Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s13e21 Episode Script

The Allied Mom Force!!

It's been kind of lonely around here, ever since the Great Ninja War began… Wow! It's amazing! Oh! You ants are hard at work! Your children are waiting for you with hungry bellies… Hang in there! Taku, what are you doing?! I couldn't hold it any longer! The Allied Mom Force! The elite ninja of the Hidden Leaf formed a ninja alliance unprecedented in the history of the Five Great Nations to fight the Fourth Great Ninja War.
The question before us, as we worry about the well-being of our families, is how are we going to protect the village in their absence? We are warriors, too! In the past, each time there was a Great Ninja War, our village was left short-handed, and several rogue bands came after our valuables, like vultures.
Such a thing happened… We, who remain, must unite and… What're you babbling on about? We've had incidents like that before, and every time, we beat the crap out of them! Oh no… – Isn't that Big Brother Shikamaru's mother? – What I'm trying to say is… She's really intense! Uh…yeah… That's right! The Leaf Mom's Association has been around since our mothers' time.
Don't underestimate the mothers of the Leaf Village! Big Sis Sakura's mother is pretty fired up, too.
Everyone's afraid of us.
No one's going to come! Right, Mrs.
Inoichi? That's right.
That's right.
W-Well, l… That might have been true in the past… But I think we need to consider the "what ifs.
" There's no telling when a band of rogues like the Akatsuki might form again.
And… I thought it'd be a good way to raise our morale.
Stop mumbling! We'll keep things as it's always been.
We'll just keep on living like we always have.
Like it's always been… Laughing, crying, getting angry, laughing again… And welcoming our husbands back with smiles.
If we do that, our lives will go back to normal again.
Yes! Good for you! Mind your own business, four-eyes! What?! How dare you… Is it okay to leave things like this? What if Ebisu Sensei is right? What if rogues attack the village? Shouldn't we be more worried about how much we suck because we couldn't get on the battlefield? Damn it! I wish I'd been born sooner! Watase! You're so cool! But protecting the village is also an important duty! Ninja earn their stripes on the battlefield.
Watching the village isn't going to get us any praise! Gramps… What would you do in this situation? You were a Hokage, so you'd be on the battlefield, I suppose… Konohamaru… Do you possess… the Will of Fire? The Will of Fire? A strong will to protect this village.
Protect this village… Konohamaru! Huh? Trouble! Big trouble! What's this about? Okay, so just a while ago… Mom asked me to get her some medicinal herbs, so I went the mountain on the east side of the village to pick some.
And then… What?! You saw some suspicious ninja running through the forest?! That's right, Konohamaru.
There were so many.
Maybe about a hundred! A hundred ninja? K-Konohamaru, we're in big trouble! What happened, Udon?! Your head? Listen, Konohamaru! I went to the eastern forest to pick matsutake mushrooms, when I saw… When everyone comes back from battle, I'm going to feed them delicious matsutake mushrooms.
I'll roast these fragrant matsutake and… Hot! It was a flaming inferno! Yummy! Right? I can't wait.
I'm gonna eat them now.
The way these were roasted…hmm… A Fire-Style ninja… one with extreme skill… What's wrong? On the western side of the village… What?! On the west side now?! There were humongous giants! A giant ninja, huh? What's a giant ninja? It's a ninja giant.
That's the same thing! What the hell's going on? Listen! Listen to me! On the eastern side of the village… Now we're back to the east side! There was a ninja who used Rasengan… Did Big Brother Naruto come back? It wasn't him! How can that be?! The only ones who could use Rasengan were the late Fourth Hokage and Uncle Jiraiya.
Among the living, it's only Big Brother Naruto and me! The guy created Rasengan using his feet.
His feet?! Yeah, and he kicked it! Even I can just barely throw a Rasengan with my hands.
Yet he can kick it?! It's a curse! Now what?! A Tailed Beast curses this village! T-Tailed Beast?! Tailed Beast! A Tailed Beast is attacking the village again! Granny! Where did you see it?! In the forest to the east! Was it really a Tailed Beast? Yes.
And this time, the Tailed Beast was in bear form! It's a curse! – A bear?! – A bear?! Wait a minute… If we sort through all the information up until now… They're in the forest to the east… And also in the west… In other words, they're nearby… We're in trouble! That's just not possible.
If anything did come here, those ladies would chase them away.
I said what I said in hopes of strengthening our unity… I should have just stayed out of this.
Konohamaru, enough dawdling.
You should be training! Training! Lady! They're coming! It's them! A group of giant ninja is coming to attack our unguarded village! Huh?! Breathing fire! My, my… Using the Rasengan! How frightening….
Attacking with a bear! We can't rely on the adults any longer.
We, the young generation, will protect the village! – Yeah! – Yeah! Konohamaru, stop playing Hokage! I don't care if you are the Third Hokage's grandson… What?! Look, from now on, real skills are what count.
That's how it was for Naruto.
The loser of the Academy is now the hero of the village.
Rumor has it, he's closest to becoming the Hokage after the next one.
These days, connections don't matter.
What counts is what you've accomplished on the battlefield.
No one cares about looking after the village! What?! How selfish are you? Wanna fight? All right! Let's go! Do you have it in you?! The Will of Fire! What the hell is that?! Konohamaru! Konohamaru! It's the will to protect this village! Someone without the Will of Fire can't become a Hokage! And you do?! Y-You… I don't want to hurt you.
I'm the one who's hurting you.
If I died by your kunai, you would be the one to get hurt.
That's why I'm trying desperately not to die! Konohamaru! No matter what, I'm going to protect the village! Even if it ends up being for one person.
Konohamaru, where are you going? Wait, Konohamaru! Moegi, is this where you saw them? Yeah.
This is close to where I saw them, too.
Huh? What…? What's the matter? Ninja jumping from branch to branch… Fire-breathing fire ninja… Ninja who throw Rasengan with their feet… A Tailed Beast in bear form… We fled the Land of Frost and have come to the Leaf Village.
We are the Illusion Circus.
Please remember us! "The real ghost was all in our imagination," as the saying goes.
What're you talking about? How could you mistake a circus troupe for ninja?! But this sucks.
I made such a scene… This is so uncool! – What? – What? Big trouble, K-Konohamaru! They're coming, just like you said! No, they're actually… From the western forest! Without warning! Anyway, Watase told me to get you! Come with me! W-Wait a minute… We are the Sumo Wrestlers! The group that comes after the ninja and samurai! This village now belongs to me, Yokozuna! Sumo Wresters?! Never heard of them! A group of giants in the west forest… On the west side of the village… There were humongous giants! I get it now! This piece of intel was the only real one! C'mon! Hang on, Watase! I'll be right there! Just a minute! – What? – What? Out of our way! Your husbands aren't here because they're away at war, right? While the devils are gone, we're going to take every valuable you have in the village! So guys like you are still around, I see.
Hah! What a joke.
Whether our husbands are here or not, the Mom's Association will protect this village with our Will of Fire! Will of Fire… Hogwash.
Go teach these women a lesson! Give it to them! Protect the children! Awesome… To those who possess the Will of Fire, everyone is family.
The desire to protect one's family builds thicker and stronger bonds between each and every one in the village.
If the Will of Fire is embraced by everyone, the village will be all right, no matter what happens.
Gramps, so this is the true meaning of the Will of Fire… R-Retreat…damn it! We've had enough! You're not getting away! Hey! Konohamaru! Out of the way! Move! Shadow Clone Jutsu! Take this! Rasengan! I've got to hand it to you, Konohamaru… You are something.
I'll carry on the Will of Fire! Guys! Let's lift him up to celebrate! Huh…no… You don't have to… Up you go! Hurray! Hurray! Hurray! Hurray! Hurray! It's almost suppertime.
Both Ino and my husband aren't here, so I guess it's leftovers again.
It's too much trouble to cook just for my husband who's just lying around the house… What do you say we all have a potluck? That's a great idea.
I'll bring our leftovers from lunch.
Let's do that! Konohamaru is our true leader! Big Brother Naruto's got nothing on him! I could get used to this.
Hurray! Hurray! Hurray! Hurray! Hurray! Bro, please let Naruto go! If you insist on going, I will kill Naruto! I'll make sure he do what he gotta do! Why are you defending him, Bee? Bro, are you now unable to read my soul when we bump fists? Next time on Naruto Shippuden: "The Secret Origin of the Ultimate Tag Team!" Because to me, you're… THE SECRET ORIGIN OF THE ULTIMATE TAG TEAM! THE SECRET ORIGIN OF THE ULTIMATE TAG TEAM! Tune in again!