and nothing's coming out.
How about if I make you bleed instead? H-Hey?! It happened again! There are reports from every sector that our comrades are being ambushed one after another! There's confusion everywhere! We don't know who the enemy is! What's going on?! A night raid is supposed to have been ruled out! On top of that, we added security and positioned Sensory-type ninja… Why can't we detect the enemy?! Is it some kind of poison? What's the condition of the corpse?! All of them have external wounds! They're physical attacks! No doubt they're controlling Allied shinobi with genjutsu.
Could it be Itachi? Uchiha Itachi is the only one I know who would be undetectable by my Sensory Unit, yet still be able to manipulate with genjutsu from afar.
But this is impossible for even Itachi… controlling minds simultaneously, over such a wide area, with such precision.
Hold on! We just got word from the Medical Corps! The enemy looks to be… White Zetsu transformed into an Allied Force shinobi.
He's able to mirror chakra imprints! That explains it… So during the day battle, if one of our shinobi got his chakra absorbed… White Zetsu can transform into him completely! What should we do, Shikaku of the Leaf? There is no way we can weed out who is friend and who is foe! How will we prepare for the battle at dawn? If we don't find the enemy immediately, we'll not only lose precious time, but our own men will become casualties! In the end, they could end up killing each other! So this is the power of White Zetsu… The battle during the day was simply to set up the night… This was the enemy's true motive.
Calm down… I am rational.
If I calmly analyze the situation, I will find a way! Sort and evaluate… Review every piece of intel relating to this war and develop a counter strategy! But stay cool, and do it quick.
Cool, but quick! Don't let them touch you.
That's because they'll absorb our chakra! Easier said than done… How are we going to take them down without touching them? I sent out a messenger owl.
The sealing corps should arrive shortly to seal up this mine.
So we just have to wait until then? Next time on Naruto Shippuden: "White Zetsu's Trap" WHITE ZETSU'S TRAP Just how many of them are there? WHITE ZETSU'S TRAP Tune in again!