Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s13e19 Episode Script

White Zetsu's Trap

Tell me.
How were you able to recreate Neji's chakra?! You are able to manipulate the chakra that you absorb… You can transform your chakra into your victim! Isn't that right?! As war rages on… The White Zetsu infiltrate the Allied Forces.
A barrier protects the camp surroundings, making infiltration difficult.
But it seems there might be an opening in the barrier.
Team 8 has come to investigate this.
I think we might have just walked into something dangerous.
Well, at least it's clear now.
This is the spot where the barrier is open.
This is where they're entering from.
There are quite a few of them.
Please be careful! Kiba! Fang Over Fang! Hidden Jutsu: Beetle Sphere! Shino! How many of 'em are there?! Don’t let them touch you.
If we do, they’ll absorb our chakra! Easier said than done! How are we going to take them down without touching them? I just sent out a messenger owl.
The Sealing Corps should arrive shortly to seal up this mine.
So we just have to wait until then? Damn it! Things are only getting worse! Hinata! Kiba! Shino! They're here! Are you the Sealing Corps? We'll seal this immediately! Please exit this way! We're not going to let you go! They're persistent! Fang Over Fang! What?! There's oil on the ground? Paper Bombs used for mining?! This isn't good! It's going to explode! Akamaru, time for Dynamic Marking! White Zetsu's Trap Are you all right, Akamaru?! This is awful… Is anyone there?! Shino! Hinata! I'm over here.
Shino… You're okay! Yeah.
I don't know.
Those Paper Bombs were a surprise.
We'd better find Hinata.
Can you locate her with your scent? I can't… The smell of smoke is too strong.
Hinata! Hinata! I don't sense the enemy anymore.
I guess those white guys were blown away.
Call it fortune in misfortune.
But with a blast that strong, the exit might've been sealed off.
Hey! Nope… He's dead.
Who's there?! Kiba! Shino! Hinata, you're all right! The ground gave way and I fell to the lower level.
That's… It's unfortunate… Wasn't there one more from the Sealing Corps? Let's look for him.
Let's find him and get out of here.
We can't escape.
Huh? Why?! The explosion didn't kill this shinobi.
He was fatally wounded by a kunai.
Then he was killed after the explosion?! Yes… The enemy survived.
They can absorb a victim's chakra, but also take that victim's form.
If I were him, I could take advantage of the confusion, and slip right back into our forces.
So you're saying there's a fake among us? It's not impossible.
Hey, hey! We're on the same team! We'd be able to see through a fake, right? I wonder about that… Hinata, why aren't you using your Byakugan? Well, because… the Sealing Team's barrier jutsu was incomplete when it was activated… and disrupted my Byakugan.
Is that the truth? Hey, you suspect Hinata?! Kiba, are you telling the truth that your nose isn't working? Not me too?! What about you? Are you the real Shino?! They didn't touch me in our earlier skirmish.
But any amount of chakra can be sucked out through your insects! Well, there's no way I can disprove that… However, I am the real me.
And I'm the real me! So am I.
This is a futile argument.
That's because none of us can prove that we are truly ourselves.
I know! If we can't trust each other, let's go our own way! I'll find the remaining one on my own! Let's go, Akamaru! Kiba! It seems we don't trust each other either… Thank goodness! Can you give me a hand? What happened?! The second victim… There is a fake among us, after all.
What's the big idea?! Don't pretend! The victim was holding this! From the scent, it's a piece ripped from your clothes! Shino! You're the fake! You suddenly started talking about fakes and what not.
I had my doubts about you from the start! That piece got ripped off in the explosion.
And besides, if I were the fake, why would I even bring it up? You probably figured if you bring it up first, no one would suspect you! But, damn it, I wouldn't fall for something like that! Get ready! Hold it, Kiba! Hinata! If we let the fake one manipulate us, we'll end up killing each other! That's exactly what they want! We're just playing into their hands! There's one thing I know for sure in this situation.
Just one of us is the fake.
That's because if they were both fake, they would attack me without hesitation.
In other words, whoever it is, they're waiting for me and the other real one to destroy each other.
Then what do you intend to do?! Stay here like this until who knows when? I just have one good idea.
Huh?! Are you serious? Rock-Paper-Scissors? The loser must answer every question the other two poses.
Why can't we just take turns answering? Nope, Rock-Paper-Scissors.
I don't get why we're doing Rock-Paper-Scissors here.
– Rock-Paper-Scissors! – Rock-Paper-Scissors! I won… – Rock-Paper-Scissors! – Rock-Paper-Scissors! What are your favorite things? Beef jerky and walking with Akamaru.
Rock-Paper-Scissors! Rock-Paper-Scissors! Rock-Paper… Say, do we have to do the Paper-Scissors-Rock part? This is the most important part.
I-I lose… What are your favorite things? I like…sweet things.
Huh? That's a lie.
What? What's wrong? C'mon, what you like is Naruto, right? A-Are these the type of questions we're asking?! Kidding! Just kidding! Next.
I was just joking.
Never mind, let's continue.
Okay, okay.
Rock-Paper-Scissors! Rock-Paper-Scissors! You lost.
So here's my question.
Only the real Shino would know the answer! When we went after Sasuke, you were the only one left behind.
How did you feel about that? I cannot answer that question.
In fact, I don't want to answer.
No fair! If you play like that, this whole thing is pointless! If you want to know the truth, take me down.
What? There's meaning in this… Rock-Paper-Scissors! Rock-Paper-Scissors! I won again! One more time… What's the point of saying it out loud like this? This is the most crucial part.
Rock-Paper-Scissors! It's your turn, Shino.
The game's over.
Huh?! Who are you to make the rules?! I've been thinking… With Captain Yamato held captive, it's not unusual for them to obtain personal intel about us.
They went as far as getting personal data on us?! Of course.
That's because part of their strategy is to impersonate one of us.
Because of that, the thoughts and habits of each person are crucial.
Sure, if you put it that way.
So everything we've been doing is meaningless? Don't make me keep repeating myself.
Doing Rock-Paper-Scissors has a purpose.
I don't trust both of you, after all.
I'm bringing both of you down! Shino! Whose side are you on?! Damn it! Fine, I'll fight you! Let's do it, Akamaru! Fang Over Fang! Kiba! I'll assist! I'm sure he's the fake! I won't let you get away! With these flames, you can't use your insects! Get ready! Take this…Fang Over Fang! Ki…ba… We did it! Now we can escape.
That's true…just me.
What?! Akamaru?! Ta-da! The star of the show appears! So you're the fake! I was so nervous that you'd start asking touchy questions.
Like he said, the things we got out of Yamato, about you, were really helpful.
As a result, you guys had a falling out and saved me a lot of trouble.
Without your mutt, even I can beat you.
So the Shino I fought was real.
I'm so stupid! You're right.
That's because you're really stupid.
You finally showed your true colors.
Huh? You're alive? How? Because of you, I had to sacrifice so many of my precious insects.
Insects… Then the one I defeated earlier was an Insect Clone?! Exactly.
How did you know that I was the fake?! I didn't know which one was fake.
It was on my mind, from the time the three of us faced each other.
Even if there was a fake among us, if it was possible to stay transformed, could we really fight in earnest? Gentle Fist! Gotcha! If we trust a comrade, can we really allow ourselves to bring down that person? Then I started thinking about something even more ridiculous.
If I'm going to be defeated by someone like that, then maybe it was for the best.
And then, it became clear.
I'll have me, the real me, get taken down.
Then it would be guaranteed that you would reveal yourself.
That's what the Rock-Paper-Scissors was for.
Rock-Paper-Scissors? Those were hand signals.
What's the point of saying it out loud like this? This is the most crucial part.
After he said that, I started to figure it out.
Back then, the message you gave me was… "Follow my instructions.
" And after that… If you want to know the truth, take me down.
I wasn't completely sure what you meant, but when you came at me… I reacted and… It all worked out.
Thanks to you taking down my clone, he revealed himself.
And since you read my signals, you're the real Kiba.
So you played a dirty little trick on me? Well then, I'll just take on the two of you! It's useless! That's because you are already completely under my jutsu! I'm avenging the two you killed! Hidden Jutsu! Beetle Tornado! Thank you, Shino.
I must say though… I had misgivings about fighting a comrade, but you had no qualms about using your Fang Over Fang on me.
You told me to! Besides, you're the one who came at me first! I didn't know which one was the fake, so I had to attack.
But there's no way I would attack a girl.
Quit acting chivalrous! We brought down the fake… but where's the real Hinata? Are you all right, Hinata?! Kiba… Akamaru… Oh, Shino.
I was the last one, huh… What happened anyway? Nothing much.
However, with this incident, the most closely guarded secret of the Allied Shinobi Force was almost leaked to the enemy.
Most closely guarded secret? That you love Naruto.
Huh?! How? Kiba was teasing you and it slipped out.
S-Stupid! What're you saying?! Well, those guys… It seems in order to impersonate us, they've got all sorts of personal intel from Captain Yamato! Wait… Does that mean they know that secret, which only Captain Yamato knows? Including that secret from that time… Even a secret like this? I'm going to destroy them! Each and every one of them!! – Right! – Right! Hmm?! Sasuke, how are you still alive? Where's Naruto? I don't know! Recognize me! Hmm! I only have business with Naruto.
Damn you, not again.
You still won't acknowledge me.
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