Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s13e20 Episode Script

Aesthetics of an Artist

It happened again! There are reports from every sector that our comrades are being ambushed one after another! There's confusion everywhere! We don't know who the enemy is! What's going on?! A night raid is supposed to have been ruled out! On top of that, we added security and positioned Sensory-type ninja… Why can't we detect the enemy?! Is it some kind of poison? What's the condition of the corpses? All of them have external wounds.
They're physical attacks.
No doubt they're controlling Allied shinobi with genjutsu.
Could it be Itachi? Hold on! We just got word from the Medical Corps.
The enemy looks to be… White Zetsu transformed into Allied Force shinobi! They're able to mirror chakra imprints! That explains it… So during the day battle, if one of our shinobi got his chakra absorbed, White Zetsu can transform into him completely! What should we do, Shikaku of the Leaf? There is no way we can weed out who is friend and who is foe! How will we prepare for the battle at dawn? If we don't find the enemy immediately, we'll not only lose precious time, but our own men will become casualties! In the end, they could end up killing each other! So this is the power of White Zetsu.
The battle during the day was simply to set up the night… This was the enemy's true motive.
Aesthetics of an Artist There's no sign of enemy movement.
Okay, but stay alert.
I have look-outs posted everywhere.
Halt! Who goes there?! I'm an ally.
Kurotsuchi of the Hidden Stone, from the Second Company.
I've come to speak with the prisoner.
I'm here to relieve you.
Get some rest.
We'll keep watch.
It's so tacky to exhibit one's Ultimate Art, over and over! But I guess I have no choice, hmm! Lightning Style?! I was being careful too, since I'm susceptible to the Lightning Style.
Deidara… Deidara.
Stop casually calling out my name like that! It's me, Zetsu.
Zetsu? Is that you?! You were a fun guy.
I'm going to help you for old time's sake.
Quickly! Hold on a second… Oh that? In there? What is it? So Big Bro Deidara, you still alive? I'm dead.
That voice… Is that you, Kurotsuchi? Did you come to rescue me for old time's sake? I was sent here because we used to be friends, but the situation's just the opposite now.
I came because I need your help.
Huh? What do you mean by that? She's interrogating the Hidden Stone ninja.
Where is Kabuto Yakushi? How should I know! I wouldn't tell you even if I knew, hmm.
Look, Bro… Kabuto brought you back to life and is now using you at his convenience.
You're dead, so the least you can do is forget the past, and cooperate with us a little.
Kabuto gave me an opportunity to acquire the Super Ultimate Art.
All right.
Then where is Sasuke Uchiha? Sasuke, you say? Are you saying he was reanimated, as well? Sasuke's not dead! Don't be ridiculous! I killed him with my Ultimate Art! But I saw him.
After you died Bro, Sasuke was alive and well.
He was fighting with the Raikage and the others.
He joined the Akatsuki and is an enemy of the Allied Forces.
He's with the Akatsuki?! Huh?! Yeah, I guess.
What's with that? Sasuke's alive? And he's a member of Akatsuki? You've gotta be kidding.
In death, I will become art.
This never-before-seen explosion will leave a never-before-seen scar on this land.
And…! My art will win never-before-seen admiration! Now, tremble with fear! Be in awe! Despair! Scream! My art is… An explosion! There's no way he could still be alive! I'm telling you he's alive.
That was my Ultimate Art! Nobody cares about art.
Sasuke, that bastard! What's with that guy?! Wasn't he in awe? Didn't he tremble with fear? Didn't he despair? Didn't he scream, "What the hell is this?!"? The Earth Style is vulnerable to the Lightning Style.
Your explosives won't detonate against my Lightning Style.
Isn't that your weakness? Screw you, Sasuke! Your Lightning Style won't hold me down forever! Commander Mifune! An urgent message from Headquarters! The enemy has infiltrated the Allied Forces and are assassinating people! Chaos is spreading within all the companies! Is this company in any danger? Not at the moment.
Yes, sir! I will relay your reply.
Sir, what about the Hidden Stone kunoichi earlier? I don't think she's an enemy.
Bro? Hey, are you listening, Bro? Answer me! This isn't getting anywhere! Open it.
I want to speak with him directly.
You want me to open it? Mountain.
Huh? Distant skies? It's "River.
" Damn samurai! You're so predictable.
You bastards! They're Zetsu! What?! Careful! They'll absorb your chakra! Art is…an explosion.
Deidara! How?! Why didn't the Lightning Style seal his Explosion Style?! Is that how you channeled the Lightning Style away? What was that doing inside the puppet?! It was thanks to me… Zetsu.
What? Let's get out of here! Huh? Wait! Don't let him get away! Man, he's troublesome even when he's dead! The prisoner, Deidara, has escaped.
He's with his comrade, Zetsu.
Apprehend them! I will take full responsibility for my blunder, I swear! This is not the time for regrets.
After them! Yes, sir! Why are we running? Let's kill them! I'm out of Detonating Clay.
I need to get more somewhere.
Uh-oh… They're coming! You're in my way! In front, too! Damn it! Still weak as ever, aren't you? That was a tactic to give us more time.
Looks like you escaped the seal.
Kabuto! I would've expected nothing less.
I'll take that back.
My Ultimate Art was completely rejected! I can't die like this… even if I'm already dead.
You intend to stand and fight there? I'm going to perfect my Super Ultimate Art! I just don't understand how you artists think.
But intellectuals have to protect artists.
That's… Get away.
I'll hold them off.
I'll leave them to you, Chukichi! Hidden Frost Jutsu.
What the hell?! Where is he hiding? That's…a lot of 'em.
He's gone! Curses! I sense them! Commander Mifune! They went that way! Let's go.
How much farther are we going to run? I need clay, hmm! I need to find a place with clay in the soil.
Leave that to me.
Fight as you see fit, Deidara.
Freedom suits you well.
Besides, I'm going to be busy.
Unless we catch Big Bro Deidara before he finds some clay, this could get troublesome.
Previously, Omoi of the Cloud contained the explosion with his Lightning Style, but he's is in a different unit now.
Do we have anyone in this unit who can handle lightning? Fifth Company split into two.
Our company's main weapon is samurai.
Our only ninja are sensory, sealing, and intel support personnel.
Commander Mifune, I am able to do Lightning Style.
Good… They're coming, Deidara! Our pursuers! What?! I've only managed to get this much Detonating Clay! Scatter! Lightning Style! What's happening?! Did Big Bro—?! Under us! Land mines! Jump! You're not gonna stop us! Take that! Not enough, hmm.
This is art! Big Bro's gonna explode.
You have to keep discharging it! We need a more powerful Lightning Style! Th-This is the best I can do! Hey, Deidara… Hey, what's happening to me? A reanimated body is immortal.
In a way, you're like a walking Detonating Clay Bomb.
I suspected that.
How tacky! The despair, hmm! Why? Art is a moment of brilliance, blossoms that scatter all at once.
But this body can't scatter! I'm going to find a Super Ultimate Art that transcends the Ultimate Art, hmm.
Damn you, Bro! Lord Mifune? Where are you? The holes left by his landmines became trenches.
Bro Deidara wasn't very thorough with his Detonating Clay, was he? We'll need a plan.
With insulation, we could keep him from channeling away the Lightning Style.
The problem is our Lightning Style wielder.
But…I'm not… You just concentrate on sensing their whereabouts.
Shall I request Headquarters for reinforcements? We don't have time to wait for reinforcements.
We'll do this with the personnel we have.
What am I going to do? This immortal body and my aesthetic are incompatible.
Sasori might be able to do something.
But he went off quickly.
I'm all alone.
But artists are loners to begin with, hmm.
I buried the landmines.
Well? Got any ideas? Art doesn't come to one that easily.
Especially not a Super Ultimate Art! Sasuke?! Why are you here? It's you guys… Bastard! Why are you alive?! Where's Naruto? I don't know! Right now, pay attention to me, hmm! My business is with Naruto.
Damn it, not that again! First Itachi, now Naruto?! You really don't give a damn about me, do you?! Bastard! They're coming! See ya.
Stop! Deidara! Don't let them get away! You're not getting away! Deidara! Wait! Sasuke didn't seem… This time, I'll make you tremble with fear! You'll be awed! You'll feel despair.
I'll wipe that smug expression off your face! I see! There! Over there! I knew it.
Your weakness isn't Lightning Style, Bro.
It's your stupid obsession with art! Kurotsuchi?! Bastards! What's the meaning of this? A dud? Dammit! That sword won't stop my art! A samurai using Lightning Style?! It's not Lightning Style.
A storage cell… Looks like you know how to use one.
I don't! What the—?! This is all bedrock, Bro.
The sword can't penetrate.
Even if it could, it won't let the Lightning Style discharge.
Damn it! Hey! Let me go! All right.
And one other thing, Bro.
Where is the real Sasuke right now? Damn it, Kurotsuchi.
Don't treat me like a fool! Pretending to be Sasuke! You even looked like him! Screw you! Yeah, I suppose it's no use trying to get info out of you, Bro.
You're totally screwed.
We're heading back.
We'll maintain our original frontline.
Inform Headquarters.
Commander, could I have that back? Don't bother us again, Bro Deidara! See ya! That might work, hmm! I've decided the theme of my Super Ultimate Art! That thing could use a face! Art will never die! Even if I'm dead.
hmm! While all the shinobi are away fighting in the 4th great shinobi war, we need to be prepared to protect the village! There's a chance the enemy may come for us as well! We've had incidents like that before, and every time, we beat the crap out of them! Don't underestimate the mothers of the Leaf Village! Next time on Naruto Shippuden: "The Allied Mom Force!" Protecting the village is also an important duty! THE ALLIED MOM FORCE! Tune in again!